“Bantam Bulldogs Head for Provincial Championship” AV News

Bantam rep hockey team defeated Powell River in best-of-three series

Elena RardonMar. 4, 2019 Alberni Valley News Local Sports

The Alberni Valley T3 Bantam Bulldogs collected the Island District Champions banner and punched their ticket to the provincial championships with a win against the Powell River Kings on Sunday, March 3.
The Bantam Bulldogs went undefeated in round robin play during the Island League playoffs, and a win against Saanich in the semi-finals led them to a best-of-three series against Powell River for the Tier 3 banner.

The Bulldogs lost their first game in Powell River, shutout 3-0 by the home team, but bounced back at home with a 4-1 win on Saturday, March 2 and a 5-2 win on Sunday.
“They played excellent,” said head coach Wade Nicklin on Sunday. “They grinded it out until the end.”
Hudson Swann opened the scoring just 10 minutes into the first period, and Blake Moore doubled the lead with just over a minute remaining in the first. In the second period, Powell River scored one to cut the lead in half, but Alberni’s Mason Cannon added another to put the home team up 3-1.

Scoring in the third period went back and forth. Powell River added one more goal and Port Alberni added two, with Brett Bilodeau scoring once and Cannon netting his second of the game.

Alberni Valley goaltender Jake Hebert stood tall to hold his team in the game, and the Bulldogs finished with a 5-2 win.
“Jake played stellar,” said Nicklin after the game. “He was solid in the net.”
With their win on Sunday, the Bulldogs are now headed to the Tier 3 Championships for bantam rep hockey, which will be held in Port Hardy from March 17-20.

“We’ll take it one step at a time,” said Nicklin. “We’ll get a few good practices in, then go there in a good mood.”


“All Female Officiating Crew” AV News


From left to right: Avery Cole, Kylie Scott and Nicole Gagnon. ELENA RARDON PHOTO

Alberni Valley hockey tournament features all-female officiating crew

The three officials went through Alberni Valley Minor Hockey program

The most recent Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament at the Alberni Valley Multiplex featured something a little unusual—a game with an all-female officiating crew.
Kylie Scott, Nicole Gagnon and Avery Cole all grew up in Port Alberni and started playing hockey with the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association (AVMHA) at a young age. It was through the AVMHA that they picked up an interest in officiating, as well. Minor hockey players with the club can start officiating as soon as they turn 12 years old.
“I started as young as you can,” explained Scott, who is currently a student at the University of Victoria. She comes back to her hometown of Port Alberni during breaks to volunteer with the local hockey club. “I thought it was cool and wanted to try it.”
Gagnon learned about the opportunity from Scott. “I found out you could get work experience, so I got involved,” she explained.
Gagnon currently attends North Island College in Port Alberni, and strives to balance school with work and volunteering. “I try not to overwork myself,” she added.
Cole is currently a student at Alberni District Secondary School and also plays bantam hockey with the AVMHA. “I definitely like playing more [than officiating],” she said. “I play on three different teams. Sometimes it’s a lot.”
Scott, who referees in Victoria, had a chance last year to officiate at a female peewee provincial tournament in Dawson Creek. Although there are many female players involved in hockey in Port Alberni, the AVMHA doesn’t have any all-female teams yet, which made it an unusual experience for Scott.
“It was awesome,” she said. “Terrifying, but awesome. It was different, because it was girls’ hockey, and we don’t have that here. That was a really cool experience.”
Scott says she likes officiating, rather than playing, because you get to see the “other side” of hockey.
“You just get a different perspective of the game,” she explained.
Gagnon, meanwhile, says she doesn’t necessarily like one or the other more.
“I like being on the ice as much as possible,” she said. “Officiating helps you play so much better because you know more of the rules. You know what’s going to happen.”
According to Francois Warren, the AVMHA referee-in-chief, it is “a bit of an oddity” to have all three girls on the ice at the same time. On Saturday, the three of them made up the whole officiating crew for one game, with Scott acting as referee and Gagnon and Cole as the linespersons.
“It definitely doesn’t happen very often,” he said.
“Every four or five games there will be two of us on the ice,” explained Gagnon.
“But with me in school, it doesn’t really happen this year,” added Scott.
The Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament, which drew teams to the Alberni Valley Multiplex from all over Vancouver Island, ran from Feb. 15-18 and featured both a peewee and bantam recreational tournament. One of Port Alberni’s peewee teams placed third in the tournament with a 7-3 win against Port Hardy, while the other team finished sixth. Port Alberni’s bantam teams finished sixth and eighth in the tournament.

Elena Rardon Feb. 25, 2019 Alberni Valley News – Local Sports


In Memory of Carla Kulczycki


Roger St was closed to public traffic on Sunday Jan 13 from approx. 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm from the SD 70 bus garage to the Athletic Hall. Sproat Lake firefighter and former minor hockey coach, Carla Kulczycki passed away January 2nd. There was a funeral procession to the Athletic Hall for a Celebration of Life service there. Pictured above, Bantam Bulldogs players & coaches stood outside to pay their respects to Carla.

Team Reports (updated)

Peewee Recreation (AV2)

Sponsored by:  BuyLow Foods – Scotiabank


Our team peewee AV2 has had a fun filled year so far.  We went to our 1st tournament in Campbell River at Christmas.  Now looking forward to hosting our home tournament over family day weekend, “The Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament”.

We will then finish the season in Victoria for our final tournament during spring break.

We are lucky to have Rob Ivezich as head coach with assistants Kyle Alarie & Chris McCollister as well as an Amazing/FUN group of parents.

Our #1 Volunteer is Sarah Bielert who holds many hat’s for our team: division Manager, assistant team Manager & bench door opener/DANCER – she has gone above and beyond for our team and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Team Mom Chrissy


Atom Recreation Tigers 

sponsored by McDonald’s Restaurant

The Tigers have had a few away games in Parksville and Nanaimo so far this year. They have also had Lake Cowichan, Saanich, Nanaimo and Cowichan teams come to Port Alberni for games.

The tournament we hosted November 24th weekend went very well thanks to all the volunteers and generous donations. We are looking forward to our next tournament in Campbell River December 14th.

Our team has great fundraising volunteers who set up a bottle drive in November and currently we are selling chocolate bars from Coombs Country Candy. We will be doing some more fundraising in the New Year and will hopefully have some of our players participating in the All Stars Tournament in Powell River April 19th-21st.

Kylee Irg – Assistant Team Manager


Feb. 15-18, 2019 Bantam Rec Tourney


Bantam Recreational Tournament

Link to:  Peewee Recreational Tournament

Team Standings – (after 12 games played)

Alberni-1       1 + 0 + 0 = 1   8th
Alberni-2 	3 + 1 + 0 = 4   6th
Campbell River	1 + 1 + 2 = 4   5th
Coquitlam	2 + 3 + 3 = 8   2nd
Juan de Fuca 	1 + 2 + 3 = 6   3rd
Lake Cowichan	1 + 1 + 1 = 3   7th
Oceanside	3 + 0 + 2 = 5   4th
Victoria	3 + 2 + 3 = 8   1st

Game Schedule

Start-End    Rink Home Score Away Score  
 1:00-2:15  PM W  AV1     2  VICTORIA 7 
 2:30-3:45  PM W  AV2     4  JUAN.DF  3 
Start-End    Rink Home Score Away Score  
 7:00-8:15  AM C  COQUIT.  3 CAMP.R   1  
 8:30-9:45  AM W  LK.COW   2 OCEAN.   5 
10:00-11:15 AM C  AV2      0 VICTORIA 7 
11:30-12:45 PM W  AV1      1 JUAN.DF  9  
 1:00-2:15  PM C  COQUIT.  3 OCEAN.   0  
 2:30-3:45  PM W  LK.COW   3 CAMP.R   7  
Start-End    Rink Home Score Away Score  
 6:45-8:00  AM C  VICTORIA 5 LK.COW  2 
10:15-11:30 AM W  JUAN.DF  1 CAMP.R  0 
11:15-12:30 PM C  AV2      2 OCEAN.  4 
11:45-1:00  PM W  AV1      3 COQUIT. 4  
 5:30-7:00  PM W  7TH-LK.C 4 8TH-AV1 5 
Start-End    Rink Home  Score Away Score  
 8:15-9:45  AM W  5TH-C.R. 5  6TH-AV2 2 
 8:30-10:00 AM C  3RD-JDF  4  4TH-OCE 1 
10:15-11:45 AM C  1ST-VIC  3  2ND-COQ 6



(Alberni games and Gold Medal game only)

Friday 1:00 – Alberni-1 2 vs Victoria 7

1st Period – Alberni is first on the scoreboard at 12:53 with an unassisted goal from #10 Owen King.  Victoria scored at 9:34 with a goal from #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff, assisted by #4 Jace Boudewyn & #13 Jo Pringle.  Victoria’s #11 Gabriel Wood scores in the final seconds of the period with an assist from #12 Gavin Doherty.  Score:  Alberni 1, Victoria 2.

2nd Period – Victoria scores 3 goals in the period.  At 14:36 the goal from #17 Alexander Murphy was assisted by #9 Jacob Chambers.  At 14:10 the goal from #13 Jo Pringle was assisted by #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff and at 2:28 the goal from #6 Diego Vargas was assisted by #13 Jo Pringle & #12 Gavin Doherty.  Score:  Alberni 1, Victoria 5.

3rd Period – Alberni returns at 15:58 with an unassisted goal from #10 Owen King.  At 10:03 Victoria’s 15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff scores with assists from #11 Gabriel Wood and #13 Jo Pringle.  The final goal of the game was at 2:16 when Victoria’s #13 Jo Pringle scored with an assist from #17 Alexander Murphy.  Final Score:  Alberni 2, Victoria 7

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 6 penalty minutes.  Victoria had 10 penalty minutes.

Friday 2:30 – Alberni-2 4 vs Juan de Fuca 3

1st Period – Juan de Fuca  powerplay goal at 10:01 from #87 Kyle Berger-North (#44 Matt Boudreau, #18 Alex Buhr)  Juan de Fuca goal at 5:31 from #19 Matt Sylvestre (#77 Jace Campbell, #8 Jordan Cross).  Alberni goal at 5:15  from #19 Ryann Tramer (#17 Ellis Kniert, #6 Ryland Brossoit).  At 4:06 Alberni’s #21 Blake Knoll scores an unassisted goal.  Score:  Alberni 2, Juan de Fuca 2.

2nd Period – Juan de Fuca goal at 11:33 from #44 Matt Boudreau (#18 Alex Buhr).  At 6:06, Alberni’s #21 Blake Knoll scores with an assist from #2 Parker McKay.  Score:  Alberni 3, Juan de Fuca 3.

3rd Period – Alberni takes the lead to win the game at 5:44 when #21 Blake Knoll scores a powerplay goal, unassisted.  Final score:  Alberni 4, Juan de Fuca 3.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 8 penalty minutes.  Juan de Fuca had 2 penalty minutes.

Saturday 10:00 am – Alberni-2 0 vs Victoria 7

1st Period –  Victoria goal  #8 Holly Smith, assisted by #9 Jacob Chambers & #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff.

2nd Period – Victoria scored 2 goals in the period.  #12 Gavin Doherty’s goal was assisted by #4 Jace Boudewyn & #13 Jo Pringle.  #13 Jo Pringles’s goal was unassisted.

3rd Period – Victoria scored 4 goals in the period.  #13 Jo Pringle’s (powerplay) goal was assisted by #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff.  #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff’s goal was assisted by #13 Jo Pringle.  #14 Ethan Farquhar’s goal was unassisted. #9 Jacob Chambers goal was unassisted.

Final Score – Alberni 0, Victoria 7.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 10 penalty minutes.  Victoria had 12 penalty minutes.

Saturday 11:30 am – Alberni-1 1 vs Juan de Fuca 9

1st Period – Juan de Fuca goals at 14:23 by #18 Alex Buhr (#44 Matt Boudreau), 12:26 by #44 Matt Boudreau (#18 Alex Buhr), 1:24 by #77 Jayce Campbell (#5 Ty Matthews, #66 Dylan Parker).  Score – Alberni 0, Juan de Fuca 3.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 8:36 by #3 Jakob Murray (#10 Owen King, #2 Kohl Graham).  Juan de Fuca goals at 12:23 powerplay by #16 Jacob Boudreau (#8 Jordan Cross), 3:13 powerplay by #4 Connor Hogan (#8 Jordan Cross, #19 Alex Buhr).  Score – Alberni 1, Juan de Fuca 5.

3rd Period – Juan de Fuca goals at 16:63 powerplay by #89 Brett Fahlman (#17 Jamie Merriam), 16:00 powerplay by #27 Josh Backus-Vaughn (#19 Matt Sylvestre, #6 Nick Major), 14:42 by #16 Jacob Boudreau, 14:17 by #21 Trevor Millie (#18 Alex Buhr).  Final Score – Alberni 1, Juan de Fuca 9.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 18 penalty minutes.  Juan de Fuca had 14 penalty minutes.

Sunday 11:15 am – Alberni-2 2 vs Oceanside 4

1st Period – Oceanside goals at 13:37 (powerplay) by #12 Brock Weme (#11 Jagre Knight, #6 Steven Dwyer) and at 9:26 by #6 Steven Dwyer (#22 Mack Sanderson, #11 Jagre Knight).  Alberni powerplay goal at 1:43 by #11 Rick Dunington.  Score – Alberni 1, Oceanside 2.

2nd Period – Alberni powerplay goal at 3:22 by #21 Blake Knoll.  Score – Alberni 2, Oceanside 2.

3rd Period – Oceanside goals at 16:12 (powerplay) by #22 Mack Sanderson (#11 Jagre Knight) and at 10:07 by #16 Willem Whitehead.  Final Score – Alberni 2, Oceanside 4.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 16 penalty minutes and Oceanside had 18 penalty minutes in the game.

Sunday 11:45 am – Alberni-1 3 vs Coquitlam 4

1st Period – Coquitlam powerplay goal at 11:37 by #16 Pavan Gill (#12 Dylan Lefebvre, #15 Colton Simms).  Alberni goal at 2:07 by #26 Jakob Murray (#23 Owen King, #22 Kohl Graham).  Score – Alberni 1, Coquitlam 1.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 14:23 by #26 Jakob Murray (#25 Ryshard Pouliot).  Coquitlam goal at 8:57 by #12 Dylan Lefebvre (#15 Colton Simms) and powerplay goal at 3:42 by #15 Colton Simms (#5 Joshua Davey, #12 Dylan Lefebvre).  Score – Alberni 2, Coquitlam 3.

3rd Period – Coquitlam goal at 12:19 by #7 Carter Morson (#17 Jordan Harbert, #3 Shaan Luddu).  Alberni powerplay goal at 9:25 by #25 Ryshard Pouliot (#21).  Final Score – Alberni 3, Coquitlam 4.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 16 penalty minutes and Coquitlam had 10 penalty minutes in the game.

Sunday 5:30 pm – Lake Cowichan 4 vs Alberni-1 5

1st Period – Alberni goals at 14:49 and 11:03 by #26 Jakob Murray.  Lake Cowichan goal at 11:10 by #3 Jackson Lee (#19 Xander Longbottern).  Alberni goal at 9:09 by #23 Owen King.  Lake Cowichan goal at 1:18 by #3 Jackson Lee (#14 Mayson Callihoo).  Score – Alberni 3, Lake Cowichan 2.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 9:15 by #23 Owen King.  Score – Alberni 4, Lake Cowichan 2.

3rd Period – Lake Cowichan goal at 17:18 by #3 Jackson Lee (#19 Xander Longbottern).  Alberni goal at 6:11 by #45 Maverick Buxton.  Lake Cowichan goal at 4:13 by #3 Jackson Lee.  Final Score – Alberni 5, Lake Cowichan 4.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 12 penalty minutes and Lake Cowichan had 16 penalty minutes plus a 10 minute misconduct in the game.

Monday 8:15 am – Campbell River 5 vs Alberni-2 2

1st Period – Campbell River goal at 12:46 by #6 Jaxson Irving (#4 Dexter Maurique).  Alberni powerplay goal at 4:13 by #2 Parker McKay (#11 Rick Dunnington).  Score – Campbell River 1, Alberni 1.

2nd Period – Campbell River goal at 7:29 by #7 Ryan Newton (#4 Dexter Maurique, #2 Elijah Saxby).  Score – Campbell River 2, Alberni 1.

3rd Period – Campbell River goal at 6:09 by #2 Elijah Saxby (#3 Joseph Mack, #5 Lucy Saxby).  Alberni goal at 4:31 by #19 Ryan Tramer (#11 Rick Dunnington, #2 Parker McKay).  Campbell River goals at 3:22 by #2 Elijah Saxby and at 0:16 by #2 Elijah Saxby (#7 Ryan Newton).  Final Score – Campbell River 5, Alberni 2.

Penalty Summary:  Campbell River had 10 penalty minutes and Alberni had 8 penalty minutes in the game.

Monday 10:15 am – Victoria 3 vs Coquitlam 6(Gold Medal Game)

1st Period – Coquitlam goal at 1:56 by #15 Colton Simms (#12 Dylan Lefebvre).    Score – Victoria 0, Coquitlam 1.

2nd Period – Coquitlam goal at 8:38 by #9 Diego Saurez (#3 Shaan Luddu, #2 Ransom Henderson).  Victoria goal at 1:42 by #14 Ethan Farquhar (#6 Diego Vargas, #8 Holly Smith).  Score – Victoria 1, Coquitlam 2.

3rd Period – Coquitlam goals at 18:11 by #9 Diego Saurez, at 17:45 by #9 Diego Saurez (#2 Ransom Henderson) and at 16:45 by #9 Diego Saurez (#2 Ransom Henderson, #6 Nicholas Takemor).  Victoria powerplay goal at 14:48 by #13 Jo Pringle (#18 Cain Stoddard) and at 14:38 by #18 Cain Stoddard (#13 Jo Pringle).  Coquitlam goal at 12:44 by #12 Dylan Lefebvre (#15 Colton Simms).  Final Score – Victoria 3, Coquitlam 6.

Penalty Summary – Victoria & Coquitlam each had 6 penalty minutes in the game.

Coquitlam wins the gold medal in the Bantam Tournament.

Team Photos

Sponsors & Contributors

Tournament Director

Sarah Bielert – 250-730-2029  avmha.peeweebantam@gmail.com

Tournament Rules

Bantam Recreation Tournament Rules