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If your team is away at a tournament, please submit updates & photos to avmha.webadmin@shaw.ca or AV Minor Hockey Facebook Group.

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Remembrance Day Classic Tournament at the AV Multiplex is:

Thanksgiving Weekend – October 9 – 12th

 Ice Schedules

  • Ice schedules are now available on the Ice Schedule page.  Subject to change without notice.  Check regularly for any changes.
  • Link to .pdf file for you to view &/or print
  • We have added “away” games to the Ice Schedule but it is not inclusive of all teams at this time.  We will work on it.  In the meantime, please confirm with team coach or manager before you travel.

 Tournament Websites

Once again, we will have dedicated websites for the competitive hockey tournaments to be held at the Multiplex this season.  The websites will include entry information followed by the ice schedule, game reports, photos, etc.

 Buy and Sell Equipment – AV Minor Hockey Facebook 

  • Join AV Minor Hockey Facebook Group in order to post a buy/sell item.
  • Include pictures, a detailed description, a price and contact info.
  • We will remove the buy/sell posting after 3 weeks or if comments say it is sold.
  • Any other questions, contact Web Admin – Roxanne – avmha.webadmin@shaw.ca – 250-723-9939

Hockey Shots:

Atom Dev. Tournament game shot.

Atom Dev. Tournament game shot.

Atom Dev. Tournament game shot

Atom Dev. Tournament game shot

If you have any photos of our AVMHA players, please send them to me at:  avmha.webadmin@shaw.ca

Please include the date, place, indentify the team and any players if possible.  If you have highlights to add to the photo(s) please do.


AVMHA Web Admin.  250-723-9939