Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2019 Novice Jamboree

MINOR Teams  

  • Alberni-1 (AV1)
  • Alberni-2 (AV2)
  • Campbell River (CR)
  • Comox (CMX)
  • Nanaimo-1 (NAN1)
  • Nanaimo-3 (NAN2)
  • Oceanside-1 (OC1)
  • Oceanside-2 (OC2)
  • Sooke (SOO)


  • Alberni-1 (AV1)
  • Alberni-2 (AV2)
  • Campbell River (CR)
  • Comox (CMX)
  • Cowichan Valley (COW)
  • Nanaimo-1 (NAN1)
  • Nanaimo-4 (NAN4)
  • Oceanside (OC)


Game Schedule

All Games on Weyerhauser Arena – HOME BENCH or VISITOR BENCH

 5:45-6:45  PM  MINOR   AV1 VS OC1     AV2 VS OC2
 7:00-8:00  PM  MAJOR   AV1 VS OC      AV2 VS NAN1
 8:30-9:30  AM  MAJOR    CR VS COW     CMX VS NAN4
 9:45-10:45 AM  MINOR  NAN1 VS SOO    NAN1 VS CR
11:00-12:00 PM  MINOR   AV1 VS CMX     AV2 VS OC1
12:15-1:15  PM  MAJOR   AV2 VS COW     AV1 VS NAN1
 1:30-2:30  PM  MAJOR    OC VS CMX      CR VS NAN4
 2:45-3:45  PM  MINOR   OC2 VS NAN1    SOO VS NAN3
 4:00-5:00  PM  MINOR   CMX VS OC1     AV1 VS CR
 8:30-9:30  AM  MINOR   OC2 VS SOO    NAN1 VS CR
 9:45-10:45 AM  MINOR   AV2 VS CMX    NAN3 VS AV1
11:00-12:00 PM  MAJOR   AV2 VS CR      AV1 VS COW
12:15-1:15  PM  MAJOR    OC VS NAN4    CMX VS NAN1
 1:30-2:30  PM  MINOR   SOO VS CR      AV2 VS NAN3
 2:45-3:45  PM  MINOR   OC1 VS NAN1    OC2 VS CMX
 4:00-5:00  PM  MAJOR    CR VS AV1     CMX VS AV2
 5:15-6:15  PM  MAJOR    OC VS NAN1   NAN4 VS COW

Game Highlights (Photos)


* Finishing touches * Jal Design * Magic Moments * Home Hardware * Co-op * Schill Insurance * Buy Low Foods * Tyler’s No Frills * PARG * Bare Bones Fish and Chips * Tim Hortons * Quality Foods * Clydesdale Automotive * Fantastic Alberni * Cuffbum Customs * Dave Ralla Realtor * Lorraine McLeod and Tara Elder * Secluded Wellness * Slammers Gym * Epicure Selections * Solda’s Restaurant * Panago Pizza * Boston Pizza * Pizza Hut * Double R Meats * Trevor Zack * Blue Marlin * Pete’s Mountain Meats * Coulson Aircrane * Mosaic Forestry * The Brick * Catalyst – Paper Excellence * Parker Financial (Sean Parker) * Western Grater Contracting * Pete’s Precision Tax Services * AC/DC Contracting * Rough Bay Enterprises * Alberni Valley Bulldogs * Vittoria Solda Realtor * Tasha Jensen * Pacific Sands Beach Resort * The Chris Turner Experience * The Power of Three * See Group of Companies * Custom Edge Skate Sharpening * Paddle West Kayak * Next Ground Media * Middle Beach Lodge * Diane Bortoletto * Rainforest Bookkeeping * LB Woodchoppers * Cut the Cord Services * Cloud City * Flandangles * Literacy Alberni * Rachel Young * Dana Shalaine Photography * Cap-it Alberni * Huu-ay-aht First Nations *

Tournament Director

Cynthia Fowler – clrampone@gmail.com – 250-731-4519

Tournament Rules

AVMHA Novice Jamboree Rules


Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2018 Novice Jamboree


Initiation – 4

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Campbell River (CR), Oceanside (OC)

Novice Minor – 8

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Alberni-3 (AV3), Campbell River (CR), Cowichan Blue (COW-B), Cowichan Yellow (COW-Y), Nanaimo (NAN), Oceanside (OC).

Novice Major – 10

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Campbell River (CR), Oceanside Red (OC-R), Cowichan Red (COW-R), Peninsula (PEN), Comox-1 (CX1), Oceanside Black (OC-B), North Shore Winter Club (NSWC), Comox-4 (CX4).

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Game Schedule:

Div.  Rink Team	 Team  Start-End    Rink  Team  Team  Div.
MINOR  C1  AV1	 NAN   5:15-6:15  PM C2	  AV2	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV1	 OC-R  5:30-6:30  PM W2	  OC-B	COW-R MAJOR
MAJOR  C1  AV2   CX1   6:20-7:20  PM C2	  CX4	CR    MAJOR
Div.  Rink Team	Team  Start-End    Rink  Team	Team  Div.
MINOR  W1  AV3	COW-B  8:05-9:05  AM W2	  CR	COW-Y MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	OC-R   9:25-10:25 AM W2	  COW-R	CX1   MAJOR
MAJOR  C1  AV1	OC-B  10:00-11:00 AM C2	  PEN	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	OC    10:30-11:30 AM W2	  AV2	CR    INIT.
MINOR  C1  AV1	OC    11:05-12:05 PM C2	  AV2	NAN   MINOR
MINOR  C1  AV3	COW-Y 12:20-1:20  PM C2	  CR	COW-B MINOR
MAJOR  C1  CX4	PEN    1:25-2:25  PM C2	  CR	NSWC  MAJOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	COW-R  2:00-3:00  PM W2	  OC-B	CX1   MAJOR
MINOR  C1  AV1	CR     2:40-3:40  PM C2	  AV2	COW-Y MINOR
MINOR  C1  AV3	NAN    3:45-4:45  PM C2   COW-B	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  C1  OC-R	CR     5:00-6:00  PM C2	  CX4	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	AV2    5:30-6:30  PM W2	  OC 	CR    INIT.

Div.  Rink Team Team   Start-End    Rink  Team  Team  Div.
MAJOR  C1  CX1	PEN    8:20-9:20  AM C2	  AV1	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV2	OC     8:40-9:40  AM W2	  AV1	CR    INIT.
MINOR  C1  AV1	COW-Y  9:25-10:25 AM C2	  AV3	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	CR     9:45-10:45 AM W2	  OC-R	COW-R MAJOR
MINOR  C1  AV2	COW-Y 10:40-11:40 AM C2	  AV3	OC    MINOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	OC    11:00-12:00 PM W2	  AV2	CR    INIT.
MAJOR  C1  AV1	PEN   11:45-12:45 PM W2	  OC-B	CX4   MAJOR

Sponsors, Donors, Contributors:

We would like to thank everyone for their generous contribution to this event.

AC/DC contracting * Coulson Group * RotorMaxx Support * Quality Foods * Chris and Alease Arcus Realtors * Shoppers Drug Mart * Dahlia hair by Rachel Dame *  Epicure by Megan Goodman * Dr. Daryl Lund * LB Woodchoppers * Island Tropics * Boomerangs Café * Canadian Tire * Tyler’s No Frills * Subway * Movie Mania * BuyLow Foods * Long Beach Surf Shop * Coombs Country Candy * Vittoria Solda Realtor * Valley Vision Optometry * Orestes Kouzina * Catalyst Paper * Ace Flagging * Integral Hockey * Zimmerman Forest Products * Alport Insurance * Landmark Cinemas * Alberni Valley Bulldogs * Double R Meats * Alberni Valley News * Arbutus RV * Port Boathouse * Benjamin Moore * Clayoquot Biosphere Trust * Tough City Sushi Bar * Finishing Touches * Alberni Industrial Marine * Dawn Olson-Rainforest Bookkeeping * Sacred Stone Spa * SunRype * Tofino Resort and Marina * Tofino Surf School * Port Alberni Port Authority * Alberni Fitness * Surf Sister * Cut the Cord  Android Service * Electron Metalworks * Lordco Auto Parts * Beavercreek Home Center * Alberni Co-op * Sportchek * Alberni Valley Refrigeration * Merit Hone Furniture * West Manufacturing * See Group of Companies * Schill Insurance * Port Posh Wash * Pacific Surf Company * Pharmasave Tofino * Newborn Feathers * Arrowsmith Glass * Tofino Brewing Company * McDonald’s * A&W * Flandangles * CG Hair * Alberni Glass and Mirror * MDR cranes and rigging * Magic Moments * Bosley’s * Trends Design Team * Solda’s Restaurant * Middle Beach Lodge * Black Rock * Rough Bay Enterprises * Tupperware by Margaret Marshall * Boston Pizza * Shaw Cablesystems *

Candid Photos & Highlights:

Tournament Director:

Sarah Bielert – avmha.halficejamboree@gmail.com

Link to Half-Ice Jamboree Rules

MEMO: Initiation Novice Program

DATE: February 1, 2018

FROM: Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association

TO: Volunteers and Association Members

REGARDING: Initiation Novice Program (INP)


The initiation program format began in the 2016-2017 season. Because it is a different program from those normally offered, with learning being emphasized as opposed to playing (while playing is not necessarily eliminated) there are bound to be doubters and those who favour a more traditional approach. The association must realize this and be prepared to deal with it, and not lose sight of the fact that the program has been designed for the children, not adults.

Growing pains are normal in any new program and when both the participants and most of the instructors are likely to be inexperienced, the program implementation is not going to be as smooth as one would like. However, with commitment, patience and support the results will come and in most cases, exceed everyone’s expectations.

Hockey Canada guidelines for skill development are as follow; Initiation Minor and Major 85% technical skill, 15% individual tactics. Novice Minor and Novice Major 75% technical skill, 15% individual tactics, 10% team tactics. For example, at the Novice Minor and Novice Major level a 1-hour practice should consist of about 45 minutes technical skill 9 minutes individual tactics and 6 minutes team tactics.

With the initiation program, we encourage players to mix when using stations though it is appropriate to split players into groups based on skill and colour of jerseys for “team” style drills, scrimmages, and games. Hockey Canada suggest this time to be 10% or less of practice time at the Novice Level.


BC Hockey has adopted program guidelines and resources to support and provide direction for our Local MHAs to implement and operate a skill development program for players eight (8) years of age and younger. Based on Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model, players who are eight (8) years old and younger should be focusing on having fun, learning skills and developing physical literacy. All programs should adhere to the following principles:

a. The technical curriculum should focus on physical literacy and having fun b. The official playing surface for practices and games shall be reduced to one-half, one-third, or one quarter the size of a regulation playing surface. c. The equipment should be amended to fit the size and skill level of the player. i.e. Mini nets. d. Instructors should be trained in an appropriate manner to teach players of this age and skill level.


Every association building an Initiation Program will have its own unique design. The goal, however, is the commonality of using the curriculum of the Initiation Program and its teaching strategies to build a strong foundation of skills which will allow players to enjoy hockey for a lifetime.

AVMHA has adopted the “Program Design” – In this design, players are kept as one large group and treated/instructed as a whole. This model is characterized by instructors being responsible for all the players in the program rather than only a pre-selected number. During the session the instructors would instruct all the players as they moved though his/her station. Minor “team” games or scrimmages would take place with a random selection of players. These “teams” would constantly change.

The benefits of this design are:

•All players receive equal instruction from a variety of instructors

•Players get to associate with a maximum number of other players on the ice

Instructors have a narrow range of ability to deal with, making it easier for them to give instruction Associations may choose to conduct this design with all players of approximately the same skill level being on the ice at the same time. Games like British Bulldog would be run with the entire group and station work would attend to the curriculum.

For reference purposes the 5 core skills of hockey are:

Skating • Passing • Shooting • Puck Handling • Checking

Example: Teaching a child a breakout, is not teaching core hockey skills. Teaching a child how to skate, and how to pass, so they can break out, is teaching core hockey skills.

More in formation and resource material can be found here:

Hockey Canada https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/hockey-programs/coaching/initiation

BC Hockey http://www.bchockey.net/Content.aspx?id=259

VIAHA http://www.viaha.org/

Initiation Program (Players below Atom Division)

Are you confused about the use of “Cross Ice” play for players ages 5, 6, 7 & 8 years old? Here is a bulletin that explains it in detail.

VIAHA Bulletin – Sept. 17, 2017 – Cross Ice Guidelines

2016 Novice Challenge Dec. 17-18, 2016


Tournament Director:  Shai Porter – shaibort@gmail.com  250-720-1633

Chelsea Olsen 250-720-1326 chelsolsen@hotmail.com

1.  Alberni Valley Blues     6.  Cowichan Capitals

2.  Oceanside Jets           7. Comox Valley Cougars

3.  Cowichan Snipers         8. Oceanside Rangers

4.  Juan de Fuca Black       9. Oceanside Predators

5.  Alberni Valley Devils   10. Alberni Valley Sharks









av-blues-pics av-sharks-pics comox-cougars-pics cowichan-pics jdf-pics oceanside-predators-pics oceanside-rangers-pics




Click to view &/or print:

Novice Challenge Game Schedule

Novice Challenge Rules & Information

 Raffle Table draws will take place at noon on Sunday

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