Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2019 Novice Jamboree

MINOR Teams  

  • Alberni-1 (AV1)
  • Alberni-2 (AV2)
  • Campbell River (CR)
  • Comox (CMX)
  • Nanaimo-1 (NAN1)
  • Nanaimo-3 (NAN2)
  • Oceanside-1 (OC1)
  • Oceanside-2 (OC2)
  • Sooke (SOO)


  • Alberni-1 (AV1)
  • Alberni-2 (AV2)
  • Campbell River (CR)
  • Comox (CMX)
  • Cowichan Valley (COW)
  • Nanaimo-1 (NAN1)
  • Nanaimo-4 (NAN4)
  • Oceanside (OC)


Game Schedule

All Games on Weyerhauser Arena – HOME BENCH or VISITOR BENCH

 5:45-6:45  PM  MINOR   AV1 VS OC1     AV2 VS OC2
 7:00-8:00  PM  MAJOR   AV1 VS OC      AV2 VS NAN1
 8:30-9:30  AM  MAJOR    CR VS COW     CMX VS NAN4
 9:45-10:45 AM  MINOR  NAN1 VS SOO    NAN1 VS CR
11:00-12:00 PM  MINOR   AV1 VS CMX     AV2 VS OC1
12:15-1:15  PM  MAJOR   AV2 VS COW     AV1 VS NAN1
 1:30-2:30  PM  MAJOR    OC VS CMX      CR VS NAN4
 2:45-3:45  PM  MINOR   OC2 VS NAN1    SOO VS NAN3
 4:00-5:00  PM  MINOR   CMX VS OC1     AV1 VS CR
 8:30-9:30  AM  MINOR   OC2 VS SOO    NAN1 VS CR
 9:45-10:45 AM  MINOR   AV2 VS CMX    NAN3 VS AV1
11:00-12:00 PM  MAJOR   AV2 VS CR      AV1 VS COW
12:15-1:15  PM  MAJOR    OC VS NAN4    CMX VS NAN1
 1:30-2:30  PM  MINOR   SOO VS CR      AV2 VS NAN3
 2:45-3:45  PM  MINOR   OC1 VS NAN1    OC2 VS CMX
 4:00-5:00  PM  MAJOR    CR VS AV1     CMX VS AV2
 5:15-6:15  PM  MAJOR    OC VS NAN1   NAN4 VS COW

Game Highlights (Photos)


* Finishing touches * Jal Design * Magic Moments * Home Hardware * Co-op * Schill Insurance * Buy Low Foods * Tyler’s No Frills * PARG * Bare Bones Fish and Chips * Tim Hortons * Quality Foods * Clydesdale Automotive * Fantastic Alberni * Cuffbum Customs * Dave Ralla Realtor * Lorraine McLeod and Tara Elder * Secluded Wellness * Slammers Gym * Epicure Selections * Solda’s Restaurant * Panago Pizza * Boston Pizza * Pizza Hut * Double R Meats * Trevor Zack * Blue Marlin * Pete’s Mountain Meats * Coulson Aircrane * Mosaic Forestry * The Brick * Catalyst – Paper Excellence * Parker Financial (Sean Parker) * Western Grater Contracting * Pete’s Precision Tax Services * AC/DC Contracting * Rough Bay Enterprises * Alberni Valley Bulldogs * Vittoria Solda Realtor * Tasha Jensen * Pacific Sands Beach Resort * The Chris Turner Experience * The Power of Three * See Group of Companies * Custom Edge Skate Sharpening * Paddle West Kayak * Next Ground Media * Middle Beach Lodge * Diane Bortoletto * Rainforest Bookkeeping * LB Woodchoppers * Cut the Cord Services * Cloud City * Flandangles * Literacy Alberni * Rachel Young * Dana Shalaine Photography * Cap-it Alberni * Huu-ay-aht First Nations *

Tournament Director

Cynthia Fowler – clrampone@gmail.com – 250-731-4519

Tournament Rules

AVMHA Novice Jamboree Rules


Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2018 Novice Jamboree


Initiation – 4

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Campbell River (CR), Oceanside (OC)

Novice Minor – 8

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Alberni-3 (AV3), Campbell River (CR), Cowichan Blue (COW-B), Cowichan Yellow (COW-Y), Nanaimo (NAN), Oceanside (OC).

Novice Major – 10

Alberni-1 (AV1), Alberni-2 (AV2), Campbell River (CR), Oceanside Red (OC-R), Cowichan Red (COW-R), Peninsula (PEN), Comox-1 (CX1), Oceanside Black (OC-B), North Shore Winter Club (NSWC), Comox-4 (CX4).

Check out more Candid Photos below

Game Schedule:

Div.  Rink Team	 Team  Start-End    Rink  Team  Team  Div.
MINOR  C1  AV1	 NAN   5:15-6:15  PM C2	  AV2	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV1	 OC-R  5:30-6:30  PM W2	  OC-B	COW-R MAJOR
MAJOR  C1  AV2   CX1   6:20-7:20  PM C2	  CX4	CR    MAJOR
Div.  Rink Team	Team  Start-End    Rink  Team	Team  Div.
MINOR  W1  AV3	COW-B  8:05-9:05  AM W2	  CR	COW-Y MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	OC-R   9:25-10:25 AM W2	  COW-R	CX1   MAJOR
MAJOR  C1  AV1	OC-B  10:00-11:00 AM C2	  PEN	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	OC    10:30-11:30 AM W2	  AV2	CR    INIT.
MINOR  C1  AV1	OC    11:05-12:05 PM C2	  AV2	NAN   MINOR
MINOR  C1  AV3	COW-Y 12:20-1:20  PM C2	  CR	COW-B MINOR
MAJOR  C1  CX4	PEN    1:25-2:25  PM C2	  CR	NSWC  MAJOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	COW-R  2:00-3:00  PM W2	  OC-B	CX1   MAJOR
MINOR  C1  AV1	CR     2:40-3:40  PM C2	  AV2	COW-Y MINOR
MINOR  C1  AV3	NAN    3:45-4:45  PM C2   COW-B	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  C1  OC-R	CR     5:00-6:00  PM C2	  CX4	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	AV2    5:30-6:30  PM W2	  OC 	CR    INIT.

Div.  Rink Team Team   Start-End    Rink  Team  Team  Div.
MAJOR  C1  CX1	PEN    8:20-9:20  AM C2	  AV1	NSWC  MAJOR
INIT.  W1  AV2	OC     8:40-9:40  AM W2	  AV1	CR    INIT.
MINOR  C1  AV1	COW-Y  9:25-10:25 AM C2	  AV3	OC    MINOR
MAJOR  W1  AV2	CR     9:45-10:45 AM W2	  OC-R	COW-R MAJOR
MINOR  C1  AV2	COW-Y 10:40-11:40 AM C2	  AV3	OC    MINOR
INIT.  W1  AV1	OC    11:00-12:00 PM W2	  AV2	CR    INIT.
MAJOR  C1  AV1	PEN   11:45-12:45 PM W2	  OC-B	CX4   MAJOR

Sponsors, Donors, Contributors:

We would like to thank everyone for their generous contribution to this event.

AC/DC contracting * Coulson Group * RotorMaxx Support * Quality Foods * Chris and Alease Arcus Realtors * Shoppers Drug Mart * Dahlia hair by Rachel Dame *  Epicure by Megan Goodman * Dr. Daryl Lund * LB Woodchoppers * Island Tropics * Boomerangs Café * Canadian Tire * Tyler’s No Frills * Subway * Movie Mania * BuyLow Foods * Long Beach Surf Shop * Coombs Country Candy * Vittoria Solda Realtor * Valley Vision Optometry * Orestes Kouzina * Catalyst Paper * Ace Flagging * Integral Hockey * Zimmerman Forest Products * Alport Insurance * Landmark Cinemas * Alberni Valley Bulldogs * Double R Meats * Alberni Valley News * Arbutus RV * Port Boathouse * Benjamin Moore * Clayoquot Biosphere Trust * Tough City Sushi Bar * Finishing Touches * Alberni Industrial Marine * Dawn Olson-Rainforest Bookkeeping * Sacred Stone Spa * SunRype * Tofino Resort and Marina * Tofino Surf School * Port Alberni Port Authority * Alberni Fitness * Surf Sister * Cut the Cord  Android Service * Electron Metalworks * Lordco Auto Parts * Beavercreek Home Center * Alberni Co-op * Sportchek * Alberni Valley Refrigeration * Merit Hone Furniture * West Manufacturing * See Group of Companies * Schill Insurance * Port Posh Wash * Pacific Surf Company * Pharmasave Tofino * Newborn Feathers * Arrowsmith Glass * Tofino Brewing Company * McDonald’s * A&W * Flandangles * CG Hair * Alberni Glass and Mirror * MDR cranes and rigging * Magic Moments * Bosley’s * Trends Design Team * Solda’s Restaurant * Middle Beach Lodge * Black Rock * Rough Bay Enterprises * Tupperware by Margaret Marshall * Boston Pizza * Shaw Cablesystems *

Candid Photos & Highlights:

Tournament Director:

Sarah Bielert – avmha.halficejamboree@gmail.com

Link to Half-Ice Jamboree Rules