Local News: This girl loves her hockey

Malika McDonald, a Grade 6 French Immersion student at Alberni Elementary School, loves playing hockey so much she has written about it. - Submitted photo

Malika McDonald, a Grade 6 French Immersion student at Alberni Elementary School, loves playing hockey so much she has written about it.  — Image Credit: Submitted Photo

Written by Malika McDonald

I’m a girl, I’m 11 years old and have played hockey since I was four. We do as good as the boys, if not even better! I’m going to tell you about the boys, myself and hockey.

About a year ago when I went to a hockey camp, I was the only girl. A mom or dad phoned the person that runs the camp and said “this camp is for boys, not girls!” Then the camp instructor said “she has the right to be here she has the ability too”.

That got me so mad because I love hockey and I think it’s wrong to say girls can’t play. I love playing and hockey is my life!

I hope that girls can always play hockey if they want to.

The quote that always runs through my head is: “The bigger you dream, the better you play!”

That reminds me of the girls that play hockey before and after school.

They dream and dream and never ever quit.

If someone says girls don’t play hockey and tell me to quit I’ll just skate away.

Never quit! Do what you love and never ever let someone get in your way.

Female Hockey Info & Updates

If you are a female hockey player (or interested in playing female hockey) with Alberni Valley Minor Hockey, be sure you contact our Female Hockey Coordinator, Angela Cole.  She has a couple programs/events just for GIRLS!  Follow AVMHA Female Hockey Facebook Page   or contact Angela directly (info below).

Female Jamboree

Attention Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget players! There will be a Female Jamboree on Sat. Jan 2nd at Cowichan Lake Sports arena, in Lake Cowichan, B.C. I suggest all my new 9 First Shift girls contact me about this and all girls interested in a fun couple of games. Let me know ASAP. Tag a friend!!!

Cost: $25.00 per player

Ice Time: 2 games (1hr.20 min. each game)

When: Sat. Jan. 2nd, 2016

Time: 8AM till 6PM

For more information, contact

For Girls Only – Female Hockey Development

 Hey Girls!

Are you registered & already playing hockey?  Or would you like to try playing hockey?  We can help you!

Angela Cole is our new Female Coordinator and she wants to get as many girls as possible, play hockey.  She wants to hear from you (and your friends) and get you to develop your hockey skills.

GirlsHockeySmCall Angela Now at  250-735-4474

Don’t miss this opportunity for all Girls to play hockey

There has been a couple FREE ice sessions for Female Development with more sessions to be announced.

Join –  AVMHA Female Hockey – Facebook Group

2015 AVMHA Awards Banquet


Award Presentation Summary

Mites – 20 players received medal & mini hockey stick from Tim Horton’s sponsor of Tim Bits

(Novice – 40 players – 3 teams, will have there award presentation & banquet on March 28th.)

Atom Development Team – Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Blake Moore
  • Most Improved – Holden Fraser
  • Most Dedicated – Evan May

Atom (AtoMc) Bullfrogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Cam McArthur
  • Most Improved – Trey Lightburn
  • Most Dedicated – Cole Kenzie

Atom (AtoMc) Cougars

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Kai Bray
  • Most Improved – Ryshard Pouliot
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Cannon

PeeWee Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Logan Rozwadowski
  • Most Improved – Brayden Johnson
  • Most Dedicated – Carson Steel

PeeWee Blazers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Ty Vallee
  • Most Improved – Nikolas Dwolinsky
  • Most Dedicated – Jackson McKean

PeeWee Timbermen

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Samuel Shanks
  • Most Improved – Austin Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Mason Maddison

Bantam Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Noah Fatur
  • Most Improved – Jerzy Gus
  • Most Dedicated – Ryan Devries

Bantam Steelheads

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Carmen Sanders
  • Most Improved – Riley Styan
  • Most Dedicated – Nicole Gagnon

Bantam Hornets

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Karlee Simpson
  • Most Improved – Brendan Kuc
  • Most Dedicated – Linden Kailer-Dore

Midget Bulldogs

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Tynan Smyth
  • Most Improved – Mathew Lingl
  • Most Dedicated – Logan Henson

Midget Flyers

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Michael Addy
  • Most Improved – Nathan Miller
  • Most Dedicated – James Paracy

Midget Hurricanes

  • Most Sportsmanlike – Jacob Price
  • Most Improved – Angelle Welsh
  • Most Dedicated – Kyle Hodson


5 Female players within AVMHA are on the North Island Impact Team that are heading to the Midget A Female Provincial Championships in Penticton later this month.  They will be defending their title as BC Champions from the 2013-2014 Season.

Maryna MacDonaldSydney DollingSophie VanderleeSarah DawsonBrittney Savard

 Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year - Kelly Clydesdale

Coach of the Year – Kelly Clydesdale


Kelly is a newer coach within our association.   He started coaching with AVMHA when his children decided to join hockey late.  He usually coaches 2 teams every year if needed.  This year he coached a PeeWee house team and a Midget house team.

Due to an accident a few years ago, he suffered a major injury and was unable to come out onto the ice and coach for a good portion of that season.  However, this did not deter him and he continued to support the kids and coaching staff.  He did this from the bench whenever and wherever he was able to.  He continued to coach.

He is a very committed and dedicated coach.  He is a very patient coach (except when it comes to his own kids… but most coaches are like that and he even admits that he’s tougher on his own kids.)  He loves to teach the game of hockey and he’s  always thinking of new ways to get the kids motivated.  He is all about having fun and working as a team.  Parents love him and the kids love him.

I (Meranda Vallee) had the pleasure of coaching with him this year and he took the time to ask me questions and my thoughts, views and opinions.  He’s a great teacher.  He treated me as an equal, even though I could barely skate and had just completed the coaching course this year.  The man does have a lot of patience.

Kelly received the most nominations from the membership for “Coach of the Year”.

Volunteer of the Year – Gen Connell

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell, left with AVMHA President Meranda Vallee

Gen Connell is a newer person within our Association.  She took the initiative to step up and help out wherever she could as soon as her first child was in Mites, a couple years ago.  She was a team manager in Novice last year and she took on the role of Division Manager for the Novice Division this year.

Being a Division Manager is extremely hard work.  It requires dedication and a lot of patience, especially while trying to manage a Division with an odd number of teams.  She had 3 teams to manage.  Being a Division Manager includes managing equal ice times, managing/organizing the coaches, the parents, organizing the referees for games, setting up games, managing tournaments and the list goes on.  This division held another tournament this year which was a very successful event for our Association and for our community.

Gen dealt with a lot of politics throughout the year, which for such a young Division, has me (AVMHA President) quite worried at this point.  We as parents need to stop and think before we act or react.  We have to remember that this sport is an extra-curricular sport and not the NHL or the pathway to the NHL.  It’s for kids to have fun, to make friends, to get some exercise and to learn the game of hockey.  We have to stop and think of the people who are volunteers and recognize that they are here to help out.  If we don’t like the job and appreciate what they are doing, then we need to shut up and step up to the plate ourselves.

Gen encouraged communication throughout the year.  Communication is huge  in this sport and she recognized that right away.  A quality that some don’t recognize right away or at all for that matter.  She has learned and grown a lot throughout this year and I (Meranda Vallee) can see her continuing to grow within this Association and I encourage her to do so.

Gen Connell received the most nominations from the membership for the Volunteer of the Year award.  Congratulations!


Above & Beyond – Carolynn Scott

2015-Volunteer-CarolynScott-7739Carolynn has been with our association for a few years now and has seen it all.  She has been involved in some way wherever she could in the past, including being a manager.  She then started to help me (Meranda Vallee) when I was Treasurer about 3-4 years ago.  She continued on and then was able to take over the management of our Gaming program from me.  She did up the reports, applications, deposits, keeping managers in line with the rules.  It’s a huge job and there is a lot to know.

Two years ago Carolynn was voted in as Treasurer and has increasingly been growing in that role over her term.  It’s not a position that you can just throw at someone, they have to grow into it.  Hence, why she started learning with me about 4 years ago.  There is a lot to know, there is a lot to learn and it is a job that never stops.

She has also taken steps to further her education, on her own time, so that she could properly fulfill the position.  This position takes a lot dedication, patience, learned knowledge, family time, personal time and being cooped up in an office for hours on end sorting out team accounts, rolling up coins, doing deposits, handing out receipts, doing Ref cheques, calling up parents for overdue fees or bounced cheques… the list goes on and it is usually not all fun.  It can be very stressful and does keep a person awake at night sometimes.  It is a full time job, one that is not paid by the way and one that 99.9% of normal people will not touch.

Carolynn had little to no experience when she first started out with me.  She is now fully in charge of Gaming and totally fulfills the Treasurer’s role with little to no help.  In doing this, she still fulfills her role as an Executive member and deals with a lot in that regard as well.  Her dedication to the Association is proof of her growth.  She is to a point now, that I am very comfortable and confident in her by saying, “OK, you’ve got this.”



Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland, left, and Arriana Ward, right. Presented by Referee in Chief – Chris Canuel.

Rookie Referees of the Year – Ethan Sutherland & Arriana Ward

Top Referee of the Year – Eric Gill

Jessica States Memorial Award – Abby Nelson

Abby Nelson, front left with last year's recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Abby Nelson, front left with last year’s recipient, Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator, Eric Gagnon.

Jessica States was born in 1985 (30 years ago).  She was tragically killed in July 1996.  She was a typical PeeWee hockey player when there was not many female players in the association.  She had a passion for sports and loved to play hockey.  This award is presented annually to a female PeeWee player that has the sportsmanship and dedication like Jessica did.

This year’s recipient is Abby Nelson.  This is Abby’s second year playing PeeWee with the PeeWee Bulldogs.  She plays Defence and has been an asset to the team since earning a permanent spot in October.  She rarely misses a practice or a game and is reliable in her position.  Abby gets along well with her team mates.  She always carries a smile and a positive attitude.  Abby focuses on fitness and pushes her team mates to push harder both on and off the ice.  Congratulations Abby!

Presented by Roxanne Leyland with 2014 recipient Zakeysha Corey and Female Hockey Coordinator Eric Gagnon.


Presentation of Jersey’s to Graduating Players 

2015-GradGroup2-7750Logan Henson – Alberni Refrigeration | Angelle Welsh – Clydesdale Automotive | Chase Henstridge – Cathy Braiden | Nicholas Vincent | Lynzie Taylor – Canadian Tire | Griffin Dolling – GD Auto | David Friel – Clambucket Restaurant | Codie Beecroft – Sears | Ashton Locke – Tyler’s No Frills | Carson Nicholson – Tyler’s No Frills | Danika Bratt – Dago Diesel Inc. | Cole Oldfield – Don Moyen Holdings Ltd. |  Jayden Lajeunesse – Island Rhino | Sophie Vanderlee – Lisa Vanderlee | Michael Addy – Clydesdale Automotive | Matt Irg | Ethan Sundstrum | Ryan Price | Jakob Bottaro | James McLeod | Jake Eskola | Jessie Geddes | Keagun Selva – T&G Boyd | Ryan Love | Andrew Paruk – AV Referees | Josh Harvey.


Female Players Go To Provincials

Here are the 5 girls who will be heading to Midget A Female Provincials in Penticton during Spring Break this year.

They are from left to right, Sarah Dawson, Sophie Vanderlee, Sydney Dolling, Brittney Savard with Maryna MacDonald in front.

They won their game in overtime vs. the South Island Royals 3 – 2, in the final game of a best of 3 series to clinch the title of Island District Champions.

They will be defending their title as BC Champions from 2013-14.

Local News – AV Times – Female Midgets win BC’s

Locals help win provincial championship

Five Valley hockey players, members of the North Island Impact, won the B.C. midget championship

13-AV Times 500x50

 Female Midget BC Champs 2014-McConnell-Savard-Clydesdale-Dawson

Five local hockey players are provincial gold medalists.

The North Island Impact wrapped up the 2013-14 hockey season with a dramatic win over two-time defending champion Richmond Ravens to capture the female midget provincial championship in Salmon Arm over spring break.

The North Island Impact consist of elite female hockey players representing hockey associations from Nanaimo to Port Hardy. The Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association has five players rostered with the Impact – Brittney Savard, Shelby Clydesdale, Sophie Vanderlee, Shay-Lee McConnell and Sarah Dawson – who contributed tremendously to the success of the team.

During the course of the season, the Impact played in five tournaments claiming two silver medals and three gold medals, including the provincial title.

At tournaments in Kelowna and Richmond to begin the season, the Impact handed the Ravens their only two losses in three years only to lose to them in the gold medal games.

Early in the new year, the Impact went on to capture gold medals in Abbotsford and Surrey, tournaments which Richmond did not attend.

The stage was set for the provincials, or so it seemed. The Impact lost to Richmond 5-3 to open the tournament, then later that night suffered another loss, this time to host team Salmon Arm 2-1. To the players, coaches and parents, after Day 1 it seemed like a disappointing end to a dream season.

After doing the math, the Impact needed Richmond to win out, which they did, by compiling a record of 6-0 to cruise into the gold medal game and earn a night’s rest before the big game to be held at 8 p.m. The Impact needed to win the rest of their games and hope for an upset or two along the way, which happened.

They defeated Terrace 3-2, Cranbrook 4-1, Surrey 3-2 and on the final morning an impressive 6-0 win over Kamloops allowed them to face a wellrested Ravens team for all the marbles.

The final game, described by B.C. Hockey as the best of the tournament, was played at a fast and physical pace.

After a quick start, the Impact took a 3-1 lead into the second period. Two powerplay goals in the second for the Ravens tied the game.

After trading great scoring chances during the first half of the third period, the Impact scored the winner with less than seven minutes remaining in the game.

Against Midget A teams from around the province this season, the team had an impressive record of 26-6-2.

– See more at: http://www.avtimes.net/sports/local/locals-help-win-provincial-championship-1.922122#sthash.Ww6jHiwg.dpuf


13-Midget BC Champ logo black***Information on all BC Hockey Championship Tournaments can be found at bchockey.net or the NEW BC Hockey App

Female Midget – at Salmon Arm, BC

(North Island Impact Team has 4 AVMHA players)

Sunday, March 16th

8:00PM Salmon Arm – 2   North Island – 1  
The host Salmon Arm Silverbacks opened the championship with a close game against the North Island Inpact. The home team scored at 15:32 of the first period, Sydney Castle assisted by Maddison Turner and Jenna Lazar. They took a 2 goal lead in the second period on a goal from Cassidy Marshall assisted by Sarah Whitehead and Mikayla Stirling. The North Island team got on the scoreboard at 7:01 in the second period on a goal from Olivia Knowles assisted by Lisa Lloyd and Madison Chamberlain. There was no scoring in the third but lots of action around both nets. North Island had 33 shots on Salmon Arm goalie Jaime Sedore but she stood tall in the net and denied them more than one. Salmon Arm had 12 shots on goal.
Monday, March 17th
2:00PM North Island – 3 Terrace – 2
 The first period in this game between North Island and Terrace was end to end hockey with chances for each team. In the second the North Island team scored 3 goals to pull away but in the third the Terrace team rallied to close the gap scoring 1 goal. Scoring for North Island, in the second, was Erin Murdoch at 1637 from Marijke Campbell, Ashley Penney at 14:39 from Brittney Savard and Tianna Squire and Lisa Lloyd at 4:45 from Penney. In the third Terrace’s Ashley Kuehne scored at 11:56 from Deborah Wraight and Myah Bowal at 2:03 from Bailey Kasum. Shots on goal were close, 30 for North Island and 28 for Terrace. It was a good entertaining game!
Tuesday, March 18th
2:00PM North Island – 4   Cranbrook – 1  
The play in the first period for both teams was even with no scoring for either. Cranbrook outshot North Island 15-9 but goalie Sarah Dawson for North Island shut the door on all shots. In period 2 North Island got on the board at 13:05 (Brittney Savard from Olivia Knowles) and 4:16 on the power play( Chelan Hein from Knowles). Cranbrook kept attack up with 10 shots to NI’s 3 in period 2 and into period 3 when they got on the scoreboard at 12:00 on an unassisted power play goal buy Chloe Luke. North Island had a goal at 19:02 at the beginning of the third and finished the scoring on a power play at 4:29 on an unassisted power play goal by Madison Chamberlain. CORRECTION – Total shots on goal North Island 36, Cranbrook 25 My apologizes to North Island goalie Sarah Dawson!!
Wednesday, March 19th
5:00PM Surrey Female 2 North Island 3
Surrey and North Island came out flying and ready to play in game 17 of the championship. The first period was fast but there were lots of shots at either end but the score at the end was 0-0. It wasn’t until 13:09 of the second period that the first goal was scored by Surrey’s Ashley Long from Caleigh MacDonald. North Island replied with an unassisted goal at 9:07 from April Turnbell. Long and MacDonald connected again for a goal at 8:43 and that is how the score remained until 4:56 of the third when North Island’s Erin Murdoch scored unassisted and again at 4:28 from Marijke Campbell for the go ahead goal. Surrey pulled their goalie to try for the equalizer. With 29 seconds left in the game an interference call on North Island’s Tianna Squire gave them a 6 on 4 but they were unable to put it in the net. This was a very well played game by two evenly matched and talented teams. Shots on goal were 35 for Surrey and 37 for North Island. Penalty minute were 8 mins each. Excellent game.
Thursday, March 20th
11:00AM Kamloops 0 North Island 6
The Kamloops Mystixs played their last game this morning and were in in tough facing the fast flying Vancouver Impact! The Impact scored two goals in the first four minutes of the period. The first goal was at 17:51 scored by Madison Chamberlain from Olivia Knowles and the second unassisted goal from Erin Murdoch. Their next two goals were later in the period at 5:59 from Murdoch, assisted by Brittney Savard and at 4:44 from Murdoch again unassisted (hat trick!). Undaunted, the Mystixs stuck to their game plan and never backed off. They played hard and never gave up. The Impact scored two more goals, one in the second at 18:14 by Ashley Penney unassisted and at 4:38 Murdoch scored her 4th goal. Of note is that the shots on goal the Kamloops goalie Sage Deneault faced, 63!!, she made many critical saves or the score could be higher! Shots on goal for the Mystixs were 16. The Impact now advance to the championship game against the Richmond Ravens. At the end of the game the teams lined up for a special presentation to the Kamloops Mystixs. The Fair Play was awarded to the Mystixs by the Salmon Arm Championship Committee represented by Roy Sakaki. Good job Mystixs
8:00PM Richmond Ravens – 3   North Island – 4  

The Championship Game was the best game of the tournament! The teams came out flying and we had a real show of back and forth hockey!The North Island Impact hit the ice first, forming a line on either side of the bench gate for their graduating players to skate through. What a nice acknowledgement for the players finishing their minor hockey careers! When the puck dropped both teams took off flying and never let off. The North Island Impact got on the scoreboard first at 17:32 in the 1st period when Payton Bray buried the puck assisted by Shaylee McConnell. Richmond’s Yvonne Mikulcik answered at 15:02 unassisted. Olivia Knowles of North Island scored again at 6:06 from Erin Pickup and again Richmond answered with another goal from Mikulcik assisted by Briana Trottier at 4:47. North Island went ahead for the third time at 7:24 of the second (when Murdoch scored with assists from Lloyd and Savard) and Richmond countered again at 1:08 Tamara Wong, unassisted. There was no more scoring until half way thru the 3rd period but there was lots of action at both ends of the ice. At 9:49 Lisa Lloyd from Olivia Knowles broke the tie for the final time. Richmond skated hard on the puck to get the equalizer but it was not to be. This game was very exciting and entertaining. It had the fans on the edge of their seats and was clearly the best game of the tournament. What a show of talent! Congratulations to both teams!! Thanks to Salmon Arm Minor Hockey for doing an awesome job hosting and to the Salmon Arm community volunteers for helping out to make this championship so successful!

Just to let you know, Vancouver Island Midget Impact female team took Gold in Salmon Arm last night in a 4-3 game vs Richmond!!!  Leanne Savard, Manager


Midget Tier 3 – at 100 Mile House, BC

Sunday, March 16th  Alberni Valley – 9  vs 100 Mile House – 0
Alberni Goals & (Assists):
1st period – 4:30 Sundstrum (Blake, Rae-Arthur), at 6:36 McLeod (Corlazzoli), at 16:28 Henson, at 16:48 Corlazzoli (Sundstrum).
2nd Period – at 3:21 Beecroft (Sundstrum), at 6:36 Sundstrum,.
3rd Period – at 17:29 Elder (Friel), at 19:03 Henson, at 19:32 Friel (Martin).
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 3 infractions totaling 6 penalty minutes.  100 Mile House had 2 infractions totaling 4 penalty minutes.
Monday, March 17th  Terrace – 6  vs Alberni Valley – 1
Alberni’s only goal scored by James McLeod on a penalty shot, at 13:05 of the second period.
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 11 infractions totaling 22 penalty minutes.  Terrace had 4 infractions totaling 8 penalty minutes.
Tuesday, March 18th 1:00 pm – Alberni Valley – 5 vs North Delta – 3
Alberni Goal Summary – 1st Period – at 9:34 Beecroft.  2nd Period – at 2:34 Cowan (Selva Corlazzoli), at 17:27 Selva (Cowan).  3rd Period – at 12:42 Sundstrum (Beecroft), at 13:35 Sundstrum (Friel, Martin).
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 7 infractions totaling 14 penalty minutes.  North Delta had 4 infractions totaling 8 penalty minutes.
Wednesday, March 19th Alberni Valley – 8, Castlegar – 2
1st Period – Alberni goals at 3:44 Henson (Corlazzoli, Martin), at 7:38 Sundstrum (Martin), at 13:54 Sundstrum (Beecroft, Friel), at 17:27 Sundstrum (Friel, Blake).
2nd Period – Alberni goals at 8:52 Elder (Martin, Adams), at 10:50 Friel (Sundstrum, Harvey), at 19:46 Friel (Sundstrum, Beecroft).
3rd Period – Alberni goals at 3:52 Blake (Henson, Harvey).
Penalty Summary – Alberni had 15 infractions totaling 49 penalty minutes.  Castlegar had 18 infractions totaling 63 penalty minutes.
Thursday, March 20th – 8:00 am – Alberni Valley – 1 vs Dawson Creek – 5

Only goal scored by Alberni from Josh Harvey. Jessie Geddes in net.   Penalties 4 minutes for Alberni and eight minutes for Dawson creek. Alberni plays Quesnel in the semi final today at 5 pm. Winner moves onto gold medal game at 11 am tomorrow.

5:00PM Quesnel – 4 Alberni Valley – 6
Semi-final 1: 1st Div A vs. 2nd Div B  –  (report from Alison Sundstrum)  We had an exciting semi final game vs Quesnel. Gary Martin opened the scoring unassisted at 8:49 of the first period. Keagun Selva made it 2-0 in the second from Brad Cowan.  Third goal for Alberni was from Cam Blake with a helper from Josh Harvey. Quesnel scored in the second to make it 3-1  but James McLeod scored a minute later from Logan Henson and Keagun Selva scored unassisted. Quesnel scored a goal late in the second to make the score at the end of the second 5-2.   Quesnel came out in the third scoring 2 goals to make the score 5-4′ with 8 and a half minutes left in the game. David Friel scored with 1:51 left in the game from Harvey and Ethan Sundstrum to send the Bulldogs to the gold medal game today(Friday) at 11 am vs Terrace.
Friday, March 21st 
11:00AM Terrace – 4   Alberni Valley – 1  
Championship Game – Evenly paced, high tempo game; with game tied at 1 end of the first. Terrace with the go-ahead goal late in the second to end the period 2-1; Alberni never let up and gave tremendous effort right to the end. Terrace went on to score 2 more in the third for a final of 4-1 Terrace. Shots on goal 31-28.


Bantam Tier 3 – at West Kelowna, BC

2014 Bantam provincials 6-tilephotos by Tracy Smyth
Sunday, March 16th
8:00PM Alberni Valley – 10   West Kelowna – 3  
Both teams played a well disciplined game with only 1 minor penalty in 60 minutes (by West Kelowna). Hats off to both teams. Scoring for West Kelowna were Mason Chidlow, Reegan Forsyth, Nicholas Yaremovich with assists going to Cooper Graff, Nicholas Yaremovich and Broden Ellerton. Scoring for Alberni Valley were Tynan Smyth with 3 goals, Ayden Brossoit with 4 goals and 1 assist, Noah Fatur with 2 goals and 2 assists, Shaylee McConnell with 1 goal and 1 assist. Assists went to Ryan DeVries, Ezra Paddock with 2 assists, Wyatt Selva and Reilly Kozocari.
Monday, March 17th
3:30PM Sunshine Coast – 8 Alberni Valley – 2
Both teams came out ready to play. Scoring for Sunshine Coast was Terrance Josephson assisted by Brendan Gray and Timothy Walters and scoring for Alberni Valley was Shaylee McConnell assisted by Ezra Paddock and Nicholas Sexton to end the first period in a tie. Second period also ended up tied with markers from Terrance Jospheson assisted by Brendan Gray and Kai Gerier for Sunshine Coast and Ayden Brossoit assisted by Ezra Paddock and Colton Lloyd and Wyatt Selva scoring for Alberni Valley. Sunshine Coast broke forward with 7 goals in the 3rd period. Scoring for them was Jarred Bothwell, Justin Fodchuk (3 assists), Nevan Flay ((1 assist), Kolton Cousins with 2 goals and 1 assist and Terrance Josephson with a goal and an assist. Both teams played hard.  (Penalty Summary – Alberni had 4 infractions = 8 penalty minutes.  Sunshine Coast had 3 infractions = 6 penalty minutes.)
Tuesday, March 18th 
3:30PM Whitehorse – 3 Alberni Valley – 5
Both teams came out ready to dig their heels in. Whitehorse opened the scoring at 6:38 on a goal from their captain Matthew Cooper. Alberni Valley responded a short time later with a goal from their captain Ezra Paddock assisted by Colton Lloyd. Back in action in the 2nd period, Alberni Valley scored a couple of goals in the last 5 minutes. Wyatt Selva from Maryna MacDonald and Ezra Paddock from Shaylee McConnell scored to give them a 3 to 1 lead. Alberni popped in another one at the 9:54 mark from Ayden Brosoit assisted by Wyatt Selva. Whitehorse fought back with 2 goals after the 10 minute mark of the 3rd. Johnny Elias from Bryce Anderson and Joseph Stokes brought them within 1. Whitehorse pulled their goalie for the extra attacker trying to get the equalizer. Kyle Hodgson pocketed the empty net goal with 1:12 left in the period. Great hockey to watch.  (Penalty Summary – Alberni had 6 infractions = 12 penalty minutes.  Whitehorse had 3 infractions = 6 penalty minutes.)
Wednesday, March 19th
8:00AM Alberni Valley – 2 Terrace – 4
Both teams came out to play great hockey this morning. Alberni Valley opened the scoring at the 19:24 of the 1st period on a goal from Tynan Smith assisted by Noah Fatur. Terrace came back with a marker at the 11:08 mark on a goal from Gianni Cormano assisted by Sam Reinbolt. They pocketed one more at the 10:53 mark on a goal by Conor Watt assisted by Mason Richey and Terrence O’Brien. Alberni Valley came within one on a goal by Noah Fatur assisted by Ezra Paddock. Exciting hockey throughout the first 2 periods. Great goaltending at both ends. Terrace came out with a quick goal at the 19:40 mark of the 3rd period by Austen McKean assisted by Gregory Kennedy. Alberni Valley kept battling back but couldn’t find the back of the net. Terrace finished off their scoring at the 2:10 mark of the 3rd period on a goal from Nicholas Nordstrom assisted by Jayson Kawinsky. Terrace advances to the finals. Congratulations to both teams for a great game. Well played.  (Penalty Summary – Alberni had 5 infractions = 10 penalty minutes.  Terrace had 6 infractions = 12 penalty minutes.)
Our 2 and 2 record was not good enough to advance unfortunately and the Bantam Bulldogs  finished 5th in the tournament.


Bantam Tier 4 – at Windemere Valley, BC

Sunday, March 16th
1:30PM Langley – 7   Alberni Valley – 3  
This was a good game although Langley appeared to be the stronger team from the outset. Langley accounted for 14 minutes in penalties to 8 for Alberni Valley. Alberni Valley opened the scoring in the 1st period before Langley tied it before the end of the period. Langley took over with 3 goals in the 2nd period and 3 more in the third before Alberni Valley answered with two at the end of the period. McCarron(2G/1A)and GREEN(2G)led Langley while McCURDY(2G)was Alberni Valley’s leading scorer.  (Foster Martin had 1 goal and 2 assists in this game.)
8:00PM Alberni Valley – 2   Windermere Valley – 7  
This was the feature game of the day as it was right after the opening Ceremony. It was an evenly contested game in the first period but then got a little rough with Alberni Valley accumulating 26 minutes in penalties to Windermere’s 8. Alberni Valley opened the scoring but Windermere replied with 2 goals before the end of the period. Windermere added another goal in the 2nd and Alberni Valley recorded their 2nd goal before the end of the period. Windermere then put the game out of reach with 4 goals in the 3rd period. Windermere’s GUDJONSON again led his team with 3 goals and 3 assists.
Monday, March 17th
5:00PM Alberni Valley – 2 Fraser Lake – 8
At the outset this appeared to have the makings of a close game but Fraser Lake started to take control of the game in the middle of the 1st period and totally dominated the 2nd. Alberni Valley carried the play in the 3rd as Fraser Lake got into penalty trouble, 20 minutes to 10 for Alberni Valley but just could not solve the Fraser Lake goaltender(s). Fraser Lake scored 2 goals in the 1st period, 5 in the 2nd and one more in third with Alberni Valley only able to answer with a goal in each of the 2nd and 3rd periods. LAFFIN(3G)and Nolan NICOL(2G)did most of the damage for Fraser Lake while MARTIN had both goals for Alberni Valley.
Tuesday, March 18th
5:00PM Kamloops – 12 Alberni Valley – 0
This was a one sided game from the outset with Kamloops maintaining complete domination throughout. As a result it got a little ‘chippy’ with Kamloops being assessed 19 minutes in penalties including one major and Alberni Valley receiving 18 minutes which included two majors. Kamloops opened the scoring in the 1st period, added five more in the 2nd and s1x in the 3rd. Alberni Valley had several good scoring opportunities but could not get anything past the Kamloops goaltender. McLEOD(3G), TAPHORN(3G)and PETRIE(3G/1A)led Kamloops in scoring while their goaltender VIRGO registered the shut out.
Wednesday, March 19th
8:00AM Kelowna – 12 Alberni Valley – 2
At the start of this game both teams were playing hard and each had some good scoring chances. It was a cleanly played game with only a total of eight minutes in penalties. Kelowna opened the scoring three minutes into the 1st period and then added a second goal a few minutes later. Alberni Valley scored their first goal two minutes later and the period ended with Kelowna leading 2-1. Kelowna then took control of the game scoring four goals in the 2nd period and six more in the third. Kelowna’s BARTON(2G), GALLAGHER(3G/3A) and FITZGERALD(2G/2A) did most of the scoring damage for their team. To Alberni Valley’s credit, they did not give up as the score increased, maintained their composure and continued to put a good effort forward.


LOCAL NEWS – AV Times – Jan. 10, 2014

Bantam girls selected to Island Under-16 squad


13-AV Times 500x50

Alberni Valley trio will play in B.C. Winter Games in February.

Three local hockey players will be representing the Alberni Valley on a provincial scale next month.  Sydney Dolling, Shay-Lee McConnell and Maryna MacDonald have been selected to play on the Vancouver Island girls under-16 team to play at the B.C. Winter Games in February.  Each of the girls plays with the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association’s Bantam A Bulldogs team.

The three girls were selected after a tough weekend of tryouts from Jan. 4 to 5 in Nanaimo.  There were over 55 girls trying out, and after fitness testing, onice skills, drills and evaluation games, they were among the 18 players and two goalies selected for the team.

The girls are all born in the years 1999 and 2000.

They will now go to the B.C. Winter Games, which will be held in Mission from Feb. 20 to 23, when teams from across the province will compete in a round-robin tournament.


VIAHA Female Regional Teams

Congratulations to Brittney Savard, Sarah Dawson, Shelby Clydesdale and Sophie Vanderlee for making the team roster for the Midget A North Island Female Regional Team.  These 4 Port Alberni girls join 13 others from Nanaimo, Oceanside, Campbell River and Comox to form the team.  Head Coach is Roger Chamberlain.

Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association (VIAHA) announced 4 Female A Regional Teams for the coming season:  Bantam A North, Bantam A South, PeeWee A South and Midget A North.

Hockey Try-it for Girls Only


Myra Westra, left, and Sophie Vanderlee encourage girls to come and try out ice hockey during a female hockey fun day. Register by April 17.

Photo submitted


Myra Westra and Sophie Vanderlee of the AV Midget Fusion invite girls to join them in a Female Hockey Fun Day April 21 at the Multiplex.

The one-day event is for girls five and up who would like to give hockey a try.

“It’s a try-it session,” says event organizer and Fusion coach Aaron Vissia. “It’s an opportunity for those girls who have always wanted to try hockey.”

The fun day is free and hockey equipment will be provided.

The event takes place from 1-6 p.m. Sunday, April 21. Register at Echo Centre or the AV Multiplex until April 17.

Published by Alberni Valley NEWS: April 11, 2013 6:00 PM



Midget Fusion Silver at 2013 Richmond Tournament

Click on photo to enlarge image


The Alberni Valley Fusion finished the 2012/13 season on a 7 game win streak which propelled them into the gold medal game at the Richmond Ice Classic female hockey tournament during spring break. The tournament featured 73 teams in various divisions from across Canada and the USA. The Fusion competed in the midget division along with 12 other teams.

On Friday March 22nd game 1 of the tournament saw the Fusion face their arch-rivals the Sooke Thunderbirds who the Fushion had a regular season record of 0-2 against. In a closely contested game, Shayla Frechette  scored 2 goals in a span of 34 seconds  during the second period to take the lead heading into the third period after Sooke opened the scoring at the 13 minute mark of the first period. Goaltending at both ends of the ice was strong throughout the game which saw numerous great scoring chances for both teams.  Frechette’s  goals proved to be all that was needed  to begin the tournament with a 2-1 victory and lay claim to the game MVP award. Following the game the team took over  The Old Spaghetti Factory for a fabulous meal organized by team manager Leanne Savard.

Fusion goaltender Sarah Dawson stopped 3 breakaways in the opening minutes of game 2 vs the Surrey Falcons which was enough for the Surrey judge to choose her as the game MVP.  Due to numerous injuries the Falcons played the game with a short bench which proved to cost them as the game wore on. Four goals by Brittney Savard along with markers by Mariah Westra, Sophie Vanderlee, Kaitlyn Heck, Angelle Welsh,Jessie Vissia and Nikki Buffie saw the girls cruise to an easy 10-1 victory over an exhausted opposition. Between games on Saturday the girls relaxed by racing around the track in go-carts on a warm spring day.

The Kelowna Wild provided opposition for the Fusion’s 2nd game of the day on Saturday evening. The Fusion opened the scoring with 4 minutes remaining in the first period with an unassisted goal on a great individual effort by Mariah Westra, followed a minute and 43 seconds later with a goal by Kaitlyn Heck assisted by Jessica Savard. Brittney Savard’s strong two-way play including scoring the insurance goal early in the 3rd period earned her game MVP honours. Sarah Dawson backstopped the team to a 3-0 shutout over a very worthy opponent. The victory ensured the Fusion a place in the semi-final game on Sunday morning.

Another Vancouver Island team, the Cowichan Valley Capitals who the Fusion had two wins against during league play also qualified for the semi-finals. The game between these two rivals took place at 9:00 am with the winner going on to play in the finals at 1:15 that afternoon.  As expected the two teams battled for every inch of ice and at the end of the game the Fusion eked out a 3-2 win. Sophie Vanderlee opened the scoring at the 5 minute mark of the 1st period only to have Cow Valley tie it late in the period. Sierra Green broke the tie 5 minutes into the 2nd with Cowichan equalizing a minute and a half later. Green scored again with 7 minutes remaining in the 2nd to take the lead which the Fusion wouldn’t relinquish, Westra and Vanderlee picked up assists on both goals by Green. Strong defensive performances by vetrans Whitnie Senger, Tia Anderson, Nikki Buffie and rookie Carley Gitelman  led the team into the gold medal game. With her relentless pursuit of the puck, Vanderlee was the recipient of the MVP award.

An all Island final between the Fusion and Sooke was set, with the latter having benefitted greatly from qualifying for the gold medal game on Saturday night. Going into the final game knowing that each player had to leave it all on the ice and getting a break or two go their way to win, the Fusion dominated Sooke in the 1st period, only to see a scoreless tie after one. Sooke opened the scoring with a powerplay goal at the 5 minute mark of the 2nd period. With the score still 1-0 and both teams trading chances, midway through the second on a freak play Sophie Vanderlee took a gratuitous spill at a great rate of speed head first into the end boards. She remained motionless on the ice while medical personal attended to her. During stoppage of play which lasted 30 minutes the Sooke team was granted permission to return to their dressing room to rest up. When play resumed it was clear that the wind was taken out of the sails of the Fusion team who gave up a two man advantage powerplay goal late in the 2nd period. Sooke capitalized on another two man advantage midway through the 3rd to seal the gold medal victory. Arguably, Vanderlee was the player who the Fusion could least afford to lose as she often provided the team with a much needed spark with her relentless skating style. Fortunately, after being taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital, Vanderlee was released later that night with relatively minor injuries, from which she has now fully recovered. Jamie Vissia’s strong defensive play earned her the game MVP award.  Although the gold medal was their goal, the Fusion can take great pride in the way they played out their season, winning 7 of their last 8 games and a silver medal around their necks.

This season will be the last for nine graduating players many who have laced up the skates together since kindergarten, their leadership will be missed. However, the future of midget female hockey looks bright as three underage players earned game MVP’s in Richmond. Jamie Vissia, Brittney Savard and Sarah Dawson who led last years female bantam team to a Vancouver Island championship, will again lead a very young team into the 2013/14 season with Mariah Westra being the seasons only graduating player. The Fusion owe a huge debt of gratitude to coaches, Andre Savard, Aaron Vissia, Bill Welsh, Heather Senger and Hubert Vanderlee along with team manager Leanne Savard for the countless hours they put in to make it all possible.

AVMHA Female Fusion Midget Team is sponsored by:



Article is written by Duane Dawson and photo is courtesy of Andrea Anderson photography.



Alberni Valley NEWS report – Published: April 11, 2013 6:00 PM 


Shelby Clydesdale, Brittney Savard and Shay-Lee McConnell spent last weekend gaining a new perspective on rep hockey at the bantam level as they participated in the U-16 BC Cup in the Cowichan Valley.

The Alberni Valley trio played for Vancouver Island in a pool against teams from the North and Kootenay.  The other pool contained two Lower Mainland teams and Okanagan.

The Island U-16 girls won their game against Kootenay, lost against the North, and ended up having to play the North again on Saturday morning. They lost in a very close game, a team spokesperson said, which vaulted them into playing for fifth and sixth against Okanagan on Sunday.

The Island girls came from behind to beat Okanagan 6-3 and finish in fifth place in B.C.

It was an exciting weekend for both the girls and their families, the team spokesperson said. “It was nice to see so much support from Port Alberni for the three girls who attended. There were numerous family members and friends who made the trip to see the girls play against the finest female bantam players in B.C.

McConnell, Savard and Clydesdale should be very proud of this accomplishment, and now have a better idea of what is required to compete in a high-performance competition.

Clydesdale and Savard have hopes of attending the U-18 camp next season and McConnell expects to be at the U-16 competition again.

ICE CHIPS…The team forwards a special thank you to Port Alberni Fraternal Order of Eagles, Alberni Valley Rotary Club and Alberni Valley Minor Hockey for their support.


Published 11 Apr 2013 Alberni Valley Times

Another season of minor hockey in the Alberni Valley is in the books and the association handed out its annual awards.

Atom development coach Dan Shiner was named coach of the year.  Shiner started as a member of the AVMHA at a very young age. He played as an Alberni Valley Timbermen for many years – being coached by some of the best and worst coaches AVMHA has ever had.  As his family grew so did his role in AVMHA – he became a coach first to his oldest son, then juggled coaching both sons in two different divisions and this year, he coached his youngest.  Over the years, he has played the role of assistant coach, head coach and coach mentor.

The volunteer of the year award went to Kellie Steel, who had 23 nominations for the award.

Bruce Brunt, who was instrumental in running the Tier 3 Midget provincial championship tournament, was given the above and beyond award, and the Jessica States Memorial Award was earned by Nicole Gagnon.

Also at the awards ceremony, 42 graduating players were given their jerseys as a gift from the association.

The team awards are as follows:


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Daniel Marriott

Most Improved Player: Logan Rozwadoski

Most Dedicated Player: MacKenzie Adams

ATOMIC Canucks

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Zechariah McDonald

Most Improved Player: Acacia Thompson

Most Dedicated Player: Grayson Erickson


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Abbey Nelson

Most Improved Player: Jordan Villafane

Most Dedicated Player: Justin Brown

PEEWEE Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Riley Shiner

Most Improved Player: Joe McAllister

Most Dedicated Player: Noah Fatur

PEEWEE Avalanche

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Alisa Clydesdale

Most Improved Player: Dezirae Henstridge

Most Dedicated Player: Jakob Gaudet


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryan Turgeon

Most Improved Player: Braeden Reynolds

Most Dedicated Player: Tyler Torfs

PEEWEE Warriors

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Annika Johnson

Most Improved Player: Carmen Sanders

Most Dedicated Player: Kylie Scott

BANTAM Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Ryan Rae Arthur

Most Improved Player: Tynan Smyth

Most Dedicated Player: Shay-lee McConnell

BANTAM Coyotes

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kayla Caddy

Most Improved Player: Tristen Clydesdale

Most Dedicated Player: Shelby Clydesdale

BANTAM Timbermen

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Brennan Locke

Most Improved Player: Colton Bowerman

Most Dedicated Player: Ayden Brossoit

MIDGET Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Liam Macleod

Most Improved Player: Keagun Selva

Most Dedicated Player: Jason Brunt

MIDGET B Bulldogs

Most Sportsmanlike Player: James Mcleod

Most Improved Player: Eric Gill

Most Dedicated Player: Logan Henson


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Tyrell Terryberry

Most Improved Player: Aiden Harris

Most Dedicated Player: Jayden Lajeunesse

MIDGET Canucks

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Cole Tewinke

Most Improved Player: Bryan Michel

Most Dedicated Player: Dylan Nakagawa


Most Sportsmanlike Player: Carley Gitelman

Most Improved Player: Angelle Welsh

Most Dedicated Player: Sarah Dawson.


Rookie of the Year: Ravi Manhas

Top Referee of the Year: Austyn Smith


Click on any of the images below, to view larger photo.

Photo Booth:

Click on any of the images above, to view larger photo.

2013 Graduating Players

2013-Grads front-back

Click on photo to view larger image


Graduating Player – Jersey Sponsor

Christopher Addy Addy Power
Tia Anderson AVMHA
Cory Beecroft Aarron Vissia Financials
Jordan Booth Margi Pierce
Jason Brunt AVMHA
Nikki Buffie Hockey Academy
Ryan Buse Bulldogs
Eric Clarke Smitty’s Dave’s Catering
Casy Davidson AVMHA
Klaus Diaz AVMHA
Bryce Dirocco Tina & Marion Diroco
Haley Dowling AVMHA
Austin Forrester AVMHA
Connor Gagnon Mike Gagnon
Sierra Green AVMHA
Gina Grumbach AVMHA
Jesse Hammond AVMHA
Kaitlyn Heck Tim Horton’s
Russel Hiltz AVMHA
Tyler Ibsen AVMHA
Cameron James AVMHA
Colin Kumagai Western Forest Products
Faith Lariviere AVMHA
Liam MacLeod Deb & Scott MacLeod
Matt McLeod Braker Electric
Dawson Marlatt AVMHA
Ellis Martin Addy Power
Jacob Matthews Trish & Dave Cusson
Dylan Nakagawa AVMHA
Austin Padjen Addy Power
Spencer Pierce Margi Pierce
Jessica Savard Clydesdale Automotive
Wesley Schutt Chris Canuel: Referees
Whitnie Senger AVMHA
Marino Somerville Western Forest Products
Tyrell Terryberry Trish & Dave Cusson
Cole Tewinkel Dragon Martial Arts : Warren Lee
Greg Tuckerman Randy’s Buylow
Sam Visona Grandview Homes Ltd. Barb & Bruno Visona
Jessie Vissia Aaron Vissia Financial
Tyler Wilhelm AVMHA


Scholarships will be awarded to VIAHA registered members who apply and who best combine the qualifiations set hereunder.  The officers will determine the number and the amount of the scholarships each year.  VIAHA wants to give recognition to their members who develop their academic career aspirations, at the same time nourishing their interest in hockey.

For more information and the application form, go to:

  http://viaha.org/forms/Scholarship Awards – Application Form 2013 (2).pdf

VIAHA office must receive applications and supporting letters no later than April 15, 2013.  Please mail to the VIAHS Scholarship Committee, Suite E, 2301 McCullough Road, Nanaimo BC V9S 4M9 or fax 250-751-8812.


Awards – Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded annually to BC Hockey registered members to give recognition to those who develop their academic career aspirations while at the same time nourishing their interest in hockey. Applications are available between February 18 and April 30 and reviewed by a selection committee. Monetary awards vary from $500 to $1000.

2012-2013 BC Hockey Scholarship Application (PDF)

To be eligible for a BC Hockey scholarship, an individual in his or her graduating year of high school and must be a current registered member or a former BC Hockey member playing in the Western Hockey League. Applicants are evaluated on academic achievement, sportsmanship, hockey participation and / or quality of contribution, as well as school and community participation and service.

2013 PLAY OFF REPORTS (as of March 10th)

***Latest Updates will be reported here as they become available.

Midget Tier 4:

***The JAL Design/AAA Photography Midget B team won the Island Banner championship on Sunday Feb 24th in a 2 game knockout of Juan de Fuca. First win was on Sat Feb 23rd , an 8-4 victory and the banner winning game on Sunday Feb 24th with a final score of 7-1 for us. 

The players and parents would like to thank the coaches Charles Macdonald (head coach) and Mike Locke (asst. coach) for their dedication and hard work towards the team.

 We are off to Provincials on March 16th in Lillooet, BC!!!

Alberni Valley Midget B Tier 4 Team with Island Championship Banner

-Kristi Oliver reporting for the Midget Tier 4 team

 Female Midget Team:

The CUPE/Flooring Depot Female Midget Fusion team have one game left in their regular season and are fighting for the 4th place position to make it into the playoffs.  We won’t know until after next weekend whether we have made it or not, but they won both their games this weekend which was crucial for them to maintain their standing.

If they have make the playoffs they will take place on March 8 and 9th.
-Leanne Savard reporting for the Female Midget Team

Midget Tier 3:

  Van Isle Ford Midget Bulldogs won our round robin placement games against Tri-Port  (6-5) and Juan de Fuca (8-1).
Midget Bulldogs defeated Sooke T3  5 to 1 on Saturday Feb. 16th to advance to the Island T3 championships.  Because we are hosting the BC Championships and as such the Island gets 2 entries,  both teams in the finals are guaranteed to go.  Victoria won their game against Tri-port in double overtime 4 to 3 thus locking up the second spot.

***Van Isle Ford Midget A Bulldogs won their game Saturday Feb. 23rd against Victoria 6 to 3 to take a 1  game advantage in the best of three.  Game two on March 2, had our Midget Bulldogs win against Victoria (5-1) to win the Vancouver Island Banner and earn their spot in the up coming  BC Midget Championship here in Port Alberni, March 17-22nd.

Midget Tier 3 Bulldogs with banner for Island Playoff Champions

-Bruce Brunt reporting for Midget T3

Atom Development Team:

The Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marine Atom Bulldogs had their first playoff game on Saturday, Feb. 9th and they tied 5- 5 with Campbell River.   #19 Kobe Bos had a pair of goals and #2 Carson Steel had 3 goals and an assist.  They had the lead of 5-3 until the last 4 minutes in game when Campbell River game back to Tie.
Atom Bulldogs played Kerry park on Sunday Feb. 17th and won 6-3.  #19 Kobe Bos, #2 Carson Steel and #5 Zach Ursel all with a pair of goals.  Kids played well and it was a great game!
 ***The Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marinet Atom Bulldogs played Saturday Feb. 23 against Victoria Racquet Club B.  The 1st and 2nd period where a real battle to get goals.  Third period we stepped it up and came back for the win 5-1.  Tristen Gortan had a great game and made some great saves.  Carson Steel and Zach Ursel got 2 goals each and an assist along with a goal from Daniel Marriott.
***March 2nd, The Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marine Atom Bulldogs won there game in Peninsula 3-0. #19 Kobe Bos scored 2 goals and 1 goal scored by #5 Zach Ursel. Semi-Final and Finals will be hosted in Port Alberni Saturday March 9/10. Will post schedule when it comes available.

*** Saturday March 9th, the Dr. Tremblay/Solda’s Restaurant/LA Marine Atom Bulldogs won there semi-final 4-2 against Victoria Racquet Club. They are now playing in the playoff Final today March 10th at 10:30 vs Kerry Park, on the Weyerhauser Arena.

Well Atom Bulldogs made a great effort but came up a bit short. Played a great team and had a great game against Kerry park.  The score was 5-4.  It has been a great season and we came home with the league Championship banner.  The kids and the coaches should be proud because we played well.  Thanks for all the support!

– Kellie Steel reporting for Atom Development Team

Midget Recreation Teams:

The Canadian Tire Midget Canucks played their last league game on Sunday (Feb. 10th) defeating Nanaimo 5 to 3 to take top spot in the North Division (I believe they have won the North Island Banner).
The Buy Low Midget Flyers also won their game vs Oceanside 7 to 6 putting them in second in the North with one game to play.  It is a close race for 2nd to 4th so stay tuned…
Quarter Final Playoffs start the first weekend in March with the top seed playing the fourth seed (yet to be determined) in each division.   In the semi’s the teams cross over to play the winners of the South which will be done March 8th, and the Final Game being played March 9th.  All games will be played in the Cowichan Valley.
It will be tough going as the south is very strong but our kids are up to the challenge.  Each of our teams will be hosting the top Cowichan team in exhibition games Feb 16th and 24th here at the Multiplex.  We will get to see what we will be up against in the playoffs!!! Both teams have done very well this year…..The Canadian Tire Midget Canucks finished with 11 wins 2 losses and a tie and the Buy Low Midget Flyers are 8 wins 3 losses and a tie with one game to play…Way to go everyone…A big thank you to our coaches, managers, players and parents for a great season………We end the year with the Midget Tournament from March 22nd to March 24th with 9 teams including three from the mainland.

***(Update Feb. 26th)  Midget Recreational (Mid Island) playoffs start Saturday March 2nd.  The Quarterfinals for the North have the First Place Canadian Tire Midget Canucks playing the Fourth Place Nanaimo 1 at 3:50 PM in Fuller Lake followed by the Second Place Buy Low Midget Flyers playing Third Place Oceanside 3 at 5:30 PM also in Fuller Lake.

Only 5 points separated First and Second and 2 points from Second to Third.  Nanaimo was tied with Oceanside 2 for the fourth spot with Nanaimo edging them out due to a head to head win, it will be a true battle in the North.

The winners of these games cross over to play the winners of the South quarterfinals in the Semi’s…All four of the Cowichan teams are in the playoffs, with their Quarterfinals taking place Sunday March 3rd.  Both the Alberni teams played exhibition games vs Cowichan teams here at home over the last two weekends, with the Canucks defeating them 6 to 1 and the Flyers lost by one goal 7 to 6.  The Semi Finals will be played Saturday March 9th and the finals are on March 10th.…Best of Luck to both Teams in your playoff hunt……

-Trish Cusson reporting for the Midget Canucks & Flyers Teams

Bantam Tier 3:

West Coast Cutting & Coring/GDM Boom & Sort Bantam A Team won’t know their fate until Wednesday Feb. 13th,  but it is not looking good for them.  they need a miracle from that game.
-Bruce Brunt reporting for Bantam T3

PeeWee Tier 3:

Best Western Barclay/Smitty’s Peewee A team placed second in the north island division and will play Victoria 3 in the crossover with the south island division this weekend, Feb. 16-17th.
-Nancy Logan reporting for PeeWee Tier 3

 PeeWee Recreation Teams:

Pee Wee Division has not started play offs yet.  Dievert’s Roofing Bruins (AV1) will have their first game on Saturday, March 2nd 11:45 – 13:45 against Lake Cowichan 1 at Kraatz Arena in Parksville.

AV Times Avalanche (AV3) will have their first game on Sunday March 3rd 09:45 – 11:45 against Cowichan Valley 1 at Meeker Arena in Parksville.  Scotiabank Warriors (AV2) did not make play offs.

-Leslie Kailer-Dore reporting for PeeWee Recreation Teams




( Click on image to view larger )


Congratulations to the three Port Alberni girls who were selected to play on the Vancouver Island Under 16 team!

Shay-Lee McConnell, Brittney Savard and Shelby Clydesdale were selected after a tough weekend of tryouts from January 5 – 6 in Nanaimo.  There were over 45 girls trying out, and after fitness testing, on ice skills and drills testing and evaluation games, they were among the 18 players and 2 goalies selected for the team.  The girls are all born in the years 1999 and 1998.

They will now go to the BC Cup which will be held in Duncan from April 4 – 7, 2013, where teams from all over BC will compete in a round robin tournament.

 Brittney Savard is 14 years old and has been playing hockey for 10 years.  She started in mites at the age of 5 and went on to novice.  Then she played Atom Development for 2 years,  Pee Wee Rep for 2 years and she is now Captain of her Bantam Integrated team, the Coyotes, and Assistant Captain of the Midget Female Fusion.

Brittney is playing centre this year, but played wing in the past.  She loves hockey and has had great coaches, managers and mentors along the way to help her, motivate her and push her when needed.  She credits Jan Norman as well for her help in powerskating in past years which got her to the next level in skating.

She played on the Island U-16 team last year at the BC Winter Games, and has had the opportunity to play in Provincials with a Victoria Female Pee Wee A team.  She has been very fortunate to travel to many different places with female and rep hockey, and has met many new and long lasting friends along the way.  She was honoured with the Jessica States Award two years ago from Alberni Valley Minor Hockey and that was something she will take with her for the rest of her hockey career and beyond.

She hopes to one day get a scholarship for hockey, and this definitely gets her one step closer to that goal.  She is really looking forward to the tournament and the experience of playing with the most elite level female players in her age group in British Columbia.

Shay-Lee McConnell started playing in the AVMHA in mites at the age of 5 years old. She moved on through to novice and then played Atom Development hockey for 2 years. Shay-Lee continued playing PeeWee Rep hockey for another 2 years. Her first season of PeeWee Rep she went and played with a female team out of Victoria for the B.C Provincials.

In-between the regular hockey seasons Shay-Lee has played spring hockey with the Jr. Canucks female team out of Victoria for 2 years as well the Island Elite female hockey team out of Parksville. Shay-Lee is currently playing with the Bantam Rep team in the AVMHA. Shay-Lee started her hockey career as a defencemen and is currently playing forward as a center.

Shelby Clydesdale is 14 years old and attends ADSS.  She began playing hockey at age 5 and is currently playing as a defenceman in the house league at the bantam age group, as well as being an alternative player for the midget female age group.  Shelby credits her dad, Scott, who also coaches, Shawn Elder, Brittney Savard, and many others who have supported her along the way.

Shelby’s favourite player is Trevor Linden.  In her spare time, Shelby enjoys softball and wakeboarding, which she places 3rd in the Wakeboard provincials, hosted in Port Alberni this last summer.


submitted by Leanne Savard



AVMHA Female Midget Fusion Team with Bronze medals from Kerry Park November Tournament.
(Click on photo to view larger image.)

The Female Midget Fusion took home the Bronze medal in a tournament in Kerry Park on Remembrance Day long weekend.

They played a remarkable 7 games over the three days of incredible female hockey!

In their first game they faced they arch rivals Comox Chiefs who took first place in the league last year. It was a hard-fought, penalty filled game, but in the end, we lost 3 – 1, with Brittney Savard scoring the only goal, assisted by Tia Anderson.  Sarah Dawson faced a tremendous amount of shots and kept her team in the game.  Brittney Savard was MVP.

They came to play in their second game on Saturday against Cowichan Valley.  Tia Anderson started them off with an unassisted goal, and then it was Brittney Savard, unassisted, and Faith Larieviere finished off the first period with a goal assisted by Shellsea Steed.  Angelle Welsh scored the only goal in the second period assisted by Mariah Westra and Brittney Savard.  Then it was Brittney Savard scoring unassisted to start off the third period.  Jessie Vissia scored unassisted, and then Brittney Savard ended the game with her third goal of the game.  Final score was 7 – 2 for the Fusion.  MVP was Tia Anderson

In their first game of 3 on Sunday, they faced Sooke, who ended up winning the tournament.  It was a really great game and the girls fought hard against a really tough team.  They didn’t score any goals but held them off and Sooke didn’t score at all in the third period.  Final score was 5 – 0 for Sooke, and Sarah Dawson got the well deserved MVP!

The second game of the day was against Nanaimo, who they tied in exhibition play pre-season.  We knew we were in for a tough game, but definitely showed up to play this game!  Brittney Savard opened the scoring at the end of the first period unassisted.  Jessie Vissia scored a beauty goal in the beginning of the second period assisted by Jessica Savard and Tia Anderson, and then Shayla Frechette got the winning goal just 2 minutes into the third period again assisted by Jessica Savard.  The final score in this game was 3 – 2 for Fusion and Whitney Senger got the MVP.

In their third game of the day, the Fusion faced the host team, Kerry Park.  It was a great game to watch as the girls all really came together and pulled off another win!  Mariah Westra got the only goal on the first period with an assist by Jessie Vissia.  Then she got another one in the second period assisted by Brittney Savard.  Then Brittney got one unassisted.  Jessie Vissia finished the second period with a goal assisted by Mariah Westra.  Faith Lariviere opened the scoring in the third period with a goal from Danika Bratt and Sophie Vanderlee.  Then Brittney Savard scored two more goals assisted by Kaitlyn Heck and Jessica Savard, making another hatrick for Brittney!  MVP was Sophie Vanderlee.

In the semi final game on Monday, the Fusion faced Comox again to fight for a spot in the gold medal game.  Fusion ran into penalty trouble and just couldn’t hold off the strength of the Comox team.  Mariah Westra scored the only goal for the Fusion in the end of the first period assisted by Jessie Vissia.  Comox won the game 5 – 1 to move on to the gold medal game.  But the Fusion were still in the running for the Bronze medal, MVP for this game was Mariah Westra.

The Bronze medal game was over the top exciting!  The Fusion faced Nanaimo again, and it was back and forth for the first period with Nanaimo opening the scoring, but Mariah Westra came back and scored 20 seconds later assisted by Whitnie Senger.  Nanaimo came back and scored a minute later, but Jessie Vissia got us back in the game 2 minutes after that.  The only goal in the second period and the tying goal was scored by Jessica Savard, assisted by Whitnie Senger.  Nanaimo went ahead again at the beginning of the third period, but Whitnie Senger shot a beauty from the blue line assisted by Mariah Westra to tie it up again.  Then with 5 minutes left in the game Mariah Westra scored the winning goal assisted by Whitnie Senger.  Nanaimo tried with all their might to tie it up, and with a 2 man advantage, pulled their goalie and it was 6 on 3 for almost the whole final 2 minutes of the game, but the Fusion pulled it together and fought hard, ending up with the win 5 – 4 and the Bronze medal!  MVP for this game was Shayla Frechette.

This was a wonderful experience for all the girls and they really pulled together this weekend.  The parents, and coaches are all very proud of how the girls handled themselves and how they represented Port Alberni very well this weekend.  It is only the start for these girls, expect to hear more about the Alberni Valley Midget Fusion in the coming season!


submitted by Leanne Savard


2012-13 Female Midget Fusion


Island Elite wins gold in Winnipeg

Winners went head-to-head against previously undefeated Saskatchewan Excel to secure title

Four local female hockey players won gold earlier this month at the North American Hockey Classic in Winnipeg.

While many hockey players hung up their skates in March, Shay-lee McConnell, Sydney Dolling, Maryna MacDonald and Lauren Ivezich have been busy practicing and travelling extensively through April, May and June, all for the love of the game. The local women were members of the Vancouver Island Elite program during the 2012 spring hockey season. The team competed in both the Challenge Cup in Langley in May and earlier this month won gold in Winnipeg at the North American Hockey Classic.

In Winnipeg, the girls opened with a 3-1 loss to Saskatchewan Excel, but once the jet lag wore off there was no looking back as they posted four straight wins. The girls handed an 8-1 defeat to the Calgary Wolfpack, picked up and 8-0 win over another Alberta squad and then swept past the Manitoba Maple Leafs 6-0 in the semifinal game to earn a berth in the final match.

The gold medal game was a rematch against the previously undefeated Saskatchewan Excel and provided exciting end-to-end action for a total of 68 minutes.

The Island Elite were first on the board, scoring midway through the first period before Saskatchewan was able to put one past the Island netminder near the end of the second period. A scoreless third period led into a scoreless overtime frame and with fans on the edge of their seats, Victoria’s Lexxi Smith found the back of the net partway through the second overtime period.

McConnell, who played last season for the Alberni Valley Peewee Bulldogs (Island Division 2 Champions), was the team’s leading scorer and points earner at the Winnipeg competition. She collected eight goals and one assist.

Ivezich appeared regularly on the game sheet. She collecting three goals and four assists during the weekend of action. Dolling and MacDonald each added two assists.

Ivezich, Dolling and MacDonald all played this past year for the Alberni Valley Peewee B team.

The gold medal match in Winnipeg was the team’s second tournament win of the season.

They also earned gold at the Challenge Cup in May.


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All smiles and ready for the playoff finals. Photo credit: Leanne Savard

The CUPE 118 Midget Female Thunder played for the banner on Sun March 11 in Oceanside against first place Comox Valley.  Even though the Thunder went down 6 – 0 they didn’t stop skating in the penalty riddled game until the final whistle.  Fifty-eight penalty minutes were handed out between the two teams and emotions were high throughout the game.

Going from last place in the Midget division last year to playing in the finals this year is a huge accomplishment for the team.  And while winning the banner would have been nice, eliminating their arch rivals, the Nanaimo Clippers, from the playoffs in the semi-finals, was likely the high point of the season.  And for the seven players graduating this year, it was an awesome end to their minor hockey careers.  The team will finish out the season at the Richmond Ice Classic March 23-25.

 Many thanks to our coaches Andre Savard, Heather Senger and Jordan Dowling, and to team manager Leanne Savard for their hard work and dedication to the team this year.  Long live female hockey in the Alberni Valley!!

Semi-final game: 3rd place Alberni Valley defeated 2nd place Nanaimo 3-2. Photo Credit: Barb Anderson


sponsor of the Female Midget Thunder team

Submitted by Shelley Arnfield


The Flooring Depot Female Bantam Thunder was victorious this weekend bringing home the VIAHA Championship Banner.

They started this weekends playoff games in 4th spot coming in as the underdogs.   They first took out the home team of Sooke and moved on to the finals with Juan de Fuca beating them 1.58 min into double overtime with a final score of 4-3.

With all the challenges faced by Female hockey on Vancouver Island this once again proves that Female Hockey is very much alive in the Alberni Valley.  Way to go Girls a tremendous TEAM effort.

Female Bantam Thunder win Mid Island League Banner


sponsor of the AV Female Bantam Thunder team

Submitted by Aaron Vissia


 CUPE Female Midget Thunder, “We won today,” (Saturday, March 10th) against Nanaimo, 3 – 2.  A really hard fought game.  It was really good game, and considering we haven’t beat Nanaimo all season, AMAZING!  Rachel Hansen, Mariah Westra and Krista Plaunt scored our goals, and Kendal McLellan was solid in net for the entire game!  We will be playing in the final game for the Banner tomorrow in Oceanside 2:15 – 4:45 vs the winner of Comox and Cowichan who play in the other semi final game this afternoon.
It has been an amazing year for these midget girls, and considering all the controversy in Female Hockey at the beginning of this season, we have prevailed!

AV Female Midget Thunder from December '11 Tournament

Submitted by Leanne Savard