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2019-20 Team Photos

We also would like to thank the team sponsors for their support throughout the season.

2019 Awards Banquet

April 5, 2019 – AVMHA Awards Banquet was held at Glenwood Centre to a full house.  Thank you to Granny’s Chicken & Quality Foods for providing the dinner (Pizza, chicken, salads, vegetable trays).
Here are the highlights:

Team Player Awards went to:


Atom Team 1 – Tigers Coach:  Mike Foster

  • Most Dedicated Player – Linden Higgins
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Dean Holcombe
  • Most Improved Player – Jean Smit

Atom Team 2 – Knights Coaches:  Brad Golbeck, Katie Isherwood

  • Most Dedicated Player – Alex Fred
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Aiden Wilson
  • Most Improved Player – Sierra Scott

Atom Team 3 – Vicious Grapes Coaches:  Kerri Poirier, Jasmine Meikle

  • Most Dedicated Player – Malcolm Shillito
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Gavin Saran
  • Most Improved Player – Lane Dumont

Atom Development Coaches Shai Porter, Mike Doucette, Dan Cheetham, Kord Kozocari.

  • Most Dedicated Player – Deacon Massop
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Mackenzie Alarie
  • Most Improved Player – Bennett Moes

Peewee Team 1 – Coaches:  Kyle Penner, Keith Austin, Tyler Brown, Ryan Sexton

  • Most Dedicated Player – Kaleena Penner
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Justin Barrowcliff
  • Most Improved Player – Tony Nickel

Peewee Team 2 – Coaches:  Rob Ivezich, Chris McCollister, Kyle Alarie

  • Most Dedicated Player – Hunter Alarie
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Kaitlyn Saunders
  • Most Improved Player – Josh Sutherland

Peewee Tier 3 – Coaches:  Mike Souchuck, Shawn Austin, Trevor Ruel

  • Most Dedicated Player – Jace Fedirchuk
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Brynn Austin
  • Most Improved Player – Alex McKenzie

Bantam Team 1 – Coaches:  Bob King, Curtis Buxton, Mike Cole

  • Most Dedicated Player – Ryshard Pouliot
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Jimmy Cook
  • Most Improved Player – River O’Neil-Johns

Bantam Team 2 – Coaches:  Steve Tramer, Kelly Brossoit, Trevor Ruel, Mike Bray.

  • Most Dedicated Player – Ryann Tramer
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Wiley Olson
  • Most Improved Player – Aiden Poirier-Barnes

Bantam Tier 3 – Coaches:  Wade Nicklin, Shawn Banman, Matt Netzer.

  • Most Dedicated Player – Jacob Hebert
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Blake Moore
  • Most Improved Player – Hudson Swann

Midget Team 1 – Coaches:  Brent Rose, Scott Rushton, Dave Shanks.

  • Most Dedicated Player – Mason Maddison
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Zakeysha Corey
  • Most Improved Player – Austin Kuc

Midget Team 2 – Underdogs – Coaches:  Ryan Dwolinsky, Kord Kozocari

  • Most Dedicated Player – Jordan Villafane
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Brad Kozocari
  • Most Improved Player – Cody Sutherland

Midget Tier 3 – Coaches:  Shawn Elder, Kevin Erickson, Brock Elder

  • Most Dedicated Player – John Pley
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Noah Braiden
  • Most Improved Player – Carson Steel

Individual Awards presented:

Jessica States Memorial Award

  • Brynn Austin

Rookie Referee of the Year

  • Ethan Sutherland

Top Referee of the Year

  • Riley Swanson

Coach of the Year

  • Ryan Dwolinsky

Volunteer of the Year (Marilyn Gibson Trophy)

  • Sarah Bielert

Above & Beyond:

  • Karen Kozocari

“All Female Officiating Crew” AV News


From left to right: Avery Cole, Kylie Scott and Nicole Gagnon. ELENA RARDON PHOTO

Alberni Valley hockey tournament features all-female officiating crew

The three officials went through Alberni Valley Minor Hockey program

The most recent Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament at the Alberni Valley Multiplex featured something a little unusual—a game with an all-female officiating crew.
Kylie Scott, Nicole Gagnon and Avery Cole all grew up in Port Alberni and started playing hockey with the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association (AVMHA) at a young age. It was through the AVMHA that they picked up an interest in officiating, as well. Minor hockey players with the club can start officiating as soon as they turn 12 years old.
“I started as young as you can,” explained Scott, who is currently a student at the University of Victoria. She comes back to her hometown of Port Alberni during breaks to volunteer with the local hockey club. “I thought it was cool and wanted to try it.”
Gagnon learned about the opportunity from Scott. “I found out you could get work experience, so I got involved,” she explained.
Gagnon currently attends North Island College in Port Alberni, and strives to balance school with work and volunteering. “I try not to overwork myself,” she added.
Cole is currently a student at Alberni District Secondary School and also plays bantam hockey with the AVMHA. “I definitely like playing more [than officiating],” she said. “I play on three different teams. Sometimes it’s a lot.”
Scott, who referees in Victoria, had a chance last year to officiate at a female peewee provincial tournament in Dawson Creek. Although there are many female players involved in hockey in Port Alberni, the AVMHA doesn’t have any all-female teams yet, which made it an unusual experience for Scott.
“It was awesome,” she said. “Terrifying, but awesome. It was different, because it was girls’ hockey, and we don’t have that here. That was a really cool experience.”
Scott says she likes officiating, rather than playing, because you get to see the “other side” of hockey.
“You just get a different perspective of the game,” she explained.
Gagnon, meanwhile, says she doesn’t necessarily like one or the other more.
“I like being on the ice as much as possible,” she said. “Officiating helps you play so much better because you know more of the rules. You know what’s going to happen.”
According to Francois Warren, the AVMHA referee-in-chief, it is “a bit of an oddity” to have all three girls on the ice at the same time. On Saturday, the three of them made up the whole officiating crew for one game, with Scott acting as referee and Gagnon and Cole as the linespersons.
“It definitely doesn’t happen very often,” he said.
“Every four or five games there will be two of us on the ice,” explained Gagnon.
“But with me in school, it doesn’t really happen this year,” added Scott.
The Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament, which drew teams to the Alberni Valley Multiplex from all over Vancouver Island, ran from Feb. 15-18 and featured both a peewee and bantam recreational tournament. One of Port Alberni’s peewee teams placed third in the tournament with a 7-3 win against Port Hardy, while the other team finished sixth. Port Alberni’s bantam teams finished sixth and eighth in the tournament.

Elena Rardon Feb. 25, 2019 Alberni Valley News – Local Sports


2018 Team Photos

Thank you to all our team sponsors who generously support minor hockey.  

Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2018 Novice Jamboree


Initiation – 4

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Campbell River (CR), Oceanside (OC)

Novice Minor – 8

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Alberni-3 (AV3), Campbell River (CR), Cowichan Blue (COW-B), Cowichan Yellow (COW-Y), Nanaimo (NAN), Oceanside (OC).

Novice Major – 10

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Campbell River (CR), Oceanside Red (OC-R), Cowichan Red (COW-R), Peninsula (PEN), Comox-1 (CX1), Oceanside Black (OC-B), North Shore Winter Club (NSWC), Comox-4 (CX4).

Check out more Candid Photos below

Game Schedule:

Div.  Rink Team	 Team  Start-End    Rink  Team  Team  Div.
MINOR  C1  AV1	 NAN   5:15-6:15  PM C2	  AV2	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV1	 OC-R  5:30-6:30  PM W2	  OC-B	COW-R MAJOR
MAJOR  C1  AV2   CX1   6:20-7:20  PM C2	  CX4	CR    MAJOR
Div.  Rink Team	Team  Start-End    Rink  Team	Team  Div.
MINOR  W1  AV3	COW-B  8:05-9:05  AM W2	  CR	COW-Y MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	OC-R   9:25-10:25 AM W2	  COW-R	CX1   MAJOR
MAJOR  C1  AV1	OC-B  10:00-11:00 AM C2	  PEN	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	OC    10:30-11:30 AM W2	  AV2	CR    INIT.
MINOR  C1  AV1	OC    11:05-12:05 PM C2	  AV2	NAN   MINOR
MINOR  C1  AV3	COW-Y 12:20-1:20  PM C2	  CR	COW-B MINOR
MAJOR  C1  CX4	PEN    1:25-2:25  PM C2	  CR	NSWC  MAJOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	COW-R  2:00-3:00  PM W2	  OC-B	CX1   MAJOR
MINOR  C1  AV1	CR     2:40-3:40  PM C2	  AV2	COW-Y MINOR
MINOR  C1  AV3	NAN    3:45-4:45  PM C2   COW-B	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  C1  OC-R	CR     5:00-6:00  PM C2	  CX4	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	AV2    5:30-6:30  PM W2	  OC 	CR    INIT.

Div.  Rink Team Team   Start-End    Rink  Team  Team  Div.
MAJOR  C1  CX1	PEN    8:20-9:20  AM C2	  AV1	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV2	OC     8:40-9:40  AM W2	  AV1	CR    INIT.
MINOR  C1  AV1	COW-Y  9:25-10:25 AM C2	  AV3	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	CR     9:45-10:45 AM W2	  OC-R	COW-R MAJOR
MINOR  C1  AV2	COW-Y 10:40-11:40 AM C2	  AV3	OC    MINOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	OC    11:00-12:00 PM W2	  AV2	CR    INIT.
MAJOR  C1  AV1	PEN   11:45-12:45 PM W2	  OC-B	CX4   MAJOR

Sponsors, Donors, Contributors:

We would like to thank everyone for their generous contribution to this event.

AC/DC contracting * Coulson Group * RotorMaxx Support * Quality Foods * Chris and Alease Arcus Realtors * Shoppers Drug Mart * Dahlia hair by Rachel Dame *  Epicure by Megan Goodman * Dr. Daryl Lund * LB Woodchoppers * Island Tropics * Boomerangs Café * Canadian Tire * Tyler’s No Frills * Subway * Movie Mania * BuyLow Foods * Long Beach Surf Shop * Coombs Country Candy * Vittoria Solda Realtor * Valley Vision Optometry * Orestes Kouzina * Catalyst Paper * Ace Flagging * Integral Hockey * Zimmerman Forest Products * Alport Insurance * Landmark Cinemas * Alberni Valley Bulldogs * Double R Meats * Alberni Valley News * Arbutus RV * Port Boathouse * Benjamin Moore * Clayoquot Biosphere Trust * Tough City Sushi Bar * Finishing Touches * Alberni Industrial Marine * Dawn Olson-Rainforest Bookkeeping * Sacred Stone Spa * SunRype * Tofino Resort and Marina * Tofino Surf School * Port Alberni Port Authority * Alberni Fitness * Surf Sister * Cut the Cord  Android Service * Electron Metalworks * Lordco Auto Parts * Beavercreek Home Center * Alberni Co-op * Sportchek * Alberni Valley Refrigeration * Merit Hone Furniture * West Manufacturing * See Group of Companies * Schill Insurance * Port Posh Wash * Pacific Surf Company * Pharmasave Tofino * Newborn Feathers * Arrowsmith Glass * Tofino Brewing Company * McDonald’s * A&W * Flandangles * CG Hair * Alberni Glass and Mirror * MDR cranes and rigging * Magic Moments * Bosley’s * Trends Design Team * Solda’s Restaurant * Middle Beach Lodge * Black Rock * Rough Bay Enterprises * Tupperware by Margaret Marshall * Boston Pizza * Shaw Cablesystems *

Candid Photos & Highlights:

Tournament Director:

Sarah Bielert – avmha.halficejamboree@gmail.com

Link to Half-Ice Jamboree Rules

Candid Photos 2016-2017

Initiation Year End Party at Glenwood

Thumbs Up! Ref. Darren Bondue with player Carter Knoll

2015-2016 Candid Photos

LeoTremblay with MVP-LkCowTourney

Leo Tremblay holds Trophy for Novice Sharks win in Lake Cowichan Tournament


Novice Sharks win Lake Cowichan Tourney

Novice Sharks win Lake Cowichan Tourney

Thumbs Up! Ref. Darren Bondue with player Carter Knoll

First Shift Players

First Shift Players


Local News: This girl loves her hockey

Malika McDonald, a Grade 6 French Immersion student at Alberni Elementary School, loves playing hockey so much she has written about it. - Submitted photo

Malika McDonald, a Grade 6 French Immersion student at Alberni Elementary School, loves playing hockey so much she has written about it.  — Image Credit: Submitted Photo

Written by Malika McDonald

I’m a girl, I’m 11 years old and have played hockey since I was four. We do as good as the boys, if not even better! I’m going to tell you about the boys, myself and hockey.

About a year ago when I went to a hockey camp, I was the only girl. A mom or dad phoned the person that runs the camp and said “this camp is for boys, not girls!” Then the camp instructor said “she has the right to be here she has the ability too”.

That got me so mad because I love hockey and I think it’s wrong to say girls can’t play. I love playing and hockey is my life!

I hope that girls can always play hockey if they want to.

The quote that always runs through my head is: “The bigger you dream, the better you play!”

That reminds me of the girls that play hockey before and after school.

They dream and dream and never ever quit.

If someone says girls don’t play hockey and tell me to quit I’ll just skate away.

Never quit! Do what you love and never ever let someone get in your way.

2015-16 Team Photos – Midget

2015-16 Team Photo – Atom

2015-16 Team Photos – Initiation

2015-16 Team Photos – Competitive

2015-16 Team Photo – PeeWee

PeeWee Devil Dogs

PeeWee Devil Dogs – Sponsored by Port Alberni Firefighters and Scotiabank

2015-16 Team Photos – Bantam

2016-Bantam Rec.



Bantam Hooligans - Alberni District Co-op

Bantam Hooligans – Alberni District Co-op

Bantam Inferno - GD Auto - Scotiabank

Bantam Inferno – GD Auto – Scotiabank

2015-16 Team Photos

2015 Awards & Scholarships

2015VIAHA Scholarship GDolling

Griffin Dolling is the recipient of the VIAHA Scholarship (pictured with Al McCulloch, AVMHA President)


Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association awarded AVMHA “Association of the Year” (left-Jim Humphrey VIAHA President with Al McCulloch new AVMHA President.)

2015ADHockeySkillsAcademy-S Vanderlee

Alberni District Hockey Skills Academy scholarship was awarded to Sophie Vanderlee (pictured with Rick Schievink)

2015 AVMHA Scholarship-GDolling-MAddy

AVMHA Scholarships were awarded to Griffin Dolling & Michael Addy. Presented by AVMHA President Al McCulloch & AVMHA Life Member Marilyn Gibson.


2015 AVMHA Awards Banquet


Award Presentation Summary

Mites – 20 players received medal & mini hockey stick from Tim Horton’s sponsor of Tim Bits

(Novice – 40 players – 3 teams, will have there award presentation & banquet on March 28th.)

Atom Development Team – Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Blake Moore
  • Most Improved – Holden Fraser
  • Most Dedicated – Evan May

Atom (AtoMc) Bullfrogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Cam McArthur
  • Most Improved – Trey Lightburn
  • Most Dedicated – Cole Kenzie

Atom (AtoMc) Cougars

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Kai Bray
  • Most Improved – Ryshard Pouliot
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Cannon

PeeWee Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Logan Rozwadowski
  • Most Improved – Brayden Johnson
  • Most Dedicated – Carson Steel

PeeWee Blazers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Ty Vallee
  • Most Improved – Nikolas Dwolinsky
  • Most Dedicated – Jackson McKean

PeeWee Timbermen

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Samuel Shanks
  • Most Improved – Austin Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Maddison

Bantam Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Noah Fatur
  • Most Improved – Jerzy Gus
  • Most Dedicated – Ryan Devries

Bantam Steelheads

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Carmen Sanders
  • Most Improved – Riley Styan
  • Most Dedicated – Nicole Gagnon

Bantam Hornets

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Karlee Simpson
  • Most Improved – Brendan Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Linden Kailer-Dore

Midget Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Tynan Smyth
  • Most Improved – Mathew Lingl
  • Most Dedicated – Logan Henson

Midget Flyers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Michael Addy
  • Most Improved – Nathan Miller
  • Most Dedicated – James Paracy

Midget Hurricanes

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Jacob Price
  • Most Improved – Angelle Welsh
  • Most Dedicated – Kyle Hodson


5 Female players within AVMHA are on the North Island Impact Team that are heading to the Midget A Female Provincial Championships in Penticton later this month.  They will be defending their title as BC Champions from the 2013-2014 Season.

Maryna MacDonaldSydney DollingSophie VanderleeSarah DawsonBrittney Savard

 Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year - Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale


Kelly is a newer coach within our association.   He started coaching with AVMHA when his children decided to join hockey late.  He usually coaches 2 teams every year if needed.  This year he coached a PeeWee house team and a Midget house team.

Due to an accident a few years ago, he suffered a major injury and was unable to come out onto the ice and coach for a good portion of that season.  However, this did not deter him and he continued to support the kids and coaching staff.  He did this from the bench whenever and wherever he was able to.  He continued to coach.

He is a very committed and dedicated coach.  He is a very patient coach (except when it comes to his own kids… but most coaches are like that and he even admits that he’s tougher on his own kids.)  He loves to teach the game of hockey and he’s  always thinking of new ways to get the kids motivated.  He is all about having fun and working as a team.  Parents love him and the kids love him.

I (Meranda Vallee) had the pleasure of coaching with him this year and he took the time to ask me questions and my thoughts, views and opinions.  He’s a great teacher.  He treated me as an equal, even though I could barely skate and had just completed the coaching course this year.  The man does have a lot of patience.

Kelly received the most nominations from the membership for “Coach of the Year”.

Volunteer of the Year – Gen Connell

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell is a newer person within our Association.  She took the initiative to step up and help out wherever she could as soon as her first child was in Mites, a couple years ago.  She was a team manager in Novice last year and she took on the role of Division Manager for the Novice Division this year.

Being a Division Manager is extremely hard work.  It requires dedication and a lot of patience, especially while trying to manage a Division with an odd number of teams.  She had 3 teams to manage.  Being a Division Manager includes managing equal ice times, managing/organizing the coaches, the parents, organizing the referees for games, setting up games, managing tournaments and the list goes on.  This division held another tournament this year which was a very successful event for our Association and for our community.

Gen dealt with a lot of politics throughout the year, which for such a young Division, has me (AVMHA President) quite worried at this point.  We as parents need to stop and think before we act or react.  We have to remember that this sport is an extra-curricular sport and not the NHL or the pathway to the NHL.  It’s for kids to have fun, to make friends, to get some exercise and to learn the game of hockey.  We have to stop and think of the people who are volunteers and recognize that they are here to help out.  If we don’t like the job and appreciate what they are doing, then we need to shut up and step up to the plate ourselves.

Gen encouraged communication throughout the year.  Communication is huge  in this sport and she recognized that right away.  A quality that some don’t recognize right away or at all for that matter.  She has learned and grown a lot throughout this year and I (Meranda Vallee) can see her continuing to grow within this Association and I encourage her to do so.

Gen Connell received the most nominations from the membership for the Volunteer of the Year award.  Congratulations!


Above & Beyond – Carolynn Scott

2015-Volunteer-CarolynScott-7739Carolynn has been with our association for a few years now and has seen it all.  She has been involved in some way wherever she could in the past, including being a manager.  She then started to help me (Meranda Vallee) when I was Treasurer about 3-4 years ago.  She continued on and then was able to take over the management of our Gaming program from me.  She did up the reports, applications, deposits, keeping managers in line with the rules.  It’s a huge job and there is a lot to know.

Two years ago Carolynn was voted in as Treasurer and has increasingly been growing in that role over her term.  It’s not a position that you can just throw at someone, they have to grow into it.  Hence, why she started learning with me about 4 years ago.  There is a lot to know, there is a lot to learn and it is a job that never stops.

She has also taken steps to further her education, on her own time, so that she could properly fulfill the position.  This position takes a lot dedication, patience, learned knowledge, family time, personal time and being cooped up in an office for hours on end sorting out team accounts, rolling up coins, doing deposits, handing out receipts, doing Ref cheques, calling up parents for overdue fees or bounced cheques… the list goes on and it is usually not all fun.  It can be very stressful and does keep a person awake at night sometimes.  It is a full time job, one that is not paid by the way and one that 99.9% of normal people will not touch.

Carolynn had little to no experience when she first started out with me.  She is now fully in charge of Gaming and totally fulfills the Treasurer’s role with little to no help.  In doing this, she still fulfills her role as an Executive member and deals with a lot in that regard as well.  Her dedication to the Association is proof of her growth.  She is to a point now, that I am very comfortable and confident in her by saying, “OK, you’ve got this.”



Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland, left, and Arriana Ward, right. Presented by Referee in Chief – Chris Canuel.

Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland & Arriana Ward

Top Referee of the Year – Eric Gill

Jessica States Memorial Award – Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson, front left with last year's recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Abby Nelson, front left with last year’s recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Jessica States was born in 1985 (30 years ago).  She was tragically killed in July 1996.  She was a typical PeeWee hockey player when there was not many female players in the association.  She had a passion for sports and loved to play hockey.  This award is presented annually to a female PeeWee player that has the sportsmanship and dedication like Jessica did.

This year’s recipient is Abby Nelson.  This is Abby’s second year playing PeeWee with the PeeWee Bulldogs.  She plays Defence and has been an asset to the team since earning a permanent spot in October.  She rarely misses a practice or a game and is reliable in her position.  Abby gets along well with her team mates.  She always carries a smile and a positive attitude.  Abby focuses on fitness and pushes her team mates to push harder both on and off the ice.  Congratulations Abby!

Presented by Roxanne Leyland with 2014 recipient Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator Eric Gagnon.


Presentation of Jersey’s to Graduating Players 

2015-GradGroup2-7750Logan Henson – Alberni Refrigeration | Angelle Welsh – Clydesdale Automotive | Chase Henstridge – Cathy Braiden | Nicholas Vincent | Lynzie Taylor – Canadian Tire | Griffin Dolling – GD Auto | David Friel – Clambucket Restaurant | Codie Beecroft – Sears | Ashton Locke – Tyler’s No Frills | Carson Nicholson – Tyler’s No Frills | Danika Bratt – Dago Diesel Inc. | Cole Oldfield – Don Moyen Holdings Ltd. |  Jayden Lajeunesse – Island Rhino | Sophie Vanderlee – Lisa Vanderlee | Michael Addy – Clydesdale Automotive | Matt Irg | Ethan Sundstrum | Ryan Price | Jakob Bottaro | James McLeod | Jake Eskola | Jessie Geddes | Keagun Selva – T&G Boyd | Ryan Love | Andrew Paruk – AV Referees | Josh Harvey.


2014-15 Team Photos

Here are the 17 teams of Alberni Valley Minor Hockey for the 2014-15 season. Starting with the youngest (Mites)to the oldest (Midget). We would like to thank the team sponsors for their contributions and generous support to the AVMHA hockey programs.

AVMHA 2014 Thanksgiving Tournament

Atom Development and PeeWee Tier 3 are hosting tournaments on the Thanksgiving Weekend.  Two tournaments in 4 days, Oct. 10-13, 2014.

The tournament website is:  http://avhockey2014oct.wordpress.com

All the details will be posted on the tournament website.

If you can not make it to the AV Multiplex to catch the games, the website will have games reports on every game as well as Standings, Team Info, Photos, etc.


2014-15 Atom Development Team

This year’s Atom Development Team (sponsored by Alberni Chrysler & Alberni Toyota)has played a couple games to prepare them for the first tournament of the year. The AVMHA Thanksgiving Tournaments features 2 tournaments in one weekend – October 10-13, 2014.

The Atom Development Tournament is an 8 team tournament and the PeeWee Tier 2-3 Tournament also has 8 teams entered.

Here are some random photos of the Atom Development Team playing games in September.
2014-ATOM D-5 2014-ATOM D-6-TEAM 2014-ATOM D-4 2014-ATOM D-3 2014-ATOM DEV-SEPT

Aidan had some luck this weekend finding the back of the net twice. On Saturday he scored the only goal for our team against a really strong Juan de Fuca A team. He pounced on a loose puck and flipped it over the goalies glove. Today he scored a bit of a fluke goal. While trying to clear the puck out of our zone the puck traveled the length of the ice where the goalie accidentally misplayed it. Final score today was 6-4 for Juan de Fuca B1

Aidan had some luck this weekend (Sep.27-28) finding the back of the net twice. On Saturday he scored the only goal for our team against a really strong Juan de Fuca A team. He pounced on a loose puck and flipped it over the goalies glove. Sunday he scored a bit of a fluke goal. While trying to clear the puck out of our zone the puck traveled the length of the ice where the goalie accidentally misplayed it. Final score Sunday was 6-4 for Juan de Fuca B1

2014-ATOM D-9 2014-ATOM D-8 2014-ATOM D-7

Photo Gallery 2013-14

AV Peewee Timbermen Gold Medal Champs at Comox March 2014

AV Peewee Timbermen Gold Medal Champs at Comox Tournament, March 2014

2014 PA-NOVICE-DEVILS-CourtenayTourney

Port Alberni NOVICE Devils at Courtenay Tournament – March 2014


AV Novice Blues win Campbell River Tournament – Jan. 2014


The 1st Bryan Mason Memorial Tournament for Bantam Recreation Teams – Nov 2013. (pictured both AV Bantam Rec teams)

Atom Icebreakers

AV Atom (AtoMc) Ice Breakers at Tournament Dec. 2013


AV Peewee Timbermen Gold Medal Champs at Comox March 2014


The AV Times PeeWee Timbermen travelled to the Comox Valley March 15th-March 17th for a Peewee Division Hockey Tournament.  The kids had a very successful weekend.

Coached by Greg Simpson and Darcy Nelson, they played 4 games undefeated.

Game 1 12-1 , Game 2 4-2, Game 3 6-2, Game 4 Gold Medal Match 5-4 win on a 3-3 overtime.  We were in the lead 4-3 up until the end of the third period when Comox Valley Team 3 came back to score with less than a second remaining in regulation time, forcing the final game into overtime. Alberni came back victorious with 52 seconds remaining in the overtime period.

Submitted by Jen Garcia
AVMHA Peewee Timbermen Team Manager
13-AV Times 500x50Team Sponsor


2014 March Tournament in Victoria - Atom icebreakers-e

Alberni’s AtoMC Icebreakers placed 1st in their division at the John White Memorial Tournament in Victoria – March 2014

AV News – Alberni Takes Bronze at Bantam Tourney

An Alberni player steals the puck from his Cowichan check in the bronze medal game on Sunday. Other teams playing in the tourney included Nanaimo, Oceanside and Vancouver. Abbotsford took gold while Powell River earned silver.— Image Credit: WAWMEESH G. HAMILTON/Alberni Valley News

An Alberni player steals the puck from his Cowichan check in the bronze medal game on Sunday. Other teams playing in the tourney included Nanaimo, Oceanside and Vancouver. Abbotsford took gold while Powell River earned silver.— Image Credit: WAWMEESH G. HAMILTON/Alberni Valley News