Feb 14-17 Bantam Rec Tournament

Team Standings

ALBERNI        (AV) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
COMOX         (CMX) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
NANAIMO       (NAN) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
OCEANSIDE     (OCE) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
COWICHAN      (COW) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
KERRY PARK     (KP) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 
CAMPBELL RIVER (CR) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
JUAN DE FUCA  (JDF) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
VICTORIA      (VIC) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
PENINSULA     (PEN) 0 + 0 + 0 = 0


Game Schedule

FRI.FEB.14  2  5:15 PM 6:30 PM  C  AV         OCE 
FRI.FEB.14  1  5:45 PM 7:00 PM  W  NAN        CMX 
FRI.FEB.14  3  6:45 PM 8:00 PM  C  COW        KP

SAT.FEB.15  4  8:45 AM 10:00 AM W  CR         JDF 
SAT.FEB.15  9  9:00 AM 10:15 AM C  VIC        PEN 
SAT.FEB.15  5 10:15 AM 11:30 AM W  AV         KP 
SAT.FEB.15 10 10:30 AM 11:45 AM C  COW        CMX 
SAT.FEB.15    11:45 AM          W OPENING CEREMONIES 
SAT.FEB.15 11 12:00 PM 1:15 PM  C  CR         VIC 
SAT.FEB.15  6 12:45 PM 2:00 PM  W  OCE        NAN 
SAT.FEB.15  7  5:00 PM 6:15 PM  W  JDF        PEN 
SAT.FEB.15  8  6:30 PM 7:45 PM  W  AV         CMX

SUN.FEB.16 12  9:00 AM 10:15 AM W  COW        PEN 
SUN.FEB.16 17  9:45 AM 11:00 AM C  CMX        VIC 
SUN.FEB.16 13 10:30 AM 11:45 AM W  OCE        JDF 
SUN.FEB.16 18 11:15 AM 12:30 PM C  NAN        KP 
SUN.FEB.16 14 12:00 PM 1:15 PM  W  AV         CR 
SUN.FEB.16 19  3:30 PM 4:45 PM  C  PEN        OCE 
SUN.FEB.16 15  4:15 PM 5:30 PM  W  COW        VIC 
SUN.FEB.16 20  5:00 PM 6:15 PM  C  JDF        NAN 
SUN.FEB.16 16  5:45 PM 7:00 PM  W  CR         KP

MON.FEB.17 21  9:15 AM 10:45 AM W  3RD        4TH 
MON.FEB.17 22 11:00 AM 12:30 PM W  1ST        2ND


Team Photo/Roster


Tournament Sponsors


Tournament Director


Tournament Rules

Feb. 15-18, 2019 Bantam Rec Tourney


Bantam Recreational Tournament

Link to:  Peewee Recreational Tournament

Team Standings – (after 12 games played)

Alberni-1       1 + 0 + 0 = 1   8th
Alberni-2 	3 + 1 + 0 = 4   6th
Campbell River	1 + 1 + 2 = 4   5th
Coquitlam	2 + 3 + 3 = 8   2nd
Juan de Fuca 	1 + 2 + 3 = 6   3rd
Lake Cowichan	1 + 1 + 1 = 3   7th
Oceanside	3 + 0 + 2 = 5   4th
Victoria	3 + 2 + 3 = 8   1st

Game Schedule

Start-End    Rink Home Score Away Score  
 1:00-2:15  PM W  AV1     2  VICTORIA 7 
 2:30-3:45  PM W  AV2     4  JUAN.DF  3 
Start-End    Rink Home Score Away Score  
 7:00-8:15  AM C  COQUIT.  3 CAMP.R   1  
 8:30-9:45  AM W  LK.COW   2 OCEAN.   5 
10:00-11:15 AM C  AV2      0 VICTORIA 7 
11:30-12:45 PM W  AV1      1 JUAN.DF  9  
 1:00-2:15  PM C  COQUIT.  3 OCEAN.   0  
 2:30-3:45  PM W  LK.COW   3 CAMP.R   7  
Start-End    Rink Home Score Away Score  
 6:45-8:00  AM C  VICTORIA 5 LK.COW  2 
10:15-11:30 AM W  JUAN.DF  1 CAMP.R  0 
11:15-12:30 PM C  AV2      2 OCEAN.  4 
11:45-1:00  PM W  AV1      3 COQUIT. 4  
 5:30-7:00  PM W  7TH-LK.C 4 8TH-AV1 5 
Start-End    Rink Home  Score Away Score  
 8:15-9:45  AM W  5TH-C.R. 5  6TH-AV2 2 
 8:30-10:00 AM C  3RD-JDF  4  4TH-OCE 1 
10:15-11:45 AM C  1ST-VIC  3  2ND-COQ 6



(Alberni games and Gold Medal game only)

Friday 1:00 – Alberni-1 2 vs Victoria 7

1st Period – Alberni is first on the scoreboard at 12:53 with an unassisted goal from #10 Owen King.  Victoria scored at 9:34 with a goal from #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff, assisted by #4 Jace Boudewyn & #13 Jo Pringle.  Victoria’s #11 Gabriel Wood scores in the final seconds of the period with an assist from #12 Gavin Doherty.  Score:  Alberni 1, Victoria 2.

2nd Period – Victoria scores 3 goals in the period.  At 14:36 the goal from #17 Alexander Murphy was assisted by #9 Jacob Chambers.  At 14:10 the goal from #13 Jo Pringle was assisted by #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff and at 2:28 the goal from #6 Diego Vargas was assisted by #13 Jo Pringle & #12 Gavin Doherty.  Score:  Alberni 1, Victoria 5.

3rd Period – Alberni returns at 15:58 with an unassisted goal from #10 Owen King.  At 10:03 Victoria’s 15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff scores with assists from #11 Gabriel Wood and #13 Jo Pringle.  The final goal of the game was at 2:16 when Victoria’s #13 Jo Pringle scored with an assist from #17 Alexander Murphy.  Final Score:  Alberni 2, Victoria 7

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 6 penalty minutes.  Victoria had 10 penalty minutes.

Friday 2:30 – Alberni-2 4 vs Juan de Fuca 3

1st Period – Juan de Fuca  powerplay goal at 10:01 from #87 Kyle Berger-North (#44 Matt Boudreau, #18 Alex Buhr)  Juan de Fuca goal at 5:31 from #19 Matt Sylvestre (#77 Jace Campbell, #8 Jordan Cross).  Alberni goal at 5:15  from #19 Ryann Tramer (#17 Ellis Kniert, #6 Ryland Brossoit).  At 4:06 Alberni’s #21 Blake Knoll scores an unassisted goal.  Score:  Alberni 2, Juan de Fuca 2.

2nd Period – Juan de Fuca goal at 11:33 from #44 Matt Boudreau (#18 Alex Buhr).  At 6:06, Alberni’s #21 Blake Knoll scores with an assist from #2 Parker McKay.  Score:  Alberni 3, Juan de Fuca 3.

3rd Period – Alberni takes the lead to win the game at 5:44 when #21 Blake Knoll scores a powerplay goal, unassisted.  Final score:  Alberni 4, Juan de Fuca 3.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 8 penalty minutes.  Juan de Fuca had 2 penalty minutes.

Saturday 10:00 am – Alberni-2 0 vs Victoria 7

1st Period –  Victoria goal  #8 Holly Smith, assisted by #9 Jacob Chambers & #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff.

2nd Period – Victoria scored 2 goals in the period.  #12 Gavin Doherty’s goal was assisted by #4 Jace Boudewyn & #13 Jo Pringle.  #13 Jo Pringles’s goal was unassisted.

3rd Period – Victoria scored 4 goals in the period.  #13 Jo Pringle’s (powerplay) goal was assisted by #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff.  #15 Fraser Scott-Moncrieff’s goal was assisted by #13 Jo Pringle.  #14 Ethan Farquhar’s goal was unassisted. #9 Jacob Chambers goal was unassisted.

Final Score – Alberni 0, Victoria 7.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 10 penalty minutes.  Victoria had 12 penalty minutes.

Saturday 11:30 am – Alberni-1 1 vs Juan de Fuca 9

1st Period – Juan de Fuca goals at 14:23 by #18 Alex Buhr (#44 Matt Boudreau), 12:26 by #44 Matt Boudreau (#18 Alex Buhr), 1:24 by #77 Jayce Campbell (#5 Ty Matthews, #66 Dylan Parker).  Score – Alberni 0, Juan de Fuca 3.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 8:36 by #3 Jakob Murray (#10 Owen King, #2 Kohl Graham).  Juan de Fuca goals at 12:23 powerplay by #16 Jacob Boudreau (#8 Jordan Cross), 3:13 powerplay by #4 Connor Hogan (#8 Jordan Cross, #19 Alex Buhr).  Score – Alberni 1, Juan de Fuca 5.

3rd Period – Juan de Fuca goals at 16:63 powerplay by #89 Brett Fahlman (#17 Jamie Merriam), 16:00 powerplay by #27 Josh Backus-Vaughn (#19 Matt Sylvestre, #6 Nick Major), 14:42 by #16 Jacob Boudreau, 14:17 by #21 Trevor Millie (#18 Alex Buhr).  Final Score – Alberni 1, Juan de Fuca 9.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 18 penalty minutes.  Juan de Fuca had 14 penalty minutes.

Sunday 11:15 am – Alberni-2 2 vs Oceanside 4

1st Period – Oceanside goals at 13:37 (powerplay) by #12 Brock Weme (#11 Jagre Knight, #6 Steven Dwyer) and at 9:26 by #6 Steven Dwyer (#22 Mack Sanderson, #11 Jagre Knight).  Alberni powerplay goal at 1:43 by #11 Rick Dunington.  Score – Alberni 1, Oceanside 2.

2nd Period – Alberni powerplay goal at 3:22 by #21 Blake Knoll.  Score – Alberni 2, Oceanside 2.

3rd Period – Oceanside goals at 16:12 (powerplay) by #22 Mack Sanderson (#11 Jagre Knight) and at 10:07 by #16 Willem Whitehead.  Final Score – Alberni 2, Oceanside 4.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 16 penalty minutes and Oceanside had 18 penalty minutes in the game.

Sunday 11:45 am – Alberni-1 3 vs Coquitlam 4

1st Period – Coquitlam powerplay goal at 11:37 by #16 Pavan Gill (#12 Dylan Lefebvre, #15 Colton Simms).  Alberni goal at 2:07 by #26 Jakob Murray (#23 Owen King, #22 Kohl Graham).  Score – Alberni 1, Coquitlam 1.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 14:23 by #26 Jakob Murray (#25 Ryshard Pouliot).  Coquitlam goal at 8:57 by #12 Dylan Lefebvre (#15 Colton Simms) and powerplay goal at 3:42 by #15 Colton Simms (#5 Joshua Davey, #12 Dylan Lefebvre).  Score – Alberni 2, Coquitlam 3.

3rd Period – Coquitlam goal at 12:19 by #7 Carter Morson (#17 Jordan Harbert, #3 Shaan Luddu).  Alberni powerplay goal at 9:25 by #25 Ryshard Pouliot (#21).  Final Score – Alberni 3, Coquitlam 4.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 16 penalty minutes and Coquitlam had 10 penalty minutes in the game.

Sunday 5:30 pm – Lake Cowichan 4 vs Alberni-1 5

1st Period – Alberni goals at 14:49 and 11:03 by #26 Jakob Murray.  Lake Cowichan goal at 11:10 by #3 Jackson Lee (#19 Xander Longbottern).  Alberni goal at 9:09 by #23 Owen King.  Lake Cowichan goal at 1:18 by #3 Jackson Lee (#14 Mayson Callihoo).  Score – Alberni 3, Lake Cowichan 2.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 9:15 by #23 Owen King.  Score – Alberni 4, Lake Cowichan 2.

3rd Period – Lake Cowichan goal at 17:18 by #3 Jackson Lee (#19 Xander Longbottern).  Alberni goal at 6:11 by #45 Maverick Buxton.  Lake Cowichan goal at 4:13 by #3 Jackson Lee.  Final Score – Alberni 5, Lake Cowichan 4.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 12 penalty minutes and Lake Cowichan had 16 penalty minutes plus a 10 minute misconduct in the game.

Monday 8:15 am – Campbell River 5 vs Alberni-2 2

1st Period – Campbell River goal at 12:46 by #6 Jaxson Irving (#4 Dexter Maurique).  Alberni powerplay goal at 4:13 by #2 Parker McKay (#11 Rick Dunnington).  Score – Campbell River 1, Alberni 1.

2nd Period – Campbell River goal at 7:29 by #7 Ryan Newton (#4 Dexter Maurique, #2 Elijah Saxby).  Score – Campbell River 2, Alberni 1.

3rd Period – Campbell River goal at 6:09 by #2 Elijah Saxby (#3 Joseph Mack, #5 Lucy Saxby).  Alberni goal at 4:31 by #19 Ryan Tramer (#11 Rick Dunnington, #2 Parker McKay).  Campbell River goals at 3:22 by #2 Elijah Saxby and at 0:16 by #2 Elijah Saxby (#7 Ryan Newton).  Final Score – Campbell River 5, Alberni 2.

Penalty Summary:  Campbell River had 10 penalty minutes and Alberni had 8 penalty minutes in the game.

Monday 10:15 am – Victoria 3 vs Coquitlam 6(Gold Medal Game)

1st Period – Coquitlam goal at 1:56 by #15 Colton Simms (#12 Dylan Lefebvre).    Score – Victoria 0, Coquitlam 1.

2nd Period – Coquitlam goal at 8:38 by #9 Diego Saurez (#3 Shaan Luddu, #2 Ransom Henderson).  Victoria goal at 1:42 by #14 Ethan Farquhar (#6 Diego Vargas, #8 Holly Smith).  Score – Victoria 1, Coquitlam 2.

3rd Period – Coquitlam goals at 18:11 by #9 Diego Saurez, at 17:45 by #9 Diego Saurez (#2 Ransom Henderson) and at 16:45 by #9 Diego Saurez (#2 Ransom Henderson, #6 Nicholas Takemor).  Victoria powerplay goal at 14:48 by #13 Jo Pringle (#18 Cain Stoddard) and at 14:38 by #18 Cain Stoddard (#13 Jo Pringle).  Coquitlam goal at 12:44 by #12 Dylan Lefebvre (#15 Colton Simms).  Final Score – Victoria 3, Coquitlam 6.

Penalty Summary – Victoria & Coquitlam each had 6 penalty minutes in the game.

Coquitlam wins the gold medal in the Bantam Tournament.

Sponsors & Contributors

Tournament Director

Sarah Bielert – 250-730-2029  avmha.peeweebantam@gmail.com

Tournament Rules

Bantam Recreation Tournament Rules

Feb 9-12 Bryan Mason Tourney – BANTAM

Alberni Valley Minor Hockey welcomes you to the
Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament
Details will be posted here as they become available.


BANTAM Team Standings:
 (points after 15/15 games played)
 Alberni   (AV1)  1 + 2 + 2 = 5 pts. 3RD  FINAL BRONZE
 Saanich   (SAA1) 2 + 0 + 2 = 4 pts. 4TH
 Comox     (CV2)  0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts. 10TH
 Oceanside (OC3)  1 + 0 + 2 = 3 pts. 5TH
 Kerry Pk  (KP1)  2 + 0 + 0 = 2 pts. 8TH
 Oceanside (OC2)  1 + 2 + 0 = 3 pts. 6TH
 Nanaimo   (NAN3) 0 + 2 + 0 = 2 pts. 7TH 
 Nanaimo   (NAN2) 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 pts. 2ND  FINAL SILVER
 Comox     (CV1)  0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts. 9TH
 Pt Coqu.  (PC1)  2 + 2 + 2 = 6 pts. 1ST  FINAL GOLD

PEEWEE Team Standings and Game Schedule

February 9               (* Game Highlights)
G# - Start-End    Rink Home       Score  Visitor  - Score
 1  5:30-6:45  PM   W  *ALBERNI(AV1)  5   OCEANSIDE(OC2) 5
 2  7:00-8:15  PM   W  NANAIMO(NAN2)  2   OCEANSIDE(OC3) 2
February 10
 G# - Start Time    Rink Home     Score  Visitor - Score
 3  8:00-9:15  AM   C   COMOX(CV1)    1   PT COQUIT(PC1) 5
 4  9:30-10:45 AM   C   NANAIMO(NAN3) 3   *ALBERNI(AV1)  6
 5 11:00-12:15 PM   C   SAANICH(SAA1) 8    COMOX(CV2)    5
 6 11:15-12:30 PM   W   OCEANSIDE(OC3)1    KERRY PK(KP1) 4
 7  6:30-7:45  PM   C   OCEANSIDE(OC2)7    COMOX(CV2)    2
 8  8:00-9:15  PM   C   KERRY PK(KP1) 0    NANAIMO(NAN2) 8    
February 11
G# - Start Time   Rink  Home -   Score   - Visitor  - Score 
 9  8:15-9:30  AM   C   OCEANSIDE(OC2) 3  NANAIMO(NAN3) 4
10  8:30-9:45  AM   W   *ALBERNI(AV1)  5  SAANICH(SAA1) 2
11 10:00-11:15 AM   W   COMOX(CV1)     2  OCEANSIDE(OC3)4 
12 12:45-2:00  PM   C   PT COQUIT(PC1) 4  KERRY PK(KP1) 2  
13  2:15-3:30  PM   C   NANAIMO(NAN3)  1  SAANICH(SAA1) 6
14  3:45-5:00  PM   C   NANAIMO(NAN2)  6  COMOX(CV1)    1
15  5:15-6:30  PM   C   COMOX(CV2)     3  PT COQUIT(PC1)4
February 12 MONDAY (FINALS)
 G# - Start Time -   Rink  Home -  Score - Visitor  - Score
 16   8:45-10:00 AM   W    9TH CV1    2      10TH CV2   8
 17  10:15-11:30 AM   W    7TH NAN3   6      8TH KP1    2
 18  11:45-1:15  PM   W    3RD AV1    3      4TH SAA1   2
 19  12:15-1:30  PM   C    5TH OC3    5      6TH OC2    2
 20   3:45-5:45  PM   W    1ST PT.C   3      2ND NAN2   2

Game Highlights:
(Details of the Alberni games and the Finals will be posted here.)

Game 1 – Alberni (AV1) 5, Oceanside (OC2) 5.

1st Period – Alberni is first on the scoreboard at 10:26 with a goal from #16 Tanner Banman, assisted by #8 Bobby McKenzie and #15 Cam McArthur.  At 5:48, Oceanside’s #3  Zach Lantaigne scores their first goal with assists from #4 and #10 Bradley Ronyecz.  The score at the end of the period, Alberni 1, Oceanside 1.

2nd Period – Oceanside scored goals at 11:39 by #18 Josh Strobiki and at 8:10 on the power play by #19 Marcus Wheatley.  Alberni goals at 9:34 from #6 Nick Bassingwaite, unassisted.  At 5:08 Alberni #9 Samuel Shanks scores with an assist from #20 Richard Pouliot.  At 6:32 Alberni scores on a powerplay with a goal from #7 Colton Scott, assisted by #10 Kayden Doiron.  The score at the end of the 2nd period, Alberni 4, Oceanside 3.

3rd Period – Oceanside scores a goal at 15:56 from #18 Josh Strobiki with assists from #15  and #19 Marcus Wheatley.  At 6:55, Oceanside #14 Nathan Wilson scores unassisted.  The final goal of the game was scored at 5:49 from Alberni #16 Tanner Banman, assisted by #8 Bobby McKenzie.  Final score – Alberni (AV1) 5, Oceanside (OC2) 5.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 8 penalty minutes.  Oceanside had 10 penalty minutes.

Player Awards –  Alberni #16 Tanner Banman, #7 Colton Scott.  Oceanside #18 Josh Strobiki, #17 Aedan Pasquill, #19 Marcus Wheatley.

Game 4 –  Nanaimo (NAN3) 3, Alberni (AV1) 6

1st Period – First goal of the game was scored at 12:19 by Alberni #15 Cam McArthur, assisted by #9 Samuel Shanks and #4 Avery Cole.  At 9:39 Nanaimo’s #28 Darien Groundwater scores a goal with assists from #26 Alex Mclauchlan and #24 Gavin Thomas.  Alberni returns at 4:32 with a goal from #10 Kayden Doiron, assisted by #5 Maverick Buxton and #2 Blake Mauke.  With 45 seconds left in the period, Nanaimo on a power play, #28 Darien Groundwater scores, unassisted.  At the end of the 1st Period, Nanaimo 2, Alberni 2.

2nd Period – Alberni takes the lead at 10:02 with an unassisted goal from #15 Cam McArthur.  It is followed at 7:58 with an Alberni goal from #8 Bobby Mckenzie, assisted by #10 Kayden Doiron and #4 Avery Cole.  After 2 periods of play, Nanaimo 3, Alberni 4.

3rd Period – Alberni’s #10 Kayden Doiron goes on to score 2 goals at 13:33 and 8:20, with assists from #8 Bobby Mckenzie, #20 Ryshard Pouliot and #2 Blake Nauke.  Final Score – Nanaimo (NAN3) 3, Alberni (AV1) 6.

Penalty Summary:  Nanaimo had 4 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 14 penalty minutes.

Player Awards:  Nanaimo – #28 Darien Groundwater, #25 Chevy Carlson and #27 Rachel Wilson.  Alberni – #15 Cam McArthur, #8 Bobby McKenzie and # Brad

Game 10 – (Sun. 8:30 am) Alberni (AV1) 5 vs Saanich (SAA1) 2

1st Period – Alberni scores the first and only goal in the period from #8 Bobby McKenzie, assisted by #20 Ryshard Pouliot.  At the end of the period, the score is Alberni 1, Saanich 0.

2nd Period – Saanich gets on the scoreboard at 7:58 with a goal from #9 Noah Charlton, assisted by #16 Evan Murrison and #55 Jacob Piercy.  At 3:27, Alberni returns to take the lead with a goal from #15 Cam McArthur, with an assist from #7 Colton Scott.  After 2 periods of play the score is Alberni 2, Saanich 1.

3rd Period – Alberni increases their lead with a goal at 5:10 from #10 Kayden Doiron, unassisted.  At 5:01, Alberni #7 Colton Scott scores, unassisted.  At 3:42, Alberni #8 Bobby Mckenzie scores with assists from #7 Colton Scott and #16 Tanner Banman.  At 2:48 Saanich scores the last goal in the game from #22 Zane Blondeau and assisted by #18.  Final Score is Alberni 5, Saanich 2.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 14 penalty minutes.  Saanich had 10 penalty minutes.

Game 18 (Mon. 11:45 am)  Alberni (3rd) vs. Saanich (4th)

Game 20 (Mon. 3:45 pm) Pt. Coquitlam 3, Nanaimo2 2.

1st Period – Nanaimo  starts the scoring with a goal at 11 :15 from #3 Kenny Pham, assisted by #18 Connor Roshowsky.  Nanaimo scores again at 6:16 on a power play with an unassisted goal from #4Lucas Caukkanen.  At the end of the period the score is Pt. Coquitlam 0, Nanaimo 2.

2nd Period – Port Coquitlam scores at 9:43 with an unassisted goal from #16 Jerry Hughes.  The score after 2 periods of play, Pt. Coquitlam 1, Nanaimo 2.

3rd Period – Port Coquitlam goals at 13:17 when #11 Levi Tory scores with an assist from #16 Jerry Hughes.  The final goal of the game from Port Coquitlam was at 1:10 when #5 Anhol Sekhon scores on a power play with an assist from #17 Derek Pattenden.  The final score – Port Coquitlam 3, Nanaimo (NAN2) 2.

Penalty Summary – Port Coquitlam had 23 penalty minutes.  Nanaimo had 16 penalty minutes.


Team & Tournament Sponsors:

Tournament Director:

Kathy McArthur
Stephanie Hopkins – stephanieavmha@gmail.com

Mason Memorial BANTAM Tourney, Feb 10-13

Congratulations to Victoria Ice Hawks for their GOLD medal win.


Standings after 12/12 games

Bantam Pool A - points - Pool placement - Final placement
- Alberni              + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 4th  7th F
- Nanaimo              + 0 + 2 + 2 = 4 2nd  4th F
- Oceanside Blues      + 2 + 1 + 0 = 3 3rd  5th F
- Oceanside Hurricanes + 2 + 1 + 2 = 5 1st  2nd F
Bantam Pool B - points - Pool placement - Final placement
- Sooke                + 1 + 0 + 1 = 2 3rd  6th F
- Juan de Fuca         + 1 + 0 + 0 = 1 4th  8th F
- Victoria             + 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 1st  1st F - GOLD
- Cowichan             + 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 2nd  3rd F

Bantam Teams

(click on team photo to view)

ALBERNI STEELHEADS– 2-Gage Dorn, 10-Abby Nelson, 18-Arrianna Ward, 11-Dalten Hagen, 14-Jordan Villafane, 12-Dylan Stirzaker, 16-Nikolas Dwolinsky, 7-Colton Scott, 19-Cody Sutherland, 5-Kayden Doiron, 6-Jackson McKean, 8-Ty Vallee, 13-Bradley Kozacari, 1-Angelo Sarlandie (G), 35-Austin Kuc (G), 20-Ethan Sutherland.



OCEANSIDE BLUES – 30-Riley Hammil (G), 2-Nolan Lewis, 3-Jayden Dickinson, 4-Shawn McGrath, 5-Daniel Biagioni, 9-Garet Eppler, 11-Will Fox, 16-Nicholas Goodman, 15-Daylen Laflamme, 17-Taio Croden, 19-Jordan Meeler, 20-Ethan Tatt.



VICTORIA – 30-Isaac Cain-Tallo (G), 2-Kai Chisholm, 4-Boshko Maric, 6-Kai Scott-Moncrieff, 7-Max Yundt, 8-Ben White, 9-Adam Benn, 10-Lucas Underwood, 11-Nathan Jackson, 15-Gordon Bishop, 16-Yashwant Katireddy, 17-Willem Belanger, 18-Benjamin Dand, 19-Joel LeVecque



NANAIMO – 1-Cody Bowles (G), 7-Owen Baker, 5-Ryan Edwards, 6-Haiden Botro Kuff, 8-Cam Ward, 2-Cyrus Urbanowilz, 11-Alex Lister, 12-Noah Visscher, 14-Jorden Edwards, Hudson Hill, 3-Rylee Bready, 16-Hayden MacMillan, 19-Jack Squire, 20-Kaleb McEachern.




OCEANSIDE HURRICANES – 1-Alex Reid (G), 3-Rowan Hannay, 5-Dawson Meldrum, 6-Daniel Wilhelm, 7-Ben Tisdelle, 8-Kyle Keddy, 9-Martin Rupprecht, 10-Dain Lewis, 11-Jacob Colley, 12-Kohl Krastel, 14-Mathew Green, 17-Markus Wheatley, 18-Mason Frew, 19-Logan Brown, 20-Kaeden Letcher.



COWICHAN – 35-Brad Nielsen (G), 2-Carter Chanin, 3-Brayden Generous, 5-Carter Court, 6-Jacob Stocks, 7-Isiah Poro, 8-Ryan Kuhn, 9-Kodi Aven Picard, 11-Adrian Cahoon, 13-Kaleb Olson, 14-Wyatt Sawchuck, 15-Cheyenne Sawchuck, 17-Matty Schute, 18-Marcus Copp, 19-Jacob Mclusky.





JUAN DE FUCA – 1-Braeden Sather (G), 4-Brandon Bateman, 6-Jacob Moody, 8-James Semkiw, 10-Jayden Richardson, 15-Kya Fulko, 16-Danielle Boudreau, 18-Alex Ker, 19-Brayden Archambault, 44-Jaycen Lambert, 77-Braydon Pinzarrone, 88-Hamish Browne, 33-Alex (G), 79-Connor Rant, 70-Nathan Erickson.

Photos pending for – Sooke

SOOKE – 27-Connor Brinbridge (G), 2-Claudia Mcdonald, 4-Braden Gilson, 5-Madison Dursten, 8-Ayden Meher, 10-William Carture, 11-Thalia Bjorklund, 12-Danielle Bonilla, 14-Hunter Amida, 17-Daniel Thompson, 20-Saunison Reper, 21-Chris Piatkowski.

Bantam Game Schedule

B13 MON-FEB 13 8:15 AM W A-4 Alberni  2 B-4 Juan d F  1
B14 MON-FEB 13 9:45 AM W A-3 Ocean B  4 B-3 Sooke  2
B15 MON-FEB 13 12:45 PM W A-2 Nanaimo  3 B-2 Cowichan  5
B16 MON-FEB 13 4:15 PM W A-1 Ocean H  4 B-1 Victoria  5

Bantam Game Highlights & Photos

Bantam Game 1:  Alberni 0, Oceanside Blues 7.






Bantam Game 2:  Nanaimo 3, Oceanside Hurricanes 9.

Penalty Summary:  Nanaimo – 16 penalty min.  Oceanside – 8 penalty min.

NANAIMO Game Stars:   14 Jorden Edwards 8 Cam Ward 18 Hudson Hill,  20 Kaleb McEachern.

OCEANSIDE Game Stars:   7 Ben Tisdelle 9 Martin Rupprecht 12 Kohl Krastel,  17 Markus Wheatley.

Bantam Game 5:  Alberni 3, Nanaimo 6.

Alberni goals scored in the 1st period by #20 Ethan Sutherland, assisted by #5 Kayden Doiron and a powerplay goal scored by #16 Nikolas Dwolinsky, assisted by #17 Gage Dorn.  Alberni’s 3rd period goal was scored by #6 Jackson McKean, assisted by #20 Sutherland.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni = 8 min.  Nanaimo = 10 min.

Bantam Game 9:  Alberni 1, Oceanside Hurricanes 8.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni = 14 min.  Oceanside = 14 min.

Alberni’s only goal was scored in the 3rd period from #7 Colton Scott, assisted by #5 Kayden Doiron and #20 Ethan Sutherland.

Bantam Game 13:  Alberni 2, Juan de Fuca 1

Penalty Summary:  Alberni = 2 min.  Juan de Fuca = 10 min.

Alberni goals were both scored by #16 Nikolas Dwolinsky.  The first one was a powerplay goal assisted by #6 Jackson McKean.  The second goal was unassisted.

Bantam Game 14:  Oceanside Blues 4, Sooke 2.

Penalty Summary:  Oceanside Blues = 4 min.  Sooke = 2 min.

Oceanside Blues – 3 Stars:  2-Nolan Lewis, 5-Daniel Biagoni, 11-Will Fox

Sooke – 3 Stars:  4-Braden Gilson, 10-William Carture, 21-Chris Piatkowski

Bantam Game 15:  Nanaimo 3, Cowichan 5.

Penalty Summary:  Nanaimo = 10 min.  Cowichan = 8 min.

Nanaimo – 3 Stars:  2-Owen Baker, 8-Cam Ward, 12-Noah Visscher

Cowichan – 3 Stars:  3-Brayden Generous, 17-Matty Schure, 19-Jacob McCluskey.

Bantam Game 16:  Oceanside Hurricanes 4, Victoria 5

1st Period:  Oceanside goals scored by #17 Markus Wheatley, assisted by #12 Kohl Krastel, followed by a goal from #5 Dawson Meldrum, assisted by #28.  2nd Period:  Oceanside goal from #14 Mathew Green, unassisted.  3rd Period:  Oceanside goal from #6-Daniel Wilheim, assisted by #9-Martin Rupprecht.  Victoria goes on to score 4 goals in the period.  Two goals and an assist from #15-Gordon Bishop. Single goals from #19-Joel LeVecque and #9-Adam Benn, also an assist from #6-Kai Scott-Moncrieff.  Score tied at 4 each after 3 periods.  In a shoot out, Victoria’s #19 LeVecque gets the winning goal.

Penalty Summary:  Oceanside = 10 min.  Victoria = 10 min.

Oceanside Hurricanes 3 Stars:  #9-Martin Rupprecht, #12-Kohl Krastel, #14-Mathew Green.

Victoria 3 Stars:  #6-Kai Scott-Moncrieff, #9-Adam Benn, #19-Joel LeVecque.

Gold Medal winner – Victoria Ice Hawks

Bantam Team Sponsor

Thank you to all our sponsors, contributors, supporters… who play an important part in the success of our tournament.


Story of Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament (.pdf)

2017 Bryan Mason Tournament Rules (.pdf)

link to Peewee 10 Team Tournament

 36 Game Schedule of the B Mason Memorial Tournament (.pdf) to view or print

Tournament Directors



2017 VIAHA League & Playoff News

VIAHA Island League schedule of 12 games has been completed.

  • Midget VanIsle Ford Bulldogs win Division 1 1st place banner.  They went on to win the Tier 3 Island Championship and going to Terrace for the BC Championships.
  • Bantam Pacific Chevrolet Bulldogs place 2nd in Division 3
  • Peewee Alberni Chrysler/Best Western Hotel Bulldogs place 2nd in Div. 2.  They went on to capture the Tier 3 Island Championship and heading to Dawson Creek for the BC Championships.

AVMHA President presents banner to Peewee Bulldogs.


Atom Development Team captured the VIAHA Atom Development Playoff Champions banner.   Our Atom Bulldogs  played in Div. 3 and placed 2nd in the 12 league games played.

Alberni Toyota – AAA Photography – J. Salmon Contracting – Atom Development Bulldogs win the Island Playoff Championship of Atom Development teams.
Recreational League play continues until March 5th.    Only our Atom (AV2 Silver) team made playoffs set to play March 11-12th in the VIAHA Mid Island Recreational League.

AV News Sports Story published Jan 26/17. http://www.albernivalleynews.com/sports/411893846.html

2015-16 Team Photos – Bantam

2016-Bantam Rec.



Bantam Hooligans - Alberni District Co-op

Bantam Hooligans – Alberni District Co-op

Bantam Inferno - GD Auto - Scotiabank

Bantam Inferno – GD Auto – Scotiabank

2015 AVMHA Awards Banquet


Award Presentation Summary

Mites – 20 players received medal & mini hockey stick from Tim Horton’s sponsor of Tim Bits

(Novice – 40 players – 3 teams, will have there award presentation & banquet on March 28th.)

Atom Development Team – Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Blake Moore
  • Most Improved – Holden Fraser
  • Most Dedicated – Evan May

Atom (AtoMc) Bullfrogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Cam McArthur
  • Most Improved – Trey Lightburn
  • Most Dedicated – Cole Kenzie

Atom (AtoMc) Cougars

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Kai Bray
  • Most Improved – Ryshard Pouliot
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Cannon

PeeWee Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Logan Rozwadowski
  • Most Improved – Brayden Johnson
  • Most Dedicated – Carson Steel

PeeWee Blazers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Ty Vallee
  • Most Improved – Nikolas Dwolinsky
  • Most Dedicated – Jackson McKean

PeeWee Timbermen

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Samuel Shanks
  • Most Improved – Austin Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Maddison

Bantam Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Noah Fatur
  • Most Improved – Jerzy Gus
  • Most Dedicated – Ryan Devries

Bantam Steelheads

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Carmen Sanders
  • Most Improved – Riley Styan
  • Most Dedicated – Nicole Gagnon

Bantam Hornets

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Karlee Simpson
  • Most Improved – Brendan Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Linden Kailer-Dore

Midget Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Tynan Smyth
  • Most Improved – Mathew Lingl
  • Most Dedicated – Logan Henson

Midget Flyers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Michael Addy
  • Most Improved – Nathan Miller
  • Most Dedicated – James Paracy

Midget Hurricanes

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Jacob Price
  • Most Improved – Angelle Welsh
  • Most Dedicated – Kyle Hodson


5 Female players within AVMHA are on the North Island Impact Team that are heading to the Midget A Female Provincial Championships in Penticton later this month.  They will be defending their title as BC Champions from the 2013-2014 Season.

Maryna MacDonaldSydney DollingSophie VanderleeSarah DawsonBrittney Savard

 Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year - Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale


Kelly is a newer coach within our association.   He started coaching with AVMHA when his children decided to join hockey late.  He usually coaches 2 teams every year if needed.  This year he coached a PeeWee house team and a Midget house team.

Due to an accident a few years ago, he suffered a major injury and was unable to come out onto the ice and coach for a good portion of that season.  However, this did not deter him and he continued to support the kids and coaching staff.  He did this from the bench whenever and wherever he was able to.  He continued to coach.

He is a very committed and dedicated coach.  He is a very patient coach (except when it comes to his own kids… but most coaches are like that and he even admits that he’s tougher on his own kids.)  He loves to teach the game of hockey and he’s  always thinking of new ways to get the kids motivated.  He is all about having fun and working as a team.  Parents love him and the kids love him.

I (Meranda Vallee) had the pleasure of coaching with him this year and he took the time to ask me questions and my thoughts, views and opinions.  He’s a great teacher.  He treated me as an equal, even though I could barely skate and had just completed the coaching course this year.  The man does have a lot of patience.

Kelly received the most nominations from the membership for “Coach of the Year”.

Volunteer of the Year – Gen Connell

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell is a newer person within our Association.  She took the initiative to step up and help out wherever she could as soon as her first child was in Mites, a couple years ago.  She was a team manager in Novice last year and she took on the role of Division Manager for the Novice Division this year.

Being a Division Manager is extremely hard work.  It requires dedication and a lot of patience, especially while trying to manage a Division with an odd number of teams.  She had 3 teams to manage.  Being a Division Manager includes managing equal ice times, managing/organizing the coaches, the parents, organizing the referees for games, setting up games, managing tournaments and the list goes on.  This division held another tournament this year which was a very successful event for our Association and for our community.

Gen dealt with a lot of politics throughout the year, which for such a young Division, has me (AVMHA President) quite worried at this point.  We as parents need to stop and think before we act or react.  We have to remember that this sport is an extra-curricular sport and not the NHL or the pathway to the NHL.  It’s for kids to have fun, to make friends, to get some exercise and to learn the game of hockey.  We have to stop and think of the people who are volunteers and recognize that they are here to help out.  If we don’t like the job and appreciate what they are doing, then we need to shut up and step up to the plate ourselves.

Gen encouraged communication throughout the year.  Communication is huge  in this sport and she recognized that right away.  A quality that some don’t recognize right away or at all for that matter.  She has learned and grown a lot throughout this year and I (Meranda Vallee) can see her continuing to grow within this Association and I encourage her to do so.

Gen Connell received the most nominations from the membership for the Volunteer of the Year award.  Congratulations!


Above & Beyond – Carolynn Scott

2015-Volunteer-CarolynScott-7739Carolynn has been with our association for a few years now and has seen it all.  She has been involved in some way wherever she could in the past, including being a manager.  She then started to help me (Meranda Vallee) when I was Treasurer about 3-4 years ago.  She continued on and then was able to take over the management of our Gaming program from me.  She did up the reports, applications, deposits, keeping managers in line with the rules.  It’s a huge job and there is a lot to know.

Two years ago Carolynn was voted in as Treasurer and has increasingly been growing in that role over her term.  It’s not a position that you can just throw at someone, they have to grow into it.  Hence, why she started learning with me about 4 years ago.  There is a lot to know, there is a lot to learn and it is a job that never stops.

She has also taken steps to further her education, on her own time, so that she could properly fulfill the position.  This position takes a lot dedication, patience, learned knowledge, family time, personal time and being cooped up in an office for hours on end sorting out team accounts, rolling up coins, doing deposits, handing out receipts, doing Ref cheques, calling up parents for overdue fees or bounced cheques… the list goes on and it is usually not all fun.  It can be very stressful and does keep a person awake at night sometimes.  It is a full time job, one that is not paid by the way and one that 99.9% of normal people will not touch.

Carolynn had little to no experience when she first started out with me.  She is now fully in charge of Gaming and totally fulfills the Treasurer’s role with little to no help.  In doing this, she still fulfills her role as an Executive member and deals with a lot in that regard as well.  Her dedication to the Association is proof of her growth.  She is to a point now, that I am very comfortable and confident in her by saying, “OK, you’ve got this.”



Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland, left, and Arriana Ward, right. Presented by Referee in Chief – Chris Canuel.

Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland & Arriana Ward

Top Referee of the Year – Eric Gill

Jessica States Memorial Award – Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson, front left with last year's recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Abby Nelson, front left with last year’s recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Jessica States was born in 1985 (30 years ago).  She was tragically killed in July 1996.  She was a typical PeeWee hockey player when there was not many female players in the association.  She had a passion for sports and loved to play hockey.  This award is presented annually to a female PeeWee player that has the sportsmanship and dedication like Jessica did.

This year’s recipient is Abby Nelson.  This is Abby’s second year playing PeeWee with the PeeWee Bulldogs.  She plays Defence and has been an asset to the team since earning a permanent spot in October.  She rarely misses a practice or a game and is reliable in her position.  Abby gets along well with her team mates.  She always carries a smile and a positive attitude.  Abby focuses on fitness and pushes her team mates to push harder both on and off the ice.  Congratulations Abby!

Presented by Roxanne Leyland with 2014 recipient Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator Eric Gagnon.


Presentation of Jersey’s to Graduating Players 

2015-GradGroup2-7750Logan Henson – Alberni Refrigeration | Angelle Welsh – Clydesdale Automotive | Chase Henstridge – Cathy Braiden | Nicholas Vincent | Lynzie Taylor – Canadian Tire | Griffin Dolling – GD Auto | David Friel – Clambucket Restaurant | Codie Beecroft – Sears | Ashton Locke – Tyler’s No Frills | Carson Nicholson – Tyler’s No Frills | Danika Bratt – Dago Diesel Inc. | Cole Oldfield – Don Moyen Holdings Ltd. |  Jayden Lajeunesse – Island Rhino | Sophie Vanderlee – Lisa Vanderlee | Michael Addy – Clydesdale Automotive | Matt Irg | Ethan Sundstrum | Ryan Price | Jakob Bottaro | James McLeod | Jake Eskola | Jessie Geddes | Keagun Selva – T&G Boyd | Ryan Love | Andrew Paruk – AV Referees | Josh Harvey.


Summary – Bryan Mason Memorial Cup

Bryan Mason Memorial Cup

Bryan Mason Memorial Cup

AVMHA hosted the 2nd Bryan Mason Memorial Cup Tournament on the Family Day Weekend (Feb. 7-9) with 8 teams participating:  Alberni Valley Hornets – Alberni Valley Steelheads – Oceanside Vipers – Comox Valley Ice Hawks –Cowichan Valley Blazers – Nanaimo Stars – Sooke Thunderbirds – Vancouver Crushers.

In the Round Robin, each team played 3 games.

Alberni Steelheads (lost 3 games) and Nanaimo Stars teams placed 4th in their Round Robin Pool and played off for a final 7th or 8th place in the tournament.

First period – Alberni Steelheads start the scoring with goals from #5 Nathan Banks, unassisted and #19 Haiden Simpson assisted by #2 Graeme Kamagai.  At 6:48 Nanaimo #27  Liam Woods scores a powerplay goal with an assist from #23 Kai Cleave.  At 4:44  Alberni’s #2 Kumagai lobs  the puck over the goal tender to score, assisted by #19 Simpson.  At 1:44 Alberni #13 Riley Styan scores with assists from #14 Skyler Cootes and #15 Hunter Buxton.  At the end of  the period, the score is Alberni Steelheads 4, Nanaimo Stars 1.

Second period – Nanaimo starts off the period with #22  Trey Morrison shooting past the goalie to score, assisted by #21 Mason Scott.  At 6:31 Alberni #2 Kumagai scores with an assist from #20 Seth Vallee.  At the end of the period, the score is Alberni Steelheads 5, Nanaimo Stars 2.

Third period – Alberni’s #2 Kumagai shoots and scores an unassisted goal at 19:04.  Alberni’s 7th goal is scored by #20 Seth Vallee with assists from #2 Kumagai and #18 Zakeysha Corey. Its followed by Alberni’s  8th goal from #16 Malaika Stone, unassisted at 13:09.  Alberni’s 9th goal was scored at 9:44 was scored by #19 Haiden Simpson and assisted by #5 Nathan Banks.  10th goal was scored at 8:53 by #5 Banks, assisted by #16 Stone.  Nanaimo returns with goals at 6:55 from #30 Zac Danley, assisted by #28 Gavin Smith.  Nanaimo #46 Austin Green scores a short handed goal at 6:16 with an assist from #20 Nathan Allen.  Alberni scores at 3:28 with goal from #14 Skyler Cootes, assisted by #15 Hunter Buxton.  At 2:24 Alberni’s last goal is scored by #19 Simpson, assisted by #2 Kumagai  Nanaimo scores in the last minute of play with the goal from #22 Trey Morrison, assisted by #28 Gavin Smith.  The final score is Alberni Steelheads 12, Nanaimo Stars 5.

Penalty summary – Alberni Steelheads had 4 penalties = 8 penalty minutes.  Nanaimo Stars had 5 penalties = 10 minutes.

Alberni Steelhead players

Alberni Steelhead players

Alberni Hornets  (won 1 game, tied 2 games) and Vancouver Crusher teams placed 1st in their Round Robin Pool and played off  for a final 1st-Gold or 2nd-Silver in the tournament.

First period – Vancouver Crushers start the scoring at 8:48 with a goal from #19 Spencer Gorden, assisted by #15 Matteo Crossley.  With 2 minutes left in the period, Vancouver’s #8 Jaden Jugovic scores with assists from #15 Crossley and #18 Preetpaul Chhoker and a goal from #17 Steven Tran, assisted by #5 Arlo Spring.  At the end of the period, the score is Alberni Hornets 0, Vancouver Crushers 3.

Second period – Vancouver continues to score with 5 additional goals.  Goal scorers were #18 Chhoker, #19 Gorden (2 goals) and #10 Lucas Grant (2 goals).  #15 Crossley and #16 Darryl Kumar each earned an assist.  At the end of the period, the score is Alberni Hornets 0, Vancouver Crushers 8.

Third period – Vancouver’s 9th goal was scored by #13 Nolan Harris, unassisted.  At 8:14 Alberni #18 Carter Elder scores an unassisted goal.  At 2:31 Vancouver’s #16 Kumar scored the final goal with assists from #17 Tran and #19 Gorden. The final score is Alberni Hornets 1, Vancouver Crushers 10.

Penalty Summary – Alberni Hornets had 8 penalties = 16 penalty minutes.  Vancouver Crushers had 5 penalties = 10 penalty minutes.

Alberni Hornets - Silver

Alberni Hornets – Silver

Final Tournament Standings:  GOLD – Vancouver Crushers | SILVER – Alberni Hornets | BRONZE – Comox Ice Hawks | 4th – Oceanside Vipers



2014 Recreational League Standings

This information comes from the Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association’s website (viaha.org).  It applies to our RECREATIONAL hockey teams only, playing in the Mid-Island League.

Last Update:  March 5, 2014




AV1-CANUCKS 17 11 4 2 326 33 7/18
AV2-FLYERS 17 5 10 2 239 23 16/18


  • AV1-CANUCKS – LOSS – MAR. 1 – COW3  5  vs  AV1  2
  • AV2-FLYERS – LOSS – MAR. 1 –  NAN2  6  vs  AV2  3

Midget Recreation Teams will be hosting an 8 team tournament, March 15-17th.  Website:  http://avhockey2014mar.wordpress.com




AV1-TIMBERMEN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0/0
AV2-WHALERS 16 2 14 0 52 20 16/16


  • AV2-WHALERS – LOSS – MAR. 1 – OCE2  10  vs  AV2  6




AV1-HEAT 17 0 17 0 102 14 18/18
AV2-TIMBERMEN 16 2 13 1 83 20 15/18


  • AV2-TIMBERMEN – LOSS – MAR. 1 – OCE1  9  vs  AV2  1



LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Jan. 10, 2014

Bantam girls selected to Island Under-16 squad


13-AV Times 500x50

Alberni Valley trio will play in B.C. Winter Games in February.

Three local hockey players will be representing the Alberni Valley on a provincial scale next month.  Sydney Dolling, Shay-Lee McConnell and Maryna MacDonald have been selected to play on the Vancouver Island girls under-16 team to play at the B.C. Winter Games in February.  Each of the girls plays with the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association’s Bantam A Bulldogs team.

The three girls were selected after a tough weekend of tryouts from Jan. 4 to 5 in Nanaimo.  There were over 55 girls trying out, and after fitness testing, onice skills, drills and evaluation games, they were among the 18 players and two goalies selected for the team.

The girls are all born in the years 1999 and 2000.

They will now go to the B.C. Winter Games, which will be held in Mission from Feb. 20 to 23, when teams from across the province will compete in a round-robin tournament.



1611767 Island Highway – Victoria BC – V9B 1J1 – (250) 590-6153

January 6, 2014

Meranda Vallee
President, Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association
3737 Roger Street
Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 7M7

RE:   Bryan Mason Memorial Hockey Tournament

Dear Meranda,

On behalf of our team, Juan De Fuca Bantam C1, please accept our thanks for being able to participate in the Bryan Mason Memorial.

On a personal note, I’ve been in hockey way too long  and this tournament was the best hockey experience I have ever had with coaching a team.

I don’t know where to begin or end; the tournament volunteers genuinely cared and looked after all the visiting players and volunteers – including the fantastic home baking provided – we always felt welcomed and supported, fantastic.

The best story was the games – every bench was positive with their players, all officials and tournament officials were treated with respect and courtesy.     I really wish I could have brought a documentary film crew with us so we could show it to every hockey family so they could witness what this great sport truly can aspire to.

We were fortunate to win this tournament in a shoot-out – however – even if this had gone the other way, nothing would diminish the amazing hockey experience we had in your great community.

 I can’t thank you enough for the work and dedication it took to put this together, especially in the busy holiday season.

On a final note, receiving the trophy from Mr. Mason was absolutely over-whelming to me as a coach and as a father with two boys in minor hockey – it’s obvious that the love this man had for his son was perfectly placed for the love all of you have for your community and your hockey program.

 I think your hockey family is top notch and we will always treasure the memories we brought back from our time with you.

 Thank you very much and all the best to you in the future.

With Warm Regards,

Terry Phelps

Head Coach

 JDFMHA Bantam C1





LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Dec. 31, 2013

AV Whalers, Timbermen face off

Local bantam rec teams play each other in Bryan Mason Memorial Cup tourney

13-AV Times 500x50

The Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association hosted four different Island bantam recreational hockey teams this weekend, in addition to two of its own, for the annual Bryan Mason Memorial Cup tournament, which ended yesterday.

The tournament was won by Comox Valley, with the Alberni bantam teams, the Whalers and Timbermen, facing each other on Monday at noon.  That game was won by the Timbermen.

The tournament is held each year at the Multiplex in memory of Bryan Mason, who died tragically in a motor vehicle accident on March 1, 2011.  Mason grew up in the Valley playing minor hockey and attended Alberni District Secondary School, graduating in 2008 before continuing his studies at North Island College’s automotive department.  He died at age 21, and his family has since contributed to three educational bursaries to date, and will continue to support education in his memory.

The two local bantam teams did not start the tournament the way they would have hoped to.

First, the Timbermen fell to Comox Valley 9-0 on Saturday. Kylie Scott was named most sportsmanship player of that game for Alberni, while Haiden Simpson won most valuable player and Skyler Quesnel-Campbell took the digger award.

Next on the ice were the Whalers for their first game of the tournament. However, they were handed an 8-2 loss by Nanaimo.  Nathan Banks and Joe McAllister scored the lone goals for the Whalers in that game, and McAllister was also named MVP of the game for his team.  Lauranna Karlsen won Alberni’s digger award, and the Sportsman award went to Carmen Sanders.

Later, the Timbermen lost to Nanaimo by a score of 8-4. Simpson had his team’s lone first period goal, and Jimmy Hassall and Quesnel-Campbell also scored in the second.  Kieran Wanner then scored for the Timbermen in the third, but they could not come close to Nanaimo in this one.  Alberni game awards went to Emily Rathbone (digger), Jacob Price (MVP) and Lauren Ivezich (sportsman).

Next on the ice were the Whalers, who were also dealt a lopsided defeat, this time to Campbell River.  McAllister scored both his team’s goals, while Jakob Gaudet was named MVP, Garrett Welsh was named the digger, and Nic Field was named the sportsman of the game for the Whalers.

The next day, the Whalers again took to the ice to take on Campbell River and were able to keep the score down, but still lost 3-1. Scott scored Alberni’s first goal, and the first goal of the game, but unfortunately for the Timbermen it was the last.

Annika Johnson (sportsman), Emma Eaton (MVP) and Wanner (digger) won game awards for the Timbermen.

In the next game of the day, the Whalers fell 7-0 to Juan de Fuca as Welsh (MVP), Tristan Clydesdale (digger) and Karlee Simpson (sportsman) took game awards for their team.

The Whalers and Timbermen took on each other in their final game of the Bryan Mason Memorial.

This one was closer than any games either of the two teams had played all tournament.

The game started at noon, and both teams played to a scoreless tie in the first period.

However, the Timbermen took the lead in the second period while killing a penalty.

The Timbermen then added another goal later in the game to take a 3-2 lead into the final period of the tournament for both teams.

In the third, the Whalers managed to get on the scoreboard, scoring two goals themselves and winning the period. The game, however, was won by the Timbermen who scored the goal they needed to beat their association rivals on Monday afternoon.

News@avtimes.net 250-723-8171 ” We want to hear from you.

Send comments on this story to news@avtimes.net. Letters must include daytime phone number and hometown.

© Copyright 2013


LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Dec. 30, 2013

Minor hockey is heating up the ice this season

13-AV Times 500x50


While most Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association teams are competing in tournaments over the winter break, they all take a break from league play for the holidays.

So far this season, all of the minor Bulldogs teams are competing hard in their respective divisions, with two teams playing above their Tier 3 classifications. In Peewee, the Bulldogs are in second place in the Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association’s Tier 3 league, tied with Tri Port with nine points through eight games.

The Peewee A Bulldogs have a record of four wins, three losses and one tie, with 36 goals for and 37 against. Their biggest win of the season game in a 9-2 victory over the Victoria Racquet Club’s Tier 2 squad.

Their next game is on Jan. 11, on the road against Cowichan Valley, which has a four-point lead in the standings over Alberni.

The AVMHA this season was able to dress two bantam rep teams.

The Bantam A Bulldogs are played up a division in Tier 2 and have been successful so far, sitting in third place in the seventeam league, with a record of 5-3-3. Despite sitting three points back of Comox Valley Tier 1 and two points behind Campbell River Tier 2, the Bantam A Bulldogs have two games in hand on Campbell River and one on Comox. Their last game was a 5-1 win over Campbell River.

They next play at home on Jan. 19 against Powell River.

The Bantam B Bulldogs are in third place in the five-team Island Tier 4 league with a record of 4-6-0. However, they are the only Tier 4 tam in the league. At the break, the Bantam B Bulldogs are trailing first-place Saanich by nine points.

The Midget A Bulldogs are once again playing in the Island’s top league, the VIAHA midget Tier 1 (two tiers above their classification).

However, after winning the Tier 3 provincial championship at home last season, they are not having the season they would have hoped to enjoy so far.

Through nine games, they have a record of 1-6-2. Their next home game is on Sunday, Jan. 12 against the Victoria Racquet Club.

And while the local rep teams take a break from league play, the AVMHA is hosting two bantam tournaments this winter break.

The first, the Bantam Recreational Tournament, runs from Dec. 28 to 30 at the Multiplex while the second, the New Year Classic Bantam Tournament takes over the Multiplex from Jan. 3 to 5.


LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Dec. 18, 2013

AVMHA prepares to host three tournaments

Novice, bantam recreational, bantam rep tourneys upcoming

 13-AV Times 500x50

School will soon be out, but local minor hockey players won’t have a lot of spare time on their hands with three tournaments this winter break at the Alberni Valley Multiplex.

Tournament season begins on Saturday with a two-day Novice Hockey Jamboree.

The jamboree features three Alberni Valley novice teams – the Blues, Devils and Sharks – and also welcomes teams from Comox and Oceanside.

The first game of the jamboree is at 8:45 a.m., Saturday in the Weyerhaueser Arena, as is the last game of the weekend, which begins at 4:15 p.m. Saturday.

The next tournament of the winter break features bantam recreational teams competing against each other at the Multiplex.

The tournament is expected to have a field of eight teams, but the out-of-town teams have not yet been announced.

However, both the Alberni Valley Timbermen and Alberni Valley Whalers will be in action over the course of the tournament, which goes from Dec. 28 to 30 at the Multiplex.

The schedule for the tournament has not yet been released. The final tournament of the winter break comes in the new year, as the New Year Classic Bantam Tournament takes place Jan. 3 to 5 and will feature bantam Tier 2, 3, and 4 teams, including the Peewee Tier 3 and Tier 4 Bulldogs teams. The rest of the field is not yet available.

Check online at www.avmha.ca for updated schedules and results from all three tournaments.


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2013-14 Recreation Team Photos

Atom-Flyers-McDonalds900 Atom-Icebreakers-McDonalds900 Bantam-Timbermen-CdnTire900 Bantam-Whalers-CUPE118-900 Midget-Canucks-BowermanExcavating900 Midget-Flyers-BuyLowFoods900 Mites-Flyers-TimHortons Mites-Kings-TimHortons900 Novice-Blues-Scotiabank-MacDermotts900 Novice-Devils-Haggards900 Novice-Sharks-Coop900 PeeWee-Heat-FireFighters-Scotiabank900 PeeWee-Timbermen-AV Times900


Published 11 Apr 2013 Alberni Valley Times

Another season of minor hockey in the Alberni Valley is in the books and the association handed out its annual awards.

Atom development coach Dan Shiner was named coach of the year.  Shiner started as a member of the AVMHA at a very young age. He played as an Alberni Valley Timbermen for many years – being coached by some of the best and worst coaches AVMHA has ever had.  As his family grew so did his role in AVMHA – he became a coach first to his oldest son, then juggled coaching both sons in two different divisions and this year, he coached his youngest.  Over the years, he has played the role of assistant coach, head coach and coach mentor.

The volunteer of the year award went to Kellie Steel, who had 23 nominations for the award.

Bruce Brunt, who was instrumental in running the Tier 3 Midget provincial championship tournament, was given the above and beyond award, and the Jessica States Memorial Award was earned by Nicole Gagnon.

Also at the awards ceremony, 42 graduating players were given their jerseys as a gift from the association.

The team awards are as follows:


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Daniel Marriott

Most Improved Player: Logan Rozwadoski

Most Dedicated Player: MacKenzie Adams

ATOMIC Canucks

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Zechariah McDonald

Most Improved Player: Acacia Thompson

Most Dedicated Player: Grayson Erickson


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Abbey Nelson

Most Improved Player: Jordan Villafane

Most Dedicated Player: Justin Brown

PEEWEE Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Riley Shiner

Most Improved Player: Joe McAllister

Most Dedicated Player: Noah Fatur

PEEWEE Avalanche

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Alisa Clydesdale

Most Improved Player: Dezirae Henstridge

Most Dedicated Player: Jakob Gaudet


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryan Turgeon

Most Improved Player: Braeden Reynolds

Most Dedicated Player: Tyler Torfs

PEEWEE Warriors

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Annika Johnson

Most Improved Player: Carmen Sanders

Most Dedicated Player: Kylie Scott

BANTAM Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryan Rae Arthur

Most Improved Player: Tynan Smyth

Most Dedicated Player: Shay-lee McConnell

BANTAM Coyotes

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kayla Caddy

Most Improved Player: Tristen Clydesdale

Most Dedicated Player: Shelby Clydesdale

BANTAM Timbermen

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Brennan Locke

Most Improved Player: Colton Bowerman

Most Dedicated Player: Ayden Brossoit

MIDGET Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Liam Macleod

Most Improved Player: Keagun Selva

Most Dedicated Player: Jason Brunt

MIDGET B Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: James Mcleod

Most Improved Player: Eric Gill

Most Dedicated Player: Logan Henson


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Tyrell Terryberry

Most Improved Player: Aiden Harris

Most Dedicated Player: Jayden Lajeunesse

MIDGET Canucks

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Cole Tewinke

Most Improved Player: Bryan Michel

Most Dedicated Player: Dylan Nakagawa


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Carley Gitelman

Most Improved Player: Angelle Welsh

Most Dedicated Player: Sarah Dawson.


Rookie of the Year: Ravi Manhas

Top Referee of the Year: Austyn Smith


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Photo Booth:

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Full details (Game reports, Photos, etc.) on the Tournament Website:  http://avhockey2012dec.wordpress.com

Bantam Recreation Tournament

December 28-30th, 2012 – AV Multiplex

 Port Alberni Coyotes | Port Alberni Timbermen | Oceanside Blazers | Campbell River Bears | Nanaimo Chargers | Nanaimo Rangers | Cowichan Blazers | Cowichan Chiefs | Nanaimo Jets | Powell River Outdoor


Gold – Cowichan Blazers

Silver – Campbell River Bears

Bronze – Port Alberni Coyotes

4th Place – Port Alberni Timbermen

2012-13 Bantam Timbermen

2012-13 Bantam Coyotes


What a way to end the season!  Our Bantam Team came home from the Powell River All-Star Tournament as Bantam Champions.  Way to go!

Right Click on photo – Select View Image – to show larger image



Bantam team named all stars in Powell River

Alberni Valley Times –Published: Friday, April 13, 2012

Port Alberni’s Bantam hockey team came back all-stars from the Powell River Bantam tournament last weekend.

The young team fought hard all weekend, but the final game was a real nail-bitter. The Alberni Valley was behind 3-0 with 7: 38 left in the second period. Logan Henson scored with assists by Ryan Rae-Arthur and Nick Ross to start the comeback.

At 17: 30 in the third period, Brittney Savard scored the second goal, with assist by Carson Nicholson

The tying goal was scored by Jakob Gitelman, with assists awarded to Kayden Terryberry and Nick Ross at 9: 07 in the third period. The winning goal was scored by Logan Henson, with 1: 37 left in the game.

Brayden Ward held off the continuous shots fired at him in goal in the last 90 seconds, while Alberni Valley was killing off a penalty and Powell River pulled their goalie so it was six-on-four.

It was an exciting end to the tournament for the players, fans and family who made the trip to Powell River.

“Fun was had by all throughout the weekend,” explained team manager Anu Ward, “and with the whole team effort to pull off two wins, one tie and one loss to give them the final game.”

The team is made up of Michael Addy, Tyler Drew-Adams, Rylan Cole, Carson Nicholson, Tyler Mercer, Shelby Clydes-dale, Brittney Savard, Nick Ross, Jakob Gitelman, Brayden Ward, Kayden Terryberry, Ryan Rae-Arthur, Logan Henson, Griffin Dolling, Alex Cochrane, Nick Vincent and Chase Henstridge. They are coached by Rob Cole and Mark Addy.

The most valuable players for games one through five were Carson Nicholson, Nick Ross, Brayden Ward, Shelby Clydesdale and Logan Henson.




We are proud to have 7 recreation hockey teams in the playoffs in the Mid Island League. Here is a list of games the AVMHA teams playing in the Finals.  Unfortunately none of the games are being played locally.  This is an unofficial list.  If there are any errors, please notify avmha.webadmin@shaw.ca

Error:  Female Midget – March 10 – Female AV Midget vs Nanaimo should start at 12:30 and Comox vs Cow. Valley should start at 3:15.




Wednesday afternoon and the Alberni Valley News Bantam Coyotes have the ice to themselves for a practice.  The team has been to 3 tournaments this season (Lake Cowichan, Powell River & Nanaimo).  They placed second in the Lake Cowichan tournament.  They did not know the exact standings in league play, but they are happy with the number of winning games.

They have a good team and good leader in their captain, Nick Ross.  The best player at stick handling – Jaden.  The player with the best wrist shot – Nick.  The most enthusiastic player – Kaden.


Alberni’s K&F Roofing Bantam Bruins are having a great season so far.  In league play, we are undefeated, however one game was a tie (against the Alberni  Bantam Coyotes).  The team is playing very well together, under the coaching of Rob Cole and Mark Addy.  Our team Captain is Carson Nicholson and Assistants Danial Tavares & Logan Henson.

We attended one tournament in Port McNeill in November, where we took first place.  More information on the Port McNeill Bantam Tournament  – North Island Gazette-Nov 24/11.

Bantam Bruins win Gold in Port McNeill Tournament


Proud Sponsors of the Bantam Bruins

Submitted by Renee Tavares