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Get Ready for a New Season of Hockey:

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VIAHA Bulletin:

Parent “Respect In Sport” requirements have been updated.  Be sure to read the following bulletins


Register Now!  Limited space available.

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First Shift program

If you know kids who wish to try hockey in a supportive, fun environment with new gear, head to toe, let us know. Registration only allows a limited number, so sign up now!  Open to Kids ages 6-10, NEW to Minor Hockey.  REGISTRATION FEE $199.

 …more details & updates  


Early Registration Discounts ended April 30th.   You can still register before the season starts.  Contact the Registrar, Richelle McKenzie, rymckenzie@shaw.ca – 250-735-0354


Thumbs Up! Ref. Darren Bondue with player Carter Knoll

Thumbs Up! Ref. Darren Bondue with player Carter Knoll


If you have any photos of our AVMHA players, please send them to me at:  avmha.webadmin@shaw.ca

Please include the date, place, indentify the team and any players if possible.  If you have highlights to add to the photo(s) please do.


AVMHA Web Admin.  250-723-9939