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Nov 8-11, 2019 Midget Tier 2-3 Tournament-CANCELLED


Tournament Sponsors:  A B Sea Towing & Jal’s Designs

Team Standings

Round Robin standings after 0 of 24 games played

Pool A

  • Kamloops T2        0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Chilliwack A2      0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Comox T1           0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Oceanside T3       0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Campbell River T2  0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Alberni T3         0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0

Pool B

  • Tri-Port T3        0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Kerry Park T3      0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Nanaimo T2         0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Peninsula T3       0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Juan de Fuca T2    0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
  • Cowichan T2        0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0

Game Schedule & Scores

    G#  Start-End    Rink Home    Score  Visitor   Score
SAT 1   7:15-9:00  AM  W  KAMLOOPS        CHILLIWACK   
SAT 2   7:30-9:15  AM  C  TRIPORT         KERRY PARK 
SAT 3   9:15-11:00 AM  W  ALBERNI         CAMPBELL R 
SAT 4   9:30-11:15 AM  C  COMOX           OCEANSIDE 
SAT 5  11:15-1:00  PM  W  NANAIMO         PENINSULA 
SAT 6  11:30-1:15  PM  C  JUAN DE FUCA    COWICHAN 
SAT 7   1:15-3:00  PM  W  OCEANSIDE       KAMLOOPS 
SAT 8   3:15-5:00  PM  W  ALBERNI         COMOX 
SAT 9   3:30-5:15  PM  C  CAMPBELL R      CHILLIWACK 
SAT 10  5:30-7:15  PM  C  TRIPORT         COWICHAN 
SAT 11  7:30-9:15  PM  C  KERRY PARK      PENINSULA 
    G#  Start End   Rink  Home     Score Visitor    Score
SUN 12  7:00-8:45  AM  C  COMOX           CAMPBELL R 
SUN 13  7:15-9:00  AM  W  NANAIMO         JUAN DE FUCA 
SUN 14  9:00-10:45 AM  C  CHILLIWACK      OCEANSIDE 
SUN 15  9:15-11:00 AM  W  ALBERNI         KAMLOOPS 
SUN 16 11:00-12:45 PM  C  KERRY PARK      JUAN DE FUCA 
SUN 17 11:15-1:00  PM  W  PENINSULA       TRIPORT 
SUN 18  1:15-3:00  PM  W  COWICHAN        NANAIMO 
SUN 19  3:00-4:45  PM  C  KAMLOOPS        COMOX 
SUN 20  3:15-5:00  PM  W  ALBERNI         CHILLIWACK 
SUN 21  5:00-6:45  PM  C  OCEANSIDE       CAMPBELL R 
SUN 22  5:15-7:00  PM  W  PENINSULA       COWICHAN 
    G#  Start End    Rink Home     Score Visitor    Score
MON 23  8:00-9:45  AM  W  KERRY PARK      NANAIMO 
MON 24  8:15-10:00 AM  C  TRIPORT         JUAN DE FUCA 
MON 25 10:30-12:45 PM  C  A-3RD           A-4TH 
MON 26 11:15-1:00  PM  W  A-1ST           A-2ND 
MON 27  1:15-3:15  PM  W  B-3RD           B-4TH 
MON 28  3:30-5:30  PM  W  B-1ST           B-2ND

Game Highlights

(all ALBERNI games & Finals)

Team Photos/Rosters

Alberni Valley Midget Bulldogs Team Sponsors:

A B Sea Towing – Bowerman – LB Woodchoppers – Dee Jay Bobcat – Cokely Wire – LOCC – Tyler’s No-Frills – Boomerang’s – Coastal Bridge Construction – Sproat Lake Pile Driving – Dave Ralla – Trend Diesel – Jim Freeman – Cathy Braiden – Arrowsmith Flooring – Torf Contracting – Alpine Heavyhaul.

Sponsors, Contributors, Donors…

Tournament Director

Kellie Steel – tk.steel@shaw.ca – 250-735-3315

Tournament Rules

Nov.9-12, 2018 Midget Tier 2-3 Tournament


Tournament Team Sponsor

12 Teams

Congratulations !

Alberni Valley Midget T3 Bulldogs – Winner of “A” Final

Peninsula Midget T3 Eagles – Winner of “B” Final

Team Standings:

(after 18 games played)
  • Alberni Valley T3    2 + 0 + 2 = 4  4th
  • Campbell River T2    2 + 2 + 0 = 4  5th
  • Cowichan Valley T2   0 + 0 + 2 = 2  7th
  • Cloverdale A2        0 + 2 + 2 = 4  6th
  • Coquitlam A2         2 + 2 + 2 = 6  3rd
  • Kerry Park T3        2 + 0 + 0 = 2  8th
  • Nanaimo T2           0 + 1 + 0 = 1  10th
  • Peninsula T3         0 + 0 + 0 = 0  11th
  • Powell River T3      2 + 2 + 2 = 6  1st
  • Semiahmoo A2         0 + 1 + 0 = 1  9th
  • Squamish/Whistler T3 2 + 2 + 2 = 6  2nd
  • Surrey A3            0 + 0 + 0 = 0  12th

Game Schedule:

 1)  5:15-7:00  PM  C  CAMPBELL R  4   VS COWICHAN   1
 2)* 5:15-7:00  PM  W  ALBERNI     9   VS NANAIMO    4
 3)  7:15-9:00  PM  C  KERRY PARK  5   VS PENINSULA  3

 4)  7:15-9:00  AM  W  POWELL RIVER 4  VS CLOVERDALE    1
 5)  8:00-9:45  AM  C  SEMIAHMOO    2  VS COQUITLAM     4
 6)  9:15-11:00 AM  W  SURREY       1  VS CAMPBELL R    6
 7) 10:00-11:45 AM  C  COWICHAN     1  VS WHIS/SQUAMISH 9
 8)* 1:00-2:45  PM  W  ALBERNI      1  VS COQUITLAM     2
 9)  2:00-3:45  PM  C  CLOVERDALE   6  VS KERRY PARK    1
10)  3:00-4:45  PM  W  NANAIMO      2  VS SEMIAHMOO     2
11)  4:00-5:45  PM  C  PENINSULA    3  VS POWELL RIVER  8
12)  6:00-7:45  PM  C  WHIS/SQUAM   6  VS SURREY        0

13)  7:00-8:45  AM  C  CAMPBELL R  1 VS WHIS/SQUAMISH   3
14)  7:15-9:00  AM  W  SURREY      2 VS COWICHAN        5
15)  9:00-10:45 AM  C  KERRY PARK  1 VS POWELL RIVER   10
16)  9:15-11:00 AM  W  CLOVERDALE  3 VS PENINSULA       1
17) 11:00-12:45 PM  C  COQUITLAM   4 VS NANAIMO         1
18)*11:15-1:00  PM  W  ALBERNI     5 VS SEMIAHMOO       0
19)* 2:45-4:30  PM  C  4TH ALBERNI   4  VS 5TH CAMPBELL R 2
20)  3:15-5:00  PM  W  3RD COQUITLAM 3  VS 6TH CLOVERDALE 4
21)  4:45-6:30  PM  C  2ND SQUAM/WH  4  VS 7TH COWICHAN   2
22)  5:15-7:00  PM  W  1ST POWELL R  5  VS 8TH KERRY PK   0

23)  7:00 AM  C  9TH SEMIAHMOO    2  VS 12TH SURREY       1
24)  7:15 AM  W  10TH NANAIMO     2  VS 11TH PENINSULA    4
25)* 9:00 AM  C  WIN-G#19 ALBERNI 3  VS WIN-G#22 POWELL R 2
26)  9:15 AM  W  WIN-G#20 CLOVERD.3  VS WIN-G#21 SQUAM/WH 2
28)*11:15 PM  W  WIN-G#23 SEMIAHMOO 2 VS WIN-G#24 PENINSULA  3 ("B" FINAL)
30)* 1:30 PM  W  WIN-G#25 ALBERNI  5  VS WIN-G#26 CLOVERDALE 3 ("A" FINAL)

Game Highlights:

* (Only Alberni games and “A” & “B” Final games)


1st period – Alberni gets the first goal at 12:53 when #16 Noah Braiden scores with assists from #7 Nolan Hagen & #20 Chantz Nicklin. Alberni’s 2nd goal was scored by #18 Tanner Clydesdale at 8:20 with assists from #5 Zach Ursel & #7 Nolan Hagen. Nanaimo hits the scoreboard at 3:51 with a goal from #26 Vlad Mazur, assisted by #39 Connor Carson. With a minute left to play in the period, Alberni #10 Colby Erickson scores with assists from #19 Carter Elder & #14 Matt Ursel. Score – Alberni 3, Nanaimo 1.

2nd Period – Nanaimo scores at 18:33 with a goal from #39 Connor Carson, assisted by #26 Vlad Mazur.  Alberni returned to score 4 goals in the period.  3 goals scored by #13 Carter Nelson (2 on the power play) and a single goal from #17 Jordan Braiden.  Alberni assists came from #19 Carter Elder, #10 Colby Erickson, #18 Tanner Clydesdale, & #14 Matt Ursel.  Score – Alberni 7, Nanaimo 2.

3rd Period – Nanaimo scored at 17:27 with a goal from #26 Vlad Mazur, assisted by #30 Tyler Ollech.  Alberni scores at 11:47 with a goal from #5 Zach Ursel, assisted by #17 Jordan Braiden & #9 Isaac Jack.  Nanaimo’s final goal is scored at 10:07 with a goal from #29 Isaac McNabb, assisted by #31 Hayden Christianson.  Alberni scores the final goal in the game at 9:12 when #15 Brett McLean scores with assists from #16 Noah Braiden & #9 Isaac Jack.  Final Score – Alberni 9, Nanaimo 4.

Alberni had 28 penalty minutes.  Nanaimo had 8 penalty minutes.


Sat. Nov. 10 (Game 8) Alberni 1 vs Coquitlam 2.

1st period – no scoring

2nd period – Coquitlam was the first on the scoreboard with a goal at 14:01 scored by #9 Eric Song, assists from #15 Isaiah Fernandez & #19 Carson Bosma.  Coquitlams second goal came at 9:42, scored by #7 Nathan Bran, assisted by #14 Noah Berg.  Alberni’s only goal was scored at 6:54 by #10 Colby Erickson, assisted by #19 Carter Elder & #14 Matt Ursel.  Score – Alberni 1, Coquitlam 2.

3rd period – no scoring.  Final score – Alberni 1, Coquitlam 2.

Penalty summary:  Both teams had 16 minutes in penalties.

Sun. Nov. 11 (Game 18 ) Alberni 5 vs Semiahmoo 0.

1st Period – Alberni scores at 14:31 with a goal from #7 Nolan Hagen, assisted by #19 Carter Elder.  Alberni scores again at 3:28 with the goal from #14 Matt Ursel, assisted by #10 Colby Erickson & #19 Carter Elder.  Score – Alberni 2, Semiahmoo 0.

2nd Period – Alberni’s #16 Noah Braiden scores at 2:57 with assists from #15 Brett McLean & #20 Chantz Nicklin.  Powerplay goal at 0:45 was scored by Alberni’s #16 Noah Braiden, assisted by #15 Brett McLean & #11 Ethan Aston.  Score – Alberni 4, Semiahmoo 0.

3rd Period – The final goal of the game was scored by Alberni at 13:05 by #19 Carter Elder and assisted by #5 Zach Ursel.  Final Score – Alberni 5, Semiahmoo 0.

Alberni Valley had 26 penalty minutes.  Semiahmoo had 16 penalty minutes.

Sun. Nov. 11 (Game 19) Alberni 4 vs Campbell River 2

1st Period – Alberni’s #19 Carter Elder scored the first goal at 12:16 with assists from #14 Matt Ursel & #10 Colby Erickson.  Score – Alberni 1, Campbell River 0.

2nd Period – Campbell River scores on a powerplay at 14:16 with the goal from #7 Bryce Narhi, assisted by #6 Payton Laming.  Alberni scores on a powerplay at 6:00 with the goal from #10 Colby Erickson, assisted by #13 Carter Nelson & #14 Matt Ursel.  Alberni continues with a goal at 3:25 from #10 Colby Erickson, assisted by #17 Jordan Braiden & #18 Tanner Clydesdale.  Score – Alberni 3, Campbell River 1.

3rd Period – At 17:07 Campbell River scores on a powerplay by #6 Payton Laming, assisted by #17 Austin Burney & #4 Clinton Nelson.  The final goal was scored by Alberni’s #14 Matt Ursel at 8:01.  Game ended with 8:01 left on the clock.  Final Score – Alberni 4, Campbell River 2.

Alberni had 16 penalty minutes.  Campbell River had 36 penalty minutes.

Mon. Nov. 12 (Game 25) Powell River 2 vs Alberni 3

1st Period – Powell River’s #2 Michael Behan scores the first goal of the game on a powerplay at 3:25 with an assist from #16 Marcus Berghauser.  With 28 seconds left in the period, Alberni hits the scoreboard with a powerplay goal from #21 Carter Elder, assisted by #10 Colby Erickson & #13 Carter Nelson.  Score – Powell River 1, Alberni 1.

2nd Period – The only goal of the period was scored by Powell River’s #7 Liam Schreiber at 14:28 with assists from #16 Marcus Berghauser & #18 Cole Stocker.  Score – Powell River 2, Alberni.

3rd Period – The only goal of the period was scored by Alberni’s #21 Carter Elder at 9:56 with assists from #11 Ethan Aston & #14 Matt Ursel.  At the end of regulation time, the score is tied at 2.

Overtime – Alberni wins the game with an overtime goal from #21 Carter Elder, who also earned a hat trick by scoring all 3 goals in the game for Alberni.  Final Score – Powell River 2, Alberni 3.

Powell River had 10 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 8 penalty minutes.

Alberni goes on to play in the “A” Final Game.

Mon. Nov. 12, 11:15 am (Game 28 – “B” Final) Semiahmoo 2 vs Peninsula 3

1st Period – Peninsula’s first goal was scored at 9:59 by #16 Adam Vincent, with assists from #3 Tyler Collins & #18 Jake Mcleod.  Peninsula scores again at 1:09 with goal from #4 Sam Eagles, assisted by #9 Ben Preweda & #7 Chance Waldhaus.  Score – Semiahmoo 0, Peninsula 2.

2nd Period – Semiahmoo came on the scoreboard at 15:08 with a goal from #12 Owen Scott, assisted by #8 Evan Slofstra & #15 Matthew Taylor.  Semiahmoo’s second goal was at 3:55 on a powerplay with #2 Evan Blyth getting the goal with assist from #16 Justin Grant.  Score – Semiahmoo 2, Peninsula 2.

3rd Period –  The final & winning goal came at 2:40 when Peninsula’s #9 Ben Preweda scored with assist from #17 Rob Walker.  Final score – Semiahmoo 2, Peninsula 3.

Semiahmoo had 10 penalty minutes.  Peninsula had 12 penalty minutes.

Mon. Nov. 12, 1:30 pm (Game 30 – “A” Final) Alberni 5 vs Cloverdale 3

1st Period – Cloverdale’s #16 Tyler Bleha scored the first goal of the game, at 12:04, unassisted.  Alberni’s first goal was scored by #10 Colby Erickson at 10:22, unassisted.  Alberni #10 Colby Erickson scores again at 1:32 with assists from #21 Carter Elder & #14 Matt Ursel.  Score – Alberni 2, Cloverdale 1.

2nd Period – Cloverdale had the only goal in the period.  #14 Matthew Faubert’s goal was assisted by #13 Trevor Parsons & #11 Landon Foley.  Score – Alberni 2, Cloverdale 2.

3rd Period – Cloverdale takes the lead with a goal at 9:28 scored by #12 Gavin Currie, assisted by #4 Hugh Penner & #10 Ethan Haggerty.  With 5:29 left to play and on a powerplay, Alberni’s #14 Matt Ursel unassisted goal ties the score at 3.    At 1:26 Alberni’s #10 Colby Erickson scores to go ahead 4 to 3, assisted by #13 Carter Nelson.  An empty net goal with 47 seconds on the clock makes it ALBERNI 5, Cloverdale 3. FINAL


Team Photos:

Tournament Sponsors, Contributors, Donors:

Alberni Valley Midget Bulldogs Team Sponsor – Bowerman Excavating

Tournament Director:  .

Tournament Rules (.pdf)


2017 Midget Tier 2-3 Remembrance Day Tourney

Alberni Valley Minor Hockey and Van Isle Ford welcomes you to our Tournament.

Alberni Midget Tier 3 Bulldogs

Team Standings

(points after 22 games played)


  • Comox T2.         0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts.
  • Juan de Fuca T2   2 + 2 + 2 + 0 = 6 pts. = 3rd
  • Peninsula T3      0 + 2 + 0 + 2 = 4 pts. = 4th FINAL BRONZE
  • Sooke T3          2 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 7 pts. = 1st FINAL SILVER
  • Surrey A3         0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts.
  • TriPort T3        2 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 7 pts. = 2nd FINAL GOLD


  • Alberni T3.       2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 pts. = 1st FINAL-GOLD
  • Campbell River T2 0 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 5 pts. = 2nd FINAL-SILVER
  • Cloverdale A2.    2 + 2 + 0 + 0 = 4 pts. = 4th
  • N.Shore Winter A2 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0 pts.
  • Powell River T3.  1 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 5 pts. = 3rd FINAL-BRONZE

Game Schedule

Friday Nov. 10
Game # -   Start Time  - Rink - Visitor - Score - Home - Score
  1*   -  6:15-8:00 PM -  C.  - ALBERNI      3  - CAMPBELL R  2
Saturday Nov. 11
Game # - Start Time    - Rink - Visitor - Score - Home - Score     
  2.   -  7:00-8:45 AM -  C.  - TRIPORT      4  - SURREY      3
  3.   -  7:10-8:55 AM -  W   - PENINSULA.   4  - JUAN DF     7
  4    -  9:00-10:45AM -  C.  - CAMPBELL R   9  - N.SHORE     1
  5.   -  9:10-10:55AM -  W.  - COMOX.       1  - SOOKE       5
  6*   - 11:15-1:00 PM -  W   - CLOVERDALE.  2  - ALBERNI     1
  7.   -  1:15-3:00 PM -  W.  - POWELL R.    3  - CAMPBELL R  3
  8.   -  1:30-3:15 PM -  C.  - JUAN DF.     5  - SURREY      2
  9.   -  3:15-5:00 PM -  W.  - SOOKE.       5  - TRIPORT     5
 10.   -  3:30-5:15 PM -  C.  - COMOX.       3  - PENINSULA   5
 11.   -  5:30-7:15 PM -  C.  - N.SHORE.     1  - CLOVERDALE  6
 12*   -  7:30-9:15 PM -  C   - ALBERNI.     5  - POWELL R    1
Sunday Nov. 12
Game # -   Start Time  - Rink - Visitor - Score - Home - Score 
 13.   -  7:00-8:45 AM -  C   - POWELL R.    3  - CLOVERDALE  1
 14.   -  7:15-9:00 AM -  W   - SURREY.      1  - SOOKE       8
 15.   -  9:00-10:45AM -  C.  - PENINSULA.   0  - TRIPORT     7
 16.   -  9:15-11:00AM -  W.  - COMOX.       1  - JUAN DF     4
 17*   - 11:15-1:00 PM -  W.  - N.SHORE.     3  - ALBERNI     8
 18.   -  1:00-2:45 PM -  C.  - SURREY.      4  - PENINSULA   6
 19    -  1:15-3:00 PM -  W.  - CLOVERDALE.  1  - CAMPBELL R  4   20.   -  3:00-4:45 PM -  C   - TRIPORT.     8  - COMOX       3
 21.   -  3:15-5:00 PM -  W.  - JUAN DF.     1  - SOOKE       4
 22.   -  5:15-7:00 PM -  W.  - POWELL R.    7  - N.SHORE     3
Monday Nov. 13
Game # -   Start Time  - Rink - Visitor - Score - Home - Score 
 23.   -  8:30-10:30AM -  C.  - PENINSULA    2  - JUAN DF     4
 24.   -  8:45-10:45AM -  W.  - CLOVERDALE   0  - POWELL R    8
 25.   - 10:45-12:45PM -  C.  - TRIPORT      3  - SOOKE       2
 26*   - 11:00-1:00 PM.-  W.  - CAMPBELL R   2  - ALBERNI     3

Game Highlights – (Alberni Games + Finals)

* Nov.10 – Game 1 – Campbell River 2 VS Alberni 3

1st Period – Alberni scores a power play goal at 10:49 from #5 Noah Fatur, assisted by #19 Carter Elder.  At 4:49 Campbell River scores with a powerplay goal from #19 Brendan Almer, assisted by #4 Josh McKenzie.  Score is tied at one.

2nd Period – Alberni #5 Noah Fatur scores a goal with an assist from #3 Graeme Kumagai.  At the end of the period, Alberni leads 2-1.

3rd Period – At 12:56, Alberni #12 Matthew Netzer scores with an assist from #19 Carter Elder.  At 11:28, Campbell River #5 Tanner Swift scores an unassisted goal.  Final Score – Campbell River 2, Alberni 3.

Campbell River had 4 penalties totalling 16 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 4 penalties totalling 8 penalty minutes.

* Nov.11 – Game 6 – Alberni 1 VS Cloverdale 2

1st Period – No scoring

2nd Period – Cloverdale scored at 9:31 with an unassisted goal from #7 Trevor Thornton.  At 2:02, Cloverdale #13 Jayden Salmon scores with an assist from #16 Mike Hillman.  At the end of the period the score is Alberni 0, Cloverdale 2.

3rd Period – Just before the final whistle, Alberni gets on the board with a goal from #3 Graeme Kumagai, assisted by #5 Noah Fatur & #4 Jordan Braiden.  Final Score – Alberni 1, Cloverdale 2.

Alberni had 9 penalties totalling 29 penalty minutes.  Cloverdale had 4 penalties, totalling 8 penalty minutes.

*Nov.11 – Game 12 – Powell River 1  VS  Alberni 5

1st Period – First goal was scored at 19:16 on a power play by Alberni #4 Jordan Braiden, assisted by #5 Noah Fatur.  Powell River returns at 16:20 with a goal from #14 Issiah Ranch, assisted by #7 Liam Schuber.  Alberni continues with goals at 13:53 and 10:41 scored by #5 Noah Fatur, with assists from #8 Zach Ursel, #7 Nolan Hagen & #3 Graeme Kumagai.  At the end of the period the score is Powell River 1, Alberni 3.

2nd Period – No scoring

3rd Period – Alberni’s #5 Noah Fatur scores a goal to give him a hat trick, assisted by #3 Graeme Kumagai.  At 9:11, #12 Matthew Netzer scores on a power play with assists from #14 Jordan Braiden and #5 Noah Fatur.  Final score – Powell River 1, Alberni 5.

Powell River had 7 penalties, totalling 14 + 10 penalty minutes.  Alberni had 5 penalties, totalling 10 penalty minutes.

*Nov. 12 – Game 17 – Alberni 8  VS  N. Shore Winter Club 3

1st Period – Only goals scored in the period was by Alberni #15 Christopher O’Laney, assisted by #12 Matthew Netzer.

2nd Period – North Shore scores at 9:38 with a goal from #15 Liam Colquhoun, assisted by #9 Lukas Dancs.  Alberni scores with 45 seconds left in the period on a goal from #14 Jordan Braiden and assists from #5 Noah Fatur & #12 Matthew Netzer.  The score is now Alberni 2, North Shore 1.

3rd Period – North Shore scores on a powerplay at 9:30 with a goal from #22 Jonathan Horne and 1:10 by #15 Liam Colquhoun.  Alberni scores 6 goals in the period.  #14 Jordan Braiden scores 2 goals at 6:49 on a powerplay and 4:06.  #5 Noah Fatur scored a penalty shot goal at 4:37 and assisted on 2 other goals.  #17 Matthew Ursel scored at 19:35 assisted by #8 Zach Ursel.  #15 Christopher O’Laney scores an unassisted goal at 1:54.  Final goal of the game is scored by Alberni #3 Graeme Kumagai, assisted by #12 Matthew Netzer.  Final Score – Alberni 8, North Score 3.

Alberni had 4 penalties totalling 10 penalty minutes.  North Shore had 6 penalties totalling 10 penalty minutes + penalty shot.

*Nov. 13 – Game 26 – Alberni 3 VS Campbell R 2 (Gold Medal Game)

1st Period – First goal was scored by Alberni on a power play at 7:06 by #12 Matthew Netzer with assists from #9 Riley Shiner & #11 Ryan Turgeon.  Campbell River scores at 2:31 on a power play, by #8 Seth Parker, assisted by #12 Cole Devlin and #10 Grady Robertson.  The score is tied at one a piece.

2nd Period – Campbell River takes the lead with a power play goal scored by #8 Seth Parker, assisted by #11 Jake Hartley and #14 Owen Parker, at 14:28.  The period ends with a score of Alberni 1, Campbell River 2.

3rd Period – Alberni ties the score at 14:36 with a goal from #15 Christopher O’Laney, assisted by #17 Matthew Ursel and #8 Zach Ursel.  With 2 minutes left in the game, Alberni #5 Noah Fatur scores the winning goal, assisted by #6 Ryan Devries and #14 Jordan Braiden.  Final Score – Alberni 3, Campbell River 2.

Alberni had 6 penalties totalling 12 penalty minutes.  Campbell River had 10 penalties totalling 28 penalty minutes.

Congratulations to the Gold Medal win by our Alberni Valley Midget Bulldogs!

Congratulations to Campbell River Midget Tyees on their Silver Medal.

Alberni Valley Midget Bulldogs Team Sponsors

Tournament Sponsors

The Alberni Midget Tier 3 Bulldogs would like thank everyone that supported our Tournament.

Van Isle Ford – Bowerman Excavating – Junior Prep Camp – Clark Power – Little Bavaria – Dave Ralla – RBC – Twin City Brewing – Douglas & Koehle – Tim Horton’s – Finishing Touches – The Funk Trunk – Quality Foods – The Ink Spot – Sproat Lake Pile Driving – LB Woodchoppers – La Bruschetta – BuyLow Foods – Alberni Chrysler – Alberni Toyota – Camille’s Hair & Beauty Studio – Capelli Etc Hair Design – Jay’s/Lace It Up – Boston Pizza – BMO – Gone Fishing – Scentsy – Stepping Forward Foot – Sunset Gourmet.

Tournament Director

Shawn Elder – selder@alberniautogroup.com

Pam Hagen –

2017-18 Competitive & Develop. Team STANDINGS

Alberni Valley Midget Bulldogs

SPONSORS – Van Isle Ford – Bowerman Contracting

VIAHA Midget -Island League Div. 1 – Standings

VIAHA Midget – Island League Div. 2 – Game Schedule & Scores

Alberni Valley Bantam Bulldogs

SPONSORS – Pacific Chevrolet – JAL Designs – Tremblay Orthodontics

VIAHA Bantam – Island League Div. 2 – Standings

VIAHA Bantam – Island League Div. 2 – Game Schedule & Scores

Alberni Valley Peewee Bulldogs

SPONSORS – Alberni Chrysler – Smitty’s Restaurant – Best Western Plus Barclay Hotel

VIAHA Peewee – Island League Div. 2 – Standings

VIAHA Peewee – Island League Div. 2 – Game Schedule & Scores

Alberni Valley Atom Development Bulldogs

SPONSORS – J. Salmon Contracting – Alberni Toyota – Harbour View Collision – AAA Photography

VIAHA Atom Development Team – Div.2 – Standings

VIAHA Atom Development Team – Div.2 – Game Schedule & Scores

2017 Midget Tier 3 BC Championship Tournament

We are proud to have 2 teams in Provincial Championships this year.

Our Peewee Bulldogs are playing in Dawson Creek and our Midget Bulldogs play in Terrace with games scheduled as follows:

  • Sunday 1:30 pm – Dawson Creek 1 vs Alberni Valley 9

  • Monday 10:45 am – Trail 1 vs Alberni Valley 9

  • Monday 7:15 pm – Alberni Valley 5 vs Squamish 1

  • Tuesday 10:30 am – Alberni Valley 2 vs Kitimat 3

  • Wednesday (Semi-final)- Cranbrook 1 vs Alberni Valley 5

  • Wednesday (Final) 7:00 pm – Alberni Valley vs Terrace

    (unofficial – I heard on Twitter that Terrace won the Final game.)

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March 19, 1:30 pm – Dawson Creek 1 vs Alberni Valley 9

First Period:  Less than 2 minutes into the game and the AV Bulldogs  score with a goal from #22 Tynan Smyth, assisted by #14 Nicholas Sexton and #17 Cameron McCurdy. With 7:50 played, Dawson Creek scores their only goal on a power play, by #5 Brody Kraus, assisted by #16 Nolan Peddle.  Alberni goes on to score at 10:50 with the goal from #22 Smyth, assisted by #21 Connor Sabiston.  With 2 seconds left to play in the period, Alberni #9 Colton Lloyd-Williams scores with the assist from #7 Kyle Hodson.  Score – Dawson Creek 1, Alberni Valley 3.

Second Period:  Alberni goal scored by #17 McCurdy, assisted by #6 Ryan Devries after 9 minutes of play.  At 15:03, #21 Sabiston scored a goal with the assist coming from #22 Smyth.  Score – Dawson Creek 1, Alberni Valley 5.

Third Period:  It took only 31 seconds for Alberni’s #16 Ayden Brossoit to score a goal with an assist from #10 Keith O’Laney.  Eight minutes later #21 Sabiston scores with the assist from #5 Noah Fatur.  Another 8 minutes are played when #5 Fatur scores, assisted by #22 Smyth.  With less than 2 minutes to play, Alberni’s final goal is scored by #17 McCurdy with assists from #9 Lloyd-Williams and #19 Wyatt Selva.  Final Score – Dawson Creek 1, Alberni Valley 9.

March 20th, at 10:45 am –  Trail 1 vs Alberni Valley 9

Alberni goals scored:
1st period – At 5:35, #21 Connor Sabiston scored a powerplay goal with an assist from #12 Matthew Netzer.  A minute later, #17 Cameron McCurdy scores a powerplay goal with assists from #16 Keith O’Laney and #7 Kyle Hodson. The goal of the game was also on the powerplay, scored by #21 Sabiston, assisted by #22 Tynan Smyth.  At 11:37, #3 Brennan Locke scores a goal with an assist from #17 McCurdy.
2nd period – Four minutes into the period and #21 Sabiston scores his 3rd goal hat trick, on a powerplay and assists from #22 Smyth and #3 Locke.  At 9:46, #9 Colton Lloyd-Williams with an assist from #14 Nicholas Sexton.  At 10:27, with Alberni shorthanded, #19 Wyatt Selva scores an unassisted goal.
3rd period – At 4:49, #19 Selva scores with an assist from #16 Ayden Brossoit.  The final goal was scored at 18:41 on the powerplay, by #5 Noah Fatur, assists from # 17 McCurdy and #22 Smyth.
Alberni had 12 penalty minutes.

March 20th at 7:15 pm – Alberni Valley 5 vs Squamish 1

Alberni goals scored:

1st period – At 5:15, a powerplay goal was scored by #19 Wyatt Selva, assisted by #9 Colton Lloyd-Williams.  At 6:33, #14 Nicholas Sexton scores a goal with an assist from #9 Lloyd-Williams.  At 8:21, #5 Noah Fatur scores with assists from #6 Ryan Devries and #22 Tynan Smyth.

2nd period – At 14:52, #21 Connor Sabiston scores with an assist from # 5 Fatur.

3rd period – At 7:19 a powerplay goal from #12 Matthew Netzer was assisted by #22 Smyth.

Alberni had 16 penalty minutes.

March 21st at 10:30 am – Alberni Valley 2 vs Kitimat 3

In the 1st period at 0:32 #22 Tynan Smyth scored with an assist from #6 Ryan Devries.  In the 3rd period at 8:33 #5 Noah Fatur scored an unassisted goal.

Alberni had 8 minutes in penalties.

March 22nd (Semi-final) – Cranbrook 1, Alberni Valley 5.

1st Period – Alberni goal at 2:36 from #19 Wyatt Selva, assisted by #16 Ayden Brossoit.  Powerplay goal at 4:20 scored by #19 Selva, assisted by #21 Connor Sabiston and #34 Tanner Doucette.

2nd Period – Alberni goal at 7:07 from #14 Nicholas Sexton, assisted by #9 Colton Lloyd-Williams.

3rd Period – Alberni goal at 17:28 scored by #21 Sabiston, assisted by #3 Brennan Locke.  Final goal scored at 18:07 by #22 Tynan Smyth, assisted by #21 Sabiston.

Alberni had 34 penalty minutes.

March 22nd 7:00pm (Final) – Alberni Valley vs Terrace.

Midget Bulldogs in action in Terrace BC (photos by Tami Netzer)



Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs team with Island League Div. 1 Championship Banner

2017 VIAHA League & Playoff News

VIAHA Island League schedule of 12 games has been completed.

  • Midget VanIsle Ford Bulldogs win Division 1 1st place banner.  They went on to win the Tier 3 Island Championship and going to Terrace for the BC Championships.
  • Bantam Pacific Chevrolet Bulldogs place 2nd in Division 3
  • Peewee Alberni Chrysler/Best Western Hotel Bulldogs place 2nd in Div. 2.  They went on to capture the Tier 3 Island Championship and heading to Dawson Creek for the BC Championships.

AVMHA President presents banner to Peewee Bulldogs.


Atom Development Team captured the VIAHA Atom Development Playoff Champions banner.   Our Atom Bulldogs  played in Div. 3 and placed 2nd in the 12 league games played.

Alberni Toyota – AAA Photography – J. Salmon Contracting – Atom Development Bulldogs win the Island Playoff Championship of Atom Development teams.
Recreational League play continues until March 5th.    Only our Atom (AV2 Silver) team made playoffs set to play March 11-12th in the VIAHA Mid Island Recreational League.

AV News Sports Story published Jan 26/17. http://www.albernivalleynews.com/sports/411893846.html

2016 MIDGET T2-3 Remembrance Tourney


Final Standings

1st Place: Alberni | 2nd Place: Kerry Park | 3rd Place:  Sooke  2016-midget-tournament-winners

TEAMS – Round Robin – Standings1st-place_0479

(Points after 12 of 12 games played)

POOL A – Vancouver-4-2nd | Nanaimo-0-4th | Alberni-6-1st | Saanich-2-3rd

POOL B – Richmond-0-4th | Kerry Park-6-1st| Oceanside-2-3rd | Sooke-4-2nd


View &/or print the Schedule of 18 games to be played

2016 Midget T2-3 Tournament Game Schedule


(by date & time of play)  Full details will be posted for Alberni & Final games only.

Friday, November 11th

Game 1 – Fri. Nov. 11, starts 3:45 pm, ALBERNI – 4 vs SAANICH – 1  Final

  • 1st period – Saanich #22 Connor Chan scores their only goal of the game with an assist from #17 Lucas McHugh.
  • 2nd period – No scoring
  • 3rd period – Alberni scores 4 goals.  At 18:11, Alberni #14 Nick Sexton scores a powerplay goal.  At 8:58, #17 Cameron McCurdy scores with assists from #3 Brennan Locke and #12 Matthew Netzer.  At 3:14, #19 Wyatt Selva goal is assisted by #22 Tynan Smyth.  With 1:29 left in the game, #19 Wyatt Selva scores with assists from #14 Nick Sexton and #8 Chris O’Laney.
  • Penalty Summary – Alberni had 25 penalty minutes.  Saanich had 16 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Alberni #14 Nic Sexton and Saanich #31 Niall Murphy (goalie)

Game 2 starts 4:00 pm, KERRY PARK – 3 vs SOOKE – 1  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Kerry Park had 12 penalty minutes.  Sooke had 4 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Kerry Park #35 Liam Tupper (goalie), Sooke #5 Robbie Lowelison

Game 3starts 6:00 pm, RICHMOND – 4  vs OCEANSIDE – 9   – Final

  • Penalty Summary – Richmond had 22 penalty minutes.  Oceanside had 33 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Richmond #18 Vikram Randhawa and Oceanside #11 Jose Hope.

Game 4 starts 6:15 pm, VANCOUVER – 4 vs NANAIMO – 3  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Vancouver had 6 penalty minutes.  Nanaimo had 14 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Vancouver #1 Lauren Pureza-Dagenais (goalie) and Nanaimo #66 Fernando Menemez.

Saturday, November 12th

Game 5 starts 8:15 am, KERRY PARK – 7 vs RICHMOND – 2  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Kerry Park had 24 penalty minutes.  Richmond had 16 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Kerry Park #7 Mason Shadlock.  Richmond #24 Hunter Barnes.

Game 6 starts 10:00 am, SOOKE – 5 vs OCEANSIDE – 1  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Sooke had 4 penalty minutes.  Oceanside had 8 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Sooke #14 N. Dougall.  Oceanside #15 Duncan Cairns.

Game 7 starts 10:30 am, SAANICH 4  vs VANCOUVER 5  – Final

  • Penalty Summary – Saanich had 31 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 4 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Saanich #18 Connor Turnbull and Vancouver #14 Dante Stagnitta.

Game 8 starts 12:45 pm, ALBERNI – 6 vs NANAIMO – 1  Final

  • 1st Period – Alberni scored 3 goals.  #19 Wyatt Selva’s goal was assisted by #8 Chris O’Laney.  #16 Ayden Brossoit’s goal was assisted by #9 Colton Lloyd and #17 Cameron McCurdy.  Alberni’s third goal was on the power play, scored by #17 McCurdy and assisted by #16 Brossoit and #9 Lloyd. Nanaimo’s only goal was scored at 3:19 from #30 Cole Ford, assisted by #22 Tyler Gustafson.  Score:  Alberni 3, Nanaimo 1.
  • 2nd Period – Alberni scored a power play goal from #19 Selva, assisted by #12 Matthew Netzer and #22 Tynan Smyth.
  • 3rd Period – Alberni’s #9 Lloyd scored a goal with assists from #5 Noah Fatur and #15 Andrew Check.  Alberni’s 6th and final goal was scored by #16 Brossoit with assists from #17 McCurdy and #5 Fatur.
  • Penalty Summary – Alberni had 6 penalty minutes.  Nanaimo had 22 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Alberni #9 Colton Lloyd and Nanaimo #32 Carson Savage.

Game 9 starts 2:45 pm, RICHMOND – 1 vs SOOKE – 9  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Richmond had 12 penalty minutes.   Sooke had 25 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game –  TBA

Game 10 starts 3:00 pm, OCEANSIDE – 2 vs KERRY PARK – 4  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Oceanside had 10 penalty minutes.   Kerry Park had 14 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Oceanside #30 Tyler Blaine and Kerry Park #8 Aslan LaCouvee.

Game 11 starts 5:00 pm, NANAIMO – 0 vs SAANICH – 1  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Nanaimo had 18 penalty minutes.  Saanich had 18 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Nanaimo #24 Josh Parkin and Saanich #8 Carson Garner.

Game 12 –  starts 7:15 pm, ALBERNI – 13 vs VANCOUVER- 1  Final

  • 1st Period – Alberni scored 4 goals.  At 12:03, #15 Andrew Check scored with assists from #5 Noah Fatur and #9 Colton Lloyd.  At 9:58, #14 Nick Sexton’s goal was assisted by #8 Chris O’Laney and #12 Matthew Netzer.  At 6:46 and 6:02, #19 Wyatt Selva scored goals with assists from #10 Keith O’Laney and #8 Chris O’Laney.
  • 2nd Period – Alberni scored 3 goals.  At 15:29, #5 Fatur scores with assists from #9 Lloyd and #12 Netzer.  At 7:49, #9 Lloyd’s goal was assisted by #15 Check & #5 Fatur.  At 0:45, #14 Sexton scored with an assist from #8 Chris O’Laney.
  • 3rd Period – Alberni scored 6 goals. At 15:51, #8 Chris O’Laney’s goal was assisted by #9 Lloyd and #10 Keith O’Laney.  At 15:26, #19 Selva scores with assists from #17 Cameron McCurdy and #12 Netzer.  At 13:16, #15 Andrew Check scores on a power play with an assist from #8 Chris O’Laney.  At 9:33, #17 McCurdy’s goal was assisted by #19 Selva and #16 Ayden Brossoit.  At 7:59, #19 Selva scores an unassisted goal.  At 5:48, #2 Nolan Hagen scores Alberni’s 13th goal with an assist from #9 Lloyd.   Vancouver’s only goal was scored at 5:16 by #7 Adam Chan, assisted by #19 P. Chhoker.
  • Penalty Summary – Alberni had 6 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 4 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – TBA

Sunday, November 13th

Game 13 starts 7:45 am, (1st-Pool A) Alberni – 7 vs (2nd-Pool B) Sooke – 2  Final.

  • 1st Period – Sooke scores at 10:53 with goal from #13 Tyson Friesen, assisted by #2 Ky Berger and #14 Nin Dougall.  Alberni scores at 8:19 with a goal from #19 Wyatt Selva, assisted by #14 Nick Sexton and #2 Nolan Hagen.  Sooke’s #13 Friesen returns at 5:14 with a second goal, assisted by #19 Dougall and #6 Steven Piatkowski.  Score:  Alberni 1, Sooke 2.
  • 2nd Period – Alberni #5 Noah Fatur scores at 17:50 and 3:40 with assists from #15 Andrew Check, #21 Connor Sabiston & #12 Matthew Netzer.  At 4:45, #8 Chris O’Laney scores with an assist from #19 Selva.  Score:  Alberni 4, Sooke 2.
  • 3rd Period – Alberni scores another 3 goals.  At 18:29, #19 Selva scores an unassisted power play goal.  At 11:58, #16 Ayden Brossoit scores with an assist from #3 Brennan Locke.  The final goal was scored at 8:32 by #5 Fatur, on a power play, assisted by #15 Check & #21 Sabiston.  Final Score: Alberni 7, Sooke 2.
  • Penalty Summary – Alberni had 14 penalty minutes.  Sooke had 10 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game –  Alberni #5 Noah Fatur and Sooke – TBA

Game 14 – starts 8:00 am, (1st-Pool B) Kerry Pk – 5 vs (2nd-Pool A) Vancouver – 2  Final

  • Penalty Summary – Kerry Park had 12 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 8 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Kerry Park #26 Xander Assaly and Vancouver #15 Matteo Crossley.

Game 15 – starts 10:00 am, (3rd-Pool B) Oceanside – 3 vs (3rd-Pool A) Saanich – 3  Final

  • 1st Period – Oceanside #2 Michael Stewart scores with assists from #15 Duncan Cairns & #11 Jose Hope.
  • 2nd Period – Saanich scores 3 goals in the period.  At 17:32, #9 Cianan Briscoe’s goal was assisted by #5 Dylan Jessa.  At 12:27, #22 Connor Chan’s goal was assisted by #10 Andy Westhaver.  At 9:39, #9 Briscoe scored with assists from #6 Johnny Jacoby and #13 Christopher Williams.  Oceanside goal was scored by #15 Cairns, unassisted at 15:48.
  • 3rd Period – Oceanside scored at 10:32 with a goal from #15 Cairns, assisted by #18 Aidan Johnson.
  • Penalty Summary – Oceanside had 29 penalty minutes + game misconduct.  Saanich had 18 penalty minutes.

Game 16 – starts 10:15 am, (4th-Pool A) Nanaimo – 8 vs (4th-Pool B) Richmond- 2  Final

  • 1st Period – Richmond #2 Josh Freeland scores with assists from #12 Kyle Gounder and #17 Brendan Sadhra.  Score:  Nanaimo 0, Richmond 1.
  • 2nd Period – Nanaimo scores 6 goals.  Three goals scored by #25 Isaac Finner, with assists from #30 Cole Ford & #28 Moritz Plendl.  Single goals scored by #31 Mike Lindia, assisted by #23 Zach Blanchard.  #27 Cole Hutzkal scored an unassisted goal.  #77 Nick Allison scored a goal with an assist from #26 Ryan Stacey.  Score:  Nanaimo 6, Richmond 1.
  • 3rd Period – Nanaimo scores at 17:36 with goal from #26 Ryan Stacey, assisted by #77 Nick Allison.  At 17:16, Richmond scores with goal from #2 Freeland, assisted by #17 Sadhra.  Nanaimo scores the final goal at 10:23 from #24 Josh Parkin, unassisted.  Final score:  Nanaimo 8, Richmond 2.
  • Penalty Summary – Nanaimo had 22 penalty minutes.  Richmond had 16 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Nanaimo #25 Isaac Finner and Richmond #2 Josh Freeland.

Game 17 – BRONZE, starts 12:30 pm, (Loser G#13) Sooke – 6  vs (Loser G#14) Vancouver – 3   Final

  • 1st Period – Sooke started the scoring with an unassisted goal at 14:01 from #4 Boston Greenhough.  At 10:07, Vancouver #16 Filip Poljak scores an unassisted goal.  Sooke returns at 0:19 with a goal from #14 Nin Dougall, assisted by #13 Tyson Friesen & #6 Steven Piatkowski.  Score:  Sooke 2, Vancouver 1
  • 2nd Period – Vancouver ties the score at 16:02 with a goal from #19 Preetpaul Chhoker, assisted by #8 Matthew Martell and #7 Adam Chan.  Vancouver takes the lead at 5:59 with a goal from #8 Martell, assisted by #7 Chan & #19 Chhoker.  Sooke returns at 3:20 to tie the score with a goal from #8 Brendon Jay, assisted by #14 Dougall.  Score:  Sooke 3, Vancouver 3
  • 3rd Period –  Sooke takes off to score 3 goals and win the game.  At 14:16, #14 Dougall scores with assists from #21 Finley Arthurs and #12 Ty Didmon.  At 13:04, #5 Robbie Laserison scores with an assist from #4 Greenhough.  At 2:45, #14 Dougal scores (with a hat trick), assisted by #16 Brayden Friesen.  Final Score:  Sooke 6, Vancouver 3
  • Penalty Summary – Sooke had 10 penalty minutes.  Vancouver had 2 penalty minutes.
  • Player of the Game – Sooke #6 Steven Piatkowski and Vancouver #19 Preetpaul Chhoker

Game 18 – GOLD/SILVER, starts 2:45 pm, (Winner G#13) Alberni – 4 vs (Winner G#14) Kerry Park – 1  Final

  • 1st period – Alberni scored at 10:03 with an unassisted goal from #5 Noah Fatur.  Second Alberni goal was scored by #15 Andrew Check, assisted by #12 Matthew Netzer and #21 Connor Sabiston.  Score:  Alberni 2, Kerry Park 0.
  • 2nd period – Alberni’s #6 Ryan DeVries scores a goal at 16:27 with assists from #19 Wyatt Selva and #8 Chris O’Laney.  Score:  Alberni 3, Kerry Park 0.
  • 3rd period – At 10:05, Alberni #6 DeVries returns to score another goal with assists from #21 Sabiston and #5 Fatur.  Kerry Park scores at 8:42 with a goal from #26 Xander Assaly, assisted by #12 Liam Bell and #8 Aslan LaCouvee.   Final Score: Alberni 4, Kerry Park 1.  
  • Penalty Summary – Both teams had 10 penalty minutes each.
  • Player of the Game – Alberni #19 Wyatt Selva and Kerry Park #22 Dawson Bittner.




Alberni Valley Bulldogs – First Place1st-alberni-team_8422

1-Tyson Davidson, 34-Tanner Doucette, 2-Nolan Hagen, 3-Brennan Locke (A), 5-Noah Fatur, 6-Ryan Devries, 7-Kyle Hodson, 8-Chris O’Laney, 9-Colton Lloyd, 10-Keith O’Laney, 12-Matthew Netzer (A), 14-Nick Sexton, 16-Ayden Brossoit, 17-Cameron McCurdy, 19-Wyatt Selva, 21-Connor Sabiston (A), 22-Tynan Smyth (C), 15-Andrew Check (AP).

Kerry Park Islanders – Second Place2nd-kerrypk-team_8420

35-Liam Tupper, 2-Thomas Haarsma, 3-Lincoln Findlater, 5-Deklon Shadlock, 6-Billy Ramwell, 7-Mason Shadlock (A), 8-Aslan LaCouvee, 9-Jason McKay, 10-Jake Metcalfe, 11-Danny Bruce, 12-Liam Bell (A), 15-Dallin Foreman, 17-Jaxon Erskine (A), 19-Kristian Anderson (A), 20-Ethan Rogers, 21-Jace Erskine, 22-Dawson Bittner, 26-Xander Assaly, 31-Tyson Duffe.

Nanaimo Clippers

1-Chase Landa, 7-Ryan Stacey, 21-Ryan Paprosky-Bao, 22-Tyler Gustafson, 23-Zach Blanchard (A), 24-Jjosh Parkin, 25-Isaac Finner (A), 27-Cole Hutzkal (A), 28-Moritz Glendl, 29-Alex Bloedorn, 30-Cole Ford, 31-Mike Lindia, 34-Luke Schlitz, 55-Jared Guddu, 66-Fernando Menemez, 77-Nick Allison, 32-Carson Savage.

Oceanside Generals

30-Tyler Blaine, 2-Michael Stewart, 4-Noah Sesewa (A), 5-Bailey Kaario, 7-Brayden Pitcairn, 8-Isaac Larocque-Wall, 9-Christian Stokes, 11-Jose Hope, 15-Duncan Cairns (C), 16-Dylan Williams, 18-Aidan Johnson, 22-Jimmy Shworan.

Richmond Blues

31-Keaton Boni, 35-Tanner Roberts, 1-Steven Wade, 24-Hunter Barnes, 5-Sean Eagles, 2-Joshua Freeland, 12-Kyle Gounder, 22-Justin Grim, 3-Clark Johnson, 21-Jake Lancaster, 16-Chad Lore, 10-Brayden Oye, 19-Myles Pierpont, 7-Josh Quimbao, 18-Vikram Randhawa, 5-Ben Ikeda (AP)

Saanich Braves

31-Niall Murphy, 4-Eric Horricks, 5-Dylan Jessa, 6-Johnny Jacoby (A), 7-Conor Croucher, 8-Carson Garner, 9-Cianan Briscoe (C), 10-Andy Westhaver, 11-Dario Gaeco, 13-Christopher Williams, 17-Lucas McHugh, 18-Connor Turnbull (A), 21-Corey Livelton, 22-Connor Chan, 44-Brayden Flynn, 55-Sterling Lyon.

Sooke Thunderbirds – 3rd Place3rd-sooke-team_8413

1-Nicholas Halsell, 21-Finley Arthurs, 2-Kyle Berger, 7-Kenyan Carda (A), 12-Ty Didmon (A), 16-Brayden Briesen, 13-Tyson Friesen (A), 19-Garett Gilbertson, 4-Boston Greenhough, 8-Brandon Jay, 10-Dreyden Linquist, 5-Robbie Lowelison, 3-Sean MacDonald, 6-Steven Piatkowski, 9-Jacob Thomas, 15-Craig Phipps, 14-N. Dougall (C).


35-Emmet Larson, 1-Lauren Pureza-Dagenais, 10-Dylan Bondi, 7-Adam Chan, 19-Preetpaul Chhoker, 15-Matteo Crossley, 13-Garrett Dayal, 4-Will Hermanson, 2-Carter Kada-Wong, 5-Matteo La Porta, 12-Mitchell Loo, 8-Matthew Martell, 16-Filip Poljak, 14-Dante Stagnitta.


We would like to thank the following businesses for their generous support to this Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Tournament.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and necessary to put on a successful event.

Team Sponsors for the Alberni Valley Midget T3 Bulldogs


Tournament Contributors

Tim Hortons – Buy Low Foods – Save On Foods – Tyler’s No Frills Foods


Silent Auction & Raffle prizes will be drawn Sunday morning.

Alberni Denture Clinic | Jay’s & Lace It Up | LB Woodchoppers | Alberni Chrysler | Bowerman Excavating | Luxury Lashes | PARG | Capelli’s | Watkins – Michelle Cayer | Clambucket | Flandangles | Camille’s | Cariboo | Dolan’s Gas Fitting | Funk Trunk | Ryder Construction | Pacific Chevrolet | Sproat Lake Pile Driving |
Tim Horton’s.


& Multiplex staff


2016-2017 Competitive & Development Teams

Competitive Teams Coordinator:

Stefanie Weber  s-weber@shaw.ca   250-735-0766


Team Coaches for the 2016/2017 season:

  • Team – Coach – Asst. Coach – Managers
  • Midget – Jamie Wasylien – Jordan Hamilton, Graham Milton – Mary Anne Sabiston
  • Bantam – Dave Porter – Turner Popoff, Keenan O’Connell – Stefanie Weber
  • Peewee – Kevin Erickson – Steve Bilodeau, John MacDonald – Sophia Torfs
  • Atom Development – Mike Souchuck – Keith Austin, Jamie Ralston – Jen O’Connell

September – October:

  • Placement Games every weekend (except Thanksgiving) to determine the tier for league play
  • Island League starts October 29th
  • Oct. 7-10th Thanksgiving Tournaments – Atom Dev. & Peewee T2-3

Midget Tier 3 at BC Championship in Gibsons

Alberni’s Midget Tier 3 team has travelled to Gibsons, BC to compete in the BC Championship Tournament.

(Link to Standings:  http://bchockey.net/Championships/ScheduleandScoresDetail.aspx?division=1033&external=0&season=1631 )

March 13, 2016 – 12:00 pm Alberni Valley 5 vs Whitehorse 2

Good win to start the tournament. 

March 14, 2016 – 10:30 am.  Alberni Valley 3 vs Whistler 3

March 14, 2016 – 6:00 pm.  Coquitlam 2 vs Alberni Valley 3

March 15, 2016 – 1:00 pm.  Trail 3 vs Alberni Valley 7

Alberni with 3 wins & 1 tie (7 points) will be in the playoffs.

March 16, 2016 – 5:00 pm.  Alberni Valley vs Sunshine Coast

Semi-Final of Pool A.  Winner plays in Championship Game.  Loser plays for 3rd or 4th place.

March 17, 2016 – 8:00 am – Alberni Valley vs Smithers – Bronze medal game 

March 17, 2016 – 11:00 am – Whistler vs Sunshine Coast – Championship game 

BC Midget Tier 4 Championships – Updates

Sun. March 13, 2016 

Game 1 – 8:00 am start – Windemere Valley  10 vs Alberni Valley 1

It was a tough 1st game for Alberni.  Lets blame it on the time change.  Windemere did not change there clocks and were already a hour ahead.  Alberni goal was scored in the 3rd period by #7 Riley Shiner, unassisted.  Alberni plays again at 4:30 pm against Prince Rupert.

Game 2 – 10:45 am startSurrey 1 vs Prince Rupert 6

Game 3 – 1:30 pm startBurns Lake 8 vs Coquitlam 2 

Game 4 – 4:30 pmPrince Rupert 11 vs Alberni Valley 1

Another tough game for Alberni.  Their only goal was scored in the 3rd period by #11 Reilly Kozocari, assisted by #13 Chris O’Laney.

Mon. March 14, 2016

Game 5 – 8:30 am start – Coquitlam 1 vs Windemere 6

Game 6 – 11:15 am start – Surrey 2 vs Burns Lake 8

Game 7 – 2:00 pm start – Prince Rupert 2 vs Windemere 1

Game 8 – 5:45 pm start – Alberni Valley 2 vs Burns Lake 2

Our Alberni Bulldogs tied with Burns Lake despite penalties for both teams.  Alberni’s #7 Riley Shiner scored a power play goal in the 2nd period, with assists from #13 Chris O’Laney and #23 Kyle Hodson.  In the 3rd period the Bulldogs #11 Reilly Kozocari scored with assists from #19 Nick Ross and #4 Matt Ursel.

Tue. March 15, 2016

Game 9 – 9:00 am start – Surrey 4 vs Coquitlam 2

Game 10 – 2:00 pm start – Burns Lake 2 vs Windemere 3

Game 11 – 4:45 pm start – Coquitlam 0 vs Prince Rupert 8

Game 12 – 7:30 pm start – Alberni Valley 5 vs Surrey 2

Alberni gets their first win.  1st period goal scored by #6 Keith O’Laney, assisted by #13 Chris O’Laney.  In the 3rd period, #4 Matt Ursel scores a power play goal, assisted by #6 Keith O’Laney.  It is followed by a short handed and unassisted goal by #15 Andrew Check. In the last minutes of the game, #19 Nick Ross scored a goal, assisted by #8 Ryan Turgeon and followed with an unassisted goal on the power play.

Wed. March 16, 2016

Game 13 – 8:30 am start – Burns Lake 2 vs Prince Rupert 7

Game 14 – 11:15 am start – Windemere 11 vs Surrey 0

Game 15 – 2:00 pm start – Alberni 3 vs Coquitlam 7

In Alberni’s last game they came up short and only 3 points in tournament play.  Alberni goals started in the 2nd period when #19 Nick Ross scored unassisted.  In the 3rd period, they scored on the power play with the goal from #8 Ryan Turgeon, assisted by #13 Chris O’Laney and #19 Nick Ross.  Their final goal was scored by #16 Graeme Kumagi, unassisted.

Game 16 – 7:30 pm start – Prince Rupert 3 vs Windemere 2 – Championship Game 

Prince Rupert wins the BC Midget Tier 4 Championship (in overtime)

Congratulations to Prince Rupert

“Thank you” to the other teams plus all the Volunteers who put on this Championship Tournament!

BC Midget Tier 4 Championship – Teams


AVBulldogs-250Alberni Valley Midget Tier 4 Bulldogs

#2 Isaac McDonald, #3 Jeremy Hutchings, #4 Matt Ursel – “AP”, #5 Carter Nelson – AP, #6 Keith O’Laney “A”, #7 Riley Shiner, #8 Ryan Turgeon, #9 Colten Bowerman “A”, #11 Reilly Kozocari “C”, #12 Jayden Moss, #13 Chris O’Laney, #14 Alex Cochrane, #15 Andrew Check, #18 Jayden Villafane, #19 Nick Ross, #20 Bailey Sam, #23 Kyle Hodson, #1 Tyson Davidson – Goalie, #35 Rylan Cole – Goalie.


Burns Lake Midget Tier 4 Bruins

01 FERGUSON Jamie, 05 BEACH Bronwyn, 06 ANDERSON Devin, 07 SOLECKI Lauren, 09 VESSEY Evan, 10 GOERTZEN Austin, 12 STRIZICH Steven, 14 KESTERKE Kaja, 17 HAVENS Brandon, 18 STRIMBOLD Kian, 19 NOOSKI Marcus, 20 WILSON Avery, 21 WORTHING Brock, 22 BROWN Curtis, BROWN Spencer, BURLESON Jeremy, FOUNTAIN Angus, PUGLAS Braden.



Coquitlam ChiefsCoquitlam Midget Tier 4 Chiefs

Back row left: Coach Dan Haney, A. Virani, M. Gibbs, L. Winters, R. Marr, R. Popkey, Coach John Blessman  Front row left: C. Heard, J. Grisdale, C. Hartley, J. James, S. Firoozsani, J. Haney  Goalies left: G. Petrozzi, T. Hughes  Missing: T. MacRae & R. Cranidge.


Prince Rupert Sea Wolves 600

PrinceRupertSEAWOLVES-250Prince Rupert Midget Tier 4 Sea Wolves

02 QUANE Liam, 03 WILEY Hunter, 04 SMITH David, 05 GERMAN Hunter, 06 MAROGNA Keenan, 07 CARTER Jared, 08 SEKHON Gurlivleen, 09 FUDGER Drew, 10 DEOL Manreet, 11 MATALONE TYLER Dominic, 14 ARCHER Keiden, 15 ACKER Sage, 16 SIDHU Maninder, 17 DRUMMOND Lyndon, 21 COOK Mitchel, 22 ARCHER Teryn, 24 SEKHON Vishaldeep, 25 FUDGER Brett, 31 LINDSAY Cole, 44 FERGUSON Brayden, 01 TUBB Eric,.


SURREYTHUNDERLOGO-250Surrey Midget Tier 4 Thunder

1 SIVIA Mehtab, 4 TAGGAR Gurveen, 6 STACEY-CLARK MacKenzie, 7 ARNICANS Adam, 8 DHALIWAL Malik, 9 BALOGH Bradley, 11 JAWANDA Jadyn, 12 BIRRING Jovan, 13 FOO Jeramy, 14 SANDHU Karanbir, 15 MANN Harvin, 16 MEYER Dyson, 17 PAJGER Lucas, 18 WANG Tim, 19 RICKETTS Nathan, 21 JOHAL Inderjot, 29 HEIEIS Brendan, 10 MORIN Andrew.



WindemereRockies-250Windemere Valley Midget Tier 4 Rockies

01 Geoff Drought (G), 02 Jayden Jefferson, 04 Jared Oaks, 06 Isaiah Fedow, 07 Tobias Hilmersen, 08 Evan Prosser, 09 Malcolm Turner, 10 Jared Frasca, 11 Travis Jackson, 12 Cooper Dunlop, 13 Owen Lee, 14 Ben Bradley, 15 Trey Becket, 19 Aidan Knuckey, 20 Tom Schuster, 21 Spencer Spiry, 22 West Fiddler, 23 Evan Clowers, 30 Wyatt Kress (G).



BC Midget Tier 4 Championship pages:

 Teams  |   Game Schedule  |  (BC Hockey) Standings  |  Updates |  Photos


BC Midget Tier 4 Championship – Games



Our local Midget Tier 4 team is hosting the BC Championship here at the AV Multiplex, March 13-16, 2016.

Six teams participating include our Alberni Valley Midget Tier 4 team, Windemere, Surrey, Prince Rupert, Burns Lake, and Coquitlam.

The game schedule is as follows:

Sunday, March 13th

  • 8:00 am – Windemere  10  vs Alberni Valley  1  – Final
  • 10:45 am – Surrey 1 vs Prince Rupert 6 – Final
  • 1:30 pm – Burns Lake vs Coquitlam 2 – Final
  • 4:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies
  • 4:30 – Prince Rupert 11 vs Alberni Valley 1 – Final

Monday, March 14th

  • 8:30 am – Coquitlam 1 vs Windermere 6 – Final
  • 11:15 am – Surrey 2 vs Burns Lake 8 – Final
  • 2:00 pm – Prince Rupert 2vs Windermere 1 – Final
  • 5:45 pm – Alberni Valley 2 vs Burns Lake 2 – Final

Tuesday, March 15th

  • 9:00 am – Surrey 4 vs Coquitlam 2 – Final
  • 2:00 pm – Burns Lake 2 vs Windemere 3 – Final
  • 4:45 pm – Coquitlam 0 vs Prince Rupert 8 – Final
  • 7:30 pm – Alberni Valley 5 vs Surrey 2 – Final

Wednesday, March 16th

  • 8:30 am – Burns Lake 2 vs Prince Rupert 7
  • 11:15 am – Windemere 11 vs Surrey 0
  • 2:00 pm – Alberni Valley 3 vs Coquitlam 7
  • 7:30 pm – Prince Rupert 3 vs Windemere 2 – Championship Game (in overtime)

Prince Rupert wins the title of BC Midget Tier 4 Champions – Congratulations!

BC Midget Tier 4 Championship pages:

 Teams  |   Game Schedule  |  (BC Hockey) Standings  |  Updates |  Photos


Alberni Valley Midget T4 Team Sponsors 2015-2016

Island League Competitive (Rep) Team Playoffs


Info from VIAHA website:

Island League Playoffs – Round Robin

Midget T3 and Midget T4   
- Midget T3 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/midget/standings-Midget-Div1-Island.php
- Midget T4 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/midget/standings-Midget-Div3-Island.php
- Midget T3 playoffs:  http://viaha.org/island/midget/playoff-T3-North.php

Both Midget Teams are off to BC Provincial Championships in March 2016.

Midget Tier 3 - VanIsle Ford - West Coast Cutting & Coring

Midget Tier 3 – VanIsle Ford – West Coast Cutting & Coring

Midget Tier 4 - Bowerman Excavating - AAA Photography

Midget Tier 4 – Bowerman Excavating – AAA Photography

Bantam T3 
- Bantam T3 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/bantam/standings-Bantam-Div3-Island.php
Games-10, Won-8, Lost-0, Tied-2, Goals for-51, Goals against-17, Penalty Min.-100 (lowest)

- Bantam T3 Playoffs:  http://viaha.org/island/bantam/playoff-T3-North.php

PeeWee T3  
- Peewee T3 League Standings:  http://viaha.org/island/peewee/standings-PeeWee-Div3-Island.php


Pacific Chevrolet Bantam Bulldogs – League Champions

2015-16 Team Photos – Competitive

Midget T3/T4 Tournament

Tournament website:  http://avhockey2015nov.wordpress.com

Div. A Tournament Winners Alberni Midget T3 team photo - Tami Pley-Netzer

Div. A Tournament Winners – Alberni Midget T3 team – photo: Tami Pley-Netzer

Division A Tournament winner – Alberni Valley T3 Midget Bulldogs

Division B Tournament winner – Peninsula T3 Midget Eagles


Midget T3 at Richmond Tournament for Thanksgiving

Van Isle Ford Midget T3 Bulldogs are playing in the 13th Annual SeaFair tournament in Richmond
  • Friday night (Oct. 9th) Alberni Valley defeated Langley 5-0
  • Saturday (Oct. 10th) Alberni Valley won 4-1 over Seattle
  • Next game is Sunday (Oct.11th) at 10:15 am vs Juan de Fuca.
  • Sunday (Oct. 12th) Alberni Valley beat Juan de Fuca 8-1
  • Won to Semi Final Sunday (Oct. 12th) a tight 1-0 semi final last night over North Shore Winter Club.  Tynan Smyth broke the scoreless tie early in the 3rd period and that line goal stood up for the win.
  • Van Isle Ford Midgets T3 lost exciting 4-3 final to Saanich T1- good end to end action. Both teams battled hard for a full 60 minutes!

Congrats to the Van Isle squad on a solid effort all weekend.

… updates came from Team Manager Stefanie Weber

2015-16 Season – Competitive (Rep) Teams

Competitive (Rep) Coaches for 2015-16 Season

  • Atom Development Rick Tremblay
  • Peewee — Al Jack
  • Bantam — Dave Porter
  • Midget A (Tier 3) — Jordan Hamlyn/Jamie Wasylien
  • Midget B (Tier 4) — Dan Shiner

Competitive Team Tryouts

  • Begin the week of August 24th. We will have specific scheduling for each team by the end of July and will circulate ice times as soon as they are available, in the meantime, please save the dates. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to call or message me anytime. My cell number is 250 735 0766.      …Stefanie Weber
  • Ice Schedule for Try-outs:     2015 TRYOUT SCHEDULE  (correction made Aug. 18/15 for Midget time.)

Competitive Team Tournaments

Below are the competitive tournaments sanctioned for this season.  Teams wishing to enter can download .pdf tournament packages.

Tournament Websites:

Each tournament has its own dedicated website.  They include all the tournament details (schedule, standings, game reports, photos, team rosters, tournament rules, sponsors…)

2015 AVMHA Awards Banquet


Award Presentation Summary

Mites – 20 players received medal & mini hockey stick from Tim Horton’s sponsor of Tim Bits

(Novice – 40 players – 3 teams, will have there award presentation & banquet on March 28th.)

Atom Development Team – Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Blake Moore
  • Most Improved – Holden Fraser
  • Most Dedicated – Evan May

Atom (AtoMc) Bullfrogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Cam McArthur
  • Most Improved – Trey Lightburn
  • Most Dedicated – Cole Kenzie

Atom (AtoMc) Cougars

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Kai Bray
  • Most Improved – Ryshard Pouliot
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Cannon

PeeWee Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Logan Rozwadowski
  • Most Improved – Brayden Johnson
  • Most Dedicated – Carson Steel

PeeWee Blazers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Ty Vallee
  • Most Improved – Nikolas Dwolinsky
  • Most Dedicated – Jackson McKean

PeeWee Timbermen

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Samuel Shanks
  • Most Improved – Austin Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Maddison

Bantam Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Noah Fatur
  • Most Improved – Jerzy Gus
  • Most Dedicated – Ryan Devries

Bantam Steelheads

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Carmen Sanders
  • Most Improved – Riley Styan
  • Most Dedicated – Nicole Gagnon

Bantam Hornets

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Karlee Simpson
  • Most Improved – Brendan Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Linden Kailer-Dore

Midget Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Tynan Smyth
  • Most Improved – Mathew Lingl
  • Most Dedicated – Logan Henson

Midget Flyers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Michael Addy
  • Most Improved – Nathan Miller
  • Most Dedicated – James Paracy

Midget Hurricanes

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Jacob Price
  • Most Improved – Angelle Welsh
  • Most Dedicated – Kyle Hodson


5 Female players within AVMHA are on the North Island Impact Team that are heading to the Midget A Female Provincial Championships in Penticton later this month.  They will be defending their title as BC Champions from the 2013-2014 Season.

Maryna MacDonaldSydney DollingSophie VanderleeSarah DawsonBrittney Savard

 Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year - Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale


Kelly is a newer coach within our association.   He started coaching with AVMHA when his children decided to join hockey late.  He usually coaches 2 teams every year if needed.  This year he coached a PeeWee house team and a Midget house team.

Due to an accident a few years ago, he suffered a major injury and was unable to come out onto the ice and coach for a good portion of that season.  However, this did not deter him and he continued to support the kids and coaching staff.  He did this from the bench whenever and wherever he was able to.  He continued to coach.

He is a very committed and dedicated coach.  He is a very patient coach (except when it comes to his own kids… but most coaches are like that and he even admits that he’s tougher on his own kids.)  He loves to teach the game of hockey and he’s  always thinking of new ways to get the kids motivated.  He is all about having fun and working as a team.  Parents love him and the kids love him.

I (Meranda Vallee) had the pleasure of coaching with him this year and he took the time to ask me questions and my thoughts, views and opinions.  He’s a great teacher.  He treated me as an equal, even though I could barely skate and had just completed the coaching course this year.  The man does have a lot of patience.

Kelly received the most nominations from the membership for “Coach of the Year”.

Volunteer of the Year – Gen Connell

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell is a newer person within our Association.  She took the initiative to step up and help out wherever she could as soon as her first child was in Mites, a couple years ago.  She was a team manager in Novice last year and she took on the role of Division Manager for the Novice Division this year.

Being a Division Manager is extremely hard work.  It requires dedication and a lot of patience, especially while trying to manage a Division with an odd number of teams.  She had 3 teams to manage.  Being a Division Manager includes managing equal ice times, managing/organizing the coaches, the parents, organizing the referees for games, setting up games, managing tournaments and the list goes on.  This division held another tournament this year which was a very successful event for our Association and for our community.

Gen dealt with a lot of politics throughout the year, which for such a young Division, has me (AVMHA President) quite worried at this point.  We as parents need to stop and think before we act or react.  We have to remember that this sport is an extra-curricular sport and not the NHL or the pathway to the NHL.  It’s for kids to have fun, to make friends, to get some exercise and to learn the game of hockey.  We have to stop and think of the people who are volunteers and recognize that they are here to help out.  If we don’t like the job and appreciate what they are doing, then we need to shut up and step up to the plate ourselves.

Gen encouraged communication throughout the year.  Communication is huge  in this sport and she recognized that right away.  A quality that some don’t recognize right away or at all for that matter.  She has learned and grown a lot throughout this year and I (Meranda Vallee) can see her continuing to grow within this Association and I encourage her to do so.

Gen Connell received the most nominations from the membership for the Volunteer of the Year award.  Congratulations!


Above & Beyond – Carolynn Scott

2015-Volunteer-CarolynScott-7739Carolynn has been with our association for a few years now and has seen it all.  She has been involved in some way wherever she could in the past, including being a manager.  She then started to help me (Meranda Vallee) when I was Treasurer about 3-4 years ago.  She continued on and then was able to take over the management of our Gaming program from me.  She did up the reports, applications, deposits, keeping managers in line with the rules.  It’s a huge job and there is a lot to know.

Two years ago Carolynn was voted in as Treasurer and has increasingly been growing in that role over her term.  It’s not a position that you can just throw at someone, they have to grow into it.  Hence, why she started learning with me about 4 years ago.  There is a lot to know, there is a lot to learn and it is a job that never stops.

She has also taken steps to further her education, on her own time, so that she could properly fulfill the position.  This position takes a lot dedication, patience, learned knowledge, family time, personal time and being cooped up in an office for hours on end sorting out team accounts, rolling up coins, doing deposits, handing out receipts, doing Ref cheques, calling up parents for overdue fees or bounced cheques… the list goes on and it is usually not all fun.  It can be very stressful and does keep a person awake at night sometimes.  It is a full time job, one that is not paid by the way and one that 99.9% of normal people will not touch.

Carolynn had little to no experience when she first started out with me.  She is now fully in charge of Gaming and totally fulfills the Treasurer’s role with little to no help.  In doing this, she still fulfills her role as an Executive member and deals with a lot in that regard as well.  Her dedication to the Association is proof of her growth.  She is to a point now, that I am very comfortable and confident in her by saying, “OK, you’ve got this.”



Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland, left, and Arriana Ward, right. Presented by Referee in Chief – Chris Canuel.

Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland & Arriana Ward

Top Referee of the Year – Eric Gill

Jessica States Memorial Award – Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson, front left with last year's recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Abby Nelson, front left with last year’s recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Jessica States was born in 1985 (30 years ago).  She was tragically killed in July 1996.  She was a typical PeeWee hockey player when there was not many female players in the association.  She had a passion for sports and loved to play hockey.  This award is presented annually to a female PeeWee player that has the sportsmanship and dedication like Jessica did.

This year’s recipient is Abby Nelson.  This is Abby’s second year playing PeeWee with the PeeWee Bulldogs.  She plays Defence and has been an asset to the team since earning a permanent spot in October.  She rarely misses a practice or a game and is reliable in her position.  Abby gets along well with her team mates.  She always carries a smile and a positive attitude.  Abby focuses on fitness and pushes her team mates to push harder both on and off the ice.  Congratulations Abby!

Presented by Roxanne Leyland with 2014 recipient Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator Eric Gagnon.


Presentation of Jersey’s to Graduating Players 

2015-GradGroup2-7750Logan Henson – Alberni Refrigeration | Angelle Welsh – Clydesdale Automotive | Chase Henstridge – Cathy Braiden | Nicholas Vincent | Lynzie Taylor – Canadian Tire | Griffin Dolling – GD Auto | David Friel – Clambucket Restaurant | Codie Beecroft – Sears | Ashton Locke – Tyler’s No Frills | Carson Nicholson – Tyler’s No Frills | Danika Bratt – Dago Diesel Inc. | Cole Oldfield – Don Moyen Holdings Ltd. |  Jayden Lajeunesse – Island Rhino | Sophie Vanderlee – Lisa Vanderlee | Michael Addy – Clydesdale Automotive | Matt Irg | Ethan Sundstrum | Ryan Price | Jakob Bottaro | James McLeod | Jake Eskola | Jessie Geddes | Keagun Selva – T&G Boyd | Ryan Love | Andrew Paruk – AV Referees | Josh Harvey.


2014 Competitive & Development Team Standings


Information has been obtained from Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association – viaha.org – as of February 25 2014.


Our competitive teams have finished league play and heading into Playoffs. Our Atom development team is nearing the end of their regular league schedule.


2014-AV Midget T3 Team-Island Champions

Midget Bulldogs Tier 3 in Div. 1 of VIAHA’s Island League

Final standing at the end of league play – GP-12 | W-1 |L-9 |T-2 |PIM-173 |PTS-4

  • 7th place out of 7 teams in Division 1 Regular Season Play

Midget Tier 3 Playoffs games (against other Island Tier 3 Midget Teams)

  • Feb. 8th – TriPort – 1 vs Alberni – 8

  • Feb. 9th – Alberni – 12 vs Juan de Fuca – 1


  • Feb. 15th – Alberni – 6 vs Victoria – 1


  • Feb. 22nd – Alberni – 6 vs Sooke – 2

  • Feb. 23rd – Sooke – 2 vs Alberni – 6


Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs win the Island Tier 3 Championship, by winning all playoff games.

They go on to the Provincial Championship for Midget Tier 3 to be held in 100 Mile House, March 15-22, 2014


Bantam T3 Bulldogs-RyderContracting-GDM BoomSort900A

Bantam Bulldogs Tier 3 are playing in VIAHA Div 2 and placed 4th out of 7 teams after regular season games.

Final standing at the end of league play – GP-12 | W-5 | L-4 | T-3 | PIM-94 | PTS-13

Bantam Tier 3 Playoffs games (against other Island Tier 3 Bantam Teams)

  • Feb. 2, at home 10:45 am – Alberni – 10 vs Juan de Fuca – 1

  • Feb. 8, at Port Hardy – TriPort – 0 vs Alberni – 13


  • Feb. 15 – Alberni – 8 vs Sooke – 1

Finals – (best of 3)

  • Feb. 22, Alberni – 12 vs Victoria – 3

  • Mar. 1, Alberni 10 vs Victoria 2

Our Bantam Tier 3 team won the Island Championship and heading to the Provincial Championship in West Kelowna, March 16-21, 2014.



Bantam T4 Bulldogs 4 Sponsors900A

Bantam Bulldogs Tier 4 are playing in VIAHA Div 4

Final standings after league play GP-12 | W-4 | L-8 | T-0 | PIM-144 | PTS-8

  • At the end of season play, they placed 4th out of 5 teams
  • Jan. 17-19th, the team is away in Portland Oregon for tournament. (Check news for Highlights)

Since there are no other Tier 4 teams on Vancouver Island, they automatically advance to the Provincial Championship in Windermere, BC in March 2014

Bantam Div 5 playoffs will have our Bantam T4 team playoff against other Island “B” teams

  • Feb. 1, Alberni – 1 vs Vic Racquet Club – 3

  • Feb. 2, Nanaimo – 7 vs Alberni – 2

We now can cheer them on at the Provincial Championship, March 15-22nd, 2014.


PeeWee T3 Bulldogs-PacificChev-Smittys-Soldas900A

PeeWee Bulldogs are in Tier 3 playing in VIAHA Div 3, placing 3rd out of 6 teams

The Standings at the end of league play – GP-10 | W-4 | L-4 | T-2 | PIM-100 | PTS-10

PeeWee Tier 3 playoffs against other North Island Tier 3 teams

  • Feb. 1 at Campbell River – Campbell R – 1 vs Alberni – 9

  • Feb. 2 at home 1:00 pm – Alberni 5 vs TriPort – 5

Semi Finals

  • Feb. 16 – Alberni – 1 vs Victoria – 8

Pee Wee Bulldogs are finished in the semi-final round. Great year for our PeeWee Bulldogs!


AtomDev-Bulldogs-BestWesternBarclay900AOur Atom Development Team is playing in Div. 2 league with Comox, Powell River, Victoria Racquet Club, Saanich and Sooke.

Rank 2nd of 6 teams – GP-10 | W-2 | L-6| T-2 | PIM-78 | PTS-11

  • Regular Season they placed 6th out of 6 teams.

  • We are waiting for playoff schedule to be posted.




Local News – AV Times – Midget Dogs win Silver

Midget Dogs return with provincial silver medals

Team advances to second straight B.C. championship final

 2014-AV Midget T3 Team-Island Champions

Two teams very far away from home met in the provincial championship final for B.C. Tier 3 midget hockey and, unfortunately for the Van Isle Ford Alberni Valley Midget A Bulldogs, gold went north west to Terrace, instead of south west to Port Alberni.

The Midget Bulldogs advanced to Friday’s provincial championship game with a 4-2 record through round robin play in 100 Mile House last week.

It was their second trip in a row to the finals – a year ago, they were able to win it all, on home ice no less.

The Midget Bulldogs were one of 11 teams competing at the provincial championship tournament.

They started provincials with a 9-0 win over the host team from 100 Mile House, but fell the next day in a 6-1 loss to Special Information Supplement Terrace.

However, the Midget Bulldogs were able to bounce back on March 18 with a 5-3 edging of North Delta.

The following day, they were back in their dominant form, beating Castlegar 9-2. That win secured the Midget Bulldogs a spot in one of the two semifinal games. However, they still had to play one more round robin game, against Dawson Creek.

Dawson Creek picked up a 5-1 win over Alberni Valley, but the game did not mean anything tangible in terms of the Midget Bulldogs reaching the medal round.

The medal round began Friday evening with the Midget Bulldogs playing their second game that day, this time against Quesnel.

Alberni, though, pulled it off with a 6-4 nail-biting win.

That put the Midget Bulldogs in the Tier 3 provincial championship game for the second time in as many years, and gave the local team, the Island champions, a chance at defending their provincial banner.

However, they could not get by Terrace, a team that was unbeaten and untied in seven games at the provincial championship tournament. The first period of the final was evenly paced and played at a high tempo, with the two teams tied at one goal each after the first period.

Terrace, though, picked up their second goal late in the second period to go up 2-1 into the final intermission.

The Midget Bulldogs could not score in the third, and gave up two more goals to fall 4-1, still earning a provincial medal for the second time in two seasons.




13-Midget BC Champ logo black***Information on all BC Hockey Championship Tournaments can be found at bchockey.net or the NEW BC Hockey App

Female Midget – at Salmon Arm, BC

(North Island Impact Team has 4 AVMHA players)

Sunday, March 16th

8:00PM Salmon Arm – 2   North Island – 1  
The host Salmon Arm Silverbacks opened the championship with a close game against the North Island Inpact. The home team scored at 15:32 of the first period, Sydney Castle assisted by Maddison Turner and Jenna Lazar. They took a 2 goal lead in the second period on a goal from Cassidy Marshall assisted by Sarah Whitehead and Mikayla Stirling. The North Island team got on the scoreboard at 7:01 in the second period on a goal from Olivia Knowles assisted by Lisa Lloyd and Madison Chamberlain. There was no scoring in the third but lots of action around both nets. North Island had 33 shots on Salmon Arm goalie Jaime Sedore but she stood tall in the net and denied them more than one. Salmon Arm had 12 shots on goal.
Monday, March 17th
2:00PM North Island – 3 Terrace – 2
 The first period in this game between North Island and Terrace was end to end hockey with chances for each team. In the second the North Island team scored 3 goals to pull away but in the third the Terrace team rallied to close the gap scoring 1 goal. Scoring for North Island, in the second, was Erin Murdoch at 1637 from Marijke Campbell, Ashley Penney at 14:39 from Brittney Savard and Tianna Squire and Lisa Lloyd at 4:45 from Penney. In the third Terrace’s Ashley Kuehne scored at 11:56 from Deborah Wraight and Myah Bowal at 2:03 from Bailey Kasum. Shots on goal were close, 30 for North Island and 28 for Terrace. It was a good entertaining game!
Tuesday, March 18th
2:00PM North Island – 4   Cranbrook – 1  
The play in the first period for both teams was even with no scoring for either. Cranbrook outshot North Island 15-9 but goalie Sarah Dawson for North Island shut the door on all shots. In period 2 North Island got on the board at 13:05 (Brittney Savard from Olivia Knowles) and 4:16 on the power play( Chelan Hein from Knowles). Cranbrook kept attack up with 10 shots to NI’s 3 in period 2 and into period 3 when they got on the scoreboard at 12:00 on an unassisted power play goal buy Chloe Luke. North Island had a goal at 19:02 at the beginning of the third and finished the scoring on a power play at 4:29 on an unassisted power play goal by Madison Chamberlain. CORRECTION – Total shots on goal North Island 36, Cranbrook 25 My apologizes to North Island goalie Sarah Dawson!!
Wednesday, March 19th
5:00PM Surrey Female 2 North Island 3
Surrey and North Island came out flying and ready to play in game 17 of the championship. The first period was fast but there were lots of shots at either end but the score at the end was 0-0. It wasn’t until 13:09 of the second period that the first goal was scored by Surrey’s Ashley Long from Caleigh MacDonald. North Island replied with an unassisted goal at 9:07 from April Turnbell. Long and MacDonald connected again for a goal at 8:43 and that is how the score remained until 4:56 of the third when North Island’s Erin Murdoch scored unassisted and again at 4:28 from Marijke Campbell for the go ahead goal. Surrey pulled their goalie to try for the equalizer. With 29 seconds left in the game an interference call on North Island’s Tianna Squire gave them a 6 on 4 but they were unable to put it in the net. This was a very well played game by two evenly matched and talented teams. Shots on goal were 35 for Surrey and 37 for North Island. Penalty minute were 8 mins each. Excellent game.
Thursday, March 20th
11:00AM Kamloops 0 North Island 6
The Kamloops Mystixs played their last game this morning and were in in tough facing the fast flying Vancouver Impact! The Impact scored two goals in the first four minutes of the period. The first goal was at 17:51 scored by Madison Chamberlain from Olivia Knowles and the second unassisted goal from Erin Murdoch. Their next two goals were later in the period at 5:59 from Murdoch, assisted by Brittney Savard and at 4:44 from Murdoch again unassisted (hat trick!). Undaunted, the Mystixs stuck to their game plan and never backed off. They played hard and never gave up. The Impact scored two more goals, one in the second at 18:14 by Ashley Penney unassisted and at 4:38 Murdoch scored her 4th goal. Of note is that the shots on goal the Kamloops goalie Sage Deneault faced, 63!!, she made many critical saves or the score could be higher! Shots on goal for the Mystixs were 16. The Impact now advance to the championship game against the Richmond Ravens. At the end of the game the teams lined up for a special presentation to the Kamloops Mystixs. The Fair Play was awarded to the Mystixs by the Salmon Arm Championship Committee represented by Roy Sakaki. Good job Mystixs
8:00PM Richmond Ravens – 3   North Island – 4  

The Championship Game was the best game of the tournament! The teams came out flying and we had a real show of back and forth hockey!The North Island Impact hit the ice first, forming a line on either side of the bench gate for their graduating players to skate through. What a nice acknowledgement for the players finishing their minor hockey careers! When the puck dropped both teams took off flying and never let off. The North Island Impact got on the scoreboard first at 17:32 in the 1st period when Payton Bray buried the puck assisted by Shaylee McConnell. Richmond’s Yvonne Mikulcik answered at 15:02 unassisted. Olivia Knowles of North Island scored again at 6:06 from Erin Pickup and again Richmond answered with another goal from Mikulcik assisted by Briana Trottier at 4:47. North Island went ahead for the third time at 7:24 of the second (when Murdoch scored with assists from Lloyd and Savard) and Richmond countered again at 1:08 Tamara Wong, unassisted. There was no more scoring until half way thru the 3rd period but there was lots of action at both ends of the ice. At 9:49 Lisa Lloyd from Olivia Knowles broke the tie for the final time. Richmond skated hard on the puck to get the equalizer but it was not to be. This game was very exciting and entertaining. It had the fans on the edge of their seats and was clearly the best game of the tournament. What a show of talent! Congratulations to both teams!! Thanks to Salmon Arm Minor Hockey for doing an awesome job hosting and to the Salmon Arm community volunteers for helping out to make this championship so successful!

Just to let you know, Vancouver Island Midget Impact female team took Gold in Salmon Arm last night in a 4-3 game vs Richmond!!!  Leanne Savard, Manager


Midget Tier 3 – at 100 Mile House, BC

Sunday, March 16th  Alberni Valley – 9  vs 100 Mile House – 0
Alberni Goals & (Assists):
1st period – 4:30 Sundstrum (Blake, Rae-Arthur), at 6:36 McLeod (Corlazzoli), at 16:28 Henson, at 16:48 Corlazzoli (Sundstrum).
2nd Period – at 3:21 Beecroft (Sundstrum), at 6:36 Sundstrum,.
3rd Period – at 17:29 Elder (Friel), at 19:03 Henson, at 19:32 Friel (Martin).
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 3 infractions totaling 6 penalty minutes.  100 Mile House had 2 infractions totaling 4 penalty minutes.
Monday, March 17th  Terrace – 6  vs Alberni Valley – 1
Alberni’s only goal scored by James McLeod on a penalty shot, at 13:05 of the second period.
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 11 infractions totaling 22 penalty minutes.  Terrace had 4 infractions totaling 8 penalty minutes.
Tuesday, March 18th 1:00 pm – Alberni Valley – 5 vs North Delta – 3
Alberni Goal Summary – 1st Period – at 9:34 Beecroft.  2nd Period – at 2:34 Cowan (Selva Corlazzoli), at 17:27 Selva (Cowan).  3rd Period – at 12:42 Sundstrum (Beecroft), at 13:35 Sundstrum (Friel, Martin).
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 7 infractions totaling 14 penalty minutes.  North Delta had 4 infractions totaling 8 penalty minutes.
Wednesday, March 19th Alberni Valley – 8, Castlegar – 2
1st Period – Alberni goals at 3:44 Henson (Corlazzoli, Martin), at 7:38 Sundstrum (Martin), at 13:54 Sundstrum (Beecroft, Friel), at 17:27 Sundstrum (Friel, Blake).
2nd Period – Alberni goals at 8:52 Elder (Martin, Adams), at 10:50 Friel (Sundstrum, Harvey), at 19:46 Friel (Sundstrum, Beecroft).
3rd Period – Alberni goals at 3:52 Blake (Henson, Harvey).
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 15 infractions totaling 49 penalty minutes.  Castlegar had 18 infractions totaling 63 penalty minutes.
Thursday, March 20th – 8:00 am – Alberni Valley – 1 vs Dawson Creek – 5

Only goal scored by Alberni from Josh Harvey. Jessie Geddes in net.   Penalties 4 minutes for Alberni and eight minutes for Dawson creek. Alberni plays Quesnel in the semi final today at 5 pm. Winner moves onto gold medal game at 11 am tomorrow.

5:00PM Quesnel – 4 Alberni Valley – 6
Semi-final 1: 1st Div A vs. 2nd Div B  –  (report from Alison Sundstrum)  We had an exciting semi final game vs Quesnel. Gary Martin opened the scoring unassisted at 8:49 of the first period. Keagun Selva made it 2-0 in the second from Brad Cowan.  Third goal for Alberni was from Cam Blake with a helper from Josh Harvey. Quesnel scored in the second to make it 3-1  but James McLeod scored a minute later from Logan Henson and Keagun Selva scored unassisted. Quesnel scored a goal late in the second to make the score at the end of the second 5-2.   Quesnel came out in the third scoring 2 goals to make the score 5-4′ with 8 and a half minutes left in the game. David Friel scored with 1:51 left in the game from Harvey and Ethan Sundstrum to send the Bulldogs to the gold medal game today(Friday) at 11 am vs Terrace.
Friday, March 21st 
11:00AM Terrace – 4   Alberni Valley – 1  
Championship Game – Evenly paced, high tempo game; with game tied at 1 end of the first. Terrace with the go-ahead goal late in the second to end the period 2-1; Alberni never let up and gave tremendous effort right to the end. Terrace went on to score 2 more in the third for a final of 4-1 Terrace. Shots on goal 31-28.


Bantam Tier 3 – at West Kelowna, BC

2014 Bantam provincials 6-tilephotos by Tracy Smyth
Sunday, March 16th
8:00PM Alberni Valley – 10   West Kelowna – 3  
Both teams played a well disciplined game with only 1 minor penalty in 60 minutes (by West Kelowna). Hats off to both teams. Scoring for West Kelowna were Mason Chidlow, Reegan Forsyth, Nicholas Yaremovich with assists going to Cooper Graff, Nicholas Yaremovich and Broden Ellerton. Scoring for Alberni Valley were Tynan Smyth with 3 goals, Ayden Brossoit with 4 goals and 1 assist, Noah Fatur with 2 goals and 2 assists, Shaylee McConnell with 1 goal and 1 assist. Assists went to Ryan DeVries, Ezra Paddock with 2 assists, Wyatt Selva and Reilly Kozocari.
Monday, March 17th
3:30PM Sunshine Coast – 8 Alberni Valley – 2
Both teams came out ready to play. Scoring for Sunshine Coast was Terrance Josephson assisted by Brendan Gray and Timothy Walters and scoring for Alberni Valley was Shaylee McConnell assisted by Ezra Paddock and Nicholas Sexton to end the first period in a tie. Second period also ended up tied with markers from Terrance Jospheson assisted by Brendan Gray and Kai Gerier for Sunshine Coast and Ayden Brossoit assisted by Ezra Paddock and Colton Lloyd and Wyatt Selva scoring for Alberni Valley. Sunshine Coast broke forward with 7 goals in the 3rd period. Scoring for them was Jarred Bothwell, Justin Fodchuk (3 assists), Nevan Flay ((1 assist), Kolton Cousins with 2 goals and 1 assist and Terrance Josephson with a goal and an assist. Both teams played hard.  (Penalty Summary – Alberni had 4 infractions = 8 penalty minutes.  Sunshine Coast had 3 infractions = 6 penalty minutes.)
Tuesday, March 18th 
3:30PM Whitehorse – 3 Alberni Valley – 5
Both teams came out ready to dig their heels in. Whitehorse opened the scoring at 6:38 on a goal from their captain Matthew Cooper. Alberni Valley responded a short time later with a goal from their captain Ezra Paddock assisted by Colton Lloyd. Back in action in the 2nd period, Alberni Valley scored a couple of goals in the last 5 minutes. Wyatt Selva from Maryna MacDonald and Ezra Paddock from Shaylee McConnell scored to give them a 3 to 1 lead. Alberni popped in another one at the 9:54 mark from Ayden Brosoit assisted by Wyatt Selva. Whitehorse fought back with 2 goals after the 10 minute mark of the 3rd. Johnny Elias from Bryce Anderson and Joseph Stokes brought them within 1. Whitehorse pulled their goalie for the extra attacker trying to get the equalizer. Kyle Hodgson pocketed the empty net goal with 1:12 left in the period. Great hockey to watch.  (Penalty Summary – Alberni had 6 infractions = 12 penalty minutes.  Whitehorse had 3 infractions = 6 penalty minutes.)
Wednesday, March 19th
8:00AM Alberni Valley – 2 Terrace – 4
Both teams came out to play great hockey this morning. Alberni Valley opened the scoring at the 19:24 of the 1st period on a goal from Tynan Smith assisted by Noah Fatur. Terrace came back with a marker at the 11:08 mark on a goal from Gianni Cormano assisted by Sam Reinbolt. They pocketed one more at the 10:53 mark on a goal by Conor Watt assisted by Mason Richey and Terrence O’Brien. Alberni Valley came within one on a goal by Noah Fatur assisted by Ezra Paddock. Exciting hockey throughout the first 2 periods. Great goaltending at both ends. Terrace came out with a quick goal at the 19:40 mark of the 3rd period by Austen McKean assisted by Gregory Kennedy. Alberni Valley kept battling back but couldn’t find the back of the net. Terrace finished off their scoring at the 2:10 mark of the 3rd period on a goal from Nicholas Nordstrom assisted by Jayson Kawinsky. Terrace advances to the finals. Congratulations to both teams for a great game. Well played.  (Penalty Summary – Alberni had 5 infractions = 10 penalty minutes.  Terrace had 6 infractions = 12 penalty minutes.)
Our 2 and 2 record was not good enough to advance unfortunately and the Bantam Bulldogs  finished 5th in the tournament.


Bantam Tier 4 – at Windemere Valley, BC

Sunday, March 16th
1:30PM Langley – 7   Alberni Valley – 3  
This was a good game although Langley appeared to be the stronger team from the outset. Langley accounted for 14 minutes in penalties to 8 for Alberni Valley. Alberni Valley opened the scoring in the 1st period before Langley tied it before the end of the period. Langley took over with 3 goals in the 2nd period and 3 more in the third before Alberni Valley answered with two at the end of the period. McCarron(2G/1A)and GREEN(2G)led Langley while McCURDY(2G)was Alberni Valley’s leading scorer.  (Foster Martin had 1 goal and 2 assists in this game.)
8:00PM Alberni Valley – 2   Windermere Valley – 7  
This was the feature game of the day as it was right after the opening Ceremony. It was an evenly contested game in the first period but then got a little rough with Alberni Valley accumulating 26 minutes in penalties to Windermere’s 8. Alberni Valley opened the scoring but Windermere replied with 2 goals before the end of the period. Windermere added another goal in the 2nd and Alberni Valley recorded their 2nd goal before the end of the period. Windermere then put the game out of reach with 4 goals in the 3rd period. Windermere’s GUDJONSON again led his team with 3 goals and 3 assists.
Monday, March 17th
5:00PM Alberni Valley – 2 Fraser Lake – 8
At the outset this appeared to have the makings of a close game but Fraser Lake started to take control of the game in the middle of the 1st period and totally dominated the 2nd. Alberni Valley carried the play in the 3rd as Fraser Lake got into penalty trouble, 20 minutes to 10 for Alberni Valley but just could not solve the Fraser Lake goaltender(s). Fraser Lake scored 2 goals in the 1st period, 5 in the 2nd and one more in third with Alberni Valley only able to answer with a goal in each of the 2nd and 3rd periods. LAFFIN(3G)and Nolan NICOL(2G)did most of the damage for Fraser Lake while MARTIN had both goals for Alberni Valley.
Tuesday, March 18th
5:00PM Kamloops – 12 Alberni Valley – 0
This was a one sided game from the outset with Kamloops maintaining complete domination throughout. As a result it got a little ‘chippy’ with Kamloops being assessed 19 minutes in penalties including one major and Alberni Valley receiving 18 minutes which included two majors. Kamloops opened the scoring in the 1st period, added five more in the 2nd and s1x in the 3rd. Alberni Valley had several good scoring opportunities but could not get anything past the Kamloops goaltender. McLEOD(3G), TAPHORN(3G)and PETRIE(3G/1A)led Kamloops in scoring while their goaltender VIRGO registered the shut out.
Wednesday, March 19th
8:00AM Kelowna – 12 Alberni Valley – 2
At the start of this game both teams were playing hard and each had some good scoring chances. It was a cleanly played game with only a total of eight minutes in penalties. Kelowna opened the scoring three minutes into the 1st period and then added a second goal a few minutes later. Alberni Valley scored their first goal two minutes later and the period ended with Kelowna leading 2-1. Kelowna then took control of the game scoring four goals in the 2nd period and six more in the third. Kelowna’s BARTON(2G), GALLAGHER(3G/3A) and FITZGERALD(2G/2A) did most of the scoring damage for their team. To Alberni Valley’s credit, they did not give up as the score increased, maintained their composure and continued to put a good effort forward.



Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs won the Tier 3 playoff banner on Sunday February 23rd and are headed to Provincials representing Vancouver Island

2014-AV Midget T3 Island ChampionsThe Midget Bulldogs played Sooke T3 for the first game of the best of 3 final on Saturday Feb. 22nd and won 6-2.

Sooke started out the scoring, but at the end of the first period it was 2-1 for Alberni thanks to 2 goals scored by David Friel with assists from Gio Corlazzoli, Jake Eskola and Brock Elder.

Second period had the Bulldogs get 3 more goals.   Logan Henson’s goal was assisted by Ethan Sundstrum, Codie Beecroft scored from Sundstrum and Henson and James McLeod’s goal was assisted by Keagun Selva.

One goal in the 3rd period was scored by Ethan Sundstrum with assists from Brock Elder and Josh Harvey.

Sunday the Bulldogs travelled to Sooke in the snow storm and had the same outcome on the scoreboard, with Alberni winning 6-2 final.

First period Gary Martin had a goal from Gio Corlazzoli and David Friel.

Shortly after that Sooke scored to tie the game.

At the end of the first period, a Gio Corlazzoli goal got us back in the lead with assists from David  Friel and Ryan Rae-Arthur.

Second period saw Sooke score the only goal.

In the third period the Bulldogs came out firing with David Friel getting a goal 40 seconds in from Gio  Corlazzoli.

Bulldogs would add 3 more in the third period with a goal from James McLeod (assisted by Cam Blake), David Friel goal (with assists from Jake Eskola and Logan Henson) and Pierce Adams goal was unassisted.

The Bulldogs are now off to 100 Mile House March 15-22 to defend their Tier 3 Provincial title.

Thanks so much to their sponsor, Van Isle Ford for their support this season.




Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs won GOLD at the Victoria Esquimalt New Years Classic Midget Hockey Tournament .

The Bullodgs went undefeated in the tournament.  Scores were Alberni vs Tacoma 14-1, Alberni vs. Victoria Esquimalt (the hosts) 3-2, Alberni vs Juan De Fuca (T3) 10-1, and the gold medal game vs. Juan De Fuca (T2) the score was 4-1.
In the first game vs Tacoma, Codie Beecroft started off the scoring with an unassisted goal.  Line mates Ethan Sundstrum had 5 goals and 2 assists and David Friel had 1 goal and 3 helpers.
Our defense scored a lot in this game as well, with Jake Eskola getting one, Josh Harvey with 2 and Ryan Rae Arthur with 1 goal.  Logan Henson had a goal and an assist, James McLeod had a goal, Brad Cowan had a goal and Cam Blake and Gio Corlazzoli each had 3 assists.
Game #2 had us against Victoria Ice Hawks.  This was our first meeting of the year.  Final score, 3-2 Alberni.   Codie Beecroft again had a goal from David Friel and Jake Eskola, Ethan Sundstrum had one unassisted goal and another goal with an assist from Josh Harvery.
Game #3 was vs. Juan de  Fuca Grizzlies T3.  Final score  was 10-1 for Alberni.
David Friel had 2 goals.  Brock Elder had a goal and assist.  Gio Corlazzoli had a goal and 2 assists, Brad Cowan had 2 goals and an assist, Blake Sexton had a goal, Keagun Selva had a goal and assist and Carson Nicholson had a goal.  James Mcleod, Ethan Sundstrum, Logan Henson and Matt Irg all had assists.
Gold Medal game vs Juan de Fuca (T2) – Alberni’s Ethan Sundstrum got on the board 14 seconds into the game with an assist from David Friel.  Gio Corlazzoli added a second goal 13 seconds later from Brad Cown.  David Friel got the 3rd goal from Sundstrum and Corlazzoli.  Logan Henson got the final goal from Brad Cowan.
submitted by Alison Sundstrum

LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Dec. 16


Documentary created by Alberni student is ready for big debut on Thursday night

13-AV Times 500x50

The work the Alberni Valley Midget A Bulldogs put in last year to win a provincial championship has been matched by the effort of a group of local students who chronicled the team’s season in a documentary.

Now, after approximately 500 hours of film work over 14 months, that documentary, “Underdogs,” is ready to be shared with the public. “Underdogs” will have its world debut this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Alberni District Secondary School auditorium on Roger Street.

“We’re finally done,” said ADSS student Nathaniel Wynans, who directed the 30-minute, all-access look at the Midget A Bulldogs.

Along with Wynans were three players who were on the team – Jesse Geddes, Connor Gagnon and Ryan Price – who helped edit all of the footage.


Alberni District Secondary School student Nathaniel Wynans is ready to debut his hockey documentary to the world on Thursday night. Photograph by: Scott McKenzie -AV Times

Local RCMP officer Scott MacLeod helped co-ordinate the film, find funding for equipment and helped film, as well.

ADSS students Arlene Oldale, Chris Banks and Lucas Bosma created custom music for the film. Andrew Quach and Chris Yeske helped run the cable camera that hung in the rafters of the Alberni Valley Multiplex during provincials.  Dario Corrazoli built boxes so net-cam footage could be used.  Matt Schmidt narrated the film, while Alex Hatt wrote the script.

“I learned a ton,” Wynans said. “I usually work by myself where I do everything, so it was cool to work with a bunch of other people and delegate a bit and get other people’s views and pointers.”

When he began the project 14 months ago, Wynans did not know what to expect going into it.

“I knew we had to follow them and tell their story, but I wasn’t sure how,” he said.

He watched the popular HBO 24/7 all access NHL series to get inspiration. According to MacLeod, the crew shot 1,400 hours worth of footage, and the team of filmmakers had to work through it all.

“We had five or six cameras going at every provincial game, and we had to cut that down to about three minutes per game for all of the cameras,” Wynans said. “We could only keep the best of the best.”

Doors are scheduled to open Thursday at ADSS at 5:30 p.m., and the debut is open to the public, with a by-donation entrance fee.

“We want to celebrate it with the community because it’s about the community,” MacLeod said.

There will also be 25 copies of “Underdogs” available for purchase during the debut. Wynans will be taking orders for more if the demand is there.

All of the proceeds will help enter the documentary in different film festivals.

SMcKenzie@avtimes.net 250-720-6174