PeeWee Bulldogs

Oct. 11-14, 2019 Peewee Tier 2-3 Tournament


Team Standings

(after 15 of 15 round robin games)

    TEAM                     PLACEMENT         FINAL PLACEMENT
  1. Alberni    0 + 2 + 2 = 4   4TH                  4TH
  2. Comox      2 + 2 + 2 = 6   3RD  (GA=8)          3RD
  3. Juan DF    0 + 2 + 0 = 2   8TH                  8TH
  4. Victoria   2 + 0 + 0 = 2   5TH                  6TH
  5. Peninsula  0 + 0 + 0 = 0   10TH                 10TH
  6. Hollyburn  2 + 2 + 2 = 6   2ND  (GA=5)          2ND
  7. TriPort    0 + 0 + 0 = 0   9TH                  9TH
  8. Oceanside  2 + 0 + 0 = 2   6TH                  5TH
  9. West Van   2 + 2 + 2 = 6   1ST  (GA=3)          1ST
  10. Cowichan   0 + 0 + 2 = 2   7TH                  7TH

Game Schedule

FRI 1    6:15PM-8:00   C  ALBERNI  6  COMOX    9

SAT 6    7:30AM-9:15   C HOLLYBURN 6  COWICHAN  4
SAT 2    8:00AM-9:45   W JUAN DF   2  VICTORIA  4
SAT 7    9:30AM-11:15  C TRIPORT   1  WEST VAN  9
SAT 3   11:15AM-1:00   W ALBERNI  11  PENINSULA 0
SAT 8   11:30AM-1:15   C COWICHAN  4  OCEANSIDE 9
SAT 4    1:15PM-3:00   W VICTORIA  0  COMOX     5
SAT 5    3:15PM-5:00   W HOLLYBURN 8  TRIPORT   1
SAT 9    3:30PM-5:15   C PENINSULA 2  JUAN DF   6
SAT 10   5:30PM-7:15   C OCEANSIDE 2  WEST VAN  11

SUN 11   8:45AM-10:30  W ALBERNI   5  TRIPORT   3
SUN 14   9:00AM-10:45  C COMOX     6  OCEANSIDE 2
SUN 12  10:45AM-12:30  W WEST VAN 11  VICTORIA  0
SUN 15  11:00AM-12:45  C JUAN DF   0  HOLLYBURN 11
SUN 13  12:45PM-2:30   W PENINSULA 1  COWICHAN  10
SUN S2   5:15PM-7:15   C HOLLYBURN 7  COMOX     5
SUN S1   5:30PM-7:30   W WEST VAN 12  ALBERNI   1

MON C1   8:30AM-10:15  W TRIPORT  11  PENINSULA 3
MON C2   9:00AM-10:45  C COWICHAN  5  JUAN DF   2
MON B   10:30AM-12:30  W ALBERNI   7  COMOX     10 
MON C3  11:00AM-12:45  C VICTORIA  5  OCEANSIDE 6
MON G-S 12:45PM-2:45   W WEST VAN  4  HOLLYBURN 1

Click here to view &/or print (.pdf) tournament schedule

Game Highlights

(Alberni games & Gold Medal game only)

Game 1 – Fri. 6:15 pm – Alberni 6, Comox 9

1st Period – Alberni goal at 11:12 scored by #21 Zoe Kevis assisted by #14 Xander Jensen.  Comox #17 Carson Smith scores at 9:06, unassisted.  Alberni returns at 7:43 with a power play goal from #9 Aidan Swann assisted by #18 Seth Corlazzoli and #12 Kyle Ralston.  Comox scores a power play goal at 5:55 from #14 Westin Churchill, assisted by #17 Carson Smith.  Only seconds later at 5:44 Comox #16 Grady Watt scores an unassisted goal.  Alberni’s #21 Zoe Kevis scores at 1:34 with assist from #7 Brynn Austin.  With 7 seconds on the clock, Comox #15 Marcus Costantino scores an unassisted goal.  At the end of the 1st period, the score is Alberni 3, Comox 4.

2nd Period – Comox starts the scoring in the period at 18:09 with a power play goal from #16 Grady Watt, unassisted.  Alberni scores a power play goal at 15:17 from #21 Zoe Kevis, assisted by #12 Kyle Ralston and #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  At 14:20 Comox #6 Jack Rae scores with assists from #3 Max Duncan and #11 Max Jean.  Alberni goal at 13:11 scored by #21 Zoe Kevis, unassisted.  Comox scores at 00:54 with goal from #16 Grady Watt, assisted by #17 Carson Smith and #14 Westin Churchill.  At the end of the 2nd period, the score is Alberni 5, Comox 7.

3rd Period – Alberni scores at 13:18 with a goal from #21 Zoe Kevis, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann.  Comox scores an unassisted goal at 9:12 from #3 Max Duncan.  Comox scores the final goal of the game at 5:20 from #11 Max Jean, assisted by #6 Jack Rae.  Final Score:  Alberni 6, Comox 9.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 5 penalties = 10 penalty minutes.  Comox had 6 penalties = 10 penalty minutes + game misconduct.

Game 3 – Sat. 11:15 am – Alberni 11, Peninsula 0

1st Period – First goal by Alberni at 10:59 scored by #12 Kyle Ralston, assisted by #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  Alberni #21 Zoe Kevis scored at 5:19 with assist from #7 Brynn Austin.  Third Alberni goal scored was on a power play at 3:10 by #12 Kyle Ralston, assisted by #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  Score:  Alberni 1, Peninsula 0.

2nd Period – Alberni scored 7 goals in the period.  At 19:21, #18 Seth Corlazzoli, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann.  At 19:00, power play goal from #21 Zoe Kevis, assisted by #8 Brooke Mauke.  At 16:08, #18 Seth Corlazzoli, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann and #12 Kyle Ralston.  At 14:23, #21 Zoe Kevis, unassisted.  At 13:25 power play goal from #17 Ryder Towe, assisted by #3 Samuel Murray.  At 2:10, #16 Deion Rollheiser, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann and #10 Linden Higgins.  At 00:49, #12 Kyle Ralston, unassisted.  Score:  Alberni 10, Peninsula 0.

3rd Period – The final goal of the game was scored at 4:27 by #7 Brynn Austin, assisted by #21 Zoe Kevis.  Final score:  Alberni 11, Peninsula 0.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 4 penalty minutes and Peninsula had 10 penalty minutes in the game.

Game 11 – Sun. 8:45 am – Alberni 5 vs Tri-Port 3

1st Period – Alberni #18 Seth Corlazzoli scored the first goal at 11:41, with assist from #9 Aidan Swann.  TriPort scores at 2:48 with goal from #23 Yuri Noel, assisted by #19 Rylan Krawietz and #11 Bryce Cote.  Score:  Alberni 1, TriPort 1.

2nd Period – TriPort takes the lead at 17:17 with a goal from #27 Tanner Livingston, assisted by #9 William Harrison.  Alberni returns at 16:33 with goal from #16 Deion Rollheiser, assisted by #10 Linden Higgins & #20 Peyton Lucas.  At 4:02, Alberni #12 Kyle Ralston scores a power play goal, unassisted.  At 2:00 TriPort scores a power play goal from #23 Yuri Noel, assisted by #19 Rylan Krawietz.  Score:  Alberni 3, TriPort 3.

3rd Period – Alberni shuts out TriPort with 2 goals in the period.  At 10:14 #21 Zoe Kevis scores a short handed goal.  At 9:09 #12 Kyle Ralston scores with assists from #9 Aidan Swann & #13 Brielle Banton.  Final Score:  Alberni 5, TriPort 3.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 14 penalty minutes.  TriPort had 22 penalty minutes.

Semi-Final Game – Sun. 5:30 pm –  West Van 12, Alberni 1

(Round Robin 3rd place – West Vancouver vs 4th place – Alberni)

1st Period – West Vancouver goals:  9:01 #12 Jake Yaniw Greenwood (#5 Yibo Liu, #21 Madeline Collins).  1:24 #17 Xiyue Guo (#13 Braydon Suderman).  Score:  West Vancouver 2, Alberni 0.

2nd Period – West Vancouver goals:  17:46 #10 Shane Spicer (#20 Roman Wyatt Moyes).  11:53 #20 Roman Wyatt Moyes (#17 Xiyue Guo).  10:56 #17 Xiyue Guo.  4:15 power play goal #17 Xiyue Guo (#14 Ewan Eldridge).  3:07 #12 Jake Yaniw Greenwood (#5 Yibo Liu, #9 Hayden Pringle).  Score:  West Vancouver 7, Alberni 0.

3rd Period – West Vancouver goals:  12:00 power play goal #12 Jake Yaniw Greenwood.  #10:56 #10 Shane Spicer (#20 Roman Wyatt Moyes, #17 Xiyue Guo).  7:11 power play goal #19 Marco Oberti.  6:26 #17 Xiyue Guo.  3:09 #5 Yibo Liu (#3 Max Saar).  Alberni goal at 00:31 scored by #3 Samuel Murray, unassisted.  Final Score:  West Vancouver 12, Alberni 1.

Penalty Summary:  West Vancouver had 6 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 12 penalty minutes.

Bronze Medal Game – Mon. 10:30 am – Alberni 7 vs Comox 10

1st Period – Alberni goals:  14:29 #21 Zoe Kevis, unassisted.  9:06 #21 Zoe Kevis (#18 Seth Corlazzoli).  Comox goals:  7:45 #15 Marcus Costantino (#19 Dylan Matthews).  6:22 #6 Jack Rae (#12 Tayton Semenuk, #4 Colton Howell).  6:01 #4 Colton Howell.  Score:  Alberni 2, Comox 3.

2nd Period – Alberni goals:  17:25 #7 Brynn Austin (#21 Zoe Kevis).  7:51 #12 Kyle Ralston (#18 Seth Corlazzoli, #3 Samuel Murray).  00:50 Power Play goal #18 Seth Corlazzoli (#12 Kyle Ralston, #21 Zoe Kevis).  Comox goals:  3:22 #11 Max Jean (#6 Jack Rae, #18 Corbin Mahy).  1:41 #15 Marcus Costantino.  Score:  Alberni 5, Comox 5.

3rd Period – Alberni goals:  17:12 #12 Kyle Ralston (#9 Aidan Swann).  4:55 #10 Linden Higgins (#9 Aidan Swann).  Comox goals:  15:31 Short handed goal #16 Grady Watt (#4 Colton Howell, #7 John Robinson).  12:23 #11 Max Jean.  1:24 #6 Jack Rae (#18 Corbin Mahy).  00:31 Empty net goal #16 Grady Watt.  00:19 #19 Dylan Matthews (#15 Marcus Costantino).  Final Score:  Alberni 7, Comox 10.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 16 penalty minutes.  Comox had 10 penalty minutes.

Gold Medal Game – Mon. 12:45 pm – West Van 4 vs Hollyburn 1

1st Period – West Vancouver goal at 13:29 from #9 Hayden Pringle, unassisted.  West Van #20 Roman Wyatt Moyes scores at 11:01 with assists from #5 Yibo Liu and #10 Shane Spicer.  Score:  West Vancouver 2, Hollyburn 0.

2nd Period – Hollyburn scores at 11:07 with goal from #16 Zachary Lorence, assisted by #9 Lochlan Stanley.  West Van #20 Roman Wyatt Moyes scores a power play goal at 5:30 with assist from #19 Marco Oberti.  Score:  West Vancouver 3, Hollyburn 1.

3rd Period – West Van #13 Braydon Suderman scores at 17:58, unassisted.  Final Score:  West Vancouver 4, Hollyburn 1.

Penalty Summary:  West Vancouver had 6 penalty minutes.  Hollyburn had 22 penalty minutes.

Gold Medal winner – West Vancouver Thunder T3

Silver Medal winner – Hollyburn Huskies T2

Team Pictures & Roster


3-Samuel Murray, 7-Brynn Austin, 8-Brooke Mauke, 9-Aidan Swann, 10-Linden Higgins, 11-Jaxson Brown, 12-Kyle Ralston, 13-Brielle Banton, 14-Xander Jensen, 16-Deion Rollheiser, 17-Ryder Towe, 18-Seth Corlazzoli, 20-Peyton Lucas, 21-Zoe Kevis, 1-Kaysen Brossoit, 34-Jackson Higgins.


2-Walker Smits, 3-Max Duncan, 4-Colton Howell, 5-Miguel Garcia, 6-Jack Rae, 7-John Robinson, 9-Shayne McGuigan, 11-Max Jean, 12-Tayton Semenuk, 14-Westin Churchill, 15-Marcus Costantino, 16-Grady Watt, 17-Carson Smith, 18-Corbin Mahy, 19-Dylan Matthews, 1-Eliott Horner, 20-Clark Breuer.


3-Nicholas Dawson, 4-Callum Berard, 4-Cohen Ayers, 5-Preston Meadmore, 6-Porter Williamson, 7-Blake Elzinga, 10-Adam Elzinga, 13-Carson Burnett, 14-Carson Scyrup, 15-Caelan Smith-Richards, 16-Cameron Papineau, 17-Marcus Parmar, 18-Shane Ritchie, 19-Easton Jubenville, 1-Tucker Klassen, 35-Gavin Clarahan.


2-Trevor Oishi, 4-Maxim Malinousky, 8-Luke Cipolla, 10-Kion Hafezi, 13-Jackson Falk, 14-David Puddicombe, 16-Zachary Lorence, 17-James Knight, 21-Hudson Butterworth, 22-Dexter Atmore, 25-Jonathan Ruus, 27-Rhys Langhjelm, 33-Rocco Vertone.


4-Matthew Anderson, 5-Michael Howe, 6-Kyle Spruston, 7-Ryland Trotter, 8-Nolan Brown, 9-Andreas Buckler, 10-Chanse Peskett, 16-Lachlan Puritch, 18-Jaden Berger-North, 19-Declan McNaul, 21-Caleb MacNeil, 44-Zeno McKay, 66-Noah Booth, 77-Johnny Ross, 1-Cedric Lin.


4-Sloan Kroeker, 5-Mason Cutler, 7-Benjamin Jeffery, 8-Kai Kaube, 9-Jackson Nikirk, 10-Hayden McKinnon, 11-Declan Erler, 12-Maddex Yochim, 14-Evan Bonthuis, 16-Braeyan Newans, 17-Seth Medves, 18-Peyton O’Connell, 21-Ryder McNeill, 22-Jakob Churchill, 30-Ethan Suhr.


2-Brennan Goodridge, 3-Finley Goodridge, 4-Clint Richards, 5-Cole McNabb, 6-Benjamin Giese, 9-Jacob di Battista, 10-Ethan Myers, 11-Keegan Douglas, 12-Dawson Coppinger Carey, 13-Brody Ruffle, 15-Cameron Eastgate, 16-Samuel Lay, 17-Travis Pelkey, 18-Cale Kaufmann, 19-Jonathan May, 1-Sebastian Riedel, 31-Gavin Wright.


2-Jessica Blodgett, 3-Dakota Knighton, 4-Carter Hinschke, 5-Jayce Cheetham, 9-William Harrison, 10-Maddy Jorgenson, 11-Bryce Cote, 12-Isabella Stewart, 15-Tyce Manke, 16-Kyle Rushton, 17-Tavyn Foster, 18-Maddox Peterson, 19-Rylan Krawietz, 23-Yuri Noel, 27-Tanner Livingston, 1-Matt Mercer, 30-Lucas Handley.


3-Matthew Savington, 4-Nikos Shannon, 5-Dennis Koski, 6-Gavin Reich, 7-Brandon Glover, 8-Charlton Li, 9-Jacob Eastman, 10-Jackson Boulding, 11-Callum Cuthbert, 12-Brody Winfield, 13-Danny Bishop, 14-Tristan James Carrothers, 16-Liam Waugh, 17-Murdoch Tashe, 1-Nathanael Young-Thompson, 31-Alexander Cook.


3-Max Saar, 5-Yibo Liu, 9-Hayden Pringle, 10-Shane Spice, 12-Jake Yaniw Greenwood, 13-Braydon Suderman, 14-Ewan Eldridge, 16-Max Eng, 17-Xiyue Guo, 19-Marco Oberti, 20-Roman Wyatt Moyes, 21-Madeline Collins, 25-Lukas Sojonky, 31-Griffin Wood.

Sponsors & Contributor List

We would like to thank all the sponsors and donors who contributed to the success of our Thanksgiving Tournament.

Alberni Chrysler / Dennis See
Alberni Fitness
Alberni Golf Club
Alberni Valley Bulldogs
Alberni Sports
All Mex’d Up
Amanda Gaudet
Arbutus Dental Clinic
AV Financial
Bowmark Concrete
Cat’s Tats
Clam Bucket
Cloud City
Coast to Coast Sharpening
Coombs Country Candy
Cypress Restaurant
Dairy Queen
Danielle Johnston
Dolan’s Gas Fitting & Heating
Double R Meats
Epicure – Megan Goodman
Eternity Photography
Finishing Touches
Foxy Lox Salon & Brow Bar
Funk Trunk
Gee Dan Productions
Golden Dragon
Island Tropics
Jay’s / Lace it Up
Jill Zodichi (quilt)
J & L Drive in
Jim’s Clothes Closet
Kim Austin (Pallet Board Art)
Klubhouse for Kids
LB Woodchoppers
Little Bavaria
Little Valley Deli
Mount Arrowsmith Skating Club
Mossy Maple Hair Studio
Murphy’s Sport Fishing
Nicole’s Esthetics (Nicole Neuwirth)
North Island College
Ocean Dreams Guest Suites
Paramount Theatre
Parks and Rec
Pizza Factory
Pizza Hut
Port Boat House
Power of Three
R. Barker Contracting
Rebecca McMaster
Riptide Lagoon Mini Golf (Parksville)
Starboard Grill
Scentsy – Christina,kk Lucas
Schill Insurance
Silver Icing – Amber Gardiner
South Hill Designs -Barbie Kalugin
Sugar Shak

Tim Horton’s
Twin City Brewing
West Coast Prep Camp
Zado & Son’s Creations

Tournament Director:

Carla Murray – carlamy@telus.net

Tournament Rules:

2019 Peewee Thanksgiving Tournament Rules

Oct. 5-8, 2018 Peewee T2-3 Thanksgiving Tourney


Link to Atom Development Tournament webpage

Peewee Team Standings:

  • Alberni    2 + 0 + 0 = 2  3rd
  • Nanaimo    0 + 0 + 0 = 0  4th
  • Juan de F  0 + 2 + 2 = 4  2nd
  • North Isl  2 + 2 + 2 = 6  1st

  • Campbell R 2 + 2 + 2 = 6  1st
  • Oceanside  0 + 0 + 2 = 2  3rd
  • Saanich    0 + 0 + 0 = 0  4th
  • Peninsula  2 + 2 + 0 = 4  2nd

Peewee Game Schedule:

Fri  5:30 7:00  pm C ALBERNI    5  VS NANAIMO    2

Sat  8:45 10:15 am C JUAN DF    4  VS NORTH ISL  7
Sat 10:00 11:30 am W SAANICH    3  VS PENINSULA  6
Sat 11:45 1:15  pm W OCEANSIDE  2  VS CAMPBELL R 5
Sat  1:30 3:00  pm W ALBERNI    5  VS NORTH ISL  6
Sat  2:00 3:30  pm C NANAIMO    4  VS JUAN DF    7
Sat  3:15 4:45  pm W PENINSULA  7  VS OCEANSIDE  3
Sat  7:15 8:45  pm C CAMPBELL R 9  VS SAANICH    2

Sun  9:15 10:45 am C NORTH ISL  11 VS NANAIMO    0
Sun 11:00 12:30 pm C CAMPBELL R 10 VS PENINSULA  0
Sun 11:30 1:00  pm W ALBERNI     1 VS JUAN DF    3
Sun  1:15 2:45  pm W OCEANSIDE   6 VS SAANICH    2
Sun  6:00 8:00  pm C A1-N.ISLAND 7 VS B2-PENINSULA 6
Sun  6:30 8:30  pm W B1-CAMPBELL 4 VS A2-JUAN DF   2

Mon  8:30 10:00 am C A4-NANAIMO   6 VS B4-SAANICH  3
Mon  9:00 10:30 am W B3-OCEANSIDE 3 VS A3-ALBERNI  1
Mon 12:00 2:00  pm C PENINSULA      VS JUAN DF     BRONZE 
Mon 12:30 2:30  pm W N.ISLAND       VS CAMPBELL    GOLD

Peewee Game Highlights:

(all Alberni team games and Tournament Finals)

Game 1 (Fri. 5:30 pm) Alberni 5 vs Nanaimo 2

1st Period – Alberni goal at 10:20 was scored on the powerplay by #12 Kyle Ralson, assisted by Kash Nicklin.  End of 1st period score Alberni 1, Nanaimo 0.

2nd Period – Alberni’s #12 Kyle Ralson returns at 6:48 with his second goal, assisted by #10 Jace Fedirchuk.  Nanaimo’s #27 Jackson Rauh scores a powerplay goal, assisted by #33 Avery Winchell with less than a minute left to play in the period.  End of 2nd period score, Alberni 2, Nanaimo 1.

3rd Period – Alberni starts of the period at 18:58 with a goal from #7 Chase Ruel, assisted by #13 Brielie Banton.  Alberni scores again at 15:46 with a goal from #5 Kash Nicklin, unassisted.  Nanaimo scores at 14:12 with a goal from #22 Bodie Coburn, assisted by #33 Avery Winchell.  Alberni’s #9 Aidan Swann scores the final goal of the game, unassisted.

Final Score:  Alberni 5, Nanaimo 2.

Penalty Summary:  Alberni had 12 penalties totaling 24 penalty minutes.  Nanaimo had 10 penalties totaling 20 penalty minutes.

Player awards:  Alberni’s #6 Telgen Campbell & #34 Koen Cleaver and Nanaimo’s #1 Ethan Garland & #27 Jackson Rauh.

Game 5 (Sat. 1:30 pm) Alberni 5 vs North Island 6

1st Period – North Island #8 Isabelle Stewart scores with less than a minute left to play in the period with assists from #5 Jack Barrett & #7 Lucca Stewart.

2nd Period – North Island #5 Jack Barrett scores at 12:36, with an assist from #7 Lucca Stewart.  Alberni gets on the scoreboard at 3:08 with a goal from #5 Kash Nicklin, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann.

3rd Period – North Island starts off the period at 19:38 with a goal from #11 Zachary Spafford, assisted by #5 Jack Barrett.  Alberni returns at 18:02 with a goal from Kash Nicklin, unassisted.  Alberni’s #10 Jace Fedirchuk scores at 13:11 with assists from #14 Alex McKenzie & #18 Seth Corlazzoli.  Another Alberni goal at 12:43 was scored by #5 Kash Nicklin, unassisted.  At 11:02 North Island #5 Jack Barrett scores with assists from #7 Lucca Stewart and #11 Zachary Spafford.  Alberni #6 Teigen Campbell scores at 10:36 with an assist from #14 Alex McKenzie.  The last two goals were scored by North Island’s #12 Landon Turgeon, unassisted at 2:38, then #11 Zachary Spafford with an assist from #5 Jack Barrett, just before the final whistle.

Final Score – Alberni 5, North Island 6.

Penalty Summary – Alberni had 12 penalty minutes.  North Island had 10 penalty minutes.

Player awards went to Alberni’s #1 Keelam Parmar & #9 Aidan Swann and North Island’s #18 Maddox Peterson & #16 Tanner Livingston.

Game 11 (Sun. 11:30 am) Alberni 1 vs Juan de Fuca 3

Game 16 (Mon. 9:00 am)  Oceanside 3 vs Alberni 1

1st Period – No scoring.

2nd Period – Alberni is the first on the scoreboard with a goal from #5 Kash Nicklin, assisted by #9 Aidan Swann at 11:41.  Oceanside followed at 11:02 with a goal from #15 Kurt Beaton, assisted by #9 Grady Dragani.  Oceanside scores again at 8:18 with a goal from #18 Declan Erler and assists from #16 Seth Medves & #4 Ty Boulton.

3rd Period – The only goal in the period was scored by Oceanside’s #16 Seth Medves, assisted by #18 Declan Erler & #7 Brett Stouffer at 14:12.

Final score:  Oceanside 3, Alberni 1.

Penalty Summary:  Each team had 8 penalties, totalling 16 penalty minutes.

Player awards went to Oceanside #1 Declan Fines & #12 Benjamin Groome.  Alberni player awards went to #11 Mason Watts & #10 Jace Fedirchuk.

Game 18 (Mon. 12:30 pm) North Island vs Campbell River (Gold Medal Game)

Peewee Team Photos/Rosters




Tournament Sponsors, Donors, Supporters:

Tournament Director:

Cat Dayley – cathydayley85@gmail.com   250-735-1530

Peewee Tier 2-3 Tournament Rules

1. All games will follow VIAHA, BC Hockey & Hockey Canada rules. All referees decisions are final.

2. Any protest will be lodged in writing to the Tournament Director within 1 hour of the end of the game with a $100.00 non-refundable cash fee Protest Committee decisions will be final and should be respected.

3. Home teams will wear their light colored jerseys with the Away teams wearing their dark colored jerseys.

4. Team officials are responsible for verifying the game sheet at least 45 minutes prior to game time Game sheets will be prepared in advance.

5. No team shall take to the ice without an official present.

6. There will be $100.00 fine for any damage done to the dressing rooms. Please lock your room when not in use.

7. Any player or team official receiving a match penalty or game misconduct penalty will be suspended from play for the remainder of that game and for the next tournament game. Any player or team official receiving a 2nd match penalty or game misconduct penalty will be suspended from all further tournament play. A match penalty shall be reported to the tournament director or tournament office at the conclusion of the game. It is the responsibility of the team manager to comply with this rule.

8. All round robin games have 1.5 hour ice slots consisting of a 5 minute warm up, 1st period 15 minute stop time; 2nd period 15 minute stop time and 3rd period 20 minute stop time, (or the wall clock, less 3 minutes, whichever comes first). The Bronze medal game is 2.00 hours consisting of a 5 minute warm up, 1st period 15 minute stop time; 2nd period 20 minute stop time; 3rd period 20 minute stop time, (or the wall clock, less 5 minutes, whichever comes first). The Gold Medal game is 2.00 hours and will consist of 5 min warm up, 1st period 15 min stop time, 2nd period 20 min stop time with an ice clean following the first whistle after the 10 min mark of the period. 3rd period 20 min stop time ( or the wall clock, less 5 min whichever comes first)

9. In the event of a tie after regulation time in the medal round and semi only, teams will play a 5 minute sudden death 4 on 4 overtime period, followed by another 5 minute sudden death 3 on 3 overtime period if the score still remains tied. If the game is continues to be deadlocked a 5 puck shootout will be played,

10. Bronze, Silver and Gold medals will be presented immediately following those games as identified on the schedule.
Points and Standings:
In Round robin play, teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss In the event that teams are tied for a playoff position at the end of the round robin series the following tie breaking formula will apply:
The following will apply if there is a tie at the end of the round robin:
1. Greatest number of wins

2. Head to Head

3. Lowest goals against

4. Fewest penalty minutes

5. Coin toss between the teams still tied

It is the responsibility of the team officials to be present at the rink for the posting of final team standings, resulting semi-final game times and team match-ups following the round robin series.
Please remind your players, parents and coaches that we are here to encourage a weekend of fun, healthy competition and good sportsmanship. If there is a problem, we are confident a solution can be found. Be patient with our volunteers, remember, without them there would be no tournament.

Our arenas have a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for bullying, harassment and abuse. Please show respect and appropriate restraint. This includes players, fans, coaches, Refs and tournament Volunteers.

2017-18 Competitive & Develop. Team STANDINGS

Alberni Valley Midget Bulldogs

SPONSORS – Van Isle Ford – Bowerman Contracting

VIAHA Midget -Island League Div. 1 – Standings

VIAHA Midget – Island League Div. 2 – Game Schedule & Scores

Alberni Valley Bantam Bulldogs

SPONSORS – Pacific Chevrolet – JAL Designs – Tremblay Orthodontics

VIAHA Bantam – Island League Div. 2 – Standings

VIAHA Bantam – Island League Div. 2 – Game Schedule & Scores

Alberni Valley Peewee Bulldogs

SPONSORS – Alberni Chrysler – Smitty’s Restaurant – Best Western Plus Barclay Hotel

VIAHA Peewee – Island League Div. 2 – Standings

VIAHA Peewee – Island League Div. 2 – Game Schedule & Scores

Alberni Valley Atom Development Bulldogs

SPONSORS – J. Salmon Contracting – Alberni Toyota – Harbour View Collision – AAA Photography

VIAHA Atom Development Team – Div.2 – Standings

VIAHA Atom Development Team – Div.2 – Game Schedule & Scores

2017 Peewee Tier 2-3 Thanksgiving Tourney

Alberni Valley Bulldogs – 1-Keelan Parmar (G), 34-Declan Fines (G), 2-Kohl Graham, 3-Jakob Murray, 4-Brady Austin, 5-Kash Nicklin (A), 7-Tristan Ruel, 8-Aiden See (A), 9-Kai Bray, 10-Jace Fedichuk, 11-Mason Watts, 12-Cameron Maher, 13-Caden Tremblay (C), 14-Rick Dunington, 16-Kane Dickerson, 17-Mason Cannon, 21-Blake Knoll.

Team Standings:

(points after 12 / 12 games played)

  • Alberni Valley   2 + 2 + 2 = 6 pts. 1st     POOL A
  • Langley A4       0 + 2 + 0 = 2 pts. 3rd
  • Victoria RC T3   0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts. 4th
  • Oceanside T2     0 + 2 + 2 = 4 pts. 2nd

  • Comox T1         2 + 2 + 0 = 4 pts. 2nd     POOL B
  • Peninsula T3     0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts. 4th
  • North Island T3  0 + 0 + 2 = 2 pts. 3rd
  • Juan de Fuca T2  2 + 2 + 2 = 6 pts. 1st

Game Schedule:

Friday Oct. 6
Game # - Start Time - Rink - Home - Score - Visitor - Score
  1*     6:30-8:00P    W    Alberni    4    Oceanside    2
Saturday Oct. 7
Game # - Start Time - Rink - Home - Score - Visitor - Score
  2      7:45-9:15a    C    Peninsula  1    Juan de Fuca 8
  3      9:30-11:00a   C    Comox      9    N.Island     4
  4     11:15-12:45p   C    Langley    3    Oceanside    4
  5*     1:30-3:00p    W    Alberni    9    Victoria RC  5
  6      2:45-4:15p    C    Peninsula  1    Comox T1     6
  7      3:15-4:45p    W    N. Island  3    Juan de Fuca 6
  8      8:00-9:30p    C    Victoria   1    Langley      7
Sunday Oct. 8
Game # - Start Time - Rink - Home - Score - Visitor - Score
  9*    10:00-11:30a   W    Alberni    7    Langley      5
  10    10:15-11:45a   C    N. Island  8    Peninsula    2
  11    11:45-1:15p    W    Juan de F  4    Comox        1
  12     1:45-3:15p    C    Oceanside  9    Victoria RC  0
  13*    6:30-8:30p    C    ALBERNI    7    COMOX        3
  14     7:30-9:30p    W    JDF        5    OCEANSIDE    1
Monday Oct. 9
Game # - Start Time - Rink - Home - Score - Visitor - Score
  15     9:15-10:45a   W    LANGLEY   TBA   N.ISLAND    TBA
  16     9:30-11:00a   C    VICYORIA  TBA   PENINSULA   TBA
  17     11:15-1:15p   C    Oceanside  0    Comox        5
  18*    12:45-2:45p   W    JDF        0    ALBERNI      1

Game Highlights: *

Game 1 –  Alberni vs Oceanside – Oceanside scored the only goal in the 1st period.  In the 2nd period, at 13:44, Alberni #8 Aiden See scores with an assist from #9 Kai Bray.  Victoria scores their 2nd goal at 3:04.  In the 3rd period, at 9:37 Alberni #21 Blake Knoll scores an unassisted goal.  At 2:22 and at 0:36, #8 Aiden See scores unassisted goals.  The final score – Alberni 4, Oceanside 2.  Alberni had 12 penalty minutes and Oceanside had 8 penalty minutes in the game.

Game 5 – Alberni vs Victoria Racquet Club.  Victoria score 2 goals in the 1st period.  Alberni goals scored by #21 Blake Knoll (assists from #3 Jakob Murray, #14 Rick Dunington) and #2 Kohl Graham (assisted by #5 Kash Nicklin, #10 Jace Fedirchuk).  The 4 Alberni goals in the second period all came from #8 Aiden See.  Assisting was #17 Mason Cannon (3), #6 Kai Bray (2), #16 Kane Dickerson, and #7 Tristan Ruel.  No Victoria goals in the 2nd period.  In the 3rd period, Victoria scored 3 goals.  In the 3rd period, at 12:20 Alberni goal from #17 Mason Cannon, assisted by #8 Aiden See and #6 Kai Bray.  At 7:21, Alberni #3 Jakob Murray scored with assists from #8 Aiden See & #17 Mason Cannon.  At 3:44, #21 Blake Knoll scored with assists from #14 Rick Dunington & #16 Kane Dickerson.  Final score Alberni 9, Victoria 5.   Alberni Digger award went to #3 Jakob Murray and MVP went to #17 Mason Cannon.  Alberni had 4 penalty minutes and Victoria had 10 penalty minutes in the game.

Game 9 – Alberni vs Langley.  Langley scored one goal in the 1st period.  Alberni scored 3 goals from #8 Aiden See in the first period.  Assisting on See’s goals was #5 Kash Nicklin (2) and #13 Caden Tremblay.  #7 Tristan Ruel also scored in the first period with an assist from #17 Mason Cannon.  The score at the end of the first period was Alberni 4, Langley 1.  In the second period, Langley scored one goal and Alberni scored with goals from #16 Kane Dickerson (assisted by #11 Mason Watts) and #21 Blake Knoll (assisted by #14 Rick Dunington).  The score at the end of the 2nd period, Alberni 6, Langley 2.  In the 3rd period, Langley scored 3 goals.  Alberni added their 7th goal from #8 Aiden See, assisted by #17 Mason Cannon at 19:34.  Final score – Alberni 7, Langley 5.  Alberni had 12 penalty minutes.  Langley had 26 penalty minutes.  Alberni MVP was Kash Nicklin and Digger was Tristan Ruel.

Game 13 – (1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B) Alberni vs Comox.  First period goal by Alberni at 13:25 scored by #21 Blake Knoll, assisted by #11 Mason Watts.  Second period goals from Alberni’s #5 Kash Nicklin, assisted by #8 Aiden See at 15:23.  Alberni scored another goal at 13:30 of the 2nd period by #14 Rick Dunington, assisted by #21 Blake Knoll.  Third period saw Comox score 3 goals.  Alberni had 2 goals from #3 Jakob Murray, a goal from #8 Aiden See & a goal from #10 Jace Fedirchuk.  Assists came from #12 Cameron Maher, #5 Kash Nicklin (2), #21 Blake Knoll  & #11 Mason Watts.  Alberni had 12 penalty minutes and Comox had 32 penalty minutes.  Final score – Alberni 7, Comox 3

Game 18 (for Gold) Juan de Fuca vs Alberni.  The only goal of the game was with 1:07 left in the first period, when #8 Aiden See scored with assists from #17 Mason Cannon & #4 Brady Austin.  Alberni had 10 penalties totalling 21 penalty minutes served.  Juan de Fuca had 16 penalties totalling 38 penalty minutes served.   Final score – Alberni 1, Juan de Fuca 0.

***Congratulations to Alberni Bulldogs on their Gold medal win***

Team Photos & Rosters:

Oceanside Generals – 1-Matthew Spencer-Dahl (G), 30-Owen Bonthuis (G), 2-Nathan Brown, 5-Emily McKinnon, 6-Zachary Pasquill, 7-Gage Boulton, 8-Kaitlyn Snyder, 9-Owen Foreman, 10-Anthony McLaughlin, 11-Blake Bortolotto, 12-Benjamin Groome, 14-Cole Campbell, 15-Billy Snyder, 16-Jordan Harvey, 17-Dallas Earl, 18-Truman Croden, 20-Ty Boulton, 21-Kent Stouffer.

Juan de Fuca Grizzlies – 1-Noah Stenvig (G), 33-Grayson Manning (G), 4-Mitchell Buie, 5-Parker Atkinson, 6-Jakob Fikowski, 7-Ryan Lowe, 8-Elijah Kim, 9-Kaylan Sawyer, 10-Benjamin Swan, 17-Joshuwa Ford, 19-Keira Hall, 21-Marcus Hughes, 27-Eric Snider, 66-Luke Reinhart, 77-Zachary Sagodi, 87-Matthew Quigley, 89-Seth Fryer.

Alberni Valley Peewee T3 Team Sponsors:

Tournament Sponsors

Tournament Director:

Carla Murray – carlamy@telus.net

2017 Peewee Tier 3 BC Championship Tournament

We are proud to have 2 teams in Provincial Championships this year.

Our Midget Bulldogs are playing in Terrace and our Peewee Bulldogs are playing in Dawson Creek with games scheduled as follows:

(Links to Dennis See’s video of the games)

Proud sponsors of the Peewee Tier 3 Bulldogs

Candid Photos

2017 VIAHA League & Playoff News

VIAHA Island League schedule of 12 games has been completed.

  • Midget VanIsle Ford Bulldogs win Division 1 1st place banner.  They went on to win the Tier 3 Island Championship and going to Terrace for the BC Championships.
  • Bantam Pacific Chevrolet Bulldogs place 2nd in Division 3
  • Peewee Alberni Chrysler/Best Western Hotel Bulldogs place 2nd in Div. 2.  They went on to capture the Tier 3 Island Championship and heading to Dawson Creek for the BC Championships.

AVMHA President presents banner to Peewee Bulldogs.


Atom Development Team captured the VIAHA Atom Development Playoff Champions banner.   Our Atom Bulldogs  played in Div. 3 and placed 2nd in the 12 league games played.

Alberni Toyota – AAA Photography – J. Salmon Contracting – Atom Development Bulldogs win the Island Playoff Championship of Atom Development teams.
Recreational League play continues until March 5th.    Only our Atom (AV2 Silver) team made playoffs set to play March 11-12th in the VIAHA Mid Island Recreational League.

AV News Sports Story published Jan 26/17. http://www.albernivalleynews.com/sports/411893846.html

2016 Peewee T3 Thanksgiving Tourney


PeeWee T2-3 –  Tournament Standings

  1. Powell River Kings
  2. Peninsula Eagles
  3. Alberni Valley Bulldogs
  4. Oceanside Generals

…see photos below

Round Robin Standings :

(Total points after 12 of 12 games played)

POOL A – ALBERNI – 4 (2nd) | OCEANSIDE – 4 (1st)| VANCOUVER – 2 (3rd) | JUAN DE FUCA – 0 (4th)

POOL B – POWELL RIVER-5 (1st) | NORTH ISLAND-1 (3rd)| PENINSULA-4 (2nd) | COMOX-0 (4th)


View &/or print – 2016 Atom Dev / Peewee T3 Tournament Schedule-Results 


(by date and time of play)  Detailed game reports of Alberni games only

Oct. 7 – 5:15 pm – Game 1  ALBERNI – 6 vs OCEANSIDE – 7    Final

1st Period – Oceanside scored twice with goals from #11 Brody Simpson and #20 Kaden Wentzell.  2nd Period – Oceanside’s #11 Simpson, scored 2 goals.  Alberni got on the scoreboard with a goal from #14 Brett Bilodeau, assisted by #19 Grayson Erickson & #8 Aiden See.  The score at the end of the 2nd period, Alberni 1, Oceanside 4.  3rd Period – Oceanside scored 3 goals from #11 Simpson, #21 Mark Sanderson & #5 Caleb Armitage.  Alberni put the pressure on with 5 goals.  At 19:12 goal scored by #9 Blake Moore, unassisted.  18:51 goal scored by #5 Robbie Steel (assists from #21 Blake Knoll & #4 Malika McDonald).  12:39 goal scored by #19 Grayson Erickson (assists from #9 Moore & 7 Blake Power).  6:17 goal scored by #7 Power (assist from #9 Moore).  2:36 goal scored by #9 Moore (assist from #19 Erickson).  Oceanside had 12 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 10 penalty minutes.  Game MVPs were Oceanside #11 Brody Simpson (4 goals), and Alberni #19 Grayson EricksonDigger award went to Oceanside #30 Ashton Sadackos and Alberni #5 Robbie Steel.

Oct. 8 – 7:15 am – Game 2 – VANCOUVER – 8 vs JUAN DE FUCA – 1  Final

Penalties – Juan de Fuca had 20 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 4 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Vancouver #11 Seo Jin Jung and Juan de Fuca #44 Kodi Pavesic.  Digger awards – Vancouver #7 Riley Hall  and Juan de Fuca #18 Desirae Anderson.

Oct. 8 – 8:45 am – Game 3 – POWELL RIVER – 1 vs NORTH ISLAND – 1  Final

Penalties – Powell River had 6 penalty minutes and North Island had 4 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Powell River #1 Nicholas Peters and North Island #1 Griffin Handley.  Digger awards – Powell River #17 Adam Hopper and North Island #5 William Grant.

Oct. 8 – 9:00 am – Game 4 – PENINSULA – 9 vs COMOX – 0  Final

Penalties – Peninsula had 2 penalty minutes.  Comox had 6 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Peninsula #1 Connor Karas and Comox #14 Joshua Rumpel.  Digger awards – Peninsula #8 Ethan Lingard and Comox #24 Easton Williams

Oct. 8 – 12:30 pm – Game 5 – ALBERNI – 14 vs JUAN DE FUCA – 0 – Final

1st Period – Alberni scored 6 goals.  At 10:54 #19 Grayson Erickson (assisted by #4 Malika McDonald & #2 Aaron Torfs).  At 8:26 #8 Aiden See (assisted by #14 Brett Bilodeau).  At 8:16 #5 Robbie Steel (assisted by #7 Blake Power & #9 Blake Moore).  At 4:43 #7 Power (assisted by #19 Erickson & #9 Moore).  At 3:09 #14 Bilodeau (assisted by #8 See).  At 2:38 #5 Steel, unassisted.  2nd period – Alberni scored 7 goals.  At 14:12, #7 Power (assisted by #19 Erickson & 2 Aaron Torfs).  at 11:50, #7 Power (assisted by #5 Steel & #9 Moore).  At 10:18, #19 Erickson (assisted by #14 Bilodeau).  At 5:32, #21 Blake Knoll (assisted by #17 Mason Cannon & #19 Erickson).  At 5:10, #14 Bilodeau (assisted by #8 See).  At 3:55, #19 Erickson (assisted by #9 Moore).  At 0:18 #7 Power (assisted by #19 Erickson).  3rd Period:  Alberni scored one goal from #19 Erickson (assisted by #16 Holden Fraser & #5 Steel).  Penalties – Alberni had 22 penalty minutes.  Juan de Fuca had 6 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Alberni #13 Caden Tremblay and Juan de Fuca #4 Kieran Sawyer.  Digger awards – Alberni #8 Aiden See and Juan de Fuca #19 Hunter Molberg.

Oct. 8 – 2:00 pm – Game 6 – OCEANSIDE – 4 vs VANCOUVER – 2  Final

Penalties –  Oceanside had 8 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 10 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Oceanside #14 Evan Obodzinski and Vancouver #4 Aidan Floyd.  Digger awards –  Oceanside #16 Drew Foreman and Vancouver #5 Connor Myers

Oct. 8 – 2:15 pm – Game 7 – NORTH ISLAND – 3 vs PENINSULA – 14   Final

Penalties – North Island had 18 penalty minutes.  Peninsula had 8 penalty minutes.  MVPs –  North Island #20 Jack Hurley and Peninsula #17 Colton Hauser.  Digger awards – North Island #6 Tye Morash   and Peninsula #22 Tyson Hentschel.

Oct. 8 – 7:30 pm – Game 8 – COMOX- 0 vs POWELL RIVER – 5  Final

Penalties – Comox had 10 penalty minutes.  Powell River had 8 penalty minutes.  MVPs –  Comox #9 Nicholas Jackson and Powell River #7 Danny Schreurs.     Digger awards – Comox #16 Gina Yrjana and Powell River #5 Brent Bombardir.

Game 9 – Oct. 9 – 10:45 am – POWELL RIVER – 3 vs PENINSULA – 0  Final

Penalties – Powell River had 10 penalty minutes.  Peninsula had 8 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Powell River #10 Ross Claniello and Peninsula #11 Cameron Johnsen.  Digger award – Powell River #6 Mac Hein and Peninsula #71 Koehn Munro.

Game 10 – Oct. 9 – 11:15 am – ALBERNI – 5 vs VANCOUVER – 4  Final

1st Period –  Alberni scored first at 14:28 with an unassisted goal by #19 Grayson Erickson.  Alberni’s second goal was scored at 5:11 by #17 Mason Cannon, assisted by #9 Blake Moore.  Vancouer scored 3 goals from #7 Riley Hall, #17 Benjamin Sutton and #14 Brayden Miller.  2nd Period –   Alberni goal was scored by #19 Erickson, assisted by #9 Moore.  No other scoring in the period.  3rd Period –  Vancouver #5 Connor Myers, scored 1 goal in the period.  Alberni goal at 14:19 was scored by #13 Caden Tremblay, assisted by #19 Erickson.  Alberni scored at 5:08 with a goal from #14 Brett Bilodeau, unassisted. Penalties – Alberni had 8 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 6 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Alberni #1 Evan May and Vancouver #5 Connor Myers.  Digger award – Alberni #9 Blake Moore and Vancouver #18 Benjamin Gutman.

Game 11 – Oct. 9 – 2:15 pm – JUAN DE FUCA – 0 vs OCEANSIDE – 10

Penalties – Juan de Fuca had 20 penalty minutes.  Oceanside had 10 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Juan de Fuca #10 Cayden Morris and Oceanside #5 Caleb Armitage.  Digger award – Juan de Fuca #7 Brady Cripps and Oceanside #21 Mack Sanderson.

Game 12 – Oct. 9 – 2:45 pm – NORTH ISLAND – 5 vs COMOX – 3  Final

Penalties – North Island and Comox each had 2 penalty minutes in the game.  MVPs – North Island #10 Ethan Bono and Comox #15 Jared Geransky. Digger award – North Island #12 David Klatt and Comox #19 Rio Peaker.

Game 13 – Oct. 9 – 7:00 pm – OCEANSIDE – 5 (A 1st) vs PENINSULA – 6 (B 2nd)  – Final

Penalties – Oceanside and Peninsula each had 14 penalty minutes in the game.  MVPs – Oceanside #7 Jordan Harvey and Peninsula #77 Brett Herle.   Digger award – Oceanside #8 Sam Davidson and Peninsula #33 Toryn Swallow.

Game 14 – Oct. 9 –  7:15 pm – POWELL R – 5 (B 1st) vs ALBERNI- 0 (A 2nd)   – Final

1st Period – Powell River scored 2 goals in the period from #5 Brent Bombardi and #15 Tate Van Hees.  2nd Period – Powell River scored 2 goals from #21 Mason Windsor and #15 Van Hees.  3rd Period – Powell River scored one goal from #7 Danny Schreurs.  Penalties – Powell River had 8 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 16 penalty minutes.  MVPs – Powell River #11 Matteo Porchetta and Alberni #14 Brett Bilodeau.  Digger award – Powell River #15 Tate Van Hees and Alberni #7 Blake Power.



Game 15 – Oct. 10 – 9:15 am – NORTH ISLAND -1  (B-3rd) vs VANCOUVER – 7 (A-3rd)

Penalties – North Island had 19 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 8 penalty minutes.  MVPs – North Island #21 Skylar Evans and Vancouver #18 Benjamin Gutman.  Digger award – North Island #4 Kale Hunt and Vancouver #17 Benjamin Sutton.

Game 16 – Oct. 10 – 9:30 am – COMOX – 1  (A-4th) vs JUAN DE FUCA – 7  (B-4th)

Penalties – Comox had 4 penalty minutes.  Juan de Fuca had no penalties.  MVPs – Comox #11 Carter McCallum and Juan de Fuca #4 Kieran Sawyer.  Digger award – Comox #17 Dalton Weaver and Juan de Fuca #21 Rylan Bennett.

Game 17 – Oct. 10 – 11:00 am – ALBERNI – 7  vs OCEANSIDE – 6  – BRONZE (losers of Games 13 & 14) Final 


1st Period – Alberni goal from #9 Blake Moore, assisted by #1 Evan May and #19 Grayson Erickson.  2nd Period – Oceanside scored 3 goals in the period.  Two goals scored by #11 Brody Simpson and another goal from #6 Dallas Earl.  Alberni goals had 2 goals from #19 Erickson (both unassisted) and a goal from #7 Blake Power, assisted by #19 Erickson.  3rd Period – At 13:29 Alberni’s #19 Erickson scores, unassisted.  Oceanside scores at 11:59 with an unassisted goal from #11 Simpson.  At 10:34 Oceanside ties the score at 5 with a goal from #6 Earl, assisted by #7 Jordan Harvey.  At 1:54 Oceanside takes the lead with an unassisted goal from #6 Earl.  With 12 seconds on the clock Alberni ties the score with an unassisted powerplay goal from #19 Erickson.  OT Period – At 1:09, Alberni’s #5 Robbie Steel scores the winning goal with an assist from #19 Erickson.


Penalties – Oceanside had 27 penalty minutes + game misconduct.  Alberni had 22 penalty minutes.


Game 18 – Oct. 10 – Start 1:15 pm – POWELL RIVER – 3  vs PENINSULA – 2  – GOLD (winners of Games 13 & 14)  Final  –  2nd OT Period – Powell River 2, Peninsula 2.  Powell River wins in a shoot out.

1st Period – Powell River scored at 12:19 with a goal from #8 Lucas Shipley, assisted by #3 Tanner Burt.  2nd Period – Powell River scored at 16:21 with a goal from #18 Braedyn Louie, assisted by #17 Adam Hopper.  Peninsula gets on the score board at 16:44 with a goal from #17 Colton Hauser, assisted by #77 Brett Herle.  Peninsula ties the score at 8:48 with a goal from #77 Herle, assisted by #4 Colton Coppinger-Carey.  3rd Period – No scoring.  Regular game time ends with a 2-2 tie.  1st OT period – (4 on 4) No scoring.  2nd OT period – (3 on 3) No scoring.  Powell River wins the game with a 2 – 0 shoot out.  Shoot out goals came from #21 Mason Windsor and #5 Brent Bombardir.

Penalties – Powell River had 16 penalty minutes.  Peninsula had 12 penalty minutes.

pw-silver-peninsula_8335 pw-gold-powell-river_8337


ALBERNI VALLEY BULLDOGS – 1-Evan May, 2-Aaron Torfs, 4-Malika McDonald, 5-Robbie Steel, 7-Blake Power, 8-Aiden See, 9-Blake Moore, 10-Chase Nicklin, 12-Tristan Ruel, 13-Caden Tremblay, 14-Brett Bilodeau, 16-Holden Fraser, 17- Mason Cannon, 19-Grayson Erickson, 21-Blake Knoll.


OCEANSIDE GENERALS – 1-Max Jefferey, 2-Kent Stouffer, 5-Caleb Armitage, 6-Dallas Earl, 7-Jordan Harvey, 8-Sam Davidson, 9-Zack Vermeulen, 10-Zeyd Bollakke, 11-Brody Simpson, 12-Bradley Ronyecz, 14-Evan Obodzinski, 16-Drew Foreman, 17-Denen Scott, 20-Kaden Wentzell, 21-Mack Sanderson, 22-Easton Sandberg, 30-Ashton Sadacskos.


COMOX VALLEY CHIEFS – 1-Logan Moorhead, 4-Thomas Plant, 6-Haden Parker, 9-Nicholas Jackson, 10-Brian Robbins, 11-Carter McCallum, 12-Nolan Phoenix, 14-Joshua Rumpel, 15-Jared Geransky, 16-Gina Yrjana, 17Dalton Weaver, 18-Lane Quinn, 19-Rio Peaker, 20-Robert Wilband, 24-Easton Williams, 32-Sebastien Morin.

JUAN DE FUCA GRIZZLIES – 1-Ethan Deroy, 4-Kieran Sawyer, 5-Darian Yates, 6-Colton Trotter, 7-Brady Cripps, 8-Kevin Wolfe, 10-Cayden Morris, 16-Ryan Johnson, 18-Desirae Anderson, 89-Hunter Molberg, 21-Rylan Bennett, 27-Matthew Turcotte, 33-Kyle Berger-North, 44-Kodi Pavesic, 77-Zach Sagodi, 87-Matthew Quigley

NORTH ISLAND EAGLES – 1-Griffin Handley, 2-Brandon Brotchie, 3-Josh Nielson, 4-Kale Hunt, 5-William Grant, 6-Tye Morash, 8-Kai Berbrugge, 9-Manny Brown, 10-Ethan Bono, 12-David Klatt, 14-Tyler Roper, 15-Tristan Mardell, 16-Evan Manke, 19-Duante McKinney, 20-Jack Hurley, 21-Skyler Evans, 30-Bryce Walkus

PENINSULA – 1-Connor Karas, 4-Colton Coppinger-Carey, 7-Caleb Bentham, 8-Ethan Lingard, 9-Melissa Svienson, 11-Cameron Johnsen, 17-Colton Hauser, 22-Tyson Hentschel, 31-Graham Brown, 33-Toryn Swallow, 61-Tate Senior, 71-Koehn Munro, 77-Brett Herle, 88-Riley Turnbull, 91-Ethan Schwartz, 94-Rowan Cairns, 97-Cyprus Smith-Davis.


POWELL RIVER KINGS – 1-Nicholas Peters, 3-Tanner Burt, 5-Brent Bombardir, 6-Mac Hein, 7-Danny Schreurs, 8-Lukas Shipley, 9-Andrew Krowitz, 10-Ross Claniello, 11-Matteo Porchetta, 12-Marcus Cramb, 14-Kaleb Parsons, 15-Tate Van Hees, 17-Adam Hopper, 18-Braedyn Louie, 21-Mason Windsor.

VANCOUVER THUNDERBIRDS – 1-Finnigan Buell, 3-Brandon Petrie, 4-Aidan Floyd, 5-Connor Myers, 7-Riley Hall, 9-Quinn Stafford, 10-Andrew Joe, 11-Seo Jin Jung, 12-Ethan Buckland, 13-Nathaniel Kirschner, 14-Brayden Miller, 16-Matthew Lee, 17-Benjamin Sutton, 18-Benjamin Gutman, 19-Kristoff Alexander, 33-Adam Vetter.


We would like to thank the many sponsors, donors, supporters, volunteers who contributed to the success of this tournament.  We can’t do it without you.

Peewee Bulldogs Team Sponsors:


AVMHA Tournament Sponsors:


Tournament Contributions:

Abbondanza Pizzas –Advantage Mobile RV Repairs – Alberni Chrysler – Alberni Toyota – Alberni Cap-it – Alberni Fitness Centre – Alberni Sushi – Alien Sports – Alport Insurance Agencies Inc – Arbutus RV – Arlington Beer and Wine – Beaver Creek Home Center – Bosley’s – Boston Pizza – Canadian Tire –  Capelli’s Hair Studio – Carrie & Scott Johannison – Catalyst – Chris Orlando – Clam Bucket – Creative Salmon – Cygnet Cove – Cypress Restaurant –  Dairy Queen – EM Salon – First Choice Hair Cutters – Funk Trunk – Home Hardware – Howlers Family Restaurant – Icon Development (Jamie Carson) – Island Rhino – J&L Drive In – Jay and Deanna Kevis – LA Marine – LB Woodchoppers – Literacy – Long Beach Golf Course – Lordo Auto Parts – Klubhouse for Kids – Middle Beach Lodge – Mike & Amy Souchuck  – Neelam & Rhonda Parmar –Nicklin Waste Disposal – North Island College – Nurture Day Spa – Pepsi – Rainbow Lanes – Relic Surf Shop – RHM Subs –Save on Foods – Shannon See – Shift Change – Staples – The Blue Room (A West Coast Bistro) – TimberRose Ventures Ltd – Treasure Chest – Trend Diesel – Trends – UAP Napa Auto Parts – Urgels Auto Body -Valley Vision & Optometry – Westwind Pub – Whiskey Landing Lodge – Jamie’s Whaling Station, Jamie’s Rainforest Inn – Long Beach Lodge

*** Full list of Donations (.pdf)

Raffle Table, Silent Auction, etc. draws to made at 5:00 pm Sunday Oct. 9th

2016-2017 Competitive & Development Teams

Competitive Teams Coordinator:

Stefanie Weber  s-weber@shaw.ca   250-735-0766


Team Coaches for the 2016/2017 season:

  • Team – Coach – Asst. Coach – Managers
  • Midget – Jamie Wasylien – Jordan Hamilton, Graham Milton – Mary Anne Sabiston
  • Bantam – Dave Porter – Turner Popoff, Keenan O’Connell – Stefanie Weber
  • Peewee – Kevin Erickson – Steve Bilodeau, John MacDonald – Sophia Torfs
  • Atom Development – Mike Souchuck – Keith Austin, Jamie Ralston – Jen O’Connell

September – October:

  • Placement Games every weekend (except Thanksgiving) to determine the tier for league play
  • Island League starts October 29th
  • Oct. 7-10th Thanksgiving Tournaments – Atom Dev. & Peewee T2-3

Island League Competitive (Rep) Team Playoffs


Info from VIAHA website:

Island League Playoffs – Round Robin

Midget T3 and Midget T4   
- Midget T3 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/midget/standings-Midget-Div1-Island.php
- Midget T4 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/midget/standings-Midget-Div3-Island.php
- Midget T3 playoffs:  http://viaha.org/island/midget/playoff-T3-North.php

Both Midget Teams are off to BC Provincial Championships in March 2016.

Midget Tier 3 - VanIsle Ford - West Coast Cutting & Coring

Midget Tier 3 – VanIsle Ford – West Coast Cutting & Coring

Midget Tier 4 - Bowerman Excavating - AAA Photography

Midget Tier 4 – Bowerman Excavating – AAA Photography

Bantam T3 
- Bantam T3 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/bantam/standings-Bantam-Div3-Island.php
Games-10, Won-8, Lost-0, Tied-2, Goals for-51, Goals against-17, Penalty Min.-100 (lowest)

- Bantam T3 Playoffs:  http://viaha.org/island/bantam/playoff-T3-North.php

PeeWee T3  
- Peewee T3 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/peewee/standings-PeeWee-Div3-Island.php


Pacific Chevrolet Bantam Bulldogs – League Champions

2015-16 Team Photos – Competitive

Atom Dev + PeeWee T2-3 Thanksgiving Tournaments

Tournament website:  http://avhockey2015oct.wordpress.com

Final Standings for Atom Development Tournament

  1. Alberni Valley Bulldogs
  2. Victoria Ice Hawks
  3. Vancouver Thunderbirds

Final Standings for PeeWee T2-3 Tournament

  1. Oceanside Generals
  2. Semiahmoo Ravens
  3. North Island Eagles

2015-16 Season – Competitive (Rep) Teams

Competitive (Rep) Coaches for 2015-16 Season

  • Atom Development Rick Tremblay
  • Peewee — Al Jack
  • Bantam — Dave Porter
  • Midget A (Tier 3) — Jordan Hamlyn/Jamie Wasylien
  • Midget B (Tier 4) — Dan Shiner

Competitive Team Tryouts

  • Begin the week of August 24th. We will have specific scheduling for each team by the end of July and will circulate ice times as soon as they are available, in the meantime, please save the dates. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to call or message me anytime. My cell number is 250 735 0766.      …Stefanie Weber
  • Ice Schedule for Try-outs:     2015 TRYOUT SCHEDULE  (correction made Aug. 18/15 for Midget time.)

Competitive Team Tournaments

Below are the competitive tournaments sanctioned for this season.  Teams wishing to enter can download .pdf tournament packages.

Tournament Websites:

Each tournament has its own dedicated website.  They include all the tournament details (schedule, standings, game reports, photos, team rosters, tournament rules, sponsors…)

2015 AVMHA Awards Banquet


Award Presentation Summary

Mites – 20 players received medal & mini hockey stick from Tim Horton’s sponsor of Tim Bits

(Novice – 40 players – 3 teams, will have there award presentation & banquet on March 28th.)

Atom Development Team – Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Blake Moore
  • Most Improved – Holden Fraser
  • Most Dedicated – Evan May

Atom (AtoMc) Bullfrogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Cam McArthur
  • Most Improved – Trey Lightburn
  • Most Dedicated – Cole Kenzie

Atom (AtoMc) Cougars

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Kai Bray
  • Most Improved – Ryshard Pouliot
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Cannon

PeeWee Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Logan Rozwadowski
  • Most Improved – Brayden Johnson
  • Most Dedicated – Carson Steel

PeeWee Blazers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Ty Vallee
  • Most Improved – Nikolas Dwolinsky
  • Most Dedicated – Jackson McKean

PeeWee Timbermen

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Samuel Shanks
  • Most Improved – Austin Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Maddison

Bantam Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Noah Fatur
  • Most Improved – Jerzy Gus
  • Most Dedicated – Ryan Devries

Bantam Steelheads

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Carmen Sanders
  • Most Improved – Riley Styan
  • Most Dedicated – Nicole Gagnon

Bantam Hornets

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Karlee Simpson
  • Most Improved – Brendan Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Linden Kailer-Dore

Midget Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Tynan Smyth
  • Most Improved – Mathew Lingl
  • Most Dedicated – Logan Henson

Midget Flyers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Michael Addy
  • Most Improved – Nathan Miller
  • Most Dedicated – James Paracy

Midget Hurricanes

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Jacob Price
  • Most Improved – Angelle Welsh
  • Most Dedicated – Kyle Hodson


5 Female players within AVMHA are on the North Island Impact Team that are heading to the Midget A Female Provincial Championships in Penticton later this month.  They will be defending their title as BC Champions from the 2013-2014 Season.

Maryna MacDonaldSydney DollingSophie VanderleeSarah DawsonBrittney Savard

 Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year - Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale


Kelly is a newer coach within our association.   He started coaching with AVMHA when his children decided to join hockey late.  He usually coaches 2 teams every year if needed.  This year he coached a PeeWee house team and a Midget house team.

Due to an accident a few years ago, he suffered a major injury and was unable to come out onto the ice and coach for a good portion of that season.  However, this did not deter him and he continued to support the kids and coaching staff.  He did this from the bench whenever and wherever he was able to.  He continued to coach.

He is a very committed and dedicated coach.  He is a very patient coach (except when it comes to his own kids… but most coaches are like that and he even admits that he’s tougher on his own kids.)  He loves to teach the game of hockey and he’s  always thinking of new ways to get the kids motivated.  He is all about having fun and working as a team.  Parents love him and the kids love him.

I (Meranda Vallee) had the pleasure of coaching with him this year and he took the time to ask me questions and my thoughts, views and opinions.  He’s a great teacher.  He treated me as an equal, even though I could barely skate and had just completed the coaching course this year.  The man does have a lot of patience.

Kelly received the most nominations from the membership for “Coach of the Year”.

Volunteer of the Year – Gen Connell

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell is a newer person within our Association.  She took the initiative to step up and help out wherever she could as soon as her first child was in Mites, a couple years ago.  She was a team manager in Novice last year and she took on the role of Division Manager for the Novice Division this year.

Being a Division Manager is extremely hard work.  It requires dedication and a lot of patience, especially while trying to manage a Division with an odd number of teams.  She had 3 teams to manage.  Being a Division Manager includes managing equal ice times, managing/organizing the coaches, the parents, organizing the referees for games, setting up games, managing tournaments and the list goes on.  This division held another tournament this year which was a very successful event for our Association and for our community.

Gen dealt with a lot of politics throughout the year, which for such a young Division, has me (AVMHA President) quite worried at this point.  We as parents need to stop and think before we act or react.  We have to remember that this sport is an extra-curricular sport and not the NHL or the pathway to the NHL.  It’s for kids to have fun, to make friends, to get some exercise and to learn the game of hockey.  We have to stop and think of the people who are volunteers and recognize that they are here to help out.  If we don’t like the job and appreciate what they are doing, then we need to shut up and step up to the plate ourselves.

Gen encouraged communication throughout the year.  Communication is huge  in this sport and she recognized that right away.  A quality that some don’t recognize right away or at all for that matter.  She has learned and grown a lot throughout this year and I (Meranda Vallee) can see her continuing to grow within this Association and I encourage her to do so.

Gen Connell received the most nominations from the membership for the Volunteer of the Year award.  Congratulations!


Above & Beyond – Carolynn Scott

2015-Volunteer-CarolynScott-7739Carolynn has been with our association for a few years now and has seen it all.  She has been involved in some way wherever she could in the past, including being a manager.  She then started to help me (Meranda Vallee) when I was Treasurer about 3-4 years ago.  She continued on and then was able to take over the management of our Gaming program from me.  She did up the reports, applications, deposits, keeping managers in line with the rules.  It’s a huge job and there is a lot to know.

Two years ago Carolynn was voted in as Treasurer and has increasingly been growing in that role over her term.  It’s not a position that you can just throw at someone, they have to grow into it.  Hence, why she started learning with me about 4 years ago.  There is a lot to know, there is a lot to learn and it is a job that never stops.

She has also taken steps to further her education, on her own time, so that she could properly fulfill the position.  This position takes a lot dedication, patience, learned knowledge, family time, personal time and being cooped up in an office for hours on end sorting out team accounts, rolling up coins, doing deposits, handing out receipts, doing Ref cheques, calling up parents for overdue fees or bounced cheques… the list goes on and it is usually not all fun.  It can be very stressful and does keep a person awake at night sometimes.  It is a full time job, one that is not paid by the way and one that 99.9% of normal people will not touch.

Carolynn had little to no experience when she first started out with me.  She is now fully in charge of Gaming and totally fulfills the Treasurer’s role with little to no help.  In doing this, she still fulfills her role as an Executive member and deals with a lot in that regard as well.  Her dedication to the Association is proof of her growth.  She is to a point now, that I am very comfortable and confident in her by saying, “OK, you’ve got this.”



Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland, left, and Arriana Ward, right. Presented by Referee in Chief – Chris Canuel.

Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland & Arriana Ward

Top Referee of the Year – Eric Gill

Jessica States Memorial Award – Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson, front left with last year's recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Abby Nelson, front left with last year’s recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Jessica States was born in 1985 (30 years ago).  She was tragically killed in July 1996.  She was a typical PeeWee hockey player when there was not many female players in the association.  She had a passion for sports and loved to play hockey.  This award is presented annually to a female PeeWee player that has the sportsmanship and dedication like Jessica did.

This year’s recipient is Abby Nelson.  This is Abby’s second year playing PeeWee with the PeeWee Bulldogs.  She plays Defence and has been an asset to the team since earning a permanent spot in October.  She rarely misses a practice or a game and is reliable in her position.  Abby gets along well with her team mates.  She always carries a smile and a positive attitude.  Abby focuses on fitness and pushes her team mates to push harder both on and off the ice.  Congratulations Abby!

Presented by Roxanne Leyland with 2014 recipient Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator Eric Gagnon.


Presentation of Jersey’s to Graduating Players 

2015-GradGroup2-7750Logan Henson – Alberni Refrigeration | Angelle Welsh – Clydesdale Automotive | Chase Henstridge – Cathy Braiden | Nicholas Vincent | Lynzie Taylor – Canadian Tire | Griffin Dolling – GD Auto | David Friel – Clambucket Restaurant | Codie Beecroft – Sears | Ashton Locke – Tyler’s No Frills | Carson Nicholson – Tyler’s No Frills | Danika Bratt – Dago Diesel Inc. | Cole Oldfield – Don Moyen Holdings Ltd. |  Jayden Lajeunesse – Island Rhino | Sophie Vanderlee – Lisa Vanderlee | Michael Addy – Clydesdale Automotive | Matt Irg | Ethan Sundstrum | Ryan Price | Jakob Bottaro | James McLeod | Jake Eskola | Jessie Geddes | Keagun Selva – T&G Boyd | Ryan Love | Andrew Paruk – AV Referees | Josh Harvey.


2014 Competitive & Development Team Standings


Information has been obtained from Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association – viaha.org – as of February 25 2014.


Our competitive teams have finished league play and heading into Playoffs. Our Atom development team is nearing the end of their regular league schedule.


2014-AV Midget T3 Team-Island Champions

Midget Bulldogs Tier 3 in Div. 1 of VIAHA’s Island League

Final standing at the end of league play – GP-12 | W-1 |L-9 |T-2 |PIM-173 |PTS-4

  • 7th place out of 7 teams in Division 1 Regular Season Play

Midget Tier 3 Playoffs games (against other Island Tier 3 Midget Teams)

  • Feb. 8th – TriPort – 1 vs Alberni – 8

  • Feb. 9th – Alberni – 12 vs Juan de Fuca – 1


  • Feb. 15th – Alberni – 6 vs Victoria – 1


  • Feb. 22nd – Alberni – 6 vs Sooke – 2

  • Feb. 23rd – Sooke – 2 vs Alberni – 6


Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs win the Island Tier 3 Championship, by winning all playoff games.

They go on to the Provincial Championship for Midget Tier 3 to be held in 100 Mile House, March 15-22, 2014


Bantam T3 Bulldogs-RyderContracting-GDM BoomSort900A

Bantam Bulldogs Tier 3 are playing in VIAHA Div 2 and placed 4th out of 7 teams after regular season games.

Final standing at the end of league play – GP-12 | W-5 | L-4 | T-3 | PIM-94 | PTS-13

Bantam Tier 3 Playoffs games (against other Island Tier 3 Bantam Teams)

  • Feb. 2, at home 10:45 am – Alberni – 10 vs Juan de Fuca – 1

  • Feb. 8, at Port Hardy – TriPort – 0 vs Alberni – 13


  • Feb. 15 – Alberni – 8 vs Sooke – 1

Finals – (best of 3)

  • Feb. 22, Alberni – 12 vs Victoria – 3

  • Mar. 1, Alberni 10 vs Victoria 2

Our Bantam Tier 3 team won the Island Championship and heading to the Provincial Championship in West Kelowna, March 16-21, 2014.



Bantam T4 Bulldogs 4 Sponsors900A

Bantam Bulldogs Tier 4 are playing in VIAHA Div 4

Final standings after league play GP-12 | W-4 | L-8 | T-0 | PIM-144 | PTS-8

  • At the end of season play, they placed 4th out of 5 teams
  • Jan. 17-19th, the team is away in Portland Oregon for tournament. (Check news for Highlights)

Since there are no other Tier 4 teams on Vancouver Island, they automatically advance to the Provincial Championship in Windermere, BC in March 2014

Bantam Div 5 playoffs will have our Bantam T4 team playoff against other Island “B” teams

  • Feb. 1, Alberni – 1 vs Vic Racquet Club – 3

  • Feb. 2, Nanaimo – 7 vs Alberni – 2

We now can cheer them on at the Provincial Championship, March 15-22nd, 2014.


PeeWee T3 Bulldogs-PacificChev-Smittys-Soldas900A

PeeWee Bulldogs are in Tier 3 playing in VIAHA Div 3, placing 3rd out of 6 teams

The Standings at the end of league play – GP-10 | W-4 | L-4 | T-2 | PIM-100 | PTS-10

PeeWee Tier 3 playoffs against other North Island Tier 3 teams

  • Feb. 1 at Campbell River – Campbell R – 1 vs Alberni – 9

  • Feb. 2 at home 1:00 pm – Alberni 5 vs TriPort – 5

Semi Finals

  • Feb. 16 – Alberni – 1 vs Victoria – 8

Pee Wee Bulldogs are finished in the semi-final round. Great year for our PeeWee Bulldogs!


AtomDev-Bulldogs-BestWesternBarclay900AOur Atom Development Team is playing in Div. 2 league with Comox, Powell River, Victoria Racquet Club, Saanich and Sooke.

Rank 2nd of 6 teams – GP-10 | W-2 | L-6| T-2 | PIM-78 | PTS-11

  • Regular Season they placed 6th out of 6 teams.

  • We are waiting for playoff schedule to be posted.





2013 Pacific Chevrolet Smitty's & Solda's Restaurants PEEWEE Tier 3 Team in Penticton

2013 Pacific Chevrolet Smitty’s & Solda’s Restaurants PEEWEE Tier 3 Team in Penticton

Pacific Chevrolet-Smitty’s-Solda’s Restaurants PEEWEE Bulldogs are at a tournament in Penticton, Dec. 6-8th, 2013

They won Friday night (8-2) against Arbutus.  Saturday’s early game had the Bulldogs winning 3-0 against Pentiction but the game  ended in a tie 5-5.

Saturday evenings game saw our Peewees win 5-3 against West Kelowna.

We play Sunday morning at 6:30 am vs Revelstoke.   We won 5-3. 

Gold medal game at 1:15 had Alberni vs Chilliwack. We lost that game by lots but we fought hard and came home with silver.

Alberni came 2nd out of 14 teams all across BC.

Very proud of them.

Silver Medal winners - Alberni PeeWee Tier 3 - Penticton Tournament - Dec. 2013

Silver Medal winners – Alberni Valley PeeWee Bulldogs Tier 3 – Penticton Tournament – Dec. 2013

report from Penticton by Kellie Steel


Peewee ‘A’ Bulldogs take silver in Penticton

 13-AV Times 500x50

Although they did not achieve their ultimate goal, the Alberni Valley Pacific Chevrolet Peewee A Bulldogs returned from a Penticton tournament road trip with a silver medal Sunday.

The Peewee Dogs began the tournament with a big win, beating the Arbutus Winter Club 8-2. The player of the game for their first test was goaltender Johnny Pley, and Alberni forward Grahame Kumagai had a seven-point effort with four goals and three assists.

In their next game, the Bulldogs took on the host team, Penticton.  This one was a stiffer test, and they finished with a single point after a 5-5 tie.  Carter Elder was named player of the game for his efforts.

The Bulldogs, though, were able to bounce back and beat West Kelowna 5-3 in the third and final game of the round robin portion of the tournament.  Kumagai was named player of the game as the Bulldogs went into the medal rounds undefeated.

Next up was a match with Revelstoke, who Peewee Bulldogs manager Kellie Steel said underestimated the team from the Alberni Valley.

“They thought they were going to win,” Steel said of Revelstoke.  However, the Bulldogs pulled out with a 4-2 win and a berth in the finals for a shot at the tournament’s gold medal. Nolan Hagen was named player of the game in the finals-clinching win.

The finals, though, did not go as hoped for the Bulldogs, who were handed a 10-0 loss by the Chilliwack Bruins, with Logan Rozwadowski taking player of the game honours for Alberni.

Still, the players enjoyed their road trip, Steel said.  “It was awesome,” she said. “It was a big road trip for us. They had so much fun and it was a good experience for them. They played really well.”

The Peewee Bulldogs are coached by Dan Shiner, Ray Ursel and Dave Porter.

SMcKenzie@avtimes.net 250-720-6174


LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Nov. 29, 2013

Big weekend ahead for AVMHA

 13-AV Times 500x50

Each competitive team in the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association is in action this weekend, and there will be two home games for local hockey fans to take in at the Multiplex.

First, the Bantam Tier 3 Bulldogs, playing in Tier 2, are taking on Nanaimo at 12:45 p.m. on Saturday. The Bantam Dogs have a record of three wins, one tie and two losses, and are ranked second in their seven-team tier. Their last game was an 8-3 win over Nanaimo.

After that game, the Bantam Tier 4 Bulldogs are in action, also against Nanaimo, at 3 p.m. at the Multiplex. The Tier 4 Bulldogs have three wins and three losses so far this season and sit in third place.

The Midget Tier 3 Bulldogs are back playing in Vancouver Island’s Tier 1 league. The defending Tier 3 provincial champions are 0-2-4 this season with recent games against the Victoria Racquet Club and Campbell River. On Sunday, they are off to the Harbour City for a game against rival Nanaimo.

The Peewee Tier 3 Bulldogs are at home Sunday against the Victoria Racquet Club at 1 p.m. at the Multiplex. They are in second place in their six-team division with a record of three wins, one tie and two losses.

The Atom Development team is off this weekend, and their next game is on the road, Dec. 7 in Powell River.



2013 Competitive & Development Team Photos

AtomDev-Bulldogs-BestWesternBarclay900 Bantam T3 Bulldogs-RyderContracting-GDM BoomSort900 Bantam T4 Bulldogs 4 Sponsors900 Midget T3 Bulldogs-VanIsleFord900 PeeWee T3 Bulldogs-PacificChev-Smittys-Soldas900



For all the details, go to:  http://avhockey2013oct.wordpress.com

36 Games were played over the Thanksgiving Weekend.  The final results were:


  1. Oceanside Generals
  2. Alberni Valley Bulldogs
  3. Peninsula Eagles


  1. Ridge Meadows Rustlers
  2. Oceanside Generals
  3. West Vancouver Thunder

Thanks to all the tournament sponsors.

AV-AtomDev-Bulldogs-horz AV-PeeWeeTier3-Bulldogs-horz


Published 11 Apr 2013 Alberni Valley Times

Another season of minor hockey in the Alberni Valley is in the books and the association handed out its annual awards.

Atom development coach Dan Shiner was named coach of the year.  Shiner started as a member of the AVMHA at a very young age. He played as an Alberni Valley Timbermen for many years – being coached by some of the best and worst coaches AVMHA has ever had.  As his family grew so did his role in AVMHA – he became a coach first to his oldest son, then juggled coaching both sons in two different divisions and this year, he coached his youngest.  Over the years, he has played the role of assistant coach, head coach and coach mentor.

The volunteer of the year award went to Kellie Steel, who had 23 nominations for the award.

Bruce Brunt, who was instrumental in running the Tier 3 Midget provincial championship tournament, was given the above and beyond award, and the Jessica States Memorial Award was earned by Nicole Gagnon.

Also at the awards ceremony, 42 graduating players were given their jerseys as a gift from the association.

The team awards are as follows:


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Daniel Marriott

Most Improved Player: Logan Rozwadoski

Most Dedicated Player: MacKenzie Adams

ATOMIC Canucks

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Zechariah McDonald

Most Improved Player: Acacia Thompson

Most Dedicated Player: Grayson Erickson


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Abbey Nelson

Most Improved Player: Jordan Villafane

Most Dedicated Player: Justin Brown

PEEWEE Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Riley Shiner

Most Improved Player: Joe McAllister

Most Dedicated Player: Noah Fatur

PEEWEE Avalanche

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Alisa Clydesdale

Most Improved Player: Dezirae Henstridge

Most Dedicated Player: Jakob Gaudet


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryan Turgeon

Most Improved Player: Braeden Reynolds

Most Dedicated Player: Tyler Torfs

PEEWEE Warriors

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Annika Johnson

Most Improved Player: Carmen Sanders

Most Dedicated Player: Kylie Scott

BANTAM Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryan Rae Arthur

Most Improved Player: Tynan Smyth

Most Dedicated Player: Shay-lee McConnell

BANTAM Coyotes

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kayla Caddy

Most Improved Player: Tristen Clydesdale

Most Dedicated Player: Shelby Clydesdale

BANTAM Timbermen

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Brennan Locke

Most Improved Player: Colton Bowerman

Most Dedicated Player: Ayden Brossoit

MIDGET Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Liam Macleod

Most Improved Player: Keagun Selva

Most Dedicated Player: Jason Brunt

MIDGET B Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: James Mcleod

Most Improved Player: Eric Gill

Most Dedicated Player: Logan Henson


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Tyrell Terryberry

Most Improved Player: Aiden Harris

Most Dedicated Player: Jayden Lajeunesse

MIDGET Canucks

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Cole Tewinke

Most Improved Player: Bryan Michel

Most Dedicated Player: Dylan Nakagawa


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Carley Gitelman

Most Improved Player: Angelle Welsh

Most Dedicated Player: Sarah Dawson.


Rookie of the Year: Ravi Manhas

Top Referee of the Year: Austyn Smith


Click on any of the images below, to view larger photo.

Photo Booth:

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2013 PLAY OFF REPORTS (as of March 10th)

***Latest Updates will be reported here as they become available.

Midget Tier 4:

***The JAL Design/AAA Photography Midget B team won the Island Banner championship on Sunday Feb 24th in a 2 game knockout of Juan de Fuca. First win was on Sat Feb 23rd , an 8-4 victory and the banner winning game on Sunday Feb 24th with a final score of 7-1 for us. 

The players and parents would like to thank the coaches Charles Macdonald (head coach) and Mike Locke (asst. coach) for their dedication and hard work towards the team.

 We are off to Provincials on March 16th in Lillooet, BC!!!

Alberni Valley Midget B Tier 4 Team with Island Championship Banner

-Kristi Oliver reporting for the Midget Tier 4 team

 Female Midget Team:

The CUPE/Flooring Depot Female Midget Fusion team have one game left in their regular season and are fighting for the 4th place position to make it into the playoffs.  We won’t know until after next weekend whether we have made it or not, but they won both their games this weekend which was crucial for them to maintain their standing.

If they have make the playoffs they will take place on March 8 and 9th.
-Leanne Savard reporting for the Female Midget Team

Midget Tier 3:

  Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs won our round robin placement games against Tri-Port  (6-5) and Juan de Fuca (8-1).
Midget Bulldogs defeated Sooke T3  5 to 1 on Saturday Feb. 16th to advance to the Island T3 championships.  Because we are hosting the BC Championships and as such the Island gets 2 entries,  both teams in the finals are guaranteed to go.  Victoria won their game against Tri-port in double overtime 4 to 3 thus locking up the second spot.

***Van Isle Ford Midget A Bulldogs won their game Saturday Feb. 23rd against Victoria 6 to 3 to take a 1  game advantage in the best of three.  Game two on March 2, had our Midget Bulldogs win against Victoria (5-1) to win the Vancouver Island Banner and earn their spot in the up coming  BC Midget Championship here in Port Alberni, March 17-22nd.

Midget Tier 3 Bulldogs with banner for Island Playoff Champions

-Bruce Brunt reporting for Midget T3

Atom Development Team:

The Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marine Atom Bulldogs had their first playoff game on Saturday, Feb. 9th and they tied 5- 5 with Campbell River.   #19 Kobe Bos had a pair of goals and #2 Carson Steel had 3 goals and an assist.  They had the lead of 5-3 until the last 4 minutes in game when Campbell River game back to Tie.
Atom Bulldogs played Kerry park on Sunday Feb. 17th and won 6-3.  #19 Kobe Bos, #2 Carson Steel and #5 Zach Ursel all with a pair of goals.  Kids played well and it was a great game!
 ***The Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marinet Atom Bulldogs played Saturday Feb. 23 against Victoria Racquet Club B.  The 1st and 2nd period where a real battle to get goals.  Third period we stepped it up and came back for the win 5-1.  Tristen Gortan had a great game and made some great saves.  Carson Steel and Zach Ursel got 2 goals each and an assist along with a goal from Daniel Marriott.
***March 2nd, The Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marine Atom Bulldogs won there game in Peninsula 3-0. #19 Kobe Bos scored 2 goals and 1 goal scored by #5 Zach Ursel. Semi-Final and Finals will be hosted in Port Alberni Saturday March 9/10. Will post schedule when it comes available.

*** Saturday March 9th, the Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marine Atom Bulldogs won there semi-final 4-2 against Victoria Racquet Club. They are now playing in the playoff Final today March 10th at 10:30 vs Kerry Park, on the Weyerhauser Arena.

Well Atom Bulldogs made a great effort but came up a bit short. Played a great team and had a great game against Kerry park.  The score was 5-4.  It has been a great season and we came home with the league Championship banner.  The kids and the coaches should be proud because we played well.  Thanks for all the support!

– Kellie Steel reporting for Atom Development Team

Midget Recreation Teams:

The Canadian Tire Midget Canucks played their last league game on Sunday (Feb. 10th) defeating Nanaimo 5 to 3 to take top spot in the North Division (I believe they have won the North Island Banner).
The Buy Low Midget Flyers also won their game vs Oceanside 7 to 6 putting them in second in the North with one game to play.  It is a close race for 2nd to 4th so stay tuned…
Quarter Final Playoffs start the first weekend in March with the top seed playing the fourth seed (yet to be determined) in each division.   In the semi’s the teams cross over to play the winners of the South which will be done March 8th, and the Final Game being played March 9th.  All games will be played in the Cowichan Valley.
It will be tough going as the south is very strong but our kids are up to the challenge.  Each of our teams will be hosting the top Cowichan team in exhibition games Feb 16th and 24th here at the Multiplex.  We will get to see what we will be up against in the playoffs!!! Both teams have done very well this year…..The Canadian Tire Midget Canucks finished with 11 wins 2 losses and a tie and the Buy Low Midget Flyers are 8 wins 3 losses and a tie with one game to play…Way to go everyone…A big thank you to our coaches, managers, players and parents for a great season………We end the year with the Midget Tournament from March 22nd to March 24th with 9 teams including three from the mainland.

***(Update Feb. 26th)  Midget Recreational (Mid Island) playoffs start Saturday March 2nd.  The Quarterfinals for the North have the First Place Canadian Tire Midget Canucks playing the Fourth Place Nanaimo 1 at 3:50 PM in Fuller Lake followed by the Second Place Buy Low Midget Flyers playing Third Place Oceanside 3 at 5:30 PM also in Fuller Lake.

Only 5 points separated First and Second and 2 points from Second to Third.  Nanaimo was tied with Oceanside 2 for the fourth spot with Nanaimo edging them out due to a head to head win, it will be a true battle in the North.

The winners of these games cross over to play the winners of the South quarterfinals in the Semi’s…All four of the Cowichan teams are in the playoffs, with their Quarterfinals taking place Sunday March 3rd.  Both the Alberni teams played exhibition games vs Cowichan teams here at home over the last two weekends, with the Canucks defeating them 6 to 1 and the Flyers lost by one goal 7 to 6.  The Semi Finals will be played Saturday March 9th and the finals are on March 10th.…Best of Luck to both Teams in your playoff hunt……

-Trish Cusson reporting for the Midget Canucks & Flyers Teams

Bantam Tier 3:

West Coast Cutting & Coring/GDM Boom & Sort Bantam A Team won’t know their fate until Wednesday Feb. 13th,  but it is not looking good for them.  they need a miracle from that game.
-Bruce Brunt reporting for Bantam T3

PeeWee Tier 3:

Best Western Barclay/Smitty’s Peewee A team placed second in the north island division and will play Victoria 3 in the crossover with the south island division this weekend, Feb. 16-17th.
-Nancy Logan reporting for PeeWee Tier 3

 PeeWee Recreation Teams:

Pee Wee Division has not started play offs yet.  Dievert’s Roofing Bruins (AV1) will have their first game on Saturday, March 2nd 11:45 – 13:45 against Lake Cowichan 1 at Kraatz Arena in Parksville.

AV Times Avalanche (AV3) will have their first game on Sunday March 3rd 09:45 – 11:45 against Cowichan Valley 1 at Meeker Arena in Parksville.  Scotiabank Warriors (AV2) did not make play offs.

-Leslie Kailer-Dore reporting for PeeWee Recreation Teams




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Minor hockey teams take Christmas break

AVMHA rep teams take weekend off for first time since August for holidays, will return in January

This past weekend marked the first since August that rep teams of the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association could take a break from the grind of the season.

For the midget A Bulldogs, the oldest competitive minor team in the Valley, their tournament play has been better than their league play.  Coached by Dave Beecroft, the midget Bulldogs have picked up a gold medal in tournament play, as well as a silver at their home tournament when they lost 3-2 in the championship game to the Aldergrove Bruins.

In league play, the midget Dogs, a Tier 3 team playing in the Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association’s Tier 1, are in second place, with a record of 4-3-1.  Powell River leads the league with an undefeated record.  The midget Dogs were thrown a curve ball when, mid-season, they lost starting goalie Bryce DiRocco to the Comox Valley Glacier Kings of the VIJHL Junior B league.  Their first home game after the Christmas break is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Jan. 13 at the Multiplex against Peninsula.

The bantam Bulldogs are playing in VIAHA’s Tier 2, but are not having the season they envisioned.  They are in second to last place in the division with a record of 1-5-2, ahead of only winless Nanaimo.  Coached by Kevin Sommerville, the bantam Bulldogs first game back after the break is at the Multiplex when the home team takes on Juan De Fuca.

The peewee Bulldogs defining moment this season came in a gold medal game against rival Kerry Park, when Noah Fatur scored the championship goal in overtime. In Tier 2 league play, the peewee Dogs, coached by Mike Doucette, are 2-3-2 through seven games.  They are two points back of Nanaimo and six back of the league leader, Peninsula. Their first games back come on Jan. 12 and 13 at the Multiplex with games against Campbell River and Oceanside.

This year’s minor hockey season will culminate with the midget Bulldogs hosting Tier 3 provincials as teams from across the province will compete for the B.C. championship over spring break.


2012-13 PeeWee Bulldogs


For all the results, game reports, photos, etc. go to the tournament website:  avhockey2012oct.wordpress.com

BC Hockey Sanction Permit #2012-2013-3967



The Best Western Barclay Hotel Peewee Bulldogs capped off the season with a gold medal performance at the annual Ridge Meadows Spring Break Rep tournament this week.

The Peewee Bulldogs posted a 2-win, 1-loss, 1-tie record in round robin play to advance to the playoff round in 3rd place.  In the semi-final the Bulldogs defeated Campbell River in an exciting 6 – 5 overtime game.  Down 4 – 1 going into the 3rd, the bulldogs dug deep and scored 3 unanswered goals to tie the game with 9 minutes left in the final frame. Campbell River scored their 5th goal just minutes later to retake the lead but the Bulldogs battled back once again to tie the game with 4 minutes left.  In the 5 minute, 4 on 4, overtime period, the bulldogs killed off an early penalty and then clinched the victory when Colton Lloyd scored with 1:16 remaining to advance to the gold medal game.

In the final against island arch rivals, the Saanich Braves,  the Bulldogs came out flying and took control early, holding a 2 – 0 lead for most of the first before the Braves got on the board late in the period.  In the 2nd, the Bulldogs scored first again to regain the 2 goal lead before Saanich was able to find the back of the net with 5 minutes left in the period.  The Bulldogs then posted 4 unanswered goals and held the hard charging Saanich team off the scoreboard for the remainder of the game to claim the peewee tournament title.  The Bulldogs leadership proved strong in the game with assistant captain Tynan Smyth picking up the hat trick.  2nd assistant Shay-lee McConnell found the back of the net twice and captain Nico Somerville stuffed in the final marker enroute to a 6 – 2 victory.


Tournament Game Summary

vs. Port Coquitlam          5 – 1   win

Player of the game         Foster Martin


vs. Vancouver Spirit        3 – 3   tie

Player of game               Ezra Paddock


vs. Ridge Meadows        6 – 0   win

Player of the game         Noah Fatur


vs. Terrace                       4 – 6   loss

Player of the game         Shay-lee McConnell


vs. Campbell River         6 – 5   win

Player of the game         Tanner Doucette


vs. Saanich                      6 – 2   win

Player of the game         Tynan Smyth


The Peewee Bulldogs would like to thank their sponsors – the Best Western Barclay Hotel, GDM Boom & Sort and Smittys Restaurant – along with their coaches and families for their ongoing support this season.

Submitted by Stefanie Weber