(Listed below are the fundraising activities that AVMHA is involved with.)

2019 AVMHA $10,000. Cash Raffle

BC Gaming license #112847 Draw date is Friday, April 5, 2019


Each AVMHA player that paid the $100. Fundraising Fee will have a book of 20 tickets to sell ($5. per ticket)



The winning tickets:



AVMHA Gaming Coordinator – Sarah Bielert – sarah.bielert@shaw.ca

2018 – AVMHA Tag Days

Dates:  Fridays, October 19, 20 & 26, 2018

Coordinator:  Carrie Johannessen, scottcarrie21@gmail.com  250-735-3357

This is an important fundraiser for our association and requires a team of volunteers to carry out this event.  If you would like to help, please contact the Coordinator.

A huge thank you goes out to all the businesses in Port Alberni who allow us to set up outside their establishments.

  • Bulldogs at the AV Multiplex
  • BC Liquor Store
  • Beaver Creek Home Center
  • Buy Low Foods
  • Canadian Tire
  • Home Hardware
  • Quality Foods
  • Save On Foods
  • Tyler’s No Frills

The 2018 Tag Days brought in $7341.37



Thanks to all the volunteers for a great job!  We raised $5648. for the 2016-17 Season.

Tag Days for 2017  – Friday, Sep. 29th and Fri. Nov. 17th

Tag Days for the 2017-18 Season brought in $5900.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Tag Day Coordinator – Vesna Dorn


Any fundraising done by our Association is to follow guidelines in the AVMHA Handbook or approved by the AVMHA Executive.

Fundraising by any team must be approved by our Fundraising Coordinator  and follow the guidelines in the AVMHA Handbook.  (This includes such activities as bottle drives, merchandise sales, food sales, etc.)


Like all other organizations we (the executive) are trying or best to keep overall costs down along with the registration costs for our members.  Our organization, has been experiencing many increasing costs that we can no longer cover with our current level of registration and fundraising.

One of our biggest costs is the ice which increases annually plus the HST.  Other large expenditures include equipment (jerseys, pucks, etc.) and referees for games.

AVMHA has various fundraising events for the benefit of the association as a whole but it does not include the other fundraising events which are done to support individual teams or divisions so they can go to tournaments.

It was decided by the executive that the least impact on the players would be to take on one major fundraising project annually.  As this fundraising project is for the benefit of every player in the association, every player will participate.

This fundraising project has been attached to the player registration in the form of a “$100. Fundraising Fee” which is non-refundable and payable at registration. The Fundraising project is designed to reimburse the player the $100. by participating.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

AVMHA Executive Committee