VIAHA Tier 1 Tryouts – Deadline July 24, 2018


Divisions are required to keep competitiveness fair and are based on geography and demographics. They can be reviewed after each year.

Tri-Port MHA
Campbell River MHA
Comox Valley MHA ▬ Host Association
Powell River MHA
Gold River MHA

Alberni Valley MHA
Oceanside MHA
Nanaimo MHA ▬ Host Association
Cowichan Valley MHA
Lake Cowichan MHA

CRD East
Peninsula MHA
Victoria Racquet Club MHA ▬ Host Association
Saanich MHA Victoria MHA

CRD West
Kerry Park MHA
Sooke MHA
Juan de Fuca MHA ▬ Host Association


Each Registrant will be guaranteed four tryout times. Following these four tryouts teams will be reduced to no more than 25 players. There will be two additional tryouts and a showcase weekend where each team will participate in three games and final cuts can be made.

It is expected that each host team will assign fair and unbiased evaluators and player selection will be based on objective criteria. Registrants should not be identified to the evaluators by name or MHA affiliation. Names of Evaluators will be provided to VIAHA prior to evaluations.

Players may tryout only for the team associated with their Home MHA. They are not entitled to try out for multiple teams.

Female players may try out for either a Tier 1 Zone team or a Female Regional “A” team but not both. Tryout and player selection dates preclude this as an option. Released players will return to their Home MHA. The Home MHA may charge additional fees to try out for their carded teams.

Tryout fees will be $125.00 for initial tryouts and $25.00 for participation in the showcase games.

Players unable to participate in tryouts must apply to MHA for an exemption stipulating the reasons why they are unable to participate.

Application for Tier 1 Tryouts

Teams may choose to reserve roster positions for players being released from Major/Minor Midget or Junior Leagues.

Applications for tryouts, including the tryout fee, MUST be received by the Host MHA no later than July 24, 2018. The Host MHA will have sole discretion on whether to accept registrations received after that date. Host MHA will apply for the transfer before the tryout date.

VIAHA, the original Home MHA and the players will be notified by the T1 Host Association by no later than Labour Day Monday which players they have not made the T1 Team..


Players may apply to the Host Association for reassessment of their try out. Reassessment need not include additional ice time. There is no appeal from the final determination of the Host Association.


Team officials will be appointed by the Host Association who will ensure that all have proper credentials before the start of evaluations. It is preferred, but not mandated, that non-parent Head Coaches be appointed.


T1 Teams will roster 17 skaters and two goaltenders. Teams may apply for an exemption based on numbers and skill level.


T1 teams will participate in the usual placement games prior to commencement of Island League season play. All Tier 1 teams will be in Division 1 of Island League however Tier 2/3 teams may challenge in placement games to play Tier 1 teams. Challenges will be directed through the League Managing Directors.


Determination of costs for practices and league play are set by the Host Association. Team Officials will meet with the parents after player selection to agree on assessments for additional practice ice, dryland, exhibition games, tournaments, travel, team functions, etc. Fundraising matters will also be determined at this meeting. A copy of the team budget will be submitted to VIAHA.


Team Colours and logos will be determined by the Host Associations.


Billeting will be permitted at the discretion of the Host Association however they are not obliged to locate Host families. Host families and the parents of billets will sign an agreement on the terms of the billet. Parents, not the MHA or VIAHA, will be expected to exercise due diligence in the selection of the host family.


Players will need to transfer to the T1 Association via a Residential Waiver – Other. There are no transfers to a different Tier 1 team in following seasons. A full permanent change in residency must occur for this to happen.


Players will be moved on a Residential Waiver (Other) transfer which is valid for 1 year and must be renewed. HCR entries are automatically reset with Home MHA at the end of each season. An MHA cannot prevent a player from trying out.

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