Welcome to “First Shift” – October 2019


The NHL/NHLPA First Shift is open to boys and girls, between the ages of 6 and 10 years old*, who have never previously enrolled in minor hockey within Canada.

*To be eligible to participate, children must be born between January 1, 2009 and March 1, 2014.

$199. Registration Fee includes:

* BAUER Equipment (Head-to-Toe)
* Welcome Event
* Equipment fitting demonstration
* Expert fit session and equipment distribution
* On-Ice Experience includes:
* 6 Weeks, 1 session/week, 1 hour scheduled
* Focus on Fun and Learn to Play
* Insurance for participants
Full details: https://www.firstshift.ca/the-program/


First Shift welcomed first time hockey players and their parents to a special session on October 10th, 2019.





First Shift Schedule:
Welcome Event was held October 10th at the Multiplex.

  • Ice sessions will be:

    Sat  Oct 26th  4:00-5:00
    Tues Oct 29th  5:45-6:45
    Sat  Nov 2nd   4:00-5:00
    Tues Nov 5th   5:45-6:55
    Sat  Nov 9th   4:00-5:00
    Mon  Nov 11th  Time TBD

Oct. 15th – Team Photo Day

Photo Day Schedule

4:20 pm – Initiation Bulldogs – Tim Horton’s

4:30 pm – Novice Minor Bulldogs – Tim Horton’s

4:40 pm – Novice Major Bulldogs – Tim Horton’s

4:50 pm – Atom Bandits – McDonald’s AtoMc

5:00 pm – Atom Bullets – McDonald’s AtoMc

5:10 pm – Atom Bulldogs – Ryan Irg Construction Ltd/Rotor Maxx Support Ltd.

5:20 pm – Peewee Bulldogs – Scotiabank

5:30 pm – Peewee Bulldogs – Scotiabank

5:40 pm – Peewee T3 Bulldogs – Harbourview Collision/Best Western Plus

5:50 pm – Midget Bulldogs– GD Auto

6:00 pm – Bantam Bulldogs – Donut Shop

6:10 pm – Bantam T3 Bulldogs – Timber Rose Tug & Barge

6:20 pm – Midget T3 Bulldogs

6:30 pm – On-Ice Officials

Photo Day Coordinator – Karen Kozocari – avmhahockey@gmail.com

Attention Canucks Fans – The Tundra Tour

Letter to AVMHA President, Mike Doucette:

Good Afternoon Mike,

As per our conversation I’m excited to announce that The Tundra Tour will be coming to Alberni Toyota on October 27th, 2019 from 11-3.

We will be advertising the event but I wanted to personally invite all the members of Alberni Valley Minor Hockey to attend.

There will be a Canucks Alumni in attendance from 1-2 pm. There will be food and refreshments for all who attend.

Some of the prizes are:
PRIZING/WOW FACTORS – Spin to Win Prizing (per dealership)
– 10 pairs Canucks tickets
– 40 merch items (foam fingers, hats, tshirts, stickers)
– 1 player-signed Canucks jersey
Season-long Prizing (data/leads collected on tablet at each dealership)
– chance to win a pair of all-inclusive Konica Minolta Champions Club tickets for a Canucks game
Other (door prize at each event – up to the dealer how to reward this)
– Toyota Junior Trainer Experience (opportunity for kid to sit on bench during warm up, plus jacket and 2 tickets to game

We are super excited to bring this to town and hope that you can share this with all of your members. It will be awesome to see a child from here go to Vancouver for the Junior Trainer Experience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me.
Thank You

Shawn Elder
General Manager

Oct. 11-14, 2019 Peewee Tier 2-3 Tournament


Team Standings

(after 15 of 15 round robin games)

    TEAM                     PLACEMENT         FINAL PLACEMENT
  1. Alberni    0 + 2 + 2 = 4   4TH                  4TH
  2. Comox      2 + 2 + 2 = 6   3RD  (GA=8)          3RD
  3. Juan DF    0 + 2 + 0 = 2   8TH                  8TH
  4. Victoria   2 + 0 + 0 = 2   5TH                  6TH
  5. Peninsula  0 + 0 + 0 = 0   10TH                 10TH
  6. Hollyburn  2 + 2 + 2 = 6   2ND  (GA=5)          2ND
  7. TriPort    0 + 0 + 0 = 0   9TH                  9TH
  8. Oceanside  2 + 0 + 0 = 2   6TH                  5TH
  9. West Van   2 + 2 + 2 = 6   1ST  (GA=3)          1ST
  10. Cowichan   0 + 0 + 2 = 2   7TH                  7TH

Game Schedule

FRI 1    6:15PM-8:00   C  ALBERNI  6  COMOX    9

SAT 6    7:30AM-9:15   C HOLLYBURN 6  COWICHAN  4
SAT 2    8:00AM-9:45   W JUAN DF   2  VICTORIA  4
SAT 7    9:30AM-11:15  C TRIPORT   1  WEST VAN  9
SAT 3   11:15AM-1:00   W ALBERNI  11  PENINSULA 0
SAT 8   11:30AM-1:15   C COWICHAN  4  OCEANSIDE 9
SAT 4    1:15PM-3:00   W VICTORIA  0  COMOX     5
SAT 5    3:15PM-5:00   W HOLLYBURN 8  TRIPORT   1
SAT 9    3:30PM-5:15   C PENINSULA 2  JUAN DF   6
SAT 10   5:30PM-7:15   C OCEANSIDE 2  WEST VAN  11

SUN 11   8:45AM-10:30  W ALBERNI   5  TRIPORT   3
SUN 14   9:00AM-10:45  C COMOX     6  OCEANSIDE 2
SUN 12  10:45AM-12:30  W WEST VAN 11  VICTORIA  0
SUN 15  11:00AM-12:45  C JUAN DF   0  HOLLYBURN 11
SUN 13  12:45PM-2:30   W PENINSULA 1  COWICHAN  10
SUN S2   5:15PM-7:15   C HOLLYBURN 7  COMOX     5
SUN S1   5:30PM-7:30   W WEST VAN 12  ALBERNI   1

MON C1   8:30AM-10:15  W TRIPORT  11  PENINSULA 3
MON C2   9:00AM-10:45  C COWICHAN  5  JUAN DF   2
MON B   10:30AM-12:30  W ALBERNI   7  COMOX     10 
MON C3  11:00AM-12:45  C VICTORIA  5  OCEANSIDE 6
MON G-S 12:45PM-2:45   W WEST VAN  4  HOLLYBURN 1

Click here to view &/or print (.pdf) tournament schedule

Game Highlights

(Alberni games & Gold Medal game only)

Game 1 – Fri. 6:15 pm – Alberni 6, Comox 9

1st Period – Alberni goal at 11:12 scored by #21 Zoe Kevis assisted by #14 Xander Jensen.  Comox #17 Carson Smith scores at 9:06, unassisted.  Alberni returns at 7:43 with a power play goal from #9 Aidan Swann assisted by #18 Seth Corlazzoli and #12 Kyle Ralston.  Comox scores a power play goal at 5:55 from #14 Westin Churchill, assisted by #17 Carson Smith.  Only seconds later at 5:44 Comox #16 Grady Watt scores an unassisted goal.  Alberni’s #21 Zoe Kevis scores at 1:34 with assist from #7 Brynn Austin.  With 7 seconds on the clock, Comox #15 Marcus Costantino scores an unassisted goal.  At the end of the 1st period, the score is Alberni 3, Comox 4.

2nd Period – Comox starts the scoring in the period at 18:09 with a power play goal from #16 Grady Watt, unassisted.  Alberni scores a power play goal at 15:17 from #21 Zoe Kevis, assisted by #12 Kyle Ralston and #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  At 14:20 Comox #6 Jack Rae scores with assists from #3 Max Duncan and #11 Max Jean.  Alberni goal at 13:11 scored by #21 Zoe Kevis, unassisted.  Comox scores at 00:54 with goal from #16 Grady Watt, assisted by #17 Carson Smith and #14 Westin Churchill.  At the end of the 2nd period, the score is Alberni 5, Comox 7.

3rd Period – Alberni scores at 13:18 with a goal from #21 Zoe Kevis, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann.  Comox scores an unassisted goal at 9:12 from #3 Max Duncan.  Comox scores the final goal of the game at 5:20 from #11 Max Jean, assisted by #6 Jack Rae.  Final Score:  Alberni 6, Comox 9.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 5 penalties = 10 penalty minutes.  Comox had 6 penalties = 10 penalty minutes + game misconduct.

Game 3 – Sat. 11:15 am – Alberni 11, Peninsula 0

1st Period – First goal by Alberni at 10:59 scored by #12 Kyle Ralston, assisted by #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  Alberni #21 Zoe Kevis scored at 5:19 with assist from #7 Brynn Austin.  Third Alberni goal scored was on a power play at 3:10 by #12 Kyle Ralston, assisted by #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  Score:  Alberni 1, Peninsula 0.

2nd Period – Alberni scored 7 goals in the period.  At 19:21, #18 Seth Corlazzoli, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann.  At 19:00, power play goal from #21 Zoe Kevis, assisted by #8 Brooke Mauke.  At 16:08, #18 Seth Corlazzoli, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann and #12 Kyle Ralston.  At 14:23, #21 Zoe Kevis, unassisted.  At 13:25 power play goal from #17 Ryder Towe, assisted by #3 Samuel Murray.  At 2:10, #16 Deion Rollheiser, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann and #10 Linden Higgins.  At 00:49, #12 Kyle Ralston, unassisted.  Score:  Alberni 10, Peninsula 0.

3rd Period – The final goal of the game was scored at 4:27 by #7 Brynn Austin, assisted by #21 Zoe Kevis.  Final score:  Alberni 11, Peninsula 0.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 4 penalty minutes and Peninsula had 10 penalty minutes in the game.

Game 11 – Sun. 8:45 am – Alberni 5 vs Tri-Port 3

1st Period – Alberni #18 Seth Corlazzoli scored the first goal at 11:41, with assist from #9 Aidan Swann.  TriPort scores at 2:48 with goal from #23 Yuri Noel, assisted by #19 Rylan Krawietz and #11 Bryce Cote.  Score:  Alberni 1, TriPort 1.

2nd Period – TriPort takes the lead at 17:17 with a goal from #27 Tanner Livingston, assisted by #9 William Harrison.  Alberni returns at 16:33 with goal from #16 Deion Rollheiser, assisted by #10 Linden Higgins & #20 Peyton Lucas.  At 4:02, Alberni #12 Kyle Ralston scores a power play goal, unassisted.  At 2:00 TriPort scores a power play goal from #23 Yuri Noel, assisted by #19 Rylan Krawietz.  Score:  Alberni 3, TriPort 3.

3rd Period – Alberni shuts out TriPort with 2 goals in the period.  At 10:14 #21 Zoe Kevis scores a short handed goal.  At 9:09 #12 Kyle Ralston scores with assists from #9 Aidan Swann & #13 Brielle Banton.  Final Score:  Alberni 5, TriPort 3.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 14 penalty minutes.  TriPort had 22 penalty minutes.

Semi-Final Game – Sun. 5:30 pm –  West Van 12, Alberni 1

(Round Robin 3rd place – West Vancouver vs 4th place – Alberni)

1st Period – West Vancouver goals:  9:01 #12 Jake Yaniw Greenwood (#5 Yibo Liu, #21 Madeline Collins).  1:24 #17 Xiyue Guo (#13 Braydon Suderman).  Score:  West Vancouver 2, Alberni 0.

2nd Period – West Vancouver goals:  17:46 #10 Shane Spicer (#20 Roman Wyatt Moyes).  11:53 #20 Roman Wyatt Moyes (#17 Xiyue Guo).  10:56 #17 Xiyue Guo.  4:15 power play goal #17 Xiyue Guo (#14 Ewan Eldridge).  3:07 #12 Jake Yaniw Greenwood (#5 Yibo Liu, #9 Hayden Pringle).  Score:  West Vancouver 7, Alberni 0.

3rd Period – West Vancouver goals:  12:00 power play goal #12 Jake Yaniw Greenwood.  #10:56 #10 Shane Spicer (#20 Roman Wyatt Moyes, #17 Xiyue Guo).  7:11 power play goal #19 Marco Oberti.  6:26 #17 Xiyue Guo.  3:09 #5 Yibo Liu (#3 Max Saar).  Alberni goal at 00:31 scored by #3 Samuel Murray, unassisted.  Final Score:  West Vancouver 12, Alberni 1.

Penalty Summary:  West Vancouver had 6 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 12 penalty minutes.

Bronze Medal Game – Mon. 10:30 am – Alberni 7 vs Comox 10

1st Period – Alberni goals:  14:29 #21 Zoe Kevis, unassisted.  9:06 #21 Zoe Kevis (#18 Seth Corlazzoli).  Comox goals:  7:45 #15 Marcus Costantino (#19 Dylan Matthews).  6:22 #6 Jack Rae (#12 Tayton Semenuk, #4 Colton Howell).  6:01 #4 Colton Howell.  Score:  Alberni 2, Comox 3.

2nd Period – Alberni goals:  17:25 #7 Brynn Austin (#21 Zoe Kevis).  7:51 #12 Kyle Ralston (#18 Seth Corlazzoli, #3 Samuel Murray).  00:50 Power Play goal #18 Seth Corlazzoli (#12 Kyle Ralston, #21 Zoe Kevis).  Comox goals:  3:22 #11 Max Jean (#6 Jack Rae, #18 Corbin Mahy).  1:41 #15 Marcus Costantino.  Score:  Alberni 5, Comox 5.

3rd Period – Alberni goals:  17:12 #12 Kyle Ralston (#9 Aidan Swann).  4:55 #10 Linden Higgins (#9 Aidan Swann).  Comox goals:  15:31 Short handed goal #16 Grady Watt (#4 Colton Howell, #7 John Robinson).  12:23 #11 Max Jean.  1:24 #6 Jack Rae (#18 Corbin Mahy).  00:31 Empty net goal #16 Grady Watt.  00:19 #19 Dylan Matthews (#15 Marcus Costantino).  Final Score:  Alberni 7, Comox 10.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 16 penalty minutes.  Comox had 10 penalty minutes.

Gold Medal Game – Mon. 12:45 pm – West Van 4 vs Hollyburn 1

1st Period – West Vancouver goal at 13:29 from #9 Hayden Pringle, unassisted.  West Van #20 Roman Wyatt Moyes scores at 11:01 with assists from #5 Yibo Liu and #10 Shane Spicer.  Score:  West Vancouver 2, Hollyburn 0.

2nd Period – Hollyburn scores at 11:07 with goal from #16 Zachary Lorence, assisted by #9 Lochlan Stanley.  West Van #20 Roman Wyatt Moyes scores a power play goal at 5:30 with assist from #19 Marco Oberti.  Score:  West Vancouver 3, Hollyburn 1.

3rd Period – West Van #13 Braydon Suderman scores at 17:58, unassisted.  Final Score:  West Vancouver 4, Hollyburn 1.

Penalty Summary:  West Vancouver had 6 penalty minutes.  Hollyburn had 22 penalty minutes.

Gold Medal winner – West Vancouver Thunder T3

Silver Medal winner – Hollyburn Huskies T2

Team Pictures & Roster


3-Samuel Murray, 7-Brynn Austin, 8-Brooke Mauke, 9-Aidan Swann, 10-Linden Higgins, 11-Jaxson Brown, 12-Kyle Ralston, 13-Brielle Banton, 14-Xander Jensen, 16-Deion Rollheiser, 17-Ryder Towe, 18-Seth Corlazzoli, 20-Peyton Lucas, 21-Zoe Kevis, 1-Kaysen Brossoit, 34-Jackson Higgins.


2-Walker Smits, 3-Max Duncan, 4-Colton Howell, 5-Miguel Garcia, 6-Jack Rae, 7-John Robinson, 9-Shayne McGuigan, 11-Max Jean, 12-Tayton Semenuk, 14-Westin Churchill, 15-Marcus Costantino, 16-Grady Watt, 17-Carson Smith, 18-Corbin Mahy, 19-Dylan Matthews, 1-Eliott Horner, 20-Clark Breuer.


3-Nicholas Dawson, 4-Callum Berard, 4-Cohen Ayers, 5-Preston Meadmore, 6-Porter Williamson, 7-Blake Elzinga, 10-Adam Elzinga, 13-Carson Burnett, 14-Carson Scyrup, 15-Caelan Smith-Richards, 16-Cameron Papineau, 17-Marcus Parmar, 18-Shane Ritchie, 19-Easton Jubenville, 1-Tucker Klassen, 35-Gavin Clarahan.


2-Trevor Oishi, 4-Maxim Malinousky, 8-Luke Cipolla, 10-Kion Hafezi, 13-Jackson Falk, 14-David Puddicombe, 16-Zachary Lorence, 17-James Knight, 21-Hudson Butterworth, 22-Dexter Atmore, 25-Jonathan Ruus, 27-Rhys Langhjelm, 33-Rocco Vertone.


4-Matthew Anderson, 5-Michael Howe, 6-Kyle Spruston, 7-Ryland Trotter, 8-Nolan Brown, 9-Andreas Buckler, 10-Chanse Peskett, 16-Lachlan Puritch, 18-Jaden Berger-North, 19-Declan McNaul, 21-Caleb MacNeil, 44-Zeno McKay, 66-Noah Booth, 77-Johnny Ross, 1-Cedric Lin.


4-Sloan Kroeker, 5-Mason Cutler, 7-Benjamin Jeffery, 8-Kai Kaube, 9-Jackson Nikirk, 10-Hayden McKinnon, 11-Declan Erler, 12-Maddex Yochim, 14-Evan Bonthuis, 16-Braeyan Newans, 17-Seth Medves, 18-Peyton O’Connell, 21-Ryder McNeill, 22-Jakob Churchill, 30-Ethan Suhr.


2-Brennan Goodridge, 3-Finley Goodridge, 4-Clint Richards, 5-Cole McNabb, 6-Benjamin Giese, 9-Jacob di Battista, 10-Ethan Myers, 11-Keegan Douglas, 12-Dawson Coppinger Carey, 13-Brody Ruffle, 15-Cameron Eastgate, 16-Samuel Lay, 17-Travis Pelkey, 18-Cale Kaufmann, 19-Jonathan May, 1-Sebastian Riedel, 31-Gavin Wright.


2-Jessica Blodgett, 3-Dakota Knighton, 4-Carter Hinschke, 5-Jayce Cheetham, 9-William Harrison, 10-Maddy Jorgenson, 11-Bryce Cote, 12-Isabella Stewart, 15-Tyce Manke, 16-Kyle Rushton, 17-Tavyn Foster, 18-Maddox Peterson, 19-Rylan Krawietz, 23-Yuri Noel, 27-Tanner Livingston, 1-Matt Mercer, 30-Lucas Handley.


3-Matthew Savington, 4-Nikos Shannon, 5-Dennis Koski, 6-Gavin Reich, 7-Brandon Glover, 8-Charlton Li, 9-Jacob Eastman, 10-Jackson Boulding, 11-Callum Cuthbert, 12-Brody Winfield, 13-Danny Bishop, 14-Tristan James Carrothers, 16-Liam Waugh, 17-Murdoch Tashe, 1-Nathanael Young-Thompson, 31-Alexander Cook.


3-Max Saar, 5-Yibo Liu, 9-Hayden Pringle, 10-Shane Spice, 12-Jake Yaniw Greenwood, 13-Braydon Suderman, 14-Ewan Eldridge, 16-Max Eng, 17-Xiyue Guo, 19-Marco Oberti, 20-Roman Wyatt Moyes, 21-Madeline Collins, 25-Lukas Sojonky, 31-Griffin Wood.

Sponsors & Contributor List

We would like to thank all the sponsors and donors who contributed to the success of our Thanksgiving Tournament.

Alberni Chrysler / Dennis See
Alberni Fitness
Alberni Golf Club
Alberni Valley Bulldogs
Alberni Sports
All Mex’d Up
Amanda Gaudet
Arbutus Dental Clinic
AV Financial
Bowmark Concrete
Cat’s Tats
Clam Bucket
Cloud City
Coast to Coast Sharpening
Coombs Country Candy
Cypress Restaurant
Dairy Queen
Danielle Johnston
Dolan’s Gas Fitting & Heating
Double R Meats
Epicure – Megan Goodman
Eternity Photography
Finishing Touches
Foxy Lox Salon & Brow Bar
Funk Trunk
Gee Dan Productions
Golden Dragon
Island Tropics
Jay’s / Lace it Up
Jill Zodichi (quilt)
J & L Drive in
Jim’s Clothes Closet
Kim Austin (Pallet Board Art)
Klubhouse for Kids
LB Woodchoppers
Little Bavaria
Little Valley Deli
Mount Arrowsmith Skating Club
Mossy Maple Hair Studio
Murphy’s Sport Fishing
Nicole’s Esthetics (Nicole Neuwirth)
North Island College
Ocean Dreams Guest Suites
Paramount Theatre
Parks and Rec
Pizza Factory
Pizza Hut
Port Boat House
Power of Three
R. Barker Contracting
Rebecca McMaster
Riptide Lagoon Mini Golf (Parksville)
Starboard Grill
Scentsy – Christina,kk Lucas
Schill Insurance
Silver Icing – Amber Gardiner
South Hill Designs -Barbie Kalugin
Sugar Shak

Tim Horton’s
Twin City Brewing
West Coast Prep Camp
Zado & Son’s Creations

Tournament Director:

Carla Murray – carlamy@telus.net

Tournament Rules:

2019 Peewee Thanksgiving Tournament Rules

On Ice Officiating Clinic – Level 1, 2, 3

This years Officiating Clinic will take place at the Best Western Barclay Hotel on Friday September 27, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.


If you are a NEW Level 1 official:

  • you are required to complete the Hockey University ‘Officiating 1/2′ modules prior to attending the face to face clinic, mentioned above.

  • If you have not registered for this course you can do so at https://bchockey.net/Clinics/Clinics.aspx or https://ehockey.hockeycanada.ca/ehockey/ClinicDetail.aspx?cid=124816

  • Please make sure that your email address is correct upon registration as your link to the Hockey University modules will be in an email response to that specific address.

  • Hockey University (online) will take approximately three (3) hours to complete. They will prepare you for the face to face clinic (Sep. 27th at Barclay Hotel) which takes approximately four (4) hours to complete.

  • Once the Hockey University ‘Officiating 1/2’ course is completed (including the final survey) you will be free to register for the HCOP level 1 clinic.

If you are a returning official:

  • you may proceed with your HCOP clinic registration.

Register online for the HCOP clinic:  https://www.bchockey.net/Content.aspx?id=295

If you have any questions, please contact:

Francois Warren, AVMHA Referee-in-Chief

ph: 250-720-5407  email:  francoiswarren@shaw.ca